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Snakes In Suits: Are Psychopaths Running The World?

Authored by Alanna Kelter via Collective Evolution blog,

Often when we think of the word psychopath, we think of deranged serial killers that are hopefully locked up in prison for life.

While there are many psychopaths who kill for reasons that are unfathomable to most of us and who are indeed in prison, there is an even greater number roaming free in our society and often using their condition to their advantage in any way possible.

In fact, it is very likely that you know some – they might even be your colleagues.

Most of us do not know or work with any serial killers, at least not that we are aware of. So, what exactly is a psychopath and how can we define them? The dictionary definition is as follows:

“A person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.”

As you can probably tell, a lot more than just serial killers will fit into this broad definition. In fact, according to Canadian psychologist Dr. Robert Hare, a world-renowned expert on psychopathy, an estimated 1% of the Earth’s population is psychopathic and around 25% of the population of male inmates at federal correctional facilities are psychopathic.

Psychopathic Traits

It is important to note that, in contrast with the popular image of the ‘deranged psycho,’ psychopaths tend to be very well composed, take good care of their appearance and are very charming (think of Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho). Because of this you may have a difficult time spotting them out, as they are masters of deception and are able to fake a lot of the qualities that define regular people. Some other psychopathic traits, according to Hare’s Psychopath

  • Glib and superficial charm
  • Grandiose estimation of self
  • Need for stimulation
  • Manipulative and cunning
  • Complete lack of remorse or guilt
  • Pathological lying
  • Have a parasitic lifestyle, often latching onto and taking from others
  • Have a history of early behavioral problems
  • Overly impulsive
  • Are very irresponsible
  • Unable to accept responsibility for actions
  • Unable to commit to long-term relationships
  • History of juvenile delinquency
  • Display criminal versatility
  • Experienced a “revocation of conditional release”
  • Lacks realistic long term goals
  • History of promiscuous sexual behavior
  • Have poor behavioral controls
  • Are callous and lack empathy
  • Have a “shallow affect” (psychopaths show a lack of emotion when an emotional reaction is appropriate.)

You can actually rate yourself to find out if you are psychopath. On each criterion, the subject is ranked on a 3-point scale: (0 = item does not apply, 1 = item appliesomewhat2 = item definitely applies). The scores are summed to create a rank of zero to 40. Anyone who scores 30 and above is most likely a psychopath. Hare has used this test and checklist to detect which inmates are psychopaths.

Snakes In Suits

What many of us don’t realize is that psychopaths actually thrive in the corporate world. Hare has actually co-authored a book with Dr. Paul Babiak on this topic entitled, Snakes In Suits: Understanding and Surviving the Psychopaths in Your Office. Psychopaths manipulate others to accrue power, sometimes pitting them against each other in an attempt to divide and conquer. They are often attracted to bigger, dynamic corporations with very little structure or supervision. They generally don’t work well in teams because they don’t like to share information or skills and it brings them joy to watch others fail. They are addicted to power, status and money. Sound familiar?

Sadly, the corporate world is set up to favor psychopathic traits such as fearlessness, dominant behavior and immunity to stress. Because of this, psychopaths often find themselves in these types of positions, and then have an easier time climbing the corporate ladder and obtaining positions of great power. This is where they can do real damage to society.

Are Psychopaths Running The World?

Not only as corporate heads do psychopaths find success in our modern-day society, but also within our governments and political system — often as front-line politicians. This may come as a shock to you, but when you really look at some of the atrocities that are taking place on our planet, and if you’ve ever wondered how things that are so inhumane could actually be happening, well, therein lies your answer.

When you consider the war, genocide, senseless murder of civilians, treatment of the indigenous cultures of the world, chemicals in our food, air and water supply, acts of “terrorism”, war crimes and so many other unjust and cruel actions which are often instigated by our political leaders, it becomes easy to see how psychopaths actually fit the requirements for these types of roles quite well. As mentioned before they are masters of deception, pathological liars and often quite charming.

Many soldiers go to war and because they are conditioned to believe that they are fighting an enemy in the name of peace. They do as they are told and commit these heinous acts against other human beings. The reason why so many soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder is because it is not within human nature to murder other humans, and especially innocent civilians

We already know how many politicians are crooked, but perhaps its time to start looking at them with the psychopath checklist in mind so that we can be better equipped to protect not only ourselves but our society from their malicious acts.

But Can’t We Help Them?

It is natural for anyone who is an empath or those involved in spiritual work to have compassion for these individuals and feel compelled to help them overcome their psychopathic behavior. However, most research has pointed towards the understanding that psychopaths are born, not made and therefore cannot be cured. This is one of the main differences that separates sociopaths from psychopaths. Another is that sociopaths have a conscience, albeit a weak one, and will often justify something they know to be wrong. By contrast, psychopaths will believe that their actions are justified and feel no remorse for any harm done. Sociopaths are made, and have a higher likelihood of overcoming their condition. However, many of those with sociopathic behavior will find themselves in similar corporate positions.

Hare’s research discovered that by attempting to heal or help a psychopath, you might actually be strengthening their cunning abilities, as they will find a way to manipulate you into believing that they are remorseful and understand how their actions were wrong.

The best we can do is learn to recognize the traits of psychopaths and be sure to stay clear of their actions and behaviors to protect ourselves from the wake of their inevitable destruction.

Pope Francis Calls For Marxist Economic Summit.


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This from Antonius Aquinas via the catholic Zero Hedge website…

As we can see from the post below and especially from the platform on which it appeared, there is a growing RECONCILIATION PROCESS at work.

This humble blogger’s take is that due to the rapid spread of the collectivistic IDEOLOGY of “socialism” in the wider society of the United States circa Anno Domini 2020 (case in point HERE), the contemporary repsonces based on “free market apologetics” have reached their limit.

