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The Uncle Ted McCarrick lineage…

… and nothing about the GROOMING GANGS.

But then again, nobody ever expected the REAL AGENDA to be discussed anyway.

Yet, much of the coverage of this Bergoglian FARCE is positive… in the Traditional Catholic sense of that term.

In fact, Michael Matt was giddy in his last report. See below:

Si? (see here)

And Michael Voris was also upbeat in his final report from Rome. See below:

What the important take away from the above two video is, is that now, groups with varied interests are beginning to align against the FrancisMcCarrickPervChurch.

Aside, when you’ve lost CNN and AP, not to mention Crux (see here) you know it’s only a matter of time until the #fakenews media SoapBubblePapcy™ is deflated.

And this weekend, DEFLATION is the operative word.

Think about it this way dear and loyal reader, how much scandal, read reputation risk, not including cold hard cash, is George Soros and the #fakenews media willing to bear in order to prop up Francis, the perv enabler of Rome?

And just to provide a wider context, we have the other aspects of the NEW WORLD ORDER, of which Francis was to deliver the ONE WORLD RELIGION, also getting DEFLATED.

Over in France, we get this report from Dr. Steve Turley here:

And if that’s not all, the BIGGEST surprise of this past few weeks has to  be what is happening in Spain.

Folks, it’s nothing short of a miracle. Spain, within a matter of a few months, has created a nationalist, traditionalist majority in its body politic. The situation has forced the leftist government to fall and early elections are going to be held on the 28th of April of this year. These elections are expected to sweep a nationalist, rationalist, traditionalist government into power for the first time since death of the Francisco Franco.

This situation in Spain has come straight out of the blue…

You got to wonder what else is brewing under the surface of Euroland and is just waiting to spring up…

Concluding, and moving back to the specific…

What this humble blogger sees as the key to the situation in Rome is this contained in the below:

If it is true, and most certainly it is, that a “good number of Papal Nuncios” met in Rome this past Friday night, and that they compared notes on cover-ups orchestrated by the GROOMING GANGS of Rome, and given that Archbishop Vigano is also a former Papal Nuncio, then this group holds the key to physically ending the Francis Bishopric of Rome.

It is not by chance that Jorge Bergoglio is about to be investigated for le affair Zanchetta. (see here) It is highly likely that the information that has come to the attention of the Argentine authorities, has come via  Vatican diplomatic circles. (see here) They would be the ones to hold this information since they would be the only ones that could be trusted in Argentina under the Bergoglio dictatatorship.

So it is this OCCURENCE that you dear and loyal readers should focus on, since it is most likely the key to finally putting an end to the “new springtime of the spirit of Vatican II” and its genealogical offspring, the FrancisPervChurch and its GROOMING GANGS OF ROME.