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As a commentary on Michael Matt’s “Unite the Clans” video, I repost the below from The Propertarian Institute, authored by Dr. Curt Doolittle.

Interesting aspect is that independant and unrealted OCCURENCES of a “unite the  conservatives” themes are appearing in various sub-sets of the Visibilium Omnium. This humble blogger sees this as a very positive development…

Aside, the below post has been modified with changes made in the spelling of certain words to bring it into line with the Lex Armaticus.


Uniting Conservatives with Understanding of One Another

Let’s put this in scientific prose:

Conservatism is a genetic disposition evidenced in cognition, emotion, and action, of higher disgust response, higher preference for hierarchy (division of responsibility and labor), higher loyalty response.

The fact that churcy Christians use religion, moral Christians use moralizing, educated moral Christians use history, and educated moral, scientific Christians use science and law is just a function of whether one is more dependent upon intuition, social interaction, or abstract reason.

In other words, we are unified in our disgust response, we differ in our means of information processing, and because we differ in our means of information processing, we differ in our means of expression, advocacy ad argument.

And because we are resistant to adaptation without overwhelming evidence, hypersensitive to loyalty, and hypersensitive to hierarchy, we want everyone to adopt our means of information processing and means of expression, advocacy and argument.

But despite our differences in expression, what remains consistent across the faithful, the moral, the rational, and the scientific spectrum of conservatives is the natural law and the natural law’s intolerance for disgusting behavior whether intellectual, emotional, or physical, and whether in private, or the commons.

If you cannot accept our cognitive tribes of conservatives as all unified under the natural law regardless of means of expressing that natural law as divine law, as moral utility, as rational practicality, and as scientific necessity, then YOU ARE THE REASON THE RIGHT FAILS.

The faithful are the largest problem because they cannot tolerate their dogma as consisting only of wisdom literature (analogy and advice) rather than truth (description and decidability). Yet to win together we must deliver unto God what is God’s (faith we cannot testify to) and deliver unto Caesar what is his (truth we can testify to).

We cannot unite behind one paradigm of thinking, advocating, and arguing. We can only understand that we share the same instincts, wants, desires, goals for the same biological reasons regardless of their origin, and that we are right to save ourselves, our people, and humanity from disgusting thoughts, feelings and actions whether public or private.

Because disgusting thoughts, feelings, and actions are imitated and spread like any disease, and man is more vulnerable to diseases of the mind than he is to those of emotions and body.

We argue, and I argue, the faithful are the weakness in our civilization. It was evangelical women who brought about the chain of events that led to our current condition. It was “c”atholic voters that brought about the leftist politicians. It was Christians who gave passage to the ‘others’ who are the enemy. It is Christians who idolize the enemy and its history instead of themselves and their history.

So we must not argue excuses, because each conservative tribe argues with excuses within its paradigm. The only paradigm we need share is that we must eradicate what is disgusting from ourselves, our families, our polities, our nations, and the world.

And whether your god is Jehovah, Sky Father, Odin, Aristotle, the Constitution of natural law or the laws of the universe, none of them will tolerate disgust, and we will not survive without cleansing the world of it, and the universe of it afterward.

We all know evil and it is disgusting and we share our disgust of thought, feeling, word, and deed.

They are the disease. We are the cure.

If that is not a God’s purpose for us then I know no other.