Realizing the danger that is lurking if the collectivists point of view prevails, the thinking modern men (and women) are realizing that they need a more “powerful Kung Fu”.

Therefore, they are reaching for Catholicism as the antidotum to the collectivistic disease that is threatening their wealth and liberty…

… hence Antonius Aquinas numerous appearances on Zero Hedge.

Who would have thunk?

Aside from us here on this blog, of course…

And another “tipping point” is approached…

Pope Francis Calls For Marxist Economic Summit.

Authored by Antonius Aquinas,

As if there needs to be further evidence that the current occupant of St. Peter’s Chair in Rome is a Marxist, the announcement of an upcoming conference at Assisi entitled the “Economy of Francesco” should convince any skeptic otherwise.

In his invitation letter to “young economists and entrepreneurs worldwide,” Bergoglio sets the agenda for the Leftist confab quite clearly which is virulently anti-market, a call for massive redistribution of wealth, and a reordering of the current economic systems of the world with a healthy dose of climate change nonesense:

“...a different kind of economy: one that brings life not death, one that is inclusive and not exclusive, humane and not dehumanizing, one that cares for the environment and does not despoil it.”

While Bergoglio’s Marxist credentials have been firmly established, his blasphemous actions and words has a growing number outside of “sedevacantist circles” calling him a heretic.  The legitimacy of “Pope Francis,” however, is more fundamental than him being a manifest heretic, but his standing as a legitimate pope is invalid since his ordination as a priest and his consecration as a bishop came under the new rites of Holy Orders instituted in the wake of the Second Vatican anti-Council (1962-1965).

The mastermind behind Bergoglio’s summit is professor Luigino Bruni and from his comments he sounds more radical than the Argentine Apostate, if that is possible.  Professor Bruni wants to use taxation as a weapon to “redistribute income and wealth from the rich to the poor.”

Bruni, a professor of political economy at the Italian University, LUMSA, and the author of a number of books, basis his advocacy for redistribution of wealth on the Scriptures:

“[T]he Bible has many words to offer our economic life and ideas [with] the transformation of wealth into well-being.”

It appears that the good professor’s Bible is missing the Seventh Commandment of the Decalogue which solemnly states: THOU SHALL NOT STEAL!  In no legitimate commentary ever written on this Commandment is there an exception made for the confiscation of wealth from the well-to-do to be given to the poor.  Probably just an oversight on the Professor’s part.

Because they are blinded by socialistic ideology, Bruni, Bergoglio, and the likes of Bernie Sanders cannot see that the growing wealth inequality which they complain about is not the result of “capitalism,” but is the outcome of the monetary policy of the world’s central banks.  This, along with tax policies which hamper innovation and shield the entrenched financial class from competition, is why financial elites are able to maintain and increase their power.

Central bank policy of suppressing interest rates and of money printing allow banks and financial institutions to receive “free money” which they can invest and speculate with at zero cost.  The boom (actually a bubble) in asset prices on Wall Street is a demonstration of how wealth disparity takes place.

If Bergoglio really meant to reform the present system, he would call for the abolition of central banking and a return to “hard money.”  Under such an order, banks and financial institutions become wealthy on their ability to make prudent investment decisions subjected to profit and loss.  A free market in banking is the antithesis of the current system of credit expansion and money printing.

Not only have Bergoglio and his cohorts abandoned the Faith, but they have also overturned the Church’s long-held condemnation of socialism and have ignored many of its own outstanding thinkers on financial matters.  From the Scholastics to the School of Salamanca through the Jesuits and the great Cardinal Cajetan, who finally taught the proper doctrine on interest rates, the Church has produced scores of eminent economic thinkers in its long history.

School of Salamanca

Ever since socialism reared its ugly head as a social system of thought, the Church has warned of its dangers even its more milder forms as Pope Pius XII wrote, “No Catholic could subscribe even to moderate socialism.”

Since Vatican II and especially under Bergoglio’s regime, however, Leftist ideas of all sorts have been warmly embraced.

At the heart of socialism, be it Marxism or its equally pernicious variants, lies envy which became a part of the human condition with the fall of man.  While once condemned, envy has been turned into a virtue by the likes of Bergoglio.

While such ideas may sound appealing to human sensibilities, they will not pass the Divine Judge who knows the thoughts and souls of all His creatures even those of supposed popes.


The Inevitable RESTORATION Is At Hand…


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Received a request from a very good friend of this blog and with great pleasure an republishing this post. (See here)

With respect to the subject matter, another TIPPING POINT has been reached. The Rorate Caeli blog republished an article by Roberto De Mattai which clearly shifts the Overton Window here:

“The priesthood can’t even be lost by death, because it subsists “in aternum” . The papacy, on the other hand, can be lost, not only by death, but also in the case of voluntary renunciation or of manifest, notorious heresy. If he renounces being pontiff, the Pope ceases to be such: he has no right to wear white nor impart the Apostolic Blessing. He, from a canonical point of view, is no longer even a cardinal, but goes back to being a simple bishop. Unless his renunciation is invalid: but this, in the case of Benedict XVI, should be proven. Effectively, the title of Pope today is being given to both Francis and Benedict, but one is certainly abusive, as only one [man] can be Pope in the Church.”

The significance of this OBSERVATION comes from the following:

“Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.”

Therefore, it would appear that into the Overton Window which encompasses their followers, Rorate Caeli and Roberto De Mattai have injected the HYPOTHESIS that there is no such thing as a “pope emeritus”.

On an aside, can Michael Matt ignore this?

The Deus Ex Machina Blog

Today we continue a thread from yesterday’s post. And a positive, optimistic thread at that!

