Greetings dear and loyal readers and I hope you had a great and Merry Christmas!

Moving on to the business at hand, your humble blogger has embedded a video at the top of this post that recently appeared on the youtube channel of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

In fact, there have been three recent videos posted by Dr. Jordan Peterson on his channel, videos which shared one overriding theme.

And that theme is…

… wait for it…

… still waiting…

… good.

This is how your humble blogger would define this overriding theme:

How to go about fixing that institution erected by Modernist Rome, the institution in which the Indefectible Catholic Church currently subsists.


After carefully listening to the dialog contained in the videos, it is becoming quite clear that Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s opinion (position ?) is that the Catholic Church needs to be restored to its proper function, position and structure if Western Civilization is to survive.

This “Catholic restoration” needs to start at the individual level, i.e. through the proper ordering of the creation to his Creator. Nota bene: “How to get His creation back into the church pews” is a common question posed to the Catholics throughout these videos. Once this proper “re-ordering” is established at the individual level, Dr Peterson thinks that this should lead to the improvement first in interpersonal relationships at the micro level (i.e. family), extending to the macro level (i.e. community) through to the improvement of relations between the individual and the society at large.

And why would any individual be interested in pursuing this path forward?

Well, it would appear that through this re-establishment of proper order between the Creator and His creation, the individual will at minimum be able to pull himself out of any “self-created hell” which he might find himself at present.

Sound familiar dear and loyal reader?

Well it should.

It would appear that the final “omega” point of Dr. Peterson’s journey (excuse the Modernist allusions) is in fact a state of being espoused in the Papal Encyclical Quas Primas of Pope Pius XI.

Who would have thunk?

Your humble blogger will end here since there is a lot of watching.

I will embed the other two videos below.

Have a great New Year!