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It’s getting hot in Vatican City… and this humble blogger doesn’t mean temperature wise either. Above is the latest from Church Militant…

Introducing today’s post, it is important to keep in mind a quote attributed to Otto Von Bismarck which goes as follows: Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied. 

And given that Francis, the dictator of Rome is the consummate politician, of the Peronist persuasion to be precise, it is only fitting that this humble blogger reminds his dear and loyal readers of the DENIAL’S existence.

Another way in which one can look at the subject matter discussed below is as follows: Ontological Reality Claims Two More Scalps…

So today, a CONTEXT post…

A SIGNIFICANT EVENT occurred recently in the Catholic World and it has to do with a DENIAL.

Francis, the material and formal heretic of Rome, finally DENIED that he knew about Mr. McCarrick’s “background”. For those not up to speed, Mr. McCarrick, the former FrancisCardinal and most likely the one who brought the US Cardinals onboard the St. Gallen Mafia’s Team Bergoglio to back Bergoglio at the 2013 Cardinal’s retreat (?) which then allowed Francis to dress in white and start wearing the “bishop of Rome’s tunic”.

As for the “material and formal heretic of Rome” title itself, we get more confirmation of its accuracy:

So now “journalists” are starting from the assumption that Francis is dishonest and a heretic?

What took them so long, would be this humble bloggers first observation…


What makes the EVENT SIGNIFICANT is that the issue at its CORE can be defined as follows: “how cardinals’ Conclave lobbying campaign paved way for Argentine pontiff”.

In terms of ONTOLOGICAL REALITY, an quick analysis would look something like this:

by allowing a “Cardinal’s retreat” to be called in March of 2013, which then allowed Jorge Bergoglio to begin wearing the white “tunic” of the bishops of Rome, the Cardinals in essense “tore the fabric of realty” and it is this ONTOLOGICAL reality that has been exacting vengeance on them and the entire post-conciliar church ever since.

If more proof of the correctness of the above PREMISE is needed, we go over to the Non Veni Pacem blog (see here). In the last post, we get a report about a member in good standing of the “Traditional” Catholic community, namely one Peter Kwasniewski who inadvertently stepped into the ONTOLOGICAL do do.

The long and short of the matter is that Dr. Kwasniewski read Antonio Socci’s new book, published a review on Amazon, used Aristotelian logic and Thomistic critical thinking to deduce that in fact, the 2013 CARDINAL’S RETREAT was in fact a CARDINAL’S RETREAT and not a Conclave.

And as you dear reader might have guessed before you ended reading the review, in short order the review was taken down and modified.

I will let you dear and loyal reader review the Non Veni Pacem post and draw your own conclusions. (see here)

Which leads to today’s conclusion. What we are dealing with here is another case of ONTOLIGICAL REALITY exacting revenge on those who run afoul of this NATURAL MECHANISM that God created to bring ORDER (out of CHAOS) to His CREATION.

Drawing on our post titled Fabric Of Reality And Using Truthful Language To Extract Order Out Of Chaos…, a reaffirmation of it’s conclusion, as presented  by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is in order today. 

You know, I see people in that situation… as you all do… all the time. Perhaps me more than you because I’m a clinical psychologist. You know. If the people I’m seeing haven’t broken the Universal (Moral) Law, then you can bloody well be sure that people around them have. It’s no joke. You make a mistake, and things will go seriously wrong for you. And so, it’s no wonder you’d be terrified at the revelation of the structure that governs our being. 

One of the things that’s so remarkable about the Old Testament, and this is another thing Nietzsche commented on… He was a real admirer of the Old Testament. Not so much of the New Testament. He thought it was a sin for Europe to have glued the New Testament onto the Old Testament. Because he thought the Old Testament was a really accurate representation of the phenomenology of being. It’s like: stay awake, speak properly, be honest or watch the hell out, because things will come your way that you just do not want to see at all. And it might not just be you, it might be everyone you know and everything about your culture that is demolished for generation after generation. It’s like stay awake and be careful.


What I see instead is: things happen. Someone twists the FABRIC OF REALITY. And they do it successfully, because it doesn’t snap back at them that moment. And then, two years later, something unravels. And they get walloped. And they say “Oh my God, that’s so unfair!’. And then we track it. It’s like: ‘what happened before that – this. And then what – this. And then what – this. And then what – Ohhhh… THIS. Well, that’s where it went wrong. It’s yea… Because you can’t twist the FABRIC OF REALITY, without having it snap back. It doesn’t’ work that way. And why would it. Because what are you going to do? Twist the FABRIC OF REALITY? I don’t think so. I think it’s bigger than you.

So what we are seeing folks is just the NATURAL PROCESS of the FABRIC OF REALITY snapping back and taking vengeance on those who willfully disregard the laws that govern His ORDER.

Bishop’s, are you watching?

You don’t have to have Supernatural Faith…

All you need is to reassert your survival instinct and revisit your psychology 101 text books from your seminary days!