In yesterday’s post titled Priests In Good Standing Properly Identifying The Causal Relationships…, your humble blogger made the following observation:

Another alternative theory for the optimistic tone could be due to the fact that God designed His creation in a very rational, logical and ordered manner. Just as the laws of math and physics apply to inanimate objects, and are objectively real and provable, so are other laws that deal with the behavior and interaction of His creatures and human beings.

Given the above, this humble blogger would also like to remind you dear and loyal readers about another post that appeared on this most humble of blogs titled: What Terrifies FrancisChurch, Whether They Know It Or Not… (w/Update)

In that post, we noted that researchers have uncovered a mathematical function which exists in Natural…

View original post 1,128 more words

BREAKING: The Tide On Fakery Has Turned… (w/ Update)


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And “undisclosed amount” of smiles!

Greetings in this New Year Anno Domini 2020 dear and loyal readers.

Coming out of the gate in this New Year your humble blogger has OBSERVED a SIGNIFICANT EVENT.

And it has to do with Catholicism…

The SIGNIFICANT EVENT which this blogger is referencing is the news that Nicholas Sandmann, the young man who stood his ground at last year’s March for Life in Washington D.C. in the face a contingent of provocateurs and was later the subject of a vile HATE campaign by the #FAKENEWS legacy media, has settled one of the subsequent law suits.

And that’s not all. The other litigating party is none other than the congenially #FAKENEWS CNN.

Folks, this is YUUUUGE!

The SIGNIFICANCE of this EVENT, from the point of view of this very humble blogger, can be summarized as follows: The  boundary between what constitutes Free Speech and Libel has been reestablished.

So why is this significant, you might ask?

This boundary has always been there… theoretically?

Well, yes…. but…

What has been the case over the last decade or so, is that the US Legal System has started to disconnect from its historical grounding in… let’s call it “facts and evidence based” legal theory.

A good case in point is summarized HERE, in this post from our friend Sundance from his Conservative Treehouse blog.

Getting back to the Nick Sandmann case, what appears to be the case is that CNN, or rather its legal team have decided not to pursue an aggressive and robust defense of their client’s indefensible actions, but rather settle the case out of court.

The inference here is that they don’t think “the time is right” to broach the Constitutional PRECEDENTS of what constitutes Free Speech and what constitutes LIBEL.

Remember folks, words do have OBJECTIVE MEANINGS AND COMMON USAGE in and of themselves. Put it another way, WORDS exist because they designate/denote something that is OBJECTIVELY TRUE, i.e. can be observed by everyone, everywhere and always. And the ultimate reason for why words exist is so that His creation can establish that which is True in order to know Him!

“In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat apud Deum, et Deus erat Verbum!”

No matter how much the neo-Marxist post-Modernists may not agree…

Summa summarum, what we see here is a good day for the US legal system, the US Constitution and Western Civilization in general.

What we also are OBSERVING is the beginning of what will most likely be an avalanche of LIBEL actions brought to the courts by other parties who were libeled by the #FAKENEWS media.

Aside, wonder what the increase in indemnity insurance for #FAKENEWS media will be in this post-Sandmann environment?

And while we are on this subject, wonder what the ramifications of a wider reestablishment of a “facts and evidence based” court decision will have on the “child genital mutilation” industry here in the US and Europe? (see HERE)

Anyways, going forwards your humble blogger will be monitoring this situation as it unfolds and pointing these EVENTS out to you dear and loyal readers as they arise.

And now, to the post from Zero Hedge:



CNN Settles $275M Lawsuit With ‘Punchable’ Teenager Nick Sandmann

CNN settled its $250 million lawsuit with Covington High School Student Nicholas Sandmann for an undisclosed sum on Tuesday.

Sandmann was viciously attacked by left-leaning news outlets over a deceptively edited video clip from the January, 2019 March for Life rally at the Lincoln Memorial, in which the teenager, seen wearing a MAGA hat, appeared to be mocking a Native American man beating a drum (a known political grifter who lied about the incident, and stole valor).

Around a day later, a longer version of the video revealed that Sandmann did absolutely nothing wrong – but not until the media had played judge, jury and executioner of Sandmann’s reputation.

That included CNN‘s Reza Aslan, who asked over Twitter “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?”

“Contrary to its ‘Facts First’ public relations ploy, CNN ignored the facts and put its anti-Trump agenda first in waging a 7-day media campaign of false, vicious attacks against Nicholas, a young boy who was guilty of little more than wearing a souvenir Make America Great Again cap,” Sandmann claimed in a 58-page lawsuit filed last May, according to the Washington Times.

Sandmann’s attorney told Fox News last March that “CNN was probably more vicious in its direct attacks on Nicholas than The Washington Post. And CNN goes into millions of individuals’ homes. It’s broadcast into their homes.”

In total, Sandmann has sought $800 million after also suing the Washington Post and NBC Universal.

Sandmann claims that the Post – which helped publicize a now infamous photo that helped trigger an Internet mob that swiftly outed the teen and demanded he be punished – led the hate campaign against Sandmann – and failed to practice proper journalistic due diligence – “because he was the white, Catholic student wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ souvenir cap on a school field trip to the January 18 March for Life in Washington, D.C. when he was unexpectedly and suddenly confronted by Nathan Phillips (‘Phillips’), a known Native American activist, who beat a drum and sang loudly within inches of his face (‘the January 18 incident’).”

Trial dates have not yet been set in those cases.

“This case will be tried not one minute earlier or later than when it is ready,” said Sandmann’s attorney, Lin Wood, who says they also plan to sue the owners of The Enquirer, Gannett, within the next 60 days.

