The Secular Case For Tradition…


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Today a republication from a new (to this site) blog and a very good article about Tradition.

Going forward, once the forces of Catholicism (a.k.a. Traditionalists) conquer the post-Modernist Cultural Marxists, the way forward will be composed of a RECONCILIATION between REASON (that part of what we know from the things that are made) and FAITH  (that part of what we know from divine Revelation). These two UNIVERSALS, as this blogger has been pointing out, are just the two of the three ELEMENTS that comprise ONTOLOGICAL REALITY. The third UNIVERSAL is CONSCIENCE, or that which allows God’s creation to understand FAITH and REASON.

So that is the introduction and the post is republished below from The Bridgehead blog with emphasis added. (See original HERE)


Why Traditionalism Matters: An Interview with Wrath of Gnon

By Jonathon Van Maren

Anyone mildly interested in traditionalism—be it beautiful old architecture, the preservation of fading cultures, magnificent literature, or simply an instinctive aversion to the ugliness of modernity—has probably heard of the “Wrath of Gnon,” a mysterious Twitter user who seems to spend a lot of time unleashing beauty onto social media. He—I know he is a he because in an email exchange, he referred to a promise he made to “Mrs. Wrath” to remain anonymous—combines beautiful artwork with thought-provoking quotes, all designed to make the viewer consider his worldview: His Twitter bio simply reads “Traditionalist.”

The Wrath of Gnon—“Gnon” means “Nature’s God”—has attracted a lot of attention in traditionalist circles. In addition to his “memes”—the word seems too trivial and modern to be applied to the images he produces—he also tweets out pages from authors such as British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton (one of the only philosophers he enjoys reading) and architectural historians, as well as juxtapositions of modern buildings of glass and steel up against winding cobblestone pathways to little cottages, soaring castles, and ancient city centres. His more than 20,000 followers include the National Review’s Michael Dougherty and Ian Tuttle, the Catholic Herald’s Dan Hitchens (son of Peter Hitchens), the Wall Street Journal’s Micah Meadowcroft, evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller, the Daily Beast’s Rick Wilson, the BBC’s David Silito, and Jason Kenney, the head of Alberta’s United Conservative Party.

Wrath (as he signed off in his emails to me) was kind enough, last year, to agree to an interview via email with me. He noted that he does not speak English regularly in his daily life, but it was hard to tell from our exchange. He is an avowed monarchist, and a traditionalist who is so traditional many North American readers may find his ideas jarring—although, as he points out consistently, these ideas were boringly normal a generation or two ago. His eloquence reminds me of the writing of Anthony Esolen, who somehow has the ability to make even a Facebook post read like the observation of a literature-steeped sage. His insights were fascinating, and I’m grateful he took the time to answer my questions.

Traditionalism, while attracting more attention, is still promoted by a relative few. What was your intellectual journey like?

Since childhood I have had an interest in the folksy, the vernacular, the local, but my intellect was stymied by the usual nonsense they teach in high schools and grad schools all over the world. Not only had they managed to cut whole generations from their roots, turned us into vast semi-nomadic herds of idle consumers, but they bathed our minds with sweet-smelling false ideologies and dogmas, where obviously destructive ideas like…the blank slate theory, multiculturalism, and feminism, destroyed not only individual lives but threatened the whole of civilization. In school we treated Rembrandt with the same respect as Duchamp, and I rebelled against that because it was so obviously a ridiculous comparison. I painted in oil myself, and when I got home from art class and wrestled with the same materials as those of the old masters I knew that all of “modern art” was outrageously false. 

Likewise in architecture, the house I lived in had parts built in the 13th century, and those were the best parts of the house. I simply could not believe our lying teachers who claimed that our advanced culture and advance architecture was better for the sole reason that it was the most modern. As if last Thursday was better than last Tuesday just because it is more recent. The same thing happened in sports: our female fencing teachers forbade us to fence with sabers, because they were too painful, even though the epees we were given could be plenty painful as well! And at the stables, the few boys who signed up for horse-riding classes quickly grew tired of the female instructor’s constant fear of fun (as we saw it: galloping, racing, jumping, etc.)

As a student I read the usual, Aristotle, Plato, etc. but also the romantics: Schiller, Goethe, Tolstoy. We could not opt out of modernist “lit” and postmodern philosophy though, which put me off books for a long time. For years after graduating I only read technical manuals and it was not until recently that I discovered [men like] G.K. Chesterton. Philosophy was made so distasteful to me that I still struggle to read Sir Roger Scruton, and he is one of the finest philosophers of the anglophone world, with several (what ought to be canonical) defenses of conservatism and beauty.

The decay—if not collapse—of the West is the topic of many books over the past several years. This year, Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option and Anthony Esolen’s Out of the Ashes examined how to respond to the receding Sea of Faith and create wholesome communities once again. What do you believe the way forward is?

The topic is immortal. Our civilization, born as it is out of the decaying societies of the ancient Greece and the collapse of the Roman world, has always had these terrifying examples firmly within the periphery of vision. A major theme in medieval and renaissance art and literature, when death was nearer to us than in today’s sanitized world, was the memento mori, the De Tribus Regibus Mortuis, the Decamarone (which in itself is one of the great works of art on the Exit), etc. A counterpoint to the morbidity of civilization was the joyful rebirth, the spring. As the Renaissance showed, it was possible for man by the sheer strength of will to rejuvenate himself as well as his community. This optimism dominated until the Great War, when three empires were destroyed over a handful of years, and the remaining two were dismantled just a generation later. The great master of the genre is of course Spengler, whose predictions have been remarkably true, even to this day. There are even progressive versions of the theme (The Decay of the West), like the Club of Rome, although they are usually completely and cynically materialistic.

The idea of an exit (like Dreher’s Benedict Option illustrates—the title itself unfortunately being too powerful for the idea it wants to present) is nothing new. St. Jerome in the 4th century A.D. called for a retreat from the wicked and ultimately dying cities, and the chaos of the wars in the 6th century led to a surge of men who found their exit in the refuge of the monastic orders (the original Little Platoons, way before Burke), like St Benedict, followed by many charismatic holy men and women from then on. The monasteries, calling as they did the most devoted, were also a blessing for the embattled lay communities of Europe. They served as safe havens, complete with walls and provisions, and they provided unquestioning charity for all Christians, beacons of light and bastions of learning.

These early monastics are not bad role models: they contain all the seeds of civilization: Order, Hierarchy, Faith. They offer Charity, Love, Safety, Learning, Beauty, Culture, and they do so being self-sustainable, a concept presently in vogue that is seldom understood: to be self-sustainable is not about growing your own potatoes and generating your own electricity, it is to provide a shared framework for belief and beauty: “Make your communities and towns lovely and lovable, for without love, who will they inspire to fight for them?” Unless you have that shared goal, not all the solar panels in the world will save you. 

I believe that we are heading for a collapse, and I also believe that the survivors of this collapse will be the most homogenous communities, the strictest, the most pious. The first casualty of the collapse will be individualism. There is safety in numbers, and history provides us with many examples of survivors, groups and societies that wintered the collapse. Salvation is communal: “Remember the old saying, ‘The only thing we can do alone is go to hell.’” If we only have the sense to lay down deep roots, to seek safety in each other, then we have a fighting chance, and in this, faith is key.

How do you implement traditionalism in your own life?

Traditionalism as an intellectual or practical activity is surprisingly easy: I encourage my family to take part in traditional activities, like crafts, arts, religion and ceremonies, festivals and music. But equally important is to know what to give up!—this is where most people falter or fail: it is hard to deny yourself something everyone around you takes for granted.

Over the years I have come to realize that almost everything my grandparents told me was correct, and almost everything my teachers told me were lies.

