The Blog of a Wretched Sinner

This is the blog of a wretched sinner. This sinner’s mission in life is to work out his salvation “in fear and trembling” and to “pass on that which he has received”, the Faith of his fathers and grandfathers, to the next generation.

Unfortunately for this sinner, he was born into an age of great apostasy. In his lifetime, he has observed the total destruction of “the only means of salvation” that the human race has at its disposal.

But just as Our Lord bore his Cross to redeem “many”, so the suffering of His Bride has served to reinforce the faith of this sinner, and provided for him a battlefield environment in which he can “fight the good fight”.

Pray for this wretched sinner, so that his sacrifices will be pleasing to Almighty God.


9 thoughts on “The Blog of a Wretched Sinner”

  1. Thank you “Sam” 😉 as another faithful reader calls you, and Happy St Sylvester Day 2018. Your heroic effort here is appreciated. You help me keep the Faith. May you and yours be richly blessed in the coming year. Your goodness and joy really shine through—I start every day with your blog. Remarkable times we live in, eh? May 2019 be the year of the consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate heart.


  2. Chris Benischek said:

    S. Armaticus–Thugocracy has perhaps a better ring. I completely agree with your insight nonetheless, and I yield the TM to you for the greater good if you wish.

    Another example of the Bergoglian Thugocracy on a par with selling out the Chinese Church is the unrelenting assault on the Old Mass as recently shown by the suppression of Marianwald in the Rhineland.

    I haven’t yet heard any reason for that–perhaps you could make some hay therewith.

    In Corde Christi,

    Chris Benischek
    NY NY


  3. Halina Jecmenica said:

    Dear Armaticus,
    I have read the article by Raymond Arroyo. It is a sad picture, to see how slowly but surely Catholics have accepted that ‘rights of God’ can be put on the shelf, for the sake of false ‘equality, fraternity, unrestricted liberty as the true and legitimate rights of man. Our failure as Catholics to desire, and cooperate with the grace from God, to have a Catholic President, as was the saintly Garcia Moreno, the President of Ecuador, who governed his country based on Catholic Principles + LIBERTY FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING BUT ERROR AND SIN!, who later was assassinated by the Godless freemasons. It is almost astonishing, that none of the ‘trads’ Catholics have made at least once the mention of Marco Rubio’s sincere profession of his Catholic faith (a Catholic candidate, and please don’t tell me that he was such and such Catholic, if such, then we are all such Catholics, guilty of sin, in need of repentance), how about when in one of the first debates, Marco was told that he has a reputation of being a ‘savior’ of the Republicans……did any of you sleep on your ears?……did you hear what his response was?…….he said; ‘the only savior that I know of is Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross for our sins!
    Did any of you get that? I have heard many debates over the years, and not once did I ever hear a candidate who is running for the President, who would use the Name of Jesus Christ (yes, they use God, but only for their gain, hypocrites!), not one ever said that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our SINS! SIN is no longer used in the English vocabulary…… about, when Marco was interviewed by the hypocrite O’Riley, who was criticizing Marco for attacking Trump, and that many people were disappointed at him. Courageous Marco said……Yes, I understand and I don’t want my children to be ashamed of their father, but above all I do not want to offend Jesus……..looking at O’Reiley he repeated…….Yes, I said I do not want to offend Jesus. How about when he was interviewed again and asked what he will do if he does not win…….he said, ‘If it’s God’s Will, I will be the next President of United States, if not, I will go on with my life.’ At his last speech, closing his campaign, he said, between the lines…….’It was not God’s Will.’ Do I think that Marco was the best candidate, No, and I do not know one that is. But with God (faith) all things are possible, and that was to be to his advantage……but God Knows best! My point is, why none of the Catholics were impressed, and prayed. This only proves, that Catholics do not care…….Americanism above Catholicism. Let us remember, patriotism is a virtue, but Americanism is a heresy. Father Frederick Faber, said that ‘where there is no hatred of heresy there’s no holiness.’ If, I may add, ‘where there is no holiness, there’s no fear of God!’

    This country which was a gift from God, has not been conquered by the True Faith, only because we Catholics have failed to live our God Given Catholic Faith in fullness……. fearing the Protestant sects, rather, then God + (with the cooperation with grace, the Pagan Roman Empire was converted). Catholics, who never believed nor desired to convert this Protestant country to a Catholic country, as was designed by God from the very beginning of it’s establishment. If history proves anything it proves that Protestantism is a ‘revolt’ against the teachings of Our Lord and is therefore ‘not’ Christian……while America was certainly influenced by Roman Catholicism for the up-building of a just and orderly society, she came to be dominated by Protestant secularism, Masonic naturalism and sheer materialism for its accelerated dissolution. A great reference is “Spanish Roots of America” by Bishop David Arias.
    And so the drums beat even today……the silence of those who should speak from the rooftops (pulpit and public places) has paralyzed Catholic courage. Is there a wonder that, the worldliness and cowardice has poisoned Catholic hearts, especially the ‘consecrated’, the lukewarm, causing a terrible division (like never before), among us Catholics (the Hand of God has come upon us justly), the compromise of ‘truth’ for the love of the world got easily veiled, as a norm…….. (Miserere!), just as was such, with the once ‘chosen people’ of the Old Testament.

    Freedom is believed to be the highest good of man, an end in itself. Catholicism teaches the opposite, that FAITH (not just any will suffice, but the One True Catholic Faith) is greater than freedom, the ultimate end being our eternal salvation and reunion with God in Heaven.

    We reap what we sowed! The Hand of God has fallen ‘justly’ on us Catholics. The loss of legions of fallen souls, perishing for eternity – everyday, is known only to Him…….Miserere!

    May God Have Mercy on us Catholics, may the scales fall off, especially, on the ‘learned, and the consecrated’, lest legions will perish!!!

    ….a prayer by Henry Cardinal Manning….

    “The things which (Our Lord) commanded include His moral precepts as well as the doctrines of Faith;
    and they bind individuals and peoples, and nations, and kingdoms, and those who rule over them.
    To talk about the separation between religion and politics is to talk at random by those who know no
    better; it is to talk impiety, or it is to talk apostasy, in those who have understanding; for what are
    politics but the morals of society; the morals of men collected and living under public law? The same
    law which governs the individual governs households, and the law that governs households governs
    the State. The legislature is as much bound to observe the moral law of the Gospel as the individual,
    as any private man; and therefore politics, so far from being separate, are a part of morals. They are
    morals applied to the public society of men, to the public action of nations, to the legislation of governments,
    to the executive authority of princes, for which reason to attempt to separate between religion and politics,
    is to shut up the priests, as it is said, in the sacristy; it is a revolt of the world endeavoring to shake off
    the yoke of Jesus Christ. If He be the King of the world, which He has redeemed with His precious blood,
    He will judge the kings, the princes, and the legislatures, and the nations of the world for the laws which
    they have made……”

    Catholic America?…….nothing less than a ‘fides intrepida’ + ‘fearless faith’!

    Our Lady of Good Success, ora pro nobis!
    Viva Cristo Rey!



  4. I am so happy I found you, Your comment “The problem that post-conciliar Rome has with the SSPX is etc…was excellent.Thank you so much and God bless.


  5. Dear Armaticus,

    Niech będzie pochwalony Jezus Chrystus!

    Jesus, Son of God and Son of Mary, pray for All Soldiers of Christ!

    Z Bogiem,


  6. Excellent blog, S. Armaticus! God bless you in your efforts! Pax Christi.


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