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Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania flashing red light drudge report


B R E A K I N G!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: French firefighter’s rebellion.

Walk out on their president:

Today we take a break from the conspiracy theory quickly evolving into a conspiracy fact and do a Normalization Process™ post.

The normalization process that is currently taking place in Paris, France at present has a very interesting aspect to it. As per below post, the key to understanding what is taking place in France is presented by a Tweet from one Karl Sharro, who puts his finger exactly on the issue driving these protest. Here is what he write:

Yes, what we in fact are witnessing is the natural end of NOMINALISM.

Just as a quick reminder:



A theory that universal ideas, like truth, goodness, and humanity, are only names. It denies that universals are true concepts, present in the mind, that correspond to and are founded on objective reality. All abstract ideas, according to the nominalists, are only useful labels. (Etym. Latin nominalis, belonging to a name.)

Now, Nominalism is ascribed to the 14th century Franciscan Friar, one William of Ockham. In the 17th Century, Rene Descartes reinvented Nominalism into a philosophical movement that eventually let to what is misnamed as “The Enlightenment”. Here is what the Cartesians believed:

Cartesians view the mind as being wholly separate from the corporeal body. Sensation and the perception of reality are thought to be the source of untruth and illusions, with the only reliable truths to be had in the existence of a metaphysical mind. Such a mind can perhaps interact with a physical body, but it does not exist in the body, nor even in the same physical plane as the body. The question of how mind and body interact would be a persistent difficulty for Descartes and his followers, with different Cartesians providing different answers.[4]

In other words, Cartesian philosophy is a rebellion against the second source of our Catholic Faith, i.e. as known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made.

Nota bene: The Cartesians were opposed by the empiricist school of thought consisting of Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley, and Hume.

Now for those loyal and dear readers who have been following this blog, you will notice that there is presently a term for an “uber-rationalist” who divorces his intellect from empirical evidence, a. k. a. sense data. That term is “magical thinker”.

And the academic designation for a “magical thinker” is: post-Modernist!

So when we read an entry on a Tweeter feed that makes the claim that “the yellow jackets are symbolically overturning the entire Cartesian premise of France”, it is indeed noteworthy.


What we are in fact seeing is the end of ideology of Nominalism!

And finally to make the connection between that which is happening in France and spreading to the other Western lands, and the current situation within the post-conciliar church, here is the linkage from none other than the Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Martini: (see here)

The Jesuit theologian continues to sketch his future world: “This mindset keeps its distance from a platonic Christian world, in which it was taken for granted the primacy of the truth and values over feelings, of intelligence over the will, of the spirit over the flesh, of unity over pluralism, of asceticism over life, of the eternal over the temporal.”

In these four lines Martini turns the entire civilized world on its head. Indeed, he understands “platonic” no longer as a school of thought, but as a synonym of unrealistic. So, the new world to come, which he approvingly depicts, would call for a complete revolution. A kind of ideological guillotine should chop off the heads of these “nobles” – truth, values, intelligence, spirit, unity and asceticism – to open the way to the dictatorship of these revolted “proletarians” – feelings, flesh, pluralism, and the temporal life. What he proposes is nothing less than a French Revolution added to a Communist Revolution inside the soul of man…

So as we can see in the rebellion against the Cartesians taking place in contemporary France, and far from the victory  of a Catholic “French revolution” within the Catholic Church, what is in fact happening is that the French revolution is disintegrating in the birthplace of ALL post-Enlightenment revolutions, from those in Russia, China, South America and Sout East Asia, and it is disintegrating before our very eyes.

And the cause of the disintegration is nothing more than a RECONCILIATION PROCESS of a Virtual reality with the OBJECTIVE ONE!



Explaining France’s Grassroots “Yellow Vest” Movement – And Why It’s Spreading Across Europe

For three weeks, tens-of-thousands of French protesters have donned yellow vests and marched throughout Paris. While the “yellow vest” movement began on November 17 as a grassroots protest against president Emmanuel Macron’s gas tax – levied in the name of climate change, it has morphed into a general rage against the French government in general at a time when Macron’s approval rating is at an all time low.

 What’s more, the movement is spreading – with yellow vest demonstrations seen in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands by those expressing frustration over similar issues. The protests have turned violent, as disaffected rioters have been setting cars on fire, causing structural damage, and assaulting the police.



Riot cops in Brussels, for example, were pelted with billiard balls, cobblestones and other hard objects last week, while the yellow vest movement is now working to form a Belgian political party under the name Mouvement citoyen belge


What’s behind the movement?

French authorities have predictably blamed the right-wing for the protests – with interior minister Christophe Castaner denouncing National Rally (*formerly National Front) leader Marine Le Pen of encouraging the violence.

“Marine Le Pen urged people to come to the Champs Elysees, and there are members of the ultra-right putting up barriers,” said Castaner, adding “They have responded to Marine Le Pen’s call and want to take the institutions of state. We want people to be responsible.”

The real cause, however, may be quite a bit more nuanced and a long time coming. As political commentator Kark Sharro suggests in a seven-part tweetstorm, the Yellow Vest movement is “about marginalsation and the impotence felt by ordinary people.”