Our friends at Ordo Militaris Catholicus HQ have asked this humble blogger to write a few words about what is happening in Poland, especially in light of yesterday’s Independance March.

What is of critical importance to understand, is that the situation in Poland is just the extension of the globalist’s information (hybid) WAR that is taking place against countries who will not submit to the New World Order.

Just as the color …”Black Revolution” happening in the US at present (think Muller Dossier and Biden/UkraineGate impeachment), there are dark forces in Poland that are in the process to setting the groundwork for just such an event.

If we borrow from Tom Luongo’s observation, (see here) what is happening in Poland is a blatant attempt to CREATE AN IDENTITARIAN DIVISION within a homogenous population. A population that still supports the tenets of not only the Catholic Church, but adhears to the principles of Natural Law.

Here is the Luongo observation:

Lukashenko survived the color revolution in Belarus because the attempt there was ham-fisted. It lacked the ingredients necessary to pull it off – identitarian division within the people and ‘corporate’ sponsorship.

Given the above, we need to observe this situation in Poland through the above, i.e. “Luongo filter”.

Back to the Polish situation.

The reason the present Polish government is “hated” by the Davos crowd are two fold: first their adherance to Catholic teachings and more imporatantly, their COMPETENCE.

Just as President Trump’s administration, the Morawiecki government in Poland is HYPER COMPETENT.

The proof can be seen in the manner in which they have managed the public debt and the social programs which they enacted in 2016.

The skinny can be stated as follows: the government eliminated the budget deficit in the scope of 4 years, while implementing programs (500+) putting a dent in the demographic decline while bringing a large part of the Polish population out of the systematic poverty that they found themsleves in after the fall of Soviet communism.

Don’t believe me?

Here you go:

Polska ma za wysoki wskaźnik długu publicznego

The above is a graph of the Polish annual budget deficits since 1995. What is of interest are the periods 2006 and 2007, the last time the current government was in power. They got “overthrown” after two years by their own coalition members – small parties which were needed to form a parliamentary majority. This time around, the current government has a much larger majority, so the color revolution has not been able to topple them.

But make no mistake, they are trying…

FYI, in terms of figures, the Polish state was running annual budget deficits of around 40b PLN to 60b PLN ($10b to $15b), which the current Polish government effectively reduced to ZERO in three fiscal years. At the same time, they increased spending on the social/demographic program 500+ of 20bPLN ($5b). That’s a swing of 60b PLN to 80b PLN (deficit reduction plus social/demographic program).

That folks is a whole lot of money not “slipping through the cracks”.

Summa summarum, the Polish government is hated because they are keeping their campaign promises. Furthermore, they are COMPETENT, which means that their management of Polish government finances does not allow for any ( in fact much, much less) “slippage” through the those “cracks”.

This is a bad situation for the globalist and German/Russian “soft power” assets for upcoming elections. If the economy is good, people are getting richer and the difference between the well off and poor is rapidly decreasing, why would anybody want to go back to the “globalist experts” who will mess things up. Again.

Aside, the Polish government’s social policy can be described as reducing the Price’s Law effect that Dr. Jordan B. Peterson explains here below, and they are doing it using Catholic social doctrine. (But that’s for a post in the future.)

So the only alternative for the above mentioned Globalist revolutionary forces is through the cultural Marxist approach by creating divisions within the Polish population.

And this is THE most accurate explanation of what we are seeing playing out in Poland at present.

Numquam Ponenda est Pluralitas Sine Necessitate

Finally, below is a republication and translation of a local Polish weekly post from May of 2015. In it we can identify the same actors within the Polish police department that were beating the loyal Polish patriots during their marches in the time period from 2008 to 2014. When the current government came into power in fall of 2015, these elements went underground and 5 Independence Marches in a row were “incident free”.

Yesterday, these dark forces resurfaced!

Further, at the top of the page is a video from Richard Baris from the People’s Pundit. He is a great source for objective information of how the 2020 US Presidential election is being highjacked by the same forces trying to overthrow governments in Poland and Hungary not to mention trying to stop Brexit and keeping Matteo Salvini from attaining power in Italy.

