… all that is missing from this conversation is a discussion of Vital Immanence from Pascendi Dominici Gregis!

So the long awaited frontal assault on the Apostilic letter given MOTU proprio Summorum Pontificum has come to pass.

Your humble blogger in turn will not discuss this matter at this time since there is nothing new that this humble blog has not said and covered in posts over the past FIVE years. For those who might be new to these pages, please refer to the post HERE.

And for proper CONTEXT, embedded here is a video which lays out the position of the SSPX on the wider matter of reconciliation with Modernist Rome. (HERE)

But back to business…

In the above podcast, Dr. Jordan Peterson and Dr. John Vervaeke engage in a very intense discussion. The subject matter of this discussion can be expressed as “the NATURAL case (evidence) for the existance of the Most Holy Trinity”.

Or maybe… “The complete debunking of the Modernism and specifically, the post-conciliar church”.

I will not go into a discussion of this video at this time. The reason is that I want you, dear and most loyal reader to watch and listen to it first.

Confirmation bias, … as you long time readers well know.

Therefore, have a great weekend and when you have a couple hours to spare, please watch, listen and comment.