The Soap Bubble Papacy™

Francis Alone

“It is superficial. Were this a religious movement, the churches would be full”

– Walter Cardinal Brandmuller On The Real Francis Effect

This page is dedicated to what I have designated as the “Soap Bubble Papacy”™.

The term itself comes from a Francis, the bishop of Rome sermon given at the Domus Sanctae Marthae on the 26th of October 2014. In that sermon, Francis said: (see here)

If you “do not have something substantial, you too will pass like all things.”

And then Francis added the following words that will go down in infamy:

“How many Christians live for appearances? Their life seems like a soap bubble. The soap bubble is beautiful, with all its colours! But it lasts only a second, and then what?

In those two phrases, Francis, using the psychological self defense mechanism of “projection”, (see here) explained exactly who he is. Furthermore, he also explained what his pontificate will consist of, for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Recognizing what Francis, the bishop of Rome had said, your humble blogger in turn relaunched this blog as the Deus Ex Machina Blog and started to chronicle the “Soap Bubble Papacy”™.

Below are posts that chronicle this “Soap Bubble Papacy”™.

Note Bene, I do not intend to either mock or deride Francis on these pages. As you will notice, I do not chronicle things such as opening a barbershop or a flop house at the Vatican, or genuflecting when going to confession but not during the Canon of the Mass, or even popping in to visit former prostitutes with an army of paparazzi in tow (see here). From observing Francis, it would appear that the man does have serious issues in a clinical sense, and could in all likelihood be non compos mentis. In this situation, it would not be either Christian or Catholic to treat his behavior in a flippant or playful, let alone disrespectful manner. Any more so that it would be to poke fun at Dawid Bowden, the gentleman who thinks that he is Pope Michael. (see here)

Yet, when analyzing a man who is in charge of the OLDEST INSTITUTION in the history of man, and that is before we get to the supernatural level, these questions must be asked. When a senior level manager can not make rational decisions from objective and/or empirical data, then there is definitely something not in order. Once again, and for emphasis purposes, these questions must be asked.

Given the above, I have provided links to relevant posts that appeared on this blog since November of 2014. These post can be segregated into three categories:

Left Justified Posts

The first is the Soap Bubble Papacy™. These post chronicle the delusional behavior of Francis and the effect that it is in fact having on the Faithful. And just as with Mr. Bowden, one has to look at this mess and ask: why doesn’t he see this or why doesn’t someone close to Francis tell him?

Right Justified Posts

The second category can be termed the Restoration. These post detail the advance of the process of renewal, TRUE renewal that is taking place within the Catholic Church. This renewal is either ignored by the Pontiff, or what is worse, in some ALL places it is actually being suppressed.

Centered Posts

The third category are just general information about Francis, the bishop of Rome.

Posts are in Chronological Order

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