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Michael Voris has just produced the most OBJECTIVELY SIGNIFICANT video that he has produced to date!

In this video, Michael lays out the proper understanding, in the humble opinion of this most humble blogger, of what can be called the missing piece of the wider Restoration puzzle as it pertains to the CONSERVATIVE SOCIAL COMMENTATORS.

A small digression…

Many of my dear and loyal readers have from time to time commented that I take the videos produced by the likes of Stefan Molyneux, Dr. Jordan Peterson and others, and promote them on this humble blog. The essence of the criticism, and it is very small is that I do it “uncritically”. In my defense, I point out that the aim is to “illuminate” a PROCESS and that the material should not be seen as being “proper Magisterial teaching”.

In other words, when speaking about Jordan Peterson, what is of VALUE in his work is the framework that CAN, and many times DOES lead his listeners to not only understand the CORRECTNESS of Christianity as a NATURAL PHENOMENON, but also leads said individuals to that point in that individual’s mental and spiritual development that the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard termed as the “LEAP OF FAITH”.

Remember folks, it was Aristotle that provided us with the first logical proofs for the existence of God two centuries before the birth of Our Lord. I mention this here to illustrate the distinction between the Natural proofs and divine Revelation, i.e. the Supernatural “proofs”. And it is the Natural proofs and divine Revelation that are the two pillars of the Catholic Faith. Excuse the digression…

But the larger point is that conformity with, say OBJECTIVE MORALITY can be easily atttained through Natural proofs.

Now, Catholicism as a religion has one underlying condition that must be met and that is this: in order to be Catholic, one has to VOLUNTARILY ascend to the FAITH. The reason behind this condition is that if there was no voluntary ascent, there would be no exercise of free will. And since God’s creation could not exercise free will, his nature would be just like any of the other creatures that God has created. In other words, without the ability to exercize free will, man would not be created in God’s image.

Which then brings us to one important observation that needs to be made here. If God created man in His image, i.e. gave him a conscious that allows for the exercise of free will, then man can choose. And what can he choose, you may ask dear and loyal reader? Well, at the highest level of analysis, i.e. the theological, man can choose to do GOOD or not do good (EVIL – i.e. the absence of GOOD). Therefore, given that man has a choice, there has to be a consequence (different ends) for those two choices. And those two consequences are termed HEAVEN and HELL.

Aside, this is why Bishop Barron and “shepherd” of his ilk are so very dangerous for ones spiritual condition. But I digress again…

Which brings us back to the conservative commentators. These individuals who… to use a “spirit of the new springtime” phrase, subsist in TRUTH but do not conform to it in its totality, can’t be forced, or even coerced to ascend to the ONE TRUE FAITH.

Yes? (Free will…)

But even in their present flawed “partial truth” state, they are providing an invaluable service. And that invaluable service is this: through what can be called OBJECTIVE INTELLECTUAL HONESTY, they are using their God given ability to introduce and send forth their listeners into a PROCESS whose ultimate end will lead those individuals to that point in these individuals intellectual and spiritual development that is the “LEAP TO FAITH”. And that Faith, given the individual accepts the entirety of TRUTH, can only be one: Catholicism.

Which brings me to Michael Voris.

When listening to Jordan Peterson’s lecture on post-Modernism, he made the brilliant observation that the post-Modernist ideology is fractionated. In other words, one group might promote 5% of post-Modernism, while another group might promote 15% in their public activities. But when taken as a whole, these groups represent 100% of what is the post-Modernist (Cultural Marxist) ideology.

Well, this understanding can also be applied to the Conservative Social Critics. In this case, Dr. Peterson’s work reflects approximately 99% of Catholicism, while Stefan Molyneux’s only reflects 90%. Ben Shapiro is basically 92% Catholic while Dave Ruben is say at 65%. Aside, these are best guess estimates from our proprietary analytical model, which by the way are to a varying degree confirmed by Michael Voris in the video above.

And now for the missing 1% to 35%.

This is where Michael Voris’ contribution to this discussion is critical to understand. The last piece of the puzzle that would bring all these individuals into full compliance with the NATURAL part of Catholic theology is to understand the nature of MORALITY, specifically that morality is OBJECTIVE in its essence.

In other words, morality just like Truth, good, et al, exists in nature in and of itself. Therefore MORALITY, since it exists in and of itself, must be accepted as is.

What is, that it is!

And not accepting morality “as is”, i.e. as an objective phenomenon has dire consequences. It leads to what Dr. Jordan Peterson terms “tearing the fabric of reality”. In other words, once we abandon the exercise of objective morality, we begin stretching this fabric of realty until tears appear, and the consequences that follow are not GOOD.

And example will follow shortly…

And finally, one more observation about PROCESSES. Just as with objectively good processes, bad processes also have a (il-) logical progression. What appears to be the case is that once an individual departs from the trajectory of objective reality, that individual finds himself in a process that is illogical, i.e. self refuting. In order to stay on this illogical trajectory, this person needs to become even more irrational. The reason being is that ERROR, in order to be sustained, needs to be reinforced with more ERROR.

Here is a good case in point that appeared yesterday and can serve as an example mentioned earlier.

In this video, Dr. Steven Turley explains why the recent comments made by the radical leftist Governor of Virginia were predicted by the Pro-Life Movement decades ago.

Specifically for our case here, the Pro-Life advocates reasoned in the 1970’s that the ERRONEOUS arguments of the death-cult that is the abortion industry would need to become even more radical, just so they could be sustained over time. The logical conclusion of this erroneous process that has materialized at present is that the “right to choose” (agency over “her” body) of a women, which was the original (false) premise behind legalizing abortion in 1973, has now been “transferred” from the women to a third party (DEATH) PANEL made up of “doctors and experts”.

Not only have women lost the “right to choose” (agency over “their” bodies), but now this “right to choose” has been inverted to the point where it now provides the BASIS (rationale) for killing children of those same mothers and against their will.

And finally, if this is allowed to go on, this “right to choose” will eventually be used to terminate the “women” when they are deemed by the DEATH PANELS to be an  “economic burden” on society.  I.e. euthanasia.

We’ve seen just this embedded in the US legal statutes in the ObamaCare legislation. It’s like a ticking bomb that is set to go off and the situation in Virginia and New York State are precedential forerunners…


… bah…


But not to leave you dear and loyal reader on a low note, this humble blogger is providing you with a screen grab and video from two of the favorite personalities that are referenced on this blog.

In the third video embedded below, a discussion is presented between Dr. Taylor Marshall and Lizzie Reezay from Lizzie Answers about… Catholicsm, Philosophy and the Latin Mass.

Of note, this humble blogger has not yet seen the video so today, we all “live dangerously”…

Have a great weekend…

PS The Armaticus Family is skiing next week, so if there are no postings, don’t worry…