What would your advice be for those who want to live in more traditionalist ways, but find themselves caught in our hectic, post-modern culture?

This ties in with the previous question, but the two most important things you can do is to settle down, and to have children. Turn off the media, reduce the noise, turn of the lights. Sleep early, get up early, eat what is in season, work with your hands, your mind, your body. 

One of my favorite stories of this kind is the local apiarist (beekeeper) in my neighborhood. He told me that the first seven years of him keeping bees he never had more than a couple of jars for himself. Even though he had gotten into it with the idea of selling honey, he found that he neighbors were so hostile to the idea of having bees around that he had to walk around the neighborhood after every harvest and hand out jars of honey. Hundreds of kilos every year was given away. Over time the neighbors figured out that the bees were not dangerous and that this man was not abusing their neighborhood but actually making it a better place. More people started keeping flowers in their gardens and eventually the man could start selling his produce rather than giving it away.

This story illustrates a point that everyone from your grandmother to Tahitian islanders, to the hardcore Neo-reactionary thinkers can agree on: be worthy. To be part of something you must first be of use to it. A community is only as strong as the effort put into it by its members. You must have something to offer. This is as true in urban beekeeping as in modern courtship.

Learn a skill, master a craft, teach something: learn, create, pass on.

Many of your followers engage with you on social media. What is attracting people to traditionalism and your work?

I have this idea—like so many of my ideas, it used to be common sense—that beauty is essentially truth, and truth is essentially beautiful. Human history is varied enough that there are real life—once existing or still existing—examples of the ideal form of every human virtue. What I do is present them in an easily sharable form. I am suspicious of tracts and I detest manifestos and ideologies, I would rather show than tell: why does monogamy work? Why is personal charity superior to societal welfare? Why are picturesque crooked streets preferable to modern city streets? I try to focus on the beautiful and avoid pointing out errors and mistakes (but it is hard to stop oneself sometimes). Modern individualism has fostered a type of person who hates nothing more than being proved wrong or spoken down to. I believe that if I just gently remind people of the beauty that has been taken from their lives, that they will come to similar conclusions as me, on their own.

Which mainstream ideas pose the greatest threat to traditionalism?

Global capitalism, of course. Individual materialism, obviously. But more and more a sort of Laissez-Faire Nihilism, the one exemplified by clever young people “Who wants to have children in a world going to hell?”, and interestingly, even though they call themselves Progressives and outwardly profess undying faith in humanity (despite all the problems they cause and the distresses they must be able to see in their own communities), the main culprit of this are the Globalists themselves. There are no more rabid doom-mongers than the “save the rain forest” crowd. I forgot who said it, but “forget the war on terrorism, the most important war of our time is the war between the sexes, a war that we are all losing.” In a way I agree, in the way that the hidden enemy is always the one able to inflict the most damage: Feminism is the greatest danger to our civilization. By twisting facts, by a concentrated propaganda effort, the image has been planted into the minds of women that history was sexist, that the church was anti-women and that women can be…better than men. In reality it is the couple, the man and the woman together, who make up the basic bond of humanity. The day we finally give up on this idea of love, is the day our civilization is doomed forever. “Love is reactionary”, and “Progressivism is centrifugal” (as I often say).

You’ve said you hate politics. I hate politics, as well. But how do traditionalists engage with politics when it is the growth of government that intrudes into every part of life and seeks to eliminate our ability to live traditionally?

Nothing good will come from engaging with politics. There is no way you can play their game and not suffer for it. What traditionalists should do however is to refuse to play the Left’s game (and all of politics is leftist by definition) of political correctness. The Left is constantly trying to get us to denounce, or to deny, little by little to chip away at our pride and moral stand by forcing us to make (consciously or unconsciously) “unqualified reservations”, in feeble attempts to stave off criticism. This has to stop. Traditionalists can also point out to politicians when they are doing the right thing however, and by being generally upright in our chosen communities. In this way Traditionalists make good Doctors, Teachers, NCOs, Priests, in all places where there is authority without politics.

However, the Progressives are actively working to eliminate all pockets of resistance to the political world order, even the professions I noted above are no longer safe havens of order. In that case, as the family is the smallest unit of society, it is to the family that we should retreat, and from that strong point reach out to other families, friends and allies, to forge real friendships and networks, to foster love and beauty, these are today the most radically revolutionary activities you can possibly engage in.

If people want to explore traditionalism, where should they start?

As an intellectual discipline, there has never been a better time for traditionalism than now. Almost all the material we need is available online for free. Traditionalism is one of those rare -isms without any established canon or hierarchy of thinkers. The main point is to read old books. Not only are they usually free, they are also less infected by the modern mind virus that forces you to have to read everything critically, questioning. With old books you should read them with an open mind, trust that author, and to submit, at least while reading, to the notion that the author was correct. My memes could serve as useful starting points in terms of authors and ideas, but in the end it is up to everyone to heath their own path and to not be afraid to be picky readers. No one has time to read all of everything. But traditionalism, like all things, is best experienced in real life and with good friends.


Archbishop Sample Goes There…


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“What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful.”

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI – Letter to the Bishops accompanying the Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

And here’s the full Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

And this from way back on the 22nd of February of this year:

And this today:

Francis appears in both the Wall Street Journal and on Carlos Slim’s blog, the Failing NYTimes.

First the WSJ and Francis X.Rocca:

And then there is this:

Carlos Slim’s blog, otherwise known as the Failing NY Times makes the claim that Francis is getting the upper hand on his conservative adversaries.

I smell weaponized despondency at work…

So here is another take on the contents from Henry Sire:

Oh my!

So when taken in total, it translates into: #fakenews media trying to pull Francis’ chestnuts out of the fire.

And finally, another video from Scott Adams. I have been posting his videos lately since I think he has a good handle on what is happening in the secular cultural sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium. He was also one of the individuals who early on predicted that the Very Stable Genius Donald J. Trump would win the 2016 Presidential Election.

As you dear readers know, there is a “cultural war” that is raging. It does not come as a surprise since the enemy are the Cultural Marxists. And speaking of which we get this report from the Call Me Jorge blog with the latest… (see here)

So today, Scott picks up on a rather unique occurrence. He notices that one of the #nevertrumpers who tried to create a “scandal”, when called out, changed his tune. This could be significant since it would appear that there is a “limit to the lying”, which could suggest that there is a limit to the #fakenews in general. And it would appear that this occurrence could be a SIGNAL that this limit is being reached within the hardcore Leftist circles.

So all in all, things are looking up…

And just as an after dinner mint, this here

So How Long Until Kanye West Becomes Catholic…


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Take a day off, and look what happens…

Peace breaks out in Korea.

But the wider cultural war rages on…

…yet the good guys appear to be on the offensive.

So today a RECONCILIATION post is in order to explain the lay of the land.

We begin with CONTEXT. As my dear and loyal readers know, this blog tries to present the OBJECTIVE REALITY behind the unfolding current events. The study of the nature of OBJECTIVE REALITY is what is known as ONTOLOGY. ONTOLOGY in turn has three components:

Natural (known through scientific method),

Supernatural (known through divine Revelation) and

Conscience (Soul) (God like characteristic possessed by humans that allows this part of His creation exclusively to understand the Natural and the Supernatural. This knowledge is gained using empirical data and reason (logic) through the biological sciences, social sciences and humanities.)