Meanwhile, filmmaker and pundit Mike Cernovich compiled a short list of some of CNN‘s more memorable reporting screwups (via

  • Jake Tapper reported that fired FBI director James Comey would testify that he never told Trump he was under investigation. After Comey testified, Tapper’s article was updated to include this disclaimer, “The article and headline have been corrected to reflect that Comey does not directly dispute that Trump was told multiple times he was not under investigation in his prepared testimony released after this story was published.
  • Jim Acosta claimed Trump did not visit Steve Scalise after the tragic mass shooting committed by a far left wing terrorist.
  • CNN had to retract a story about Anthony Scaramucci being under investigation after it was revealed to be fake news.
  • CNN White House Reporter Jeremy Diamond claimed Trump was first President since George H.W. Bush to not take questions at a press conference held in China. Jake Tapper himself RT’ed Diamond. This claim was false.

  • CNN claimed that Trump committed a faux pas during a fish feeding ceremony held in Japan.

  • White House reporter Manu Raju claimed Donald Trump Jr. had advanced knowledge of the Wikileaks release of the Podesta emails. This story was confirmed by two sources, and it was fake news. To this day, Raju refuses to burn the sources who fed him a fake story.

Put Christ Back Into Christmas…


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Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania christmas manger scene


On Reaching Tipping Points…


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As Christmas Eve approaches, your humble blogger would like to wish all the dear and loyal readers of this blog a peaceful and joyous Christmas Anno Domini 2019.

Haven’t been writing nor posting much recently since it has been quite busy on the work front. The issues that your humble blogger mentioned in earlier posts, that are at the root of the problems still have not been resolved. So here, prayers are still required and requested.

But that is the only bad news that comes to mind.

On the good news front,…lots of good news on what can be called the “child development” front. Turns out that the older Armaticus has a predisposition to playing hockey. So he’s (actually both Armaticii) changed clubs and folks, the weekend travel now is ridiculous. While at the same time, both are still playing soccer on a rather high level for their age groups. So on the family front, the Armaticii have a lot to be thankful for.

So as you dear and loyal reader can see, family time has drastically cut into the free time available for most other activities, which means writing and posting on a regular basis.

But writing the above, doesn’t justify your humble blogger’s absence entirely either. What has given the Deus ex Machina blog the breathing room to not write is that the subject matter written about here has gone main stream over the last year or so.

As has been mentioned in earlier posts, the problems in the Church that have been the mainstay of the subject matter of the Deus blog have been noticed and are written about by such notable Catholic sites like Michael Voris’ Church Militant and presented on Taylor Marshall’s youtube channel.

And then there is Archbishop Vigano going full Trad… Catholic! (see)

And then, then there is the Roman Curia… (see here)

Only God knows what Francis is mad about this time…

… yet it could mean that a Son of Francis pontificate is off the cards. 😉

And speaking of Taylor Marshall, one of the best illustrations of the objectively real FRANCISEFFECT, i.e. the spreading of the RESTORATION is news that at some (at least one) SSPX book stores, Mr. Marshall’s books can now be purchased.

But that’s not all. Recently, the Deus ex Machina’s… let’s call it… shining the disinfecting sunlight on the operations of George Soros is being noticed at the highest levels. Below is a recent post that appeared on the Zero Hedge website detailing the speech that the US Attorney General William Barr has given about…, well…, George Soro’s operations.

So as you can see from the EVIDENCE below,  there are enough people waking up… or as the youth would say – getting RED PILLED and at the highest levels.

As to the RED PILLING in the post-conciliar church, your humble blogger has also noticed a tectonic shift in the attitude of… let’s call it mainstream catholicism. The most heartening news is the number of first Latin Masses that are appearing in this bloggers Twitter Feed.

What this blogger has done is follow any Catholic, catholic or “c”atholic that has been identified on his Twitter feed. And folks, over this Advent season, there has been an explosion of first Latin Masses.

Given the above plus all of the recent scandals that Francis, our very own clown prince of Rome has been dispensing, it would appear that the objective tipping point has been reached. (see here)

As measured by the entries appearing on this humble bloggers Twitter feed!

And just to dot the i and cross the t, here is the definition of what breaching a tipping point entails:

Tipping point: occurs when minority opinion quickly becomes majority opinion. Over time, the minority opinion grows. Once the minority opinion reached 10 percent of the population, the network quickly changes as the minority opinion takes over the original majority opinion.

SCNARC visualization

And the significance of reaching the tipping point is as follows:

“When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas. It would literally take the amount of time comparable to the age of the universe for this size group to reach the majority,” said SCNARC Director Boleslaw Szymanski, the Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor at Rensselaer. “Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.”

When taking the above in connection with something Francis has written (or rather was written for him), time is definitly greater than space.

And from the information below and what is written above, time is running out for both Francis and for some of his funding vehicles, such as George Soros.


AG Barr Blasts Soros For Stoking Hatred Of Police

“They have started to win in a number of cities and they have, in my view, not given the proper support to the police.

That is the warning that Attorney General William Barr has for Americans, as he told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum in a recent interview that liberal billionaire George Soros has been bankrolling radical prosecutor candidates in cities across the country.

“There’s this recent development [where] George Soros has been coming in, in largely Democratic primaries where there has not been much voter turnout and putting in a lot of money to elect people who are not very supportive of law enforcement and don’t view the office as bringing to trial and prosecuting criminals but pursuing other social agendas,” Barr told Martha MacCallum.

Specifically, Barr warned that if the trend continues, it will lead to more violent crime, ading that the process of electing these prosecutors will likely cause law enforcement officers to consider whether the leadership in their municipality “has their back.”

“They can either stop policing or they can move to a jurisdiction more hospitable,” he said.

“We could find ourselves in a position that communities that are not supporting the police may not get the police protection they need.”

The Washington Post recently reported that while two Virginia prosecutorial candidates – funded by Soros’ Justice and Public Safety PAC – have never prosecuted a case in a state court, they beat candidates with more than 60 years of experience between them.

