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In a recent post, this humble blogger mentioned the term RECONCILIATION MOMENT.  The Deus ex Machina uses this term “reconciliation moment” as that point in time when a VIRTUAL REALITY can’t be maintained any longer and is forced to… well… reconcile with the OBJECTIVE REALITY.

In our coverage of the US Presidential Election of 2016, the reconciliation moment came when the election results from Pennsylvania came in and it was no longer tenable to maintain that Sick, Unelectable, Crooked Hillary could still win the election.

Today my dear and Faithful readers, your humble blogger ran into another example of a quickly approaching reconciliation moment. In the Breitbart post below, the very disingenuous Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland, in a moment of panic has let the cat out of the bag. That cat is the FACT that it will not only be Euroland, but specifically Ireland that will suffer the largest negative impact of a “NO DEAL” CLEAN BREXIT.  

Yes, for many, many months, we have been first told about what a DISASTER it will be for the United Kingdom if the population votes for BREXIT. Then we were told about what a DISASTER it will be for the United Kingdom if the government does not come to a negotiated deal to leave Euroland. In all this talk of doom and gloom, it was never mentioned that the parties that will be affected the most will be Euroland and specifically the Emerald Isle.

Well, as it appears now, with the March 29, 2019 LEAVE DATE date quickly approaching, the less than manly Irish PM has panicked and let the cat out of the bag. And the ugly story you can read below. Bu there is the taste of the cause of the panic:

In terms of the aid Ireland would require to sustain itself, Creed was blunt: “You’re looking at hundreds of millions here. Between the beef industry and the fishing industry we’re talking mega-money.”

Actually, when all is added up, it will be in the billions!

Which leave one question open. Why is this humble blogger bringing this situation to your attention dear and loyal reader?

The reason is to draw a parallel between a panicking Irish Taoiseach and the bumbling bishop of Rome. Francis has his own reconciliation moment quickly approaching in the form of another rigged synod coming up in a few weeks time. He is in fact so panicked, that he has asked his lackey, the Archbishop of Chicago to hold a pre-synoldal meeting to… let’s call it… get the FrancisDuck in a row.

Yes, Francis is doing another rigged synod and wants to make sure there are no embarrassing moments like at all the other rigged synods that Francis put on over these last five years.

So what is Francis after? He basically wants the US Bishops to accept responsibility for some “missteps”, while getting them to not mention the 800 lbs gorillas in the room. The 800lb gorillas are all the predator intrinsically disordered FrancisClerics and FrancisBishops who have been sexually abusing young males, seminarians and other clerics during the “new springtime of the spirit of Vatican II”.

And the reason for this turn of events is to present a “united front” in order to give the appearance that all is well. And the reason for this MESSAGING is that the US “catholic” church is losing its funding.

And this is bad news since it will put more pressure to keep FrancisChurch afloat squarely on the shoulders of the Germans and their KIRCHENSTEUER. And with a CLEAN BREXIT, the Germans will need those funds to help secular states like Ireland. This will no doubt strain their “soft power” operations through the German Bishops’ Confernece to FrancisChurch.

Yes folks, it ‘s the US Bishops and the German Bishops, who are the two pillars of funding for FrancisChurch.

Just like in Euroland where it is Germany and the United Kingdom that are the two pillars of funding for the FrancisEuroland.

And in both cases, it looks like one of the two main pillars is just about to EVAPORATE.

To paraphrase the Irish Agricultural Minister, Mr. Creed:

“You’re looking at hundreds of millions here. Between the private donations and the government funding we’re talking mega-money.”

And this comes at a time when the KIRCHENSTEUER donations, due to a lame duck Angela Merkel, brought about by a democratic revolution due to the globalist uncontrolled migrating crisis and a floundering Manu Macron, attempting to stave off a forced resignation due to the Yellow Vests uprising, are starting to look tenuous at best.


So we watch that which is taking place in Mundelein and try to identify the exact FRANCISRECONCILIATION MOMENT, the equivalent of the one on the 8th of November 2016 when the results for the Great State of Pennsylvania were called.


Ireland Admits It Will Need Emergency Aid to Survive ‘No Deal’ Brexit

The European Union’s facade of confidence in the Brexit negotiations is beginning to crack, as the Irish government admits it will need “mega-money” in aid to survive the fallout of “No Deal”.

British Brexiteers have long argued that the United Kingdom should have been making serious preparations for a clean exit from the EU on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms — “No Deal” — to strengthen its hand at the negotiating table.

They appear to have been at least partially vindicated now at the eleventh hour, as the Republic of Ireland — arguably the EU member-state which has been most belligerent towards Britain up to now — has begun to panic. The Atlantic-facing nation is now highlighting the hugely damaging impact No Deal could have on its own farmers and fishing industry, in particular.

“There is a high level of awareness of Ireland’s unique exposure to the UK food market. But I think nobody wants to talk about it right now because there is still a hope and expectation that a level of sanity will prevail,” Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed told the Irish Independent.

“I think we would get help. It’s all about the level of help,” he added with a hint of desperation.

The United Kingdom has a massive trade deficit with the European Union, and will be its single-largest export market after Brexit — a fact Brexiteers believe should have given London a great deal of leverage in Brussels if it had negotiated with more confidence.

Creed observed that some 50 percent of Irish beef exports are currently absorbed by the British market, and that around a third of fish caught by Irish boats are lifted from British waters — an arrangement which has proved highly damaging to the British fishing industry, and which would be terminated by a clean Brexit.

In terms of the aid Ireland would require to sustain itself, Creed was blunt: “You’re looking at hundreds of millions here. Between the beef industry and the fishing industry we’re talking mega-money.”


The panicked observations seem to have been prompted by the dawning realisation that, should Theresa May’s “worst deal in history” be rejected and Remain diehards fail in their quest to derail Brexit entirely, No Deal will become inevitable.

“In racing parlance the odds are slashed on a hard Brexit,” Creed observed.

“A ‘good Brexit’ would not be as good as what we have right now – but a ‘hard Brexit’ is a beast of a different colour altogether,” Creed warned, saying he would be lobbying hard to his country to save emergency aid from the EU in the event of No Deal.

The bloc may struggle to support the Republic to the extent Mr Creed would prefer, however, given the parlous state of the Eurozone and the impending loss of billions of pounds in British contributions to its central budget.