And to tie the three elements together into one whole, your humble blogger has defined the LEX ARMATICUS which states that the Visibilium Omnium (Visible) and the et Invisibilium (Invisible) must RECONCILE if they are to exist in the OBJECTIVE REALITY. (Otherwise, it’s the trash-heap of history)

So today we begin with an apparent contradiction from the CULTURAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium. As my readers most likely know, there has been a cultural war raging on the Very Stable Genius @POTUS Trump, Kanye West, Leftist Cultural Establishment axis. The opening salvo was fired by a tweet from Kanye West in which he complemented a young black conservative lady, one Candance Owens, which drew a responce from our VSG @POTUS. This story your humble blogger presented in a recent post titled Pasternak Moment Behind Us, Waiting Now For The Solzhenitsyn Moment…

Well, it now appears that the Pasternak Moment has “gotten legs”, as the old golfing expression goes. On Mr. West’s Twitter timeline, a tweet appeared from one John Legend. Here is that exchange:

From a quick reading of the above, Mr. West didn’t appreciate the leftist intimidation tactic that Mr. Legend deployed in his tweets and told him so. Not only did Mr. West post this exchange for the public to see, he also doubled down:

So from the above, it would appear that Mr. West has come down on the side of TRUTH!

And what would constitute TRUTH to Mr West? Well, he gives us an example here:

So what we see is TRUTH supported by EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE. In other words, what which we would classify as ONTOLOGICAL TRUTH.

And Mr West’s striving for OBJECTIVE TRUTH is bearing fruit

But that’s not all. Not only is Mr. West promoting ONTOLOGICAL TRUTH, he is also finding support in another individual that this humble blogger has been presenting to you dear readers over the last 18 months, namely one Dr. Jordan Peterson. Here is that EVIDENCE:

So what we see in the above confirmation is that clinical psychology and contemporary culture have entered into a RECONCILIATION PROCESS.

Hold that thought…

Over in the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, there is also a RECONCILIATION PROCESS underway. This PROCESS arose from the situation surrounding the attempted execution of a 23 month old boy by the Leftist Establishment in the United Kingdom. The background information appeared in our post titled They Wouldn’t Treat Animals Like This…

One of the secondary issues that has arisen in this wider human tragedy, that is playing itself out before the cameras of the world, is the “internal contradiction” that is at the base of the post-conciliar church.

On the one hand, we have the JPII/BXVI wing of the post-conciliar church which is trying to promote the hermeneutic of continuity with the Catholic Moral Teaching. On the other side we have the FrancisChurch, which has dredged up that worn out homosexualist Bernardin “seamless garment” metaphor (hermeneutic of rupture) of the radical dissident wing of the post-conciliar church and is running with it.

The EVIDENCE of this dissonance can be seen in this tweet here:

So what is the case, is that the FrancisChurch has been caught trying to find a way to justify the actions of the doctors (who are trying to execute little Alfie), the courts (who have given a death verdict on little Alfie) and the British Establishment who wants to maintain the status quo, i.e. the Culture of Death.

Here is one such example:

So from the EVIDENCE in the public domain, a contradictory position crept into FrancisChurch and can be visibly OBSERVED between Francis and his FrancisChurch apologists.

For those who follow this blog, you know that there is no “substantive” problem within FrancisChurch.  The Law of Non-Contradiction is a non-issue since post-Modernists don’t recognize that WORDS have an OBJECTIVE MEANING AND A COMMON USAGE. It’s the “Logos” thing (see here).

But the problem for them is that most people do not think like post-Modernists, so this CONTRADICTION that exists in OBJECTIVE REALITY is there for all to see and it can’t be RECONCILED.

And people are commenting:

Well, Ockham’s razor suggests that which is represented by the comment of your’s truly.

As to the SIGNALLING EFFECT, what we see is that Francis, after many hours of dithering, has been forced to adopt the JPII post-conciliar position, which means that he has thrown his henchmen and the rest of FrancisChurch under the proverbial bus:

 And then there was this here:

And the hits just keep coming:

And the Main Stream Media are also disgusted:

And then there is the NWO and the Leftists who are backing away from the visible “Culture of Death” positions:

Which leaves the FrancisChurch and it’s henchmen only to complain that they… weren’t give a chance to respond… as if there is anything they could say to mitigate the “seamless garment” tear that has transpired:

But if that’s not bad enough, it gets worse for Francis…

Re-enter Dr. Jordan Peterson…

Now, even though Dr. Peterson still hasn’t taken a position or commented (as of the time of writing) on the situation of Little Alfie, he has been brought into the wider post-conciliar/FrancisChurch civil war through an act of… wait for it… RECONCILIATION.

In a post that appeared on the Rorate Caeli timeline, we get this:


So what does this above post mean?

What it means is that the Catholic establishment is beginning to realize the COMPATIBILITY … dare I say RECONCILABILITY of the work of Dr. Peterson and the Universal Magisterium.

In other words, they are realizing that the work of Dr. Peterson is just the Natural Law side to the Super Natural Law side that is defined in the UNIVERSAL MAGISTERIUM and exists in ONTOLOGICAL REALITY.

The downstream effects of this new VISIBLE REALITY is that the work done by Dr. Peterson can be used to combat the UTOPIANIST “fantasy world” of FrancisChurch, and the wider post-conciliar chuch on which the FrancisChurch “subsists”. This Petersonian “fraternal correction” can then be tied into past Papal Magisterial teachings, teachings which are firmly grounded in OBJECTIVE REALITY.

Furthermore, the Catholic Church has a new weapon it can use in order to make its case to those people who have left the Catholic Church because of the disastrous Second Vatican Council or were never part of the Church, but are looking for the “spiritual” component to the “rationale” provided by Dr. Peterson.

The NEW PROSELYTIZATION effort can now say that that which Dr. Peterson teaches is very compatible to criticism of the ERROR of post-Modernism which Pope Pius IX defined in his SYLLABUS OF ERRORS in … wait for it… 1864!

How’s that for instead street cred with the Christian Atheist Community?

Bet you didn’t know one existed?

Ending this post, I am left with one lingering thought: how long until Kanye West becomes Catholic?

And on that note, have a nice weekend!

PS They just can’t help themselves. They are possessed by post-Modernism and the Lutheran exorcists ain’t helping…

They Wouldn’t Treat Animals Like This…


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Something quite UNREAL is playing itself out in Liverpool England. A homosexualist judge has handed down what is in effect a death sentence on a 23 month old boy. This judge has ordered that food and water not be provided to little Alfie, in effect attempting to starve him to death.

At times like this, one has to ask: what kind of sick person would do something like this. And the follow up question is: WHY?

The answer to those two questions can lie in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and his theory of RESSENTIMENT. This is what happens when society adopts the TRANSRATIONAL IDEOLOGY base on the FALSE PREMISE that God is no longer relevant in our everyday lives.

So the moral of this story is that because of people like Francis and his henchmen like the Sant’Egidio Archbishop Paglia who are actively undermining, dare I say subverting our Civilization’s underpinning in NATURAL LAW and NATURAL MORAL LAW, humanity has no buffer against people like this Judge Anthony Hayden.

The only buffer against people like this “judge”, or the “doctor” in the below Tweet, is what Dr. Jordan Peterson calls the greatest development of Western Civilization: the recognition of the PRINCIPLE of the Sanctity of Human Life. (Also see here and here)

And here is a screen grab that captures this MORAL RELATIVIST position quite accurately:

Here is Professor Stephen Hicks to explain RESSENTIMENT:

Alfie Evans’ Dad in new video: ‘They’re starving him, they wouldn’t do this to an animal’

LIVERPOOL, April 24, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In a dramatic statement to media outside the Alder Hey hospital minutes ago, Alfie’s father Tom Evans showed resolve amidst grief and righteous anger at the hospital’s decision to refuse to allow the parents to take baby Alfie to Italy where he has been offered hospital care. An emergency appeal of the recent ruling forbidding the couple to take their son to Italy has been granted.

Exhausted and haggard, Evans said that Alfie’s 22 hours of breathing on his own after the ventilator was removed has surprised but also frustrated doctors who he says want the child dead. Evans reveals that he had to fight for six hours to get the hospital to allow Alfie hydration but they have refused to allow the child nutrition.