Voris: The Soros Swamps


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Will have more to say on this later.

In the mean time, enjoy…

In the mean time, VIVA ESPANA!



Spain: Surge In Support For Conservative Populists

Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

Spain’s populist party, Vox, more than doubled its seats in parliament after winning 3.6 million votes in general elections held on November 10. The fast-rising conservative party, which entered parliament for the first time only eight months ago, is now the third-largest party in Spain.

Vox leaders campaigned on a “traditional values” platform of law and order, love of country and a hardline approach to anti-constitutional separatists in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia.

Vox’s meteoric rise is a direct result of the political vacuum created by the mainstream center-right Popular Party, which in recent years has drifted to the left on a raft of domestic and foreign policy issues, including that of uncontrolled mass migration.

The Socialist Party won the election with 28% of the vote — far short of an outright majority. The Popular Party won 20.8% and Vox won 15.1%. The rest of the votes went to a dozen other parties ranging from the far-left party Podemos (9.8%), the centrist libertarian party Ciudadanos (6.8%), Basque and Catalan nationalist parties and a hodge-podge of regional parties from Aragón, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Galicia, Melilla and Navarra. In all, more than a dozen political parties are now represented in parliament.

Spain has had a multi-party system since the country emerged from dictatorship in 1975, but two parties, the Socialist Party and the Popular Party, predominated until the financial crisis in 2008. After it, both parties underwent ideological splits that resulted in the establishment of breakaway parties.

The fragmentation of Spanish politics has made it difficult to form a coalition government: the November election was the fourth in four years. In the election held in April 2019, Vox won 2.6 million votes, or 10.3%, and entered Parliament for the first time with 24 seats. In the November vote, Vox won nearly a million additional votes and will now have 52 seats in Parliament.

Vox was established in 2013 in response to concerns that mainstream politicians in the Popular Party were failing to stop the Catalan independence movement, halt mass migration and combat the “cultural hegemony” of the left.

Vox’s rise has been fueled by its uncompromising stance after Catalan separatists in 2017 declared independence from Spain. Mainstream politicians, fearful of fueling the independence movement, have appeared weak and wavering. Vox leader Santiago Abascal, by contrast, has called for a state of emergency to be imposed in Catalonia, and for Catalan separatist parties to be outlawed.

Politicians on both the left and the right have sought to undermine Vox by branding the party, among other terms, as fascist, racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, reactionary, homophobic and anti-democratic.

Vox, however, does not fit the traditional left-right paradigm: an estimated 300,000 voters who normally vote for the Socialist Party are believed to have voted for Vox in this election.

After Vox entered Parliament in April, prosecutors in Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain, said that they were investigating Javier Ortega Smith, the second-ranking leader of Vox, for an alleged hate crime after they received a complaint from a Muslim group called “Muslims Against Islamophobia” (Musulmanes Contra la Islamofobia).

At a rally in Valencia on September 16, 2018, Ortega Smith had declared that Europe’s “common enemy” is the “Islamist invasion”:

“Our common enemy, the enemy of Europe, the enemy of freedom, the enemy of progress, the enemy of democracy, the enemy of the family, the enemy of life, the enemy of the future is called the Islamist invasion.

“What is at stake is what we understand or know as civilization. It is under serious threat. We are not alone. More and more Europeans are standing up because they are suffering in their cities, on their streets and in their neighborhoods due to the application of Sharia law. They are not willing to have their cathedrals torn down and forcibly replaced with mosques.

“They are not willing to have their women cover their faces with a black cloth and be forced to walk ten steps behind — to be treated worse than camels. They are not willing to extinguish what we understand as civilization and a respect for rights and freedom.”

The criminal inquiry appeared aimed at silencing critical discussion of Islam ahead of national elections.

Spain’s media establishment has also prohibited representatives of Vox from appearing on national television — apparently in an effort to prevent Spanish voters from knowing more about the Vox platform.

After Vox entered Parliament in April 2019, however, Abascal and other Vox leaders were granted more media exposure. Vox received a major boost after Spanish television was required to allow Abascal to participate, for the first time, in a nationally televised presidential debate, on November 4. More than eight million voters tuned in to the debate, in which Abascal was confident, relaxed, looked his opponents directly in the eye and exuded common sense. Millions of Spaniards who had never before seen the Vox leader speak learned first-hand that the party is patriotic, not the fascist threat portrayed by its detractors in the media.

Vox (based on the Latin word for voice) describes itself as a socially conservative political project aimed at defending traditional Spanish values from the challenges posed by mass migration, multiculturalism and globalism. Vox’s foundational mission statement affirms that the party is dedicated to constitutional democracy, free-market capitalism and the rule of law. In foreign policy, Vox is pro-Israel, pro-American and pro-NATO. Party leaders have called for Spain to double its defense spending to meet its commitments to the transatlantic alliance. In domestic policy, Vox’s stated priority is to enact constitutional reforms aimed at preventing the territorial disintegration of Spain from threats by Basque nationalism and Catalan separatism.

Vox says that it is “a movement created to put the institutions of government at the service of Spaniards, in contrast to the current model that puts Spaniards at the service of the politicians.” Its mission statement says:

“Vox is the common-sense party, which gives voice to what millions of Spaniards think in their homes; the only party that fights against suffocating political correctness. Vox does not tell Spaniards how they should think, speak or feel. We tell the media and the parties to stop imposing their beliefs on society.

“Our project is summed up in the defense of Spain, of the family and of life; in reducing the size of the state, guaranteeing equality between Spaniards and expelling the government from your private life…. Our discourse stems from our convictions, regardless of whether they are more or less popular. In short, Vox is the party of a living Spain, free and brave.

