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While writing this blog, going now on its sixth year (Who would have thunk?) and trying to analyze the Catholic Church’s current crisis from an objective, rational and dispassionate perspective… bah an Enlightenment perspective, the one major realization that this humble blogger has stumble upon is just how much damage the Enlightenment has wrought on Western Civilization and also on our daily lives.

Now this was a hard realization to come to terms with since most of what I do is grounded in the work of the rationalists and empiricists, people such as Bacon, Hobbes, Smith, Gibbon, not to mention the US Founding Fathers.

Aside, 1776 was a good year!

That not withstanding, the overwhelming evidence began pointing to the correctness of just this “Enlightenment Bad” realization!

Now this is a startling realization to admit to since it would appear (as we keep on being told) that all the scientific, social and material advances that our Civilization enjoys, Anno Domini 2018 are the products of this great intellectual movement.

The logical fallacy embedded in the above rationalization, the claim that our advanced society is the direct result of the Enlightenment, is that it completely neglects that which came before it, and that which allowed the Enlightenment to come into existence.

Case in point, no Catholic university system means no intellectual development of Enlightenment personalities. No Cistercian Order, no development of modern agriculture management techniques, allowing for the generation of a wealth effect which allowed for the development of the original “middle class”, which in turn allowed for a mechanism by which large numbers of intelligent individuals were allowed to… develop their intellect instead of toiling in the fields. And finally, no Benedictines and the monastic movement (which Francis is trying presently to destroy), no repository for knowledge which allowed that which already was know from antiquity, to survive and be used as the foundational  element of the Catholic university system and a classical education, which was then used to educate the large numbers of intelligent individuals which brought about the Enlightenment in the first place.

So why am I going into this above historical abridgment?

Well, because we have reached the end of one aspect of the Enlightenment process, an aspect that is presently being consigned to the trash-heap of history. Just as the LEX ARMATICUS predicted. This aspect, and the one that is responsible for the current crisis not only in society at large, also lies at the heart of the current crisis of the post-conciliar church. Its name is ANTHROPOCENTRISM.

For those new to this blog, ANTHROPOCENTRISM can be summed up as the artificial elevation of the human intellect over the intellect of GOD.

As we all know, the human intellect possess a fallen nature, just like man himself. Therefore, the human intellect can be mistaken. Yet because of another aspect of fallen human nature, namely its susceptibility to the Cardinal Sin of PRIDE, ANTHROPOCENTRISM has been allowed to perpetuate long after its past due date and is responsible for the mayhem that we are observing occurring all around us.

So that which we can observe occurring on our proverbial TV screens (proverbial since nobody watches TV any longer) in the political sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, just like that which we are observing transpiring behind the Sacred Vatican Walls, is nothing more than the collision between REASON and PRIDE.

And just as with God’s creation in omnibus and due to original sin, the collision between REASON and PRIDE has its winners and losers.

So for your weekend reading and viewing pleasure, your humble blogger has embedded three individual examples of the losers in the REASON v PRIDE collision.

Below, Dr Steven Turley explains in essence how PRIDE is fighting a losing battle with REASON in the current political environment. Next, below are two videos of an interview with Tucker Carlson who explains how PRIDE is trying to fight back against REASON in the #fakenews media sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium.

And finally, at the end of this post is a re-post of a PHENOMENON that is beginning to play itself out on social media. The essence of this PHENOMENON is that the FORCES of PRIDE have lost the battle to the point where they are forced to BAN MEMES.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Finally, what is important to understand in all of this material, is that what we are in fact observing is nothing less than the NATURAL end of ANTHROPOCENTRISM.

And the poster-child for this above NATURAL turn of events can be none other than Francis, the Non-Playable Character of Rome.

Have a nice weekend…


NPC Meme Deserves “Person Of The Year 2018” For Exposing Liberal Automatons

Authored by Robert Bridge via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Nothing hurts more than the truth, and that adage goes far at explaining why the Liberals self-imploded upon being confronted by their hideous reflection in the NPC avatar.

First conjured to life on 4Chan and Reddit message boards, the NPC meme, represented by a crudely sketched stick figure that comes in a variety of persona, was designed as a method for portraying those well-known character traits the right has come to associate with their leftist alter-ego.

The term ‘social justice warrior,’ while loaded with mockery, derision and cynical overtones, failed to nail the dark heart of the matter. What was needed was a meme that exposed the left’s superiority complex that is so out of control it lets them believe that by just getting out of bed and showing up for a protest legitimizes their cause and anything that follows.