“They don’t want to see him come out of it, they want him to die, they want him to deteriorate in the next couple of hours so then they can say ‘oh look we told you’, but in fact in reality I stood in the court case and they told me he wouldn’t last longer than five minutes, he’s lasted 22 hours,” Evans said.

Describing his disgust with the attempt to starve his son he said: “It’s disgusting how they treating us, they’re starving him, they wouldn’t do this to an animal.”

Nevertheless, Evans said he would fight with the child’s mother for their son’s life despite feeling like he is in a “jail”. “It’s disgusting but Alfie’s fighting so I’m going to remain at his bedside with his Mum all night and I’m going to fight,” Evans said.

To all those who have sent negative comments to the young parents Tom Evans says, “You haven’t knocked me down, I’m going to keep climbing the mountain.”

Evans said the claim of the hospital that it would take days to move Alfie is totally false noting that both a German and an Italian medical evacuation team were ready to transfer the child to the Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome.

Pasternak Moment Behind Us, Waiting Now For The Solzhenitsyn Moment…


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Today a republication of a Zero Hedge post, (see here) but dovetailing into yesterday’s post. As from the linked to post, we can see the cultural war in full swing.

What is important to understand is that Cultural Marxism, which has the US and Western European population in it’s grip, is beginning to lose that grip. As best as this humble blogger can tell, the phase that we have entered into in this cycle of Marxist domination, is analogous to the phase the Soviet Union entered into after the death of Stalin.

As my dear and loyal readers know, Khrushchev who succeeded Stalin, began to admit the horrors that took place under Stalin and began to loosen the Soviet propaganda’s Communist hard line #fakenarratives.

As with any analogy, even the good ones tend to break down at a certain point. Given this fact, today’s “propaganda ministry” is controlled by a group of “high tech oligarchs” who own the social media platforms. These oligarchs are trying to ban conservative speech from from these purportedly “public” platforms.

Yet, these platforms relay on the “sex appeal” that is generated by the celebrities, which is one of the Achilles heels of this media sector. These celebrities every now and then tend to go off the rails, much like the Russian writers did under Stalin and Khrushchev. Think Boris Pasternak – 1958 Nobel Prize in Literature for Dr. Zhivago. These celebrities, who need to have a wider appeal (to generate more income) will see their celebrity friends, such as Kanye West doing quite well and follow the trend.

This trend will simmer and expand until it breaks out in what can be called an Alexander Solzhenitsyn moment. As you will recall, when Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago appeared in the West, the Soviet Union’s dark past was relieved for all to see. The biggest impact of this “great awakening”, or what we today call becoming “WOKE”, caused the Marxist “academics” to transform themselves from “economic Marxists” and hardliner Stalinists into the post-Modernists. Please see the video above.

Concluding, as best as I can tell, we are passing the Boris Pasternak moment. The AWOKE movement has germinated and is growing, yet it is being blocked from going  “prime time”.

The reason being, the #fakenews media is still too strong for the OBJECTIVE REALITY to break through. They will not “PLATFORM” it. This situation can be easily seen in the parallel universe that is the “muh Russia” investigations. (see latest here)

On the side of BIG MEDIA, the social media companies are trying to “DE-PLATFORM” OBJECTIVE REALITY. However, since their income is derived from this economic model, and they have lost governmental control (monopoly) due to the election of the Very Stable Genius President Donald Trump, they will need… bah they will be forced to relent eventually. That is if they don’t want competition to arise. So it’s a race against time for these oligarchs.

Therefore, what this humble blogger is waiting for, is the Solzhenitsyn Moment. This moment will come when we begin seeing the major University Campuses casting off their post-Modernist radicalism (stop their war on COMPETENCE, as per Chomsky video) and returning to a classical liberal educational model. Some signs of this has been observed already, as we have chronicled on this blog, in posts that this blog has  linked to HERE and HERE.

So all in all, progress is being made, but we still have a long way to go.

Yet it’s better today than it was yesterday, and it will be better tomorrow than it is today.

And we will be watching…


 Kanye West On Red-Pill Rampage, Now Tweeting Scott Adams As Left Flips Out

Less than a week after Kanye West’s nearly year-long break from Twitter, the controversial hip-hop star who endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 election tweeted his support on Saturday for black pro-Trump conservative, Candice Owens. 

Followed by “only free thinkers”

Owens, a conservative activist and communications director for right-leaning nonprofit Turning Point USA, has accused Black Lives Matter of embracing victimhood – telling a group of BLM protesters at a Friday UCLA speech she gave: “It’s embarrassing. You’re not living through anything right now. You’re overly privileged Americans.

24 hours later, Kanye tweeted his support of Owens – after which the left immediately moved to smear both of them.

Twitter, for example, immediately branded Owens a “far-right media personality” – to which she replied “Far right? Allow me to clarify: I believe the black community can do it without hand-outs. I believe the Democrats have strapped us to our past to prevent us from our futures. And I won’t stop fighting until all black Americans see that.” 

Adding: “I’m not far right—I’m free.”

In response, the left roasted West and Owens – and outlets like the Washington Post were right there to make sure everyone knows who we’re shunning this week. 

West’s politics have become increasingly right-leaning, attracting criticism from the left. And his embrace of Owens, who has aligned herself with Alex Jones and conservatism’s other fringe thinkers, does not appear to have been well received by politically engaged blacks –WaPo

So with Kanye’s base in revolt, what does he do? The madman starts tweeting out clips of conservative pundit and Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who broke down West’s recent endorsement of Owens

The story is that these two people that shouldn’t be in the same conversation – in seven words, Kanye just changed that. And he just freed a lot of people from a mental prison. Kanye, in seven words, unlocked a mental prison – and is bringing you to… the golden age. –Scott Adams

And it wasn’t just one Scott Adams clip – Kanye tweeted nine of them – which followed a steady drip of Kanye quotables over the weekend:

Speaking with Fox & Friends on Sunday, Owens responded to Kanye’s endorsement, saying “Kanye West does not really want to fold to controversy. If you look at things historically, Kanye West has really represented the battering ram against political correctness.”

“Long before Donald Trump came down the escalator, Kanye West was public enemy No. 1 for simply trying to tell the truth to people about things that were going on so I’m unsurprised that he supports me and my ideas and me just thinking freely,” Owens told the panel. 

Trump’s supporters are welcoming Kanye’s comments with open arms:

On Ripping Holes In Reality And Breaking Down Mental Prisons…


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Big day today folks!

The biggest news is that today, the Dictator Pope hits the book stores. As you know dear and loyal readers, this book is causing quite a stir behind those Sacred Vatican Walls.

Here is the promotional video (must watch – see NCRegister post here):

What gives the book Dictator Pope an added punch… actually it could be the knockout blow, it is that two books preceded it, books with the similar pedigree. Just as a review, the two books are Phil Lawler’s Lost Shepherd: How Pope Francis is Misleading His Flock and Ross Douthat’s To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism.

Notice the PATTERN dear reader?

Just a friendly reminder: independent, unrelated OCCURRENCES form PATTERNS, which then create HYPOTHESIS, and after testing, turn into GENERAL PRINCIPLES. But I digress…

This above situation feeds very nicely into a wider PATTERN (I refuse to use the term “narrative”, even if one is grounded in REALITY) that this humble blogger has described as Normalization Process™ – Something Is Happening…, in a post under the same title.

So jumping across into the secular side of the Visibilium Omnium, we get this great video from Scott Adams which is embedded at the top of the page. In this video, Scott confirms that he too sees “something is happening” as do other individuals who inhabit … let’s call this the “persuasion” and “personal development” space. Just to cross reference this with the syntax of the FrancisChurch, these would be the FrancisGnostics and FrancisPelagians.

