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Today the focus again will be on the Gilets Jaunes Rebellion in France.

As you dear and Faithful readers know, from reading this blog, the most important developments taking place today, the 11th of January, Anno Domini 2019 with respect to what is being called RE-TRADITIONALIZATION, or what we here refer to on Deus ex Machina blog as the Restoration of ALL things in Christ, are going to happen on the streets of France tomorrow.

So today, this humble blogger will do a 30,000 feet above sea level post to provide you with a clearer understanding of what exactly is at stake.

What is at stake is the entire post-Soviet NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO). This NWO was created by the sole remaining super power in order to make “the world safe for democracy”. Now, this humble blogger does not deny that there were some altruistic elements behind this NWO, however, given that human nature is what it is, this “altruistic” project was hijacked by what can be called SPECIAL INTERESTS.

Now these special interests are not fixed, aside from the fact that they want to RULE. So as we know from Dr. Jordan Peterson, the motivation for the attainment and maintenance of POWER, regardless of the reason for why one wants that POWER, is Marxist at its very core.

So what this means is that the “interests” behind the RULING SPECIAL INTERESTS (RSI) are fluid. If one can identify the BANKING interests as those that dominated the RSI post fall of (economic) Communism, they were co-opted by the new and even bigger money of Silicone Valley and the TECH SECTOR. Now the problem with the BIG TECH is that the money is controlled by young men who have created their own VIRTUAL REALITIES about what “the world should look like” and are using that money to influence their respective government policies in such areas as the climate hoax, gender fluidity, uncontrolled migration, etc.

Yet these RSI are rotten stinking capitalists at heart and don’t really believe in wasting their own hard earned money, with the exception of political elections. Instant gratification appears to be their Achilles heals. So what has happened is that this new BIG TECH money is being used to subsidize the operations of the old RSI’s, i.e. the BIG BANKING and are in fact driving the agenda.

Now, these new RSI’s would not be having such an impact if it was not for an existing structure through which they were able to exact these changes. This GLOBAL STRUCTURE this blog identified in a post titled: FrancisChurch Living On Borrowed Euro Time…

And now to the important part: THE FUNDING!

So who in fact funds this NWO?

Well, actually the PRIVATE FUNDING is only a small, small part of the overall FUNDING. The vast majority of the money actually comes from you and me, i.e. the TAXPAYER. 

What is in fact the case is that organizations which can be labeled as “clearing operations” which organize and coordinate these various NWO “assets” have access to GOVERNMENT FUNDING through their networks of domestic “Charitable” organizations and through their network of INTERNATIONAL Non-Governmental Organization.

We can see this mechanism with the US Catholic Church and their reliance on US Government funding which accounts for half their yearly income. See here.

So back to 30,000 feet.

The NWO, i.e. the GLOBALISTS have suffered some serious blows since the Hungarian  election of the Orban government in 2010. Then came the Law and Justice victory in Poland in the Presidential (President Duda) and Parliamentary (Prime Minister Morawiecki) elections in 2015. Then came BREXIT, which shook the GLOBALIST’S “European project” (more on this later) since it deprived this PROJECT of its second biggest contributor after Germany. And then the coup de grace came with the election of President Trump. The US government under Obama increased the US government debt from $8 trillion to $20 trillion, where a lot of this “printed money” went to support the global CULTURAL MARXIST agenda, via the “pass through” vehicles such as Soros’ Open Society Foundation. And after some small victories along the way, Austria for example, the Italian Parliamentary victory of Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio from the 5 Star Movement occurred in 2017. Now the significance of Matteo Salvini is that he is in fact the force behind the current government. It will be only a matter of time before his League is the largest party in Italy and he is the Prime Minister. He presently is enjoying approval ratings in the 60% level.

Which brings us to the meat of the matter and the European Parliamentary elections that will take place in May of this year.

Now, the EU Parliament is powerless. It can pass laws but it can’t enact them. The real POWER is in the European Commission, a present day “Soviet” POLITBURO that makes the decisions that are in fact approved in the German Chancellery in Berlin.  The EU Commission is made up of individual appointed by the various EU governments. Each government gets two seat on the Commission.