A 100-point electoral program shows that Vox is not “far right” or “extreme right” but rather a traditional conservative party. Vox’s electoral program includes the following policy proposals:

    • Spanish Unity and Sovereignty: Implement a series of legal measures aimed at ending Catalan separatism; provide “maximum legal protection” to national symbols and emblems, especially the flag, the national anthem and the Spanish Monarchy; create a comprehensive plan for the education, dissemination and protection of national identity and Spain’s contribution to civilization and universal history, “with special attention to the deeds and feats of our national heroes.”
    • Immigration: Deport illegal immigrants; deport legal immigrants who commit serious crimes in Spain; increase the legal penalties for those involved in people smuggling; increase the language and integration requirements for the acquisition of Spanish nationality; and adapt immigration quotas to the needs of the Spanish economy.
    • Defense, Security and Borders: Close all mosques that adhere to Wahhabism, Salafism of other fundamentalist interpretation of Islam; require Islamic leaders in Spain to collaborate with Spanish authorities to detect Islamic radicals; prohibit the teaching of Islam in public schools; include in national crime statistics data about the nationality and countries of origin of offenders.
    • Economy and Resources: Reduce public spending; eliminate redundant government positions or organizations; reduce income taxes; introduce a flat tax; eliminate inheritance taxes; improve the tax situation for families with one or more children; promote the reindustrialization of Spain; make it easier to open new businesses by reducing red tape.
    • Healthcare: Eliminate free healthcare for illegal immigrants and require co-payments for anyone who has lived in Spain for less than ten years.
    • Europe and Abroad: Promote a new European treaty along the lines defended by the Visegrad Group of countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) in terms of borders, national sovereignty and respect for the values of European culture; increase the weight of Spain in EU decision-making; reduce the EU budget; promote bilateralism in international relations; withdraw from supranational organizations if they are contrary to the interests of Spain; creation of an agency to help threatened Christian minorities, imitating the initiative of Hungary.

Vox’s growing appeal also rests on the fact that it is the only political party in Spain fundamentally to reject political correctness. Vox leaders speak with a frankness and clarity of conviction long unheard of in multicultural Spain.

“We are neither a fascist party, nor the extreme right, nor do we eat children, nor are we totalitarians,” Ortega Smith recently said in an interview with the Espejo Público television program.

“We are the only party that is defending the constitution and democracy [against Catalan separatists].”

Vox could best be described as “civilizationist,” a term coined by historian Daniel Pipes to describe parties that “cherish Europe’s and the West’s traditional culture and want to defend it from assault by immigrants aided by the left.” In an essay titled, “Europe’s Civilizationist Parties,” Pipes wrote:

“Civilizationalist parties are populist, anti-immigration, and anti-Islamization. Populist means nursing grievances against the system and a suspicion of an elite that ignores or denigrates those concerns….

“Civilizationist parties, led by Italy’s League, are anti-immigration, seeking to control, reduce, and even reverse the immigration of recent decades, especially that of Muslims and Africans. These two groups stand out not because of prejudice (‘Islamophobia’ or racism) but due to their being the least assimilable of foreigners, an array of problems associated with them, such as not working and criminal activity, and a fear that they will impose their ways on Europe.

“Finally, the parties are anti-Islamization. As Europeans learn about Islamic law (the Shari’a), they increasingly focus on its role concerning women’s issues, such as niqabs and burqas, polygamy, taharrush (sexual assault), honor killings, and female genital mutilation. Other concerns deal with Muslim attitudes toward non-Muslims, including Christophobia and Judeophobia, jihadi violence, and the insistence that Islam enjoy a privileged status vis-à-vis other religions.”

Addressing voters after the November 10 election results, Abascal said:

“For us, the main urgency today, beyond debates about electoral acts, is to demand from the government the complete restoration of the constitutional order in Catalonia and the return of freedom to millions of Catalans who feel kidnapped by a separatist coup that acts with impunity….

“We estimate that approximately 300,000 Spaniards who voted for the Socialist Party on April 28 have now opted for Vox. These results make Vox a true containment dike and a hope for millions of Spaniards. The containment dike is against Catalan separatism and against the totalitarian legislation of the progressives who, for the first time in a long time, will have a firm opposition and close vigilance.”

A Spanish political commentator called “Elentir” wrote about the significance of Vox’s electoral success:

“Some thought that the progressive dictatorship had no turning back, that little or nothing could be done in the face of the imposition of gender ideology and the culture of death, in the face of the efforts of the big parties to impose a social-democratic consensus that puts an increasing share of our wealth in the hands of politicians, in the face of multiculturalism and illegal immigration, in the face of a leftist feminism that criminalizes males, and in the face of an absurd territorial model that has put the necessary resources in the hands of separatists to break our national unity. A handful of brave men, however, kept the flame of hope burning and refused to surrender. They decided to do what until then was a taboo in public life: to engage in a battle of ideas against this progressive dictatorship….

“The rise of Vox began with the 12 deputies elected in the Andalusian elections in December 2018. In April 2019, Vox won 24 seats in Parliament becoming the fifth-largest political force in all of Spain. Today Vox has achieved what only a year ago seemed impossible: to become the third-largest force. And it does so by overcoming the barrier of the 50 deputies.

“This number is not trivial. According to Article 162 of the Constitution, the number of 50 deputies enables a party to present resources for unconstitutional actions. If with 24 deputies Vox already made themselves felt considerably in the Congress of Deputies, with their current strength they will have a very important role in Spain’s national life. Thanks to those resources, Vox will be able to start acting before the Constitutional Court against the laws that threaten our rights and freedoms.

“Long live Spain!”

God Fights On The Side With The Most Guns!


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Greetings folks.

Sorry that this humble blogger hasn’t been blogging lately.