Without going into details, including those definitions that Francis hates, since he issues documents with the “What follows is not meant to be a treatise on holiness, containing definitions and distinctions helpful for understanding this important subject, or a discussion of the various means of sanctification.” disclaimer, Scott Adams provides a very general overview of his explanation for why he thinks “somethings is happening”.

The reason behind the “something is happening” PATTERN, according to Scott Adams is due to: people breaking out of their mental prisons. He makes the claim that those things that used to hold us back, that limited what we thought we could do, what the danger was and what the opportunity was, that much of these were psychological. And that once we get to a new, as in more accurate understanding of how REALITY works and what people really think, we will have entered into a “GOLDEN AGE”.

What is also very important is that Scott rejects that which we can call the Enlightenment pseudo-science and the Modernists hyper-sensitivity binary opposites, and comes down on the side of… wait for it… a concept close to what this humble blogger defined as the organic growth model.

After reading this post, please go back and re-watch this video. It is quite the eye-opener and very much correlated with what has been written on this humble blog.

Now that we have become familiar with the concept of a “prison of the mind”, and moving on into the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, and a post that appeared under the title of Ed Pentin: “Time Needed To Fix FrancisProblem From One Month To One Generation…”, let us examine the contents and see if we can identify one of those “prisons”?

At the end of that post, we can read the following passage:

In a question that Patrick posed at the 35:25 minute mark, this was the exchange:

Ed Pentin: Well, I also think it’s (clash of Civilizations) here in the Vatican. They don’t also want to talk about the clash of the Civilizations because they don’t want this to happen. There’s a feeling that if you talk about this, it might happen. (The exact definition of Magic Thinking)


And also I think it’s because the answer has to be Christ. And going back to Christ and going back to the TRUE FAITH and the Catholic Church. And I think perhaps there’s a wish to avoid that, to avoid realizing that. And I think that’s the only answer.


One manner in which this passage can be INTERPRETED is that it pertains to a “prison of the mind” in which the post-conciliar church has cornered itself. This prison can be termed as the “prison of the spirit of the new springtime of VII”.

This specific passage pertains to the latest Mohammedan invasion of Europe and the Francis’ disastrous policy of promoting this form of human trafficking, to the detriment of Europe, Western Civilization and the Holy Roman Catholic Church itself.

The responsible, sober, realistic, sane clerics behind those Sacred Vatican Walls recognize this FrancisDisaster that is presently playing itself out for what it really is, and are now looking for a reasonable solution.

Or as Jean Piaget would say, the solution that will not kill them.

And according to Ed Pentin, that solution can only be ONE. This OPTIMAL solution is, and I quote: “the answer is Christ”.

Nota bene: There is so much to unpack in those four words when taking the wider CONTEXT into play. Those four words , a la Scott Adams can unlock a ‘MENTAL PRISON and can bring about a GOLDEN AGE’!

But there is a “problem” (for the post-conciliarists) with choosing this solution, and that is that this solution has downstream consequences. Here is the logical progression that follows “choosing Christ”:

Christ -> TRUE FAITH -> Indefectible Catholic Church 

Yet the delusional (assuming no HIDDEN AGENDAS are at play), dare I say “less than sane” clerics behind the Sacred Vatican Walls are trying to “avoid” this solution at all costs. In other words, they still haven’t been able to break out of their “prison of the mind”.

And that prison can best be described as: they are POSSESSED by the “spirit of Vatican II”.

Yet the world is moving away from this TRANSRATIONAL “magical thinking” as per Scott Adams video. Which implies that it is only a matter of time until those decision makers in positions of authority will need to conform to the new, more RATIONAL reality.

And they most likely will need to conform at the next conclave.

Which is why the Dictator Pope, with it’s overt call for the College of Cardinals to “fix the Francis Problem” no later than by the next conclave is such a game changer.

One can say that Henry Sire’s Dictator Pope RIPS A HOLE IN the VIRTUAL REALITY that is the post-conciliar church and tries to release those trapped inside from their MENTAL PRISON.

PS And then there is this “Reconciliation themed” post which deserves a separate post but it’s so good, a preview is in order HERE.

Ed Pentin: “Time Needed To Fix FrancisProblem From One Month To One Generation…”


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Today’s post will be a consolidation effort to tie in many of the themes that your humble blogger has been writing about over the last few months. This effort is being undertaken to provide a bird’s eye view of the contemporary STRUCTURE of belief systems that exists in OBJECTIVE REALITY. It should also provide a map of the battle sites and a why the battles are being fought… and where they are being fought.

Your humble blogger is doing this to provide CONTEXT to the video above.

Nota bene: I have embedded a video from the 4th of July 2017 for your viewing pleasure. The individuals can be considered as conservative Catholics. Please listen closely and pay attention to the broadcast, so that you can get a good idea as to where they stand with respect to the crisis in the post-conciliar church. I will return to this video at the end of the post.

And this:

Oh my! It don’t get any better than this! But I digress…

Before we get to the video, a short consolidation is in order…

If one was to ask this humble blogger how he sees the lay of the land in terms of BELIEF SYSTEMS, the picture in the minds eye would look like this above. Going through the individual elements, here is how they can be characterized:

I. Indefectible Church– This is the pillar of the post-conciliar church. The Indefectible Church has been kept inside the post-conciliar church in order provide the post-conciliar church with legitimacy. A good example of this can be seen in the situation with the Bologna School. This organization makes the claim that post-conciliar church is a break with the past Roman Catholic Church. Yet even Francis is unwilling to officially make this the claim of the post-conciliar church, since that would create a legitimacy problem.

Currently the visible element of the Indefectible Church is the Ecclesia Dei Commission, yet the Indefectible Church can also be seen in places like those Traditional orders that Francis is suppressing, or the Diocese of Lincoln, the Diocese of Madison and more recently the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

The Indefectible Church’s philosophical framework is Thomism. The Indefectible Church is founded on the Divine Law, as known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made” (NATURAL LAW) and through “divine revelation.” (NATURAL MORAL LAW). The NATURAL LAW is understood through the scientific method, while the NATURAL MORAL LAW is understood through the interpretation using TRADITION. This knowledge we have about these two elements of ONTOLOGICAL REALITY is what is known collectively as the Deposit of Faith which in turn is contained in the Universal Magisterium.

II. The post-conciliar church is the religious sect (IDEOLOGY44:00 minute mark wherein Dr. Peterson informs about the futility of creating a new religion and defines the secular definition for what constitutes a religion) that grew out of the Indefectible Church. The main characteristic that would place any element within this category is that these people/organizations have partial acceptance (fragmented religion, using same symbolic under-structure but only tell part of the story)  of the Catholic Deposit of Faith (by definition an IDEOLOGY), while being inside the formal organizational structures.

The post-conciliar church’s philosophical framework is Phenomenological. Phenomenology is the study of the structures of experience and consciousness. Therefore, this “philosophy” is based on the third pillar of the ONTOLOGICAL REALITY, the existence of human conscience. But while ONTOLOGICAL REALITY uses the conscience to understand the external OBJECTIVE REALITY (Natural Law and Natural Moral Law), the phenomenologists use conscience to examine and understand: “experiences and conscience itself”.  Therefore this school is exactly analogous and represents that which in the Church is known as the Modernist heresy (Vital Immanence), as defined in the Papal Encyclical Pascendi Domini Gregis.

III. The third group of entities in the diagram above are the different post WWII “movements” such as the Focolore, the German gov. funded Sant’Egidio and those whacky Neocatechumens, etc. These post-conciliar sects conform to the Catholic Magisterium to a varying degree, which allows them to be considered “post-conciliar catholic”, yet they have created separate organizational structure (parishes, seminaries, schools, governance, belief systems, etc.)