Needless to say, the present Commission which was seated 5 years ago, is made up of government appointees of the GLOBALIST forces that ruled Euroland in 2014. Since then, the following transpired:

  1. Angela Merkel became a lame duck due to underperforming in a series of elections and needing the keep the official opposition party (SPD) in her coalition in order to maintain POWER. This has been bad for the SPD since they are seen as co-contributing to the general societal disaster that is plaguing Germany at present,
  2. Franscious Hollande was so despised that he did not seek a second term as President of France, instead found the empty suite Manu Macron to replace him. In fact, Hollande needed to create a new political party, En Marche since his leftist Socialist Party would have been unable to get a presidential candidate into the second round runoff.
  3. Now Manu Macron’s incompetence and hubris has caught up with him and is being driven from POWER. If he is forced to RESIGN, (which the Deus ex Machina blog has predicted will happen this year), there will not be a head of state in any of the G& that publicly supports the GLOBALIST AGENDA.
  4. In Italy, the “young, fresh, soul of Europe” Matteo Renzi lost two disastrously elections. First a referendum and then a general election in 2017. It is this election loss that has created an untenable situation for the GLOBALISTS.

And here is why.

In the upcoming EU Parliamentary elections, if the election was held on the 8th of January of this year, the following would be the case:

What this means is that of the 5 largest parties in the European Parliament, 4 of them (League in Italy, Law&Justice -PiS in Poland, 5Star in Italy and National Front in France) would be ANTI-GLOBALIST parties.

What’s worse, the German CDU/CSU, after their disastrous election results in regional elections in 2017, and with a new party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (a nominal “c”atholic), are rumored to be trying to engineer a move toward a more Christian values (as opposed to cultural Marxist “values”) orientation, i.e. a shift to a political platform more in line with NATURAL LAW with Christian underpinnings.

Which is where the important stuff is happening…

The governments that will appoint their new commissioners for the new European Council that will be seated after the May 2017 election will be:

  1. A Germany that is being force to ditch cultural Marxism.
  2. A France that might have a new government (If Macron is forced to RESIGN, new elections will certainly take place)
  3. An Italy governed by Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio and strongly anti-cultural Marxist.
  4. Poland ruled by the anti-cultural Marxist Law & Justice Party
  5. Austria ruled by a center right purportedly anti Leftist coalition. (Don’t trust Kurz – appears to be controlled opposition so European Commission appointment is questionable)
  6. Spain with a minority leftist government that will try to hold on until the EU elections. Strong growth in Catholic VOX party which unexpectedly gained 11% of the vote in local elections -Andalucía and will be first national election in which they take part.
  7. Hungary with a strong anti-cultural Marxist government.
  8. Czech Republic with a conservative government. Definitely anti-Globalist
  9. Croatia with center-right government but very good relations with Poland, Hungary and the US, especially Donald Trump.
  10. Romania has a leftist (opportunist) ruling government at present but it is very unstable. Hard to say what will appear there.
  11. And the rest of the countries are mostly conservative governments with the exception of Malta, Portugal and Greece.

Summa summarum, what we see is a new European Union emerging politically. Whether this new RATIONAL Europe will be able to appoint a majority European Commission is to be seen. What will be in fact the case is that the Commission could be very close to a Conservative RE-TRADITIONALIZING majority.

In addition, it would appear that the European Parliament will be dominated by either economic conservatives or by outright RE-TRADITIONALIZING conservatives. Like it was mentioned earlier, the EU Parliament is a fig leaf, but the appearance of CONSERVATISM will definitely set the tone for the next 5 years.

And that tone, if not outright RE-TRADITIONALIZING movement will look something like this:

Yes, the German-French axis (how fitting) will be replaced by a new POWER STRUCTURE, i.e. one along the Warsaw-Rome axis.

And the smaller countries are getting on board:

Which leads us to the significance of these developments:

Once these countries obtain control of the POWER structures in the EU, the FUNDING channels of the GLOBALIST NWO will come into their sites. Mr. Orban has already driven Soros’ front operations from Hungary. Soros had to shift them to Austria, hence reservation about Herr Kurz.

And once the government funding to the NWO is stopped, we will see a cessation of these anti NATURAL activities from this patholigical sector.

So Soros can run, but he can’t hide.

And finally, these events are leading to a new situation on the Old Continent and should lead to more scenes like this one below appearing on European streets in the not too distant future…

… and this.

So please, please pray for the Yellow Vests!

And please pray fo the President of the United States, the leaders of Christian Europe and most of all, for your families and their salvation!