I have been busy with work issues lately, those same work issues that were behind the prayer request a few months back. All appears to be going well, but we ain’t there yet. Therefore, keep those prayers coming.

Back to the  business at hand.

For those dear and loyal readers watching their section of the Visibilium Omnium will notice that some things are changing. And this change is being picked up on the Deus ex Machina filters also.

What our filters are picking up is an emerging theme, let’s call it a BIG IDEA at whose ROOT is what Dr. Jordan Peterson has identified as the WAR ON COMPETENCY.

Here is this humble blogger’s take on the state of play at present Anno Domini 2019 from 30,000 feet above sea level:

As we know, the Enlightenment was not really an enlightenment as the term suggests. What it was is in fact is a separation of ONTOLOGICAL REALITY into its subsections, namely the NATURAL LAW, the SUPERNATURAL LAW and the HUMAN CONSCIENCE.

As per our blog, here is how this humble blogger sees it: (see here)

ONTOLOGY in turn has three components:

Natural (known through scientific method),

Supernatural (known through divine Revelation) and

Conscience (Soul) (God like characteristic possessed by humans that allows this part of His creation exclusively to understand the Natural and the Supernatural. This knowledge is gained using empirical data and reason (logic) through the theological science, the biological sciences, social sciences and humanities.)

By treating these three subsections as stand alone entities, a premium was placed on such VALUES (and I use this term loosely)  as efficiency, innovation, prosperity at the expense of other values such as humility, charity and subsidiarity.

If one focuses on the VALUE of efficiency, what one can OBSERVE is that the singular focus on efficiency has created such a demand for resources, that it has sqeeze out the less efficient from acquiring those same resources and at the level needed to maintain a standard of living that they have become accustomed to.

This fight for resources has led to the rebellion against Moderism (secular) with the post-Modernist movement.

And the post-Modernist movement has at it’s ROOT the war on COMPETENCY

…as per what Our Lord taught us and what the present day Economist call the Matthew Principle.

Think about this for a minute or two…

Here and here are two examples of the dynamic playing itself out…

If we accept the above as a TRUE PREMISE, then we can easily explain the raising demand for the aquisition of firearms by the local populations…

When taking the above two apparently independent and unrelated OBSERVATIONS, it could be that they are neither independent nor are they unrelated.

Here’s want could be the case: Due to the fact that one side of the population has the overwhelming numbers of firearms, the other side needs to keep the Law Enforcement Unions happy since they also have guns and what’s more important, have a vested interest in using those guns to protect the source of their resources, i.e. municipalities that pay their salaries and more importantly, fund and pay out their pensions.

Pretty crazy stuff, yes?

Hold that thought…

And now for something completely different…

… maybe…

Over at the Dr. Steven Turley youtube channel, we get a video embedded above, about Bill Mahers latest … what shall we call it… let’s call it a “come to Jesus” moment.

In this video, it appears that Bill Maher is asking his viewers to… wait for it… to be civil to their relatives who do not share their beliefs, when they meet for the family Thanksgiving dinners.

And Mr. Mahers motivation for this “message of civility”: if we don’t become civil to each other, it could lead to a CIVIL WAR.


I wonder if Mr. Maher has come to the same realization as the Wehrmacht generals in 1943, and that realization… to paraphrase a modified Napoleonic maxim, i.e.:

God fights on the side with the most guns!

Before this humble blogger signs off, and on a small aside, do you folks remember the episode on Maher’s show where Dr. Jordan Peterson asked Bill Maher and his panel of how will they reconcile the warring sides of the current political (cultural) war raging in these United States?

The evolution of a “Christian atheist” perhaps?

And now to today’s post from the small “c” catholic Zero Hedge and precient observation about the situation that Western Civilization find themselves in at present.


The Elite Controllers Fear The Individual And Individual Intelligence

Authored by Gary Barnett via,

This once great country of America has gone through many changes, and these changes, while implemented by the design of its true rulers, are not understood by the huddled masses that have been taught to accept mediocrity as desired normalcy.

The ruling class fully understands that the only way to control people, and to finally control the world, is to stifle individual excellence by creating a society that refuses to think. This has been accomplished through planned conflict, the instilling of fear, the total control of education by the puppet state, by building dependence through public welfare, and by dominating most all positions of power in a myriad of state, corporate, and important intellectual appointments.

“At its root, the logic is that of the Grand Inquisitor, who bitterly assailed Christ for offering people freedom and thus condemning them to misery. The Church must correct the evil work of Christ by offering the miserable mass of humanity the gift they most desire and need: absolute submission. It must “vanquish freedom” so as “to make men happy” and provide the total “community of worship” that they avidly seek. In the modern secular age, this means worship of the state religion, which in the Western democracies incorporates the doctrine of submission to the masters of the system of public subsidy, private profit, called free enterprise. The people must be kept in ignorance, reduced to jingoist incantations, for their own good. And like the Grand Inquisitor, who employs the forces of miracle, mystery, and authority “to conquer and hold captive for ever the conscience of these impotent rebels for their happiness” and to deny them the freedom of choice they so fear and despise, so the “cool observers” must create the “necessary illusions” and “emotionally potent oversimplifications” that keep the ignorant and stupid masses disciplined and content.”
~ Noam Chomsky,

This quote by Chomsky is correct in that it describes the current condition of the general populace, but is incorrect in that it claims free enterprise is the problem. There is no free market in this country, and there has not been a free market for many years. We live in what is best described as a fascist oligarchy, one that relies on the premise of state and corporate partnership. Without that dynamic in place, the situation would not be as dire as it is today.

It is important to state that I believe the common people are not incapable of intelligent thought, but have given in to the pressure from their self-appointed overseers, and accepted a subordinate position in society. They have been programmed to suppress their curiosity, and therefore have chosen to hide from responsibility. I refer to this attitude as a fear of freedom, as freedom requires much work, a strong moral base, an active intellect, and constant defense of self-rule. It is difficult to achieve and even more difficult to keep, so most are willing to take the easy way. By doing so, tyranny of the masses is always the resulting societal structure.