What is also TRUE about these sects is that they have not separated formally from the post-conciliar church. The reason for this organizational structure is that these sects need the post-conciliar church to supply them with their adherents (members) and funding to a varying degree.

IV. And finally, the protestant sects. These sects do not differ from those in Category III (post-conciliar sects) in terms of where they fall on the BELIEF SYSTEMS continuum, but they have formally separated for the Catholic Church.

Now that we have an understanding of the lay of the land, we can move over to a post containing an interview with one of Francis’ ghost writers, one Archbishop “Tucho” Fernandez. Here is what he has to say about the above BELIEF SYSTEMS STRUCTURE and how Francis sees the “evolution” of this structure going forward:

Would it be possible to have a pope without Vatican or away from the Vatican?

“The Roman Curia is not an essential structure. The pope could even go and live away from Rome, have a dicastery in Rome and another one in Bogota, and perhaps link-up by teleconference with liturgical experts that live in Germany. Gathered around the pope, in a theological sense, is the College of Bishops in order to serve the people.”

So what Francis sees going forward, as explained by his closest adviser, is a “decentralized” church, comprised of various “post-conciliar movement”.

To this end, the Curia is the major problem for Francis. So Francis wages war with the Curia. Furthermore, the Indefectible Church is a problem for Francis, so he wages war with the Indefectible Church. In contrast to the Curia and the Indefectible Church, the post-conciliar sects are not a problem for Francis, in fact they appear to be a solution. So Francis is very kind to these folks.

Moving on, here is how Francis, as per his ghost writer, sees the end game: (see here)

What is the most popular message inside and outside the Church?  

 In the case of Francis, I believe that his constant invitation, with words and gestures, to return to the Gospel‘s original freshness and to its heart made of mercy and justice for the weakest, will not be forgotten. At the same time, the call for a stripped Church, more joyful and able to open up to dialogue and service, will not end. Even if somebody in the future will try to go back in this regard, I believe that Francis’ great and irreversible reform, which has already been achieved, consists in the fact that a reversal will hardly be accepted. Who would ever think that after Francis, a papacy of condemnations parading power and wealth, that is not willing to dialogue with everyone, that ignores the weak of this world, could ever flourish? 

So what we see in the above is the good Archbishop making the claim that: Francis’ INTENT with respect to his “reforms”, is that they should be IRREVERSIBLE.

Further in the same interview we get this:

The various reforms of the Roman Curia bodies are still on their way. How important are structural reforms?   

These reforms are very important, but they are also the most “reversible”. Another Pope can come and create a huge Curia. In addition, the people who will be in these bodies will be decisive. But I believe that Francis was able to “de-idealize” the Vatican Curia – as well and forever, which should be seen only as an organization at service of the Pope, that does not replace the Pope or the bishops.

So what we see in these interviews is that the focus of the Francis “IRREVERSIBLE” reforms is the CURIA and the INDEFECTIBLE CHURCH.

The problem that Francis has is that whatever he does, the next bishop of Rome could come along and reverse it.

The only means by which Francis thinks that he can make these FrancisReforms permanent is through what is known as “moral suasion” or “the “appeal to “morality” in order to influence or change behavior”.

And this, like everything else that Bergoglio touched, has been one big EPIC FAILURE!

Yet, the #fakenews media is still on side, so there still is OBAMA HOPIUM!

So Francis plods along with his two prong strategy of:

the SoapBubblePapacy™ using the #fakenews media and the #fakenews catholic media to keep him “popular”,


appeal (pander) to the largest constituency within the universal post-conciliar church, namely The POOR. A la Evita Peron!

Given the above, what we have witnessed over the last five years is the systematic  implementation of this FrancisStrategy.

Which leaves one big question, how OBJECTIVELY permanent is this FrancisStrategy in FACT?

The answer to that question comes by way of Ed Pentin and Patrick Coffin and a 4th of July 2017 broadcast. In the above video, at the 24:00 minute mark, we get this exchange:

Patrick Coffin: One thing that Catholics of a certain stripe do is that they look at a Magisterial document as it is like unto holy writ. That it’s unchangeable, that it’s immutable. I can think of a couple of examples that it’s shown not to be the case. One of them is in the description of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, with respect to Capital Punishment, which was amended in light of Evangelium vitea. Also the treatment of lying, the description there was in a subsequent edition amended. It was edited under the direction of John Paul II. I wonder if some of Pope Francis’ magisterial might be subject to similar future amendments?


Ed Pentin: Well that could come. Pope Francis’ successor could easily put those things right.

Someone told me that … his successor could put a lot of this stuff right in a month! But others are concerned that it could take a generation to actually put some of what Francis has done back into what they would consider more orthodox direction.

So the answer to time needed to fix the FrancisProblem is from ONE MONTH to ONE GENERATION!.

But there doesn’t appear to be any question that the FrancisDocuments need fixing.

And then we get this gem, which in the humble opinion of this even more humble blogger, is a good representation of where the ‘mind of the post-conciliar” church is at present.

In a question that Patrick posed at the 35:25 minute mark, this was the exchange:

Ed Pentin: Well, I also think it’s (clash of Civilizations) here in the Vatican. They don’t also want to talk about the clash of the Civilizations because they don’t want this to happen. There’s a feeling that if you talk about this, it might happen. (The exact definition of Magic Thinking)


And also I think it’s because the answer has to be Christ. And going back to Christ and going back to the TRUE FAITH and the Catholic Church. And I think perhaps there’s a wish to avoid that, to avoid realizing that. And I think that’s the only answer.


And with that little bit of OBJECTIVE REALITY, I wish all my dear and loyal readers a pleasant weekend!



Normalization Process™ – Something Is Happening… (With commentary)


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Today another SIGNIFICANT EVENT post.

I will put this up, please watch (or re-watch, whichever the case may be) and I will get back tomorrow with commentary.

But something is happening…

19 April 2018

… and one can say that the Restoration “is being televised” on EWTN!

We begin today’s part of this post with the following tweet screen grab:

When it appeared, there was much commenting…

Yet as “unrealistic” as the CONTENT of the post above might seem, and given the #fakenews narratives raging these days, one is excused to see this above information as a…. let’s call it a: statistical outlier.

Yet that which OCCURRED cannot UN-OCCUR, so an explanation is in order…

So we begin by reminding all the dear and loyal readers of the Deus ex Machina blog of the information that was presented on this blog on the 3rd of September 2016, in a post titled Satanic Council – The End Game w/Updates! Here is what the speaker, His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay, the Superior General of the SSPX had to say at that time: (emphasis added)

We’ve (SSPX) been told that at the last meeting of the Congregation of the Faith, (circa May 2016) where they all meet together, all the cardinals and bishops which are members, we call that a plenaria, this is the full meeting, there was only one cardinal who said, ‘no, no. no, the Society must absolutely accept the whole council’. And other voices who said ‘these people do only one thing, (that is) to repeat what the Church has always taught’.

So you see, there is something on the move…

In that post, we were also informed that:

We (SSPX) have counted that there are between 26 and 30 cardinals (70 at last count) who have openly attacked these modern positions. And numerous bishops.

They (Vatican sources) say that to the point, that we (SSPX) have lost the monopoly on the contestation of the protest. Til just a few years ago we (SSPX) were the only ones to state publicly these (Modernist positions) (to be) wrong.

So back in Summer and Fall of 2016, there was already a “singularity of mind” within the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, i.e. in it’s Plenaria that:

At the time (circa 2013), I was not very happy about these things but with the time, with reflecting, yes they (CDF) are facing enormous problems and suddenly what appeared to be the problem (SSPX/Tradition) that is us, maybe it looks like a solution (Restoration of Tradition).

And what has brought about this SIGNIFICANT metamorphosis?