Last word: folks we really live in an interconnected world!


Below are a couple of tweets which show what happened yesterday…

… and here is a video of how things looked in 2011.

Notice the similarities…

UPDATE 2: 06:28 12 November 2020

And just like that, a confirmation of the above (w/r/t Independence March) from its Organizer, Mr. Robert Bąkiewicz:


The tape scandal. Sienkiewicz ordered the booth (in front of the Russian embassy) to be set on fire? “It’s absurd and nonsense”

– This is absurd and nonsense. In a moment I will find out that I am kidnapping children with the Black Volga – said Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz on Radio ZET, commenting on the text “Do Rzeczy”, in which there is a suggestion that he, being the minister of internal affairs, ordered the guard’s booth to be set on fire at the Russian embassy in 2013. .

Sienkiewicz argued that he did not know what it was about because “he has never sat on any grandstands with Paweł Wojtunik”. “ It’s a pity there’s no infographics for me going there with tinder and flint. I’d rather not comment on that. I will soon find out that I am kidnapping children with the Black Volga or triggering the Ukrainian-Russian war – said the former minister.

“This is absurd and nonsense,” Sienkiewicz said and said that “there is nothing to add to this matter”. – Apart from the truth, please ask the author of these words. I do not want to believe that the head of the service tells such androns – he added.

Sienkiewicz was asked about his relationship with Paweł Wojtunik, as he stated “he did not make any special distinctions” and maintained good contacts with all heads of (internal government) services. He added that, yes, there were misunderstandings, but “in such work” they just happen. – All the rest, unfortunately, is related to something called a state secret, in the end we touch a very sensitive area, which is the secret services – he said.

Wojtunik’s conversation with Bieńkowska

The weekly “Do Rzeczy” published a transcript of the conversation between the head of the CBA, Paweł Wojtunik, and Elżbieta Bieńkowska, the then minister of infrastructure and development, which took place in “Sowie i Przyjacioł” (restaurant) in 2014.

In the published interview, strong words are said about some politicians. Paweł Wojtunik calls Jan Bury as “son of a *****”, and about Janusz Piechociński as “moron”. There is also Wojtunik’s suggestion that the setting (on fire) of the booth in front of the Russian Embassy was ordered by former Interior Minister Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz. – See, but the guy taught them he calls and he orders them. And they went the same way, they burnt the booth in front of the embassy, ​​because the minister personally came up with such … you know from such … – says Wojtunik.

Bieńkowska and Wojtunik also talked about the situation in the mining industry. The truth is that the owner, the Ministry of Economy, generally didn’t give a shit about mining for seven years. There was money, and they, you know, drank, smoked heels, staked their people, you know how much they earned and suddenly they crap – said Bieńkowska

Set fire to the booth during the Independence March in 2013. The Independence March was, at the request of the police, terminated around 5 p.m. after some participants of the demonstration clashed with the policemen. During the Independence March, there was also an attack on the squat in Father Skorupka Street, firecrackers and flares were thrown over the building of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, and the guard’s booth was set on fire in front of the embassy. Unknown perpetrators set fire to a rainbow located in pl. Savior.

The wiretapping scandal

The weekly “Wprost” has published transcripts and recordings of conversations between the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the president of the Central Bank, the former Minister of Transport and Jan Vincent-Rostowski with Radosław Sikorski. The editorial office of “Wprost” also received news about the next tapes. The meeting of Deputy Prime Minister Elżbieta Bieńkowska with the head of the CBA Paweł Wojtunik, which took place at the beginning of June, was to be recorded. “Do Rzeczy” was delivered to the last one in mid-May 2015.

After a few months, it turned out that there were more recordings. Waiters Łukasz N. and Konrad L. told prosecutors that there was a recording of the conversation between Aleksander Kwasniewski and Leszek Miller and many others.

In addition, the investigation in this case revealed that wiretaps could also be installed in two other Warsaw restaurants: Ole and Lemongrass, where waiters from the wiretapping scandal had previously worked. Texts on the tape scandal can be found here, here or here.