They HATE Us!

This page is dedicated to identify and promulgate the names of companies who literally HATE US.

When I say they HATE US, they hate everything we believe in and what we stand for.

What they hate in fact, is our SUPERNATURAL FAITH!

Furthermore, they hate the fact that we can’t be controlled. We don’t conform to their individual whims, caprices and other flights of fancy in creating the next iteration of the Homo-Sovieticus. And we know how that can end.

We can’t be bought off!

So given that we are dealing with nothing more than a bunch of material atheists, the best way to fight them is through the wallet. Therefore, I am putting up a running list of companies who HATE US.

Remember, it is said that politics is downstream from culture, while culture is downstream from economics!

And if you dear reader come across any information about any company that HATES US, please feel free to inform your humble blogger through the comment box.


  1. FrancisChurch – Boy do they hate us! –
  • CRS -

2. Cabal Television – The best way to fight those who HATE US is to cancel you Cabal TV.

3. The Movies – The second best way to fight those who HATE US is stop going to the movies.

4. Kellogg’s –

5. McDonald’s –

6. Starbuck’s –

7. Todd Rundgren –

8. American Express

9. Target

10. Patagonia