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Today we transition to a subject matter that can be viewed as the “GROUND ZERO” of the current crisis in Western Civilization. This is the upcoming European Union parliamentary elections.

The crisis within Western Civilization is being generated (through cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, post-Modernism, etc.) and then used by the GLOBALISTS in an attempt to abolish national boundaries in order to facilitate the creation of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

This ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT in turn will have “positive” aspects we are told. Among these are the transfer of goods and services at more competitive prices, passpost-free travel, unitary WORLD JUSTICE SYSTEM, etc., etc., etc. Or so the explanations goes.

One of the NEGATIVE aspects, and one that the GLOBALISTS don’t like to talk about, is that this ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT doesn’t work with what you dear and loyal reader would call a democratic form of government based on the concept of ONE MAN ONE VOTE.

Specifically, if you have Germany with 80 million people and Hungary with 10 million people, the Germans will out vote the Hungarians every time.

So what’s in it for the Hungarians?

Rhetorical question…

In order to find a solution to this above described “DEMOCRACY” dilemma, the GLOBALISTS have hi-jacked the EUROPEAN PROJECT and implemented what appears to be a trial run TO A future introduction of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT of the ONE WORLD ORDER.

The EUROPEAN PROJECT, which started out as a free-trade zone in the post-WWII Western European countries post hi-jacking, has morphed into a FEDERAL UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.

The big advantage that this EUROPEAN PROJECT holds for the future ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is that the cabal that runs the European Union, i.e. the European Commission has never been elected. It is appointed by the governments of the European member states. And it is appointed for the reasons explained above in the German/Hungarian example.

ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. A government that holds real power (armed forces, police, civil administration, court system, etc…) but is not accountable to any of the subjects, except to the ruling elites who appointed them.

So far, so good…

Yet now, a problem has arisen. It turns out that the populations of the European member states don’t like the manner in which their affairs are fun by these appointed administrators and are rebelling against this EUROPEAN PROJECT itself. Or rather, they are rebelling against that part of the EUROPEAN PROJECT that is morphing into an unaccountable FERDERAL state, run by appointed bureaucrats.

And needless to say, this is problematic for the ONE WORLD ORDER types…

Which is why the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections are so important for both sides.

And just to finish the story, the European Parliament in reality is a fig leaf. It has no real power. It passes laws, but only the European Council (appointed governing board can enact them into law). So in essence, the European Parliament is an illusionary legislative branch.

Yet one problem of having an illusory legislative branch and an appointed executive branch that has the real power, is that the executive branch is constrained from doing what it wants to do if the illusory parliament keeps on voting against the executive branches wishes.

It shows the EU for being the sham democratic system that it really is.

So the above is CONTEXT, while the below is the current situation. It would appear, as the polls indicate, that the parties that represent the European parties that want a European Union of individual, sovereign nations are beginning to surpass those parties that want the authoritarian FEDERAL EU state.

Now this is problematic for two reasons. First, if the proponents of a EU of sovereign nations gain control over the legislative branch, they can pass laws that directly contradict the edicts of the executive branch, i.e. the European Commission.

Next, since those same parties appear to be gaining the upper hand in the national elections, those appointed COMMISSIONERS that populate the executive branch, will be replaced with like minded COMMISSIONERS when the new European Commission is seated after the current term expires.

So all in all, the next few weeks will be interesting to watch on the European level. The results though, will have dramatic consequences much, much further. The consequences will be felt in the most powerful places on this planet such as Washington D.C., where the ONE WORLD ORDER is trying to overthrow the duly elected US President, all the way down to the tiny Vatican City State where a pedophile, ephebophile, homosexualist pervert is holding on to power due to being funded by these same interests.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

This could be the beginning of the beginning of the end…

Sure feels like the WALLS ARE CLOSING IN

So stay tuned sports fans…



Anti-EU Salvini Set To Emerge As Biggest Winner In EU Parliament Elections

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini’s efforts to undermine the EU status quo by rallying a broad coalition of eurosceptic groups during spring elections for the European Parliament are set to pay off big time, according to the first forecast of the expected results released by the chamber on Tuesday.

According to the polling, which was cited by the FT, Salvini’s League Party is expected to make some of the most striking gains in the May vote, possibly becoming the second-largest party in the assembly after Germany’s center right Christian Democratic Union.

Mr Salvini’s League is on course to dominate in Italy by winning 32 per cent of the vote and 27 seats, according to the poll. If so, it would be the second-biggest party in the chamber after Germany’s center-right Christian Democratic Union, which is forecast to hold 29 seats, down from 34 in the last election in 2014. The CDU is a mainstay of the European People’s party, the parliament’s main centre-right group. The EPP is predicted to slip from 217 seats to 183 seats, while the centre-left Social Democrat grouping is projected to lose almost one-third of its seats — from 186 to 135.

In total, Eurosceptic parties are expected to win 153 seats in the chamber. Though they control the same number now, their share of the votes will climb as the total number of seats in the chamber falls to 705 from 751 to account for the UK’s departure. In addition to Salvini’s League, the Eurosceptic faction in the EUP includes Poland’s Law and Justice party, Italy’s Five Star Movement and France’s Rassemblement National. Law and Justice and France’s RN have pledged to join forces in the coming parliament. Other Eurosceptic parties including Spain’s far-right Vox and the Dutch Forum for Democracy are expected to win seats in the chamber for the first time.

As Salvini’s star rises, the pro-EU center-left and center-right forces that have traditionally dominated the chamber are struggling against a turning tide of public opinion. Turnout for the vote has been slowly declining, and fell to 42.6% in 2014. This has given anti-establishment leaders including Salvini and Hungary’s Viktor Orban an opening to win more of the vote at a time when popular sentiment has decidedly turned against internationalist pro-EU politicians like France’s Emmanuel Macron.

The sliding fortunes of the parliament’s largest groups mean that the socialists and conservatives could fail to command 50 per cent of seats for the first time since the first European elections in 1979. However, with support from liberal and the Green groups they could still form a broad pro-EU alliance.

The figures are based on a compilation of national polls that will be updated regularly until the election.