Francis Gravity

Today a quick re-post from the Denzinger-Bergoglio website. Consider this post as a continuation of the thread started in the She Blinded Us With Science! post (see here).

If you told me that Newton was a genius, I would accept that. But you must admit that Jorge Mario Bergoglio surpasses him by far. Newton discovered the law of gravity, the law that so greatly affects our lives from the moment we come into the world…Well, Francis has abolished it! Isn’t that clever?

Of all those who have occupied the Chair of Peter, Francis is surely the one who stands out due to his propensity for drilling holes in the dikes of the Church, to liberate the waters of passions “unjustly” held back by the solid walls of almost two millennia of doctrinal “intransigence”. And this is much more harmful than the surface hammerings of others. It is noteworthy that as soon as the document Amoris Laetitia was launched, the international press immediately drew attention to an aspect which Francis had relegated to the footnotes; as though together, they…

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