And here you have to understand something, which is very, very interesting. The excesses of the present pope have caused a startled reaction. It’s open now. It’s no longer hidden, or let’s say for people like were hiding themselves, now you have cardinals, you have bishops who have openly contradicted these new tendency, this new tendency of hitting the morals and even the doctrine.

Fast forward to April 2018 and the above EWTN video…

At about the 8:10 mark, Robert Royal says this:

I wrote a column this week on this at the Catholic Thing in which I regretted that because of the divisions that have gotten even worse under this papacy, when he puts out a document that’s largely good like this, we can’t read it without suspicions. We can’t read it without controversy…

And Raymond Arroyo asks: “Why is that”?

To which Royal responds:

Well, because one set of people read it one way and one set of people read it another way…


Where have we encountered this sort of OCCURRENCE before?

Why yes, it was in the post titled Dr. Peterson Has Now Got Calvinist Pastors Telling You Why Catholicism Is The ONE TRUE FAITH…

Here is how that passage reads:

(…) Our Calvinist pastor (at the 38:14 minute mark), doing a 1 hour and 40 minute presentation about the Sermon on the Mount informs his listeners of the following:

I’m not sure how right he’s (Peterson) got the Sermon on the Mount. Now, the Sermon on the Mount is one of the most important passages in the New Testament. We got a lot of really important things from it. But what’s interesting about the Sermon on the Mount is that when commentators, even from similar theological positions approach that text, they go different ways.

 Exactly, and that’s why we have 30,000 or so protestant sects in the world.

So what we see is the appearance of what we termed as the “post-Modernist INFINITE INTERPRETATION problem”, i.e. “infinite number of equally good interpretations”.

Yet we know that all interpretations can’t be “equally good”, because some interpretations can kill you. Think Universal Unitarianism

So to JUDGE whether an “interpretation” is good or not good, we have been applying the Piagetian MAXIM which basically states that:

The manner in which one can discern which INTERPRETATION is better than the other is that the preferable INTERPRETATION is the one that will not kill you.

And to help JUDGE/DISCERN which INTERPRETATIONS we can simply discard out of hand, we have been using that which we know through the “natural light of human reason from the things that are made” about REALITY. So using our understanding of the philosophical field of ONTOLOGY (study of the nature of REALITY). We defined the following categories and discard any INTERPRETATION that runs afoul:

The Natural sub-set – explained by the physical sciences,

The Supernatural sub-set – explained by theological science,

The Conscious sub-set (allowing His creation to understand the above two sub-sets – explained by the social sciences (psychology).

Enter Fr. Gerald Murray…

At about the 12:05 minute mark of the embedded video, Fr. Murray makes the following claim:

It seems to me that he (Francis – in his “joy of terrorist blogging” document) that he is talking about those who object to that which he wrote in the 8th Chapter of Amoris Laetitia, where its saying that in some cases, people who are in invalid second marriages just can be given Holy Communion, while remaining in those adulterous unions.

And for me, you cannot categorize obedience to the Ten Commandments as a defect. And it is not a museum to say that what Christ said 2000 years ago is what I believe today. In fact human structures are not the matter here, when it comes to the Sacramental life of the Church.

The Church has taught solemnly that the Seven Sacraments were given by Christ, so was the Moral Law, so was the Natural Law. That’s part of God’s creation. 

And so, when I hear the pope more or less stigmatizing people who say ‘why are we changing what Saint John Paul II told us to do’, that’s not the way we should be doing things. If there are legitimate reasons why the pope thinks his point of view about giving Communion to the divorced and remarried can be defended on the basis of Catholic Doctrine and Tradition, state them so that we can have a dialogue.

Concluding, what we are witnessing is a CONVERGENCE of our understanding of “STRUCTURES” between the secular sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, as represented by Dr. Peterson and the ecclesiastical sub-set, as represented by Fr. Murray.

From the above discussion, Fr. Murray is IDENTIFYING the same ONTOLOGICAL REALITY, existing within the ECCLESIASTICAL STRUCTURES as Dr. Peterson is IDENTIFYING in the secular realm.

What both men are saying can best be explained in this Peterson clip HERE. It is the infamous Cathy Newman interview (9,000,000 views and still going strong), and at the 28:00 minute mark, there is this exchange:

CN: So your saying, like the lobsters, we’re hardwired as men and women to do certain things, to sort of run along tram lines and there’s nothing that we can do about it?

JP: No, I’m not saying there’s nothing we can do about it.

Because it’s like… in a chess game. There’s lots of things that you can do, although you can’t break the rules of the chess game and continue to play chess.

Your biological nature is somewhat like that. It’s set in the rules of the game. But within those rules you have a lot of leeway.

But the idea that… but one thing we can’t do is say that ‘hierarchical organization is a consequence of the capitalist patriarchy’. It’s like, that’s patently absurd.

It’s wrong.

It’s not a matter of opinion.

It’s seriously wrong.

And just like with the analogy of the chess game for explaining the limits of what is biologically determined and what constitutes the proper exercise of free will, Fr. Murray is explaining the rules for working out one’s salvation.

What Fr. Murray is saying is that there are limits in what a Faithful Catholic can do. Those rules are set in the Divine Law. The Faithful Catholic cannot break the rules of the “salvation chess game”, because those rules are defined by Our Lord himself.

Yet God has given us free will, just like he has given the chess player the free will to knock over the chess board when the game isn’t going his way.

Yet the chess player knocks over the chessboard as his own peril. Because in order to continue playing (i.e. the Piagetian Maxim), one MUST abide by the rules.

In in the case of the individual Faithful Catholic, the most continue playing in order to achieve the optimal Piagetian outcome: SALVATION.

Break the rules, no SALVATION!

But when the rules are disregarded on an INSTITUTIONAL level… then those organizations (caugh, cough… the post-conciliar church) have a bad Piagetian outcome: i.e. end up like the Universal Unitarians!

And the EVIDENCE suggests that a majority of the present College of Cardinals are getting it!

70 at last count, folks!

And this is the Deus ex Machina explanation for the veracity of the information above, wherein an American Friend of Francis suggests that: Cardinal Burke could be the next Roman Pontiff elected.

PS And please note the commentary of Fr. Murray about “the Truth as an idol”. It’s downright Petersonian!

It Will Be TRADITION That Will JUDGE These Incompetent Nincompoops…


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So many metaphors, and so little time to deploy them!

And so many subjects, and also so little time.

We start with an “I told you so” moment:

And now on to the subject at hand…

So today your humble blogger turns to our SIGNALLING EFFECT theme, because that’s “where the actions at”.

First we start with this less then innocuous post here:

A couple of interesting themes appear from the pen of Max Beans Faggioli in his post above. First, the “sustainable business model” theme.

For those who follow this blog, you will recognize this theme. It refers to the post-conciliar “clergy” dismantling the Catholic Church due to either their IDEOLOGY or INCOMPETENCE or a combination of the two.

Nota bene: Post-modernist IDEOLOGY at its core is a war against COMPETENCE. 

Here we see a spin operation being executed wherein Max tries to juxtapose “FrancisMercy” against “competent management”, in order to claim that “money don’t matter”. Yet at the same time, FrancisChurch is “flooding the zone” that is the US NUChurch, in order to try and gain control over its management structures and what comes with it, their tangible assets and cash in bank.

Nota bene: The US Church and the German Church are the two major sources of funding for the Vatican.

As to this latter HYPOTHESIS, we saw just this FrancisChurch FAIL when the FrancisCardinal Cupich lost to a lowly Archbishop in the election for the strategically important (to FrancisChurch) position of head of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities. We chronicled this EVENT in our post titled: USCCB Sends MASSIVE Signal To “DavosPope” That Pro-Life Movement More Important Than FrancisChurch…

Next the TM-ing of Our Lord’s Name. As best I can tell, we are witnessing another alter ego of Bergoglio emerging. I guess the “god of surprises” just doesn’t pack the same punch any longer. These novelties do have very short shelf lives…

As for the “flooding the zone”, this will be chronicled below.

