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So after many years (going on three four five to be exact) of writing about Francis, the post-Modernist of Rome and his FrancisChurch, and focusing on the psychological aspects of this FrancisPHENOMENONTRAGEDY, it is with great pleasure to observe that others are finally catching on.

The proper term for this turn of events is “WOKE”.

Here is the definition from the Urban Dictionary with an appended (and amended) example:


Although an incorrect tense of awake, a reference to how people should be aware in current affairs.

“While you are obessing with the Kardashians, the poor (who Our Lord taught “will always be with us” and whose numbers are dramatically shrinking over the last half century due to the adaptation of CAPITALIST economic models, which you Francis, Marxist of Rome, rail against on a never ending basis), there are millions of homeless  desperate SOULS seeking salvation, turning to clinical psychologists (like Dr. Jordan Peterson) for help, in the world. STAY WOKE


In the case of Francis and his FrancisChurch, what appears to be the case is that a wider array of “adjectived” Catholics, catholics and “c”atholics (e.g. “neo-con”, “conservative”, “moderate” – couldn’t resist)  are GETTING WOKE.

To be more exact, what these WOKE Catholics are beginning to realize is that the problem with Francis and his minions is not “theological” in nature (there is no theology there) but rather it is in essence  PSYCHOLOGICAL.

Hence we are beginning to read about “gaslighting” in Catholic publications such as the excellent OnePeterFive blog (see here) or able to watch discussions on “gaslighting” on Dr. Taylor Marshall’s youtube channel. (Video below)

Faithful (and not so faithful) Catholics, catholics and “c”atholics are also becoming aware and deploying in their discussions on all things Francis, such concepts as the OVERTON WINDOW, i.e. “also known as the window of discourse, describing the range of ideas tolerated in public discourse.”

Given these positive developments that your humble blogger has chronicled above, one more element needs to be introduced to put all things Francis into its proper and OBJECTIVELY REAL perspective. And that element is:

A general discussion of what constitutes SANITY.

One can say that what needs to be defined is an OVERTON WINDOW of SANITY!

Just to make sure we are all on the same page, here is a diagram of how an OVERTON WINDOW is constructed:

If we change the poles to read “More Sane” and “Less Sane”, what we are in fact witnessing with Francis and his FrancisChurch is that they are trying to move the Overton Window of post-conciliar “theology” in the “Less Sane” direction.

Before we go further, the definition of sanity is:

Now if we look at the category of what constitutes SANE BEHAVIOR, we can fractionate (divide into fractions or components) this category further.

One qualifier for SANE BEHAVIOR is given as “SOUND MENTAL HEALTH”.

In this sub-category therefore, “sound SEXUAL BEHAVIOR” would need to be considered as an integral component. Furthermore, notice the descriptors used in the definition of “sanity”. Those terms are: “normal”, “rational”, again …”of sound mental health”, “reasonable”.

And here is where all the elements meet: The Francis, the Team Bergoglio conclave machinations,  FrancisStrategy and the perpetual “synods”, FrancisChurch and the entire SoapBubblePapacy™ propped up solely at present by the #fakenews VIRTUAL REALITY Catholic and MainStreamMedia.

It is through the Media’s attempt to NORMALIZE INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED behavior (shifting it from the Less Sane to the More Sane pole), which has allowed Francis and FrancisChurch the vehicle needed to change the Catholic Church’s Magisterial teaching with respect to said abnormality.

Concluding, the #fakenews MainStreamMedia, including Catholic media and FrancisChurch are partners in crime, in their attempt to NORMALIZE INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED BEHAVIOR!.

What else is becoming apparently visible and something that this humble blogger has been writing about for quite a while now, is the following:

Regardless of whether Bergoglio is INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED himself or just a homosexualist, he has no element inside the post-conciliar church, other than the INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED elements which he can trust, in order to carry out his FrancisIntrinsicallyDisorderdStrategy which the #fakenews media demands.

It’s the Faustian pact Francis made for keeping his entire SoapBubblePapacy™ propped up.

Therefore, whether he likes it or not, he must keep “Msgr.” Ricca at the Vatican Bank, he is stuck with FrancisCardinal Coco and his rent-boys in high Curial positions, not to mention in their CDF apartments and he can’t afford to allow himself to sever ties with either FrancisCardinal Wuerl or even FrancisArchbishop (or whatever his FrancisTitle is at present) McCarrick.


What’S more, the #fakenews media cannot afford to bring down FrancisChurch.

So they’re in a Mexican standoff, waiting for the first one to sneeze.

Nota bene: What will bring down FrancisChurch is those documents in the US State Department regarding the 2013 Conclave and the influence that TeamSoros had on the hijacking of said Conclave in order to elect Jorge Bergoglio as the mental unstable bishop of Rome.

So what we Catholics are witnessing is the #fakenews media, who are rapidly losing all credibility, propping up a criminally corrupt FrancisChurch who is also rapidly losing its credibility and adding to the #fakenews media problems.

In other words, what the newly WOKE Catholics are witnessing and will continue to witness, is nothing short of a joint #fakenews media- FrancisChurch race to the bottom!