Thus, the right, which still enjoys the weapon of comic genius combined with computer prowess, supplanted the SJW tag with an innocuous-looking meme that eventually burrowed its way under the fleshy underbelly of the left until it was writhing on the pavement in painful spasmodic convulsions. The arrow was deadly because it carried the ultimate poison known as truth.

For the uninitiated, NPC stands for ‘nonplayable character’ or ‘nonplayer character,’ a term borrowed from the gaming community that describes those characters in video games whose only pre-programmed function is to wander about the screen eliciting generic, robotic remarks. Sound familiar? This meme successfully captured the essence of the left to such a degree that it forced Twitter to go on another search and destroy mission, suspending hundreds of accounts thought to be associated with the army of dangerous stick figures.

Although every organization, political or otherwise, can be accused of operating to some degree inside of an echo chamber, the groupthink that has taken over the Liberal brain is disturbingly reminiscent of that which dominated past totalitarian movements: a high level of emotion and even violence substituting for critical thinking; refusal to debate political ideology with its ‘enemy’; religious-like belief in the sanctity of its endeavor. This groupthink – minus the ‘think’ – is even willing to carry out the most heinous commands of its leaders with dogged devotion.

Democrat darling Senator Maxine Waters, for example, harangued a crowd of her supporters to “get out and create a crowd, and you push back on” Trump officials whenever they are seen in public places, like restaurants, shopping centers and even gasoline stations. Needless to say, this is the very definition of madness, and it speaks volumes about the people who applaud such lunacy since, I am guessing, it will eventually be the Liberals who are hounded in public by Republicans when they try to enjoy a dinner with their family. Two can play such a fool’s game, as I argued on Patrick Henningsen’s Sunday Wire Show.

The NPC meme provides a mirror image of the Liberal in that they, or at least the ‘they’ who has been allowed to hijack the party, cannot articulate their position beyond the scripted ‘reality’ they have duly received via the corporate-owned, government-saddled mainstream media, late-night standup buffoons (the Colbert, Kimmel and Oliver stooge show), and the duplicitous Democratic leaders who have convinced both themselves and their constituents that Russia is the reason yet another corrupt Clinton is not desecrating the Oval Office.

There are intelligent Liberals of course. But they’ve been pushed out of the spotlight, silenced by the screaming horde running on autopilot that poorly substitutes for cognitive life forms. In the meantime, American society must deal with a brat pack of withering snowflakes whose sense of political duty is so steeped in self-righteousness, hypocrisy and outright thuggery that college campuses are no longer the domain for advanced learning, but rather incubators for breeding brainwashed automatons who would rather let Antifa lead them astray then let Anne Coulter give a talk on campus. Similar to the religious inquisitors of the Middle Ages, these individuals consider it below them to hear the arguments of their opponents lest their soft brains be exposed to some blasphemous idea.Will these mentally stunted students be given a life-time supply of diapers with their diplomas?

These miscreants, who rank themselves as human-loving activists, are really nothing more than part of a Soros-paid rent-a-mob who brandish freshly printed cookie-cutter placards and get paid to stir up trouble at every opportunity. There is no sense of a grassroots undercurrent that is guiding this rabble along its tortuous path.

That much was plainly seen at the Senate hearings for Brett Kavanuagh when Ana Maria Archila confronted Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator, ranting and raving that Flake was helping to put someone “who actually violated a woman” (the lack of evidence does not stop the modern Liberal from hurling slanderous mud balls) on the Supreme Court. Turns out that Archila is not your average lunatic; indeed, she is co-executive director at the Soros-funded Center for Popular Democracy (CPD). And perhaps it was just coincidence too that a CNN news crew just happened to be on the spot to catch all the action.

Does any of this Liberal craziness pass for ‘democracy in action?’ Hardly. In fact, it is symptomatic of a nation that some might argue is healthy and energetic only because it is writhing and screaming on the floor with convulsions. Much of this is due to the fear and loathing that the Liberals have injected into the nation’s political buttocks ever since they lost in 2016. Similar to the aftermath of 9/11 when any idea could be superimposed onto the national psyche, which had been greatly traumatized and primed for mischief, the same could be said for the Liberals, who are willing to accept any rubbish just so it helps them defeat the Republicans. Victory for victory’s sake is not a political program, but a transparent power grab that enough intelligent Democrats should be able to see through. The fact that they cannot is exactly why Liberals were awarded the NPC avatar, which will not be going away anytime soon.

If the meme fits, wear it. In any case, I’ll be voting for the NPC meme as ‘Person of the Year 2018,’ that much is for sure.