The next piece of EVIDENCE comes also from Mr. Beans. It is here:

From the information provided above, we note that a “pacification effort” to silence the Faithful Catholics has been ongoing for at least a couple of years. These pacification efforts are disguised as “efforts to end polarization” in the US Church. Two years ago, one of these “conferences” was held at Notre Dame University, while presently one of these “conferences” is scheduled to be held at Georgetown University.

From what one can gather by a simple examination of the EVIDENCE, these “conferences” are being held in order for FrancisChurch to “negotiate” a “ceasefire” if not an outright ARMISTICE (cessation of hostilities) with Faithful Catholics. And the use of military optics and terminology is not arbitrary, but has been forced onto FrancisCurch. This situation in and of itself signals that FrancisChurch is under siege and is using emotive language in order to rally its forces.

And just so no one is confused that the REVOLUTION is at hand and the gains must be defended, FrancisChurch is SIGNALLING to their supporters in a style that these FrancisChurchPersons have become accustomed to over the last 50 years:

The operation orders (talking points) have gone out and all hands are on deck, even the Nuns on the Bus, as they make their way slowly to the nearest FrancisEuthanasiaCenter:

Not only are the Nuns on the Bus involved, but most of the “Francis war room” is also in the US to rally the troops and make that damned “ceasefire” happen.

And if not, to at least “stop the bleeding”. How’s this for a who’s who of FrancisChurch:

And why did this “motley crew” meet at Villanova University, you may ask dear reader?

One reason could be that this is where the highest level of RESISTANCE is located. Villanova University is in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia where Archbishop Chaput is the ordinary. Now, Archbishop Chaput has been resisting the “communion to adulterers” New FrancisParadigm, and has committed the ultimate FrancisSin of inviting the Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke to give a lecture on Marriage and the Family.

Here is another one of the FrancisPropagandists to help explain, and the rebuttle:

So while on the one hand FrancisChurch is calling for a “CEASEFIRE” if not an “ARMISTICE”, Francis in the mean time is marching through the post-conciliar church like “Sherman marched through Georgia”.

In a post that appeared at the Eponymous Flower blog, we get this headline and story: Vatican Closes Ancient Cloister of the Briggitines in Munich, while from Belgium we get this below:

And in the same time that Francis is dismantling any part of the Catholic Church that is still viable and sustainable, his homosexualist snipers are … well snipping:

Concluding, what we are observing is FrancisChurch entering into a state of PANIC.

They first ignored Tradition, then they ridiculed Tradition, now they are at the fighting stage with Tradition.

And from the EVIDENCE gathered above, it would appear as if they are getting routed!

And the more they fight, the larger the part of the Catholic Faithful who catch on to what it is they are doing. And here is just one more example of what appears to be the latest “conversion” to Tradition:

So the FrancisGamePlan appears to be to try and create the illusion of “dialogue” on the one hand, while destroy what remains of the viable and sustainable Catholic Church Institutions as quickly as possible.

The overriding IDEA can be summed up as follows:

Yes indeed!

It will be TRADITION that will JUDGE these incompetent nincompoops!



Dr. Peterson Has Now Got Calvinist Pastors Telling You Why Catholicism Is The ONE TRUE FAITH…


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Today we will change topics…

Great video just appeared, produced by our Calvinist pastor, the same one who spoke with Dr. Jordan Peterson in the videos that your humble blogger embedded in our last couple of posts.

Our Calvinist pastor in this video does a magnificent job of presenting not only the case for Catholicism, i.e. that it is the ONE TRUE and ONLY FAITH, but also explains how Dr. Jordan Peterson’s academic work not only aligns but is also a precursor to acquiring the Catholic FAITH and entering the Catholic Church.

So without too much commentary, I will just put down some big picture framework schema to keep in mind when watching this video.


I.     The Catholic Faith comes from two sources:

(1) as known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made”


(2) as known through “divine revelation.”


II.     These two sources are the basis for two of the three sub-sets that this blogger defined as ONTOLOGICAL REALITY (nature of reality)

The Natural sub-set – explained by the physical sciences,

The Supernatural sub-set – explained by theological science,

The Conscious sub-set (allowing His creation to understand the above two sub-sets – explained by the social sciences (psychology).


So what we see in the above is that the basis for our understanding of the NATURAL sub-set of REALITY is derived from that part of our FAITH that is known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made”

The basis for our understanding of the SUPERNATURAL sub-set of REALITY is derived from that part of our FAITH that  is known through “divine revelation.”

Therefore, at its ROOT, the Catholic Faith can be seen as the continuous RECONCILIATION between that which GOD made and that which GOD told us about what he made.

And the reason that God made us in His own image (gave us conscience) is because:

Question: Why did God make you?

Answer: God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in the next.

And the manner in which we “know” God is by observing that which He has made, that which He has told us, and RECONCILING the two.

III.     The PROCESS that results from this perpetual RECONCILIATION is what is known as ORGANIC GROWTH. Here is how this blog defines it:

Organic Growth: reconciliation of reason with revelation, of science with faith and of philosophy with theology, SUBJECT TO: that source of our Faith that comes from divine Revelation.

So what we see is a system of CHECKS AND BALANCES that restricts our FAITH, that is firmly grounded in OBJECTIVE REALITY, from going off into the MAGICAL THINKING camp.


So simple and yet so elegant!

And finally, with respect to “INTERPRETATION”, i.e. that which we call TRADITION…

As Dr. Peterson observed, the post-Modernist observation that any text can be INTERPRETED in an infinitely unlimited number of ways and that ALL these INTERPRETATIONS are equal.

The manner in which to overcome the post-Modernist INFINITE INTERPRETATION problem is by using the Jean Piaget MAXIM that posits:

The post-Modernists are wrong because not all INTERPRETATIONS are equal and that there are some INTERPRETATIONS that are better (qualitatively speaking) then others.

The manner in which one can discern which INTERPRETATION is better than the other is that the good INTERPRETATION is the one that will not kill you.

This implies a “positivist” (objective and observable) methodology can be used to JUDGE the BEST INTERPRETATION, i.e. the one that will result in the best outcome. (creates the least suffering according to Dr. Peterson)

Therefore, since the CATHOLIC CHURCH has been around the longest (as an ongoing concern) and the only one that has a UNIVERSAL and SINGULAR DOCTRINE across the entire organizational entity during this time period, the Piaget MAXIM would strongly suggest that it has the BEST INTERPRETATION.

And that BEST INTERPRETATION is what we call capital “T” Tradition.

So concluding, without the two sides of our FAITH, Catholicism would be just another sect like that of this Calvinist pastor’s sect. Any INTERPRETATION that could be “discerned”, would just be based on some other fallen human being’s INTERPRETATION from centuries gone by.

But what’s worse, and this approach’s major problem is that there would be no mechanism that would allow any of this stuff to be grounded in OBJECTIVE REALITY.

And it is just this above situation that out Calvinist pastor explains in his video at about the 38:14 minute mark. Our Calvinist pastor, doing a 1 hour and 40 minute presentation about the Sermon on the Mount informs his listeners of the following:

I’m not sure how right he’s (Peterson) got the Sermon on the Mount. Now, the Sermon on the Mount is one of the most important passages in the New Testament. We got a lot of really important things from it. But what’s interesting about the Sermon on the Mount is that when commentators, even from similar theological positions approach that text, they go different ways.

 Exactly, and that’s why we have 30,000 or so protestant sects in the world.

Have a nice weekend!