In any society such as this, what the common people perceive as freedom is in realty a type of controlled servitude. While this should be easily recognized by most, it is not, and this is mainly due to a fear of the truth. So pretending that the threat does not exist allows the underclass to avoid conflict, but only temporarily. This avoidance is a natural protection measure, but in the case of a slave society, this hiding from responsibility by the people will eventually become deadly.

The monopoly of power that is held by the few over the rest of society is all consuming, and the ultimate control sought by these elites is getting ever closer to fruition. It has been affected over long periods of time through incremental measures. It did not happen overnight, but over centuries, and at this point, the final objectives desired are within sight.

This is the most dangerous time for man as I see it, as the elite design for future economic decision-making for all is to be placed in the hands of so-called chosen experts, with power over the entire world economy. All economic decisions are to be based on a controlled allocation for society, which is simply centrally planned socialism, with a top-down hierarchy of control by the few. This ruling system is known as Technocracy, and when implemented, it will be the end of liberty.

I do not make these assertions lightly, and this is not theory, it is the current state of affairs. Consider the division among the general population, and the hatred amongst the masses. This is not natural, but has been put in place purposely to achieve a particular outcome by those controlling the now ignorant and indoctrinated general population.

The new world order that is desired by the ruling class is getting ever closer to becoming reality. This is not conjecture or some wildly fantastic science fiction, but is a plan that is gaining momentum due to a society consumed by blind indifference.

In past history when a ruling class went too far, and exceeded all the bounds of accepted power, the people arose, and a new system emerged. But can that happen in this country in this time of extreme political change and concentrated power? The creation of conflict that is evident today is a driving force in bringing about a world run by the few. And the common people are already relegated to a position of cogs in the wheel of society, as opposed to thinking for themselves and taking control of their own lives. This phenomenon must change in order for freedom to survive, and a reversal of the power structure must be forthcoming, if Americans are once again to control their own destiny.

Virtue Signaling Morphing Into Moral Grandstanding – Proletariat Is Catching On As FrancisChurch Nears Its Omega Point…


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“And when you fast, be not as the hypocrites, sad. For they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Amen I say to you, they have received their reward. But thou, when thou fastest anoint thy head, and wash thy face; That thou appear not to men to fast, but to thy Father who is in secret: and thy Father who seeth in secret, will repay thee.”

The Holy Gospel of  Jesus Christ, according to St. Matthew 6:16-18

Authored by Scott Barry Kaufman via Scientific American,

Do you strongly agree with the following statements?

    • When I share my moral/political beliefs, I do so to show people who disagree with me that I am better than them.
    • I share my moral/political beliefs to make people who disagree with me feel bad.
    • When I share my moral/political beliefs, I do so in the hopes that people different than me will feel ashamed of their beliefs.

If so, then you may be a card-carrying moral grandstander. Of course it’s wonderful to have a social cause that you believe in genuinely, and which you want to share with the world to make it a better place. But moral grandstanding comes from a different place.

First defined and delineated in the moral philosophy literature, moral grandstanding can be defined as “the use and abuse of moral talk to seek status, to promote oneself, or to boost your own brand.”

A moral grandstander is therefore a person who frequently uses public discussion of morality and politics to impress others with their moral qualities. Crucially, these individuals are primarily motivated by the desire to enhance their own status or ranking among their peers.

Let’s face it: Moral grandstanding seems to be everywhere these days. As clinical psychologist Joshua Grubbs notes, “Perhaps, just perhaps, part of the reason so many of us are so awful to each other so much of the time on here is related to a desire to show off to likeminded others. In essence, sometimes we behave poorly in an effort to gain the respect and esteem of folks like us.”

Interested in scientifically investigating this phenomenon, Grubbs teamed up with the philosophers who first defined moral grandstanding– Justin Tosi and Brandon Warmke– as well as the psychologists A. Shanti James and W. Keith Campbell. Across 6 studies (involving 2 pre-registrations involving nationally representative samples), 2 longitudinal designs, and over 6,000 participants, these are their core findings:

    1. Moral grandstanders (those scoring high on the moral grandstanding survey) tend to also score high in narcissistic characteristics and also tend to report status-seeking as their fundamental social motive.
    2. There is no relationship between moral grandstanding and political affiliation. However there is a link between moral grandstanding and political polarization: people on the far left and far right are both more likely to score higher in moral grandstanding characteristics than those who are more moderate democrats and republicans.
    3. Moral grandstanders are more likely to report greater moral and political conflict in their daily lives (e.g., “I lost friends because of my political/moral beliefs”) and they report getting into more fights with others on social media because of their political or moral beliefs. This correlation was found even after controlling for other personality traits, and continued over the course of a one-month longitudinal study.
    4. Grandstanders were more likely to report antagonistic behavior over time, such as attacking others online, or trying to publicly shame someone online because they held a different moral or political belief.

Of course, moral grandstanding is not the only factor predicting public conflict, and not every instance of public moral or political sharing is motivated by narcissistic motives. As Grubbs notes, a real difficulty in understanding socially toxic behaviors “is that oftentimes, the same behavior (by appearance) may be driven by vastly different motives, and intent matters quite a bit in interpreting those behaviors.”

Nevertheless, since we are such a social species, the human need for social status is very pervasive, and often our attempts at sharing our moral and political beliefs on public social media platforms involve a mix of genuine motives with social status motives. As one team of psychologists put it, yes, you probably are “virtue signaling” (a closely related concept to moral grandstanding), but that doesn’t mean that your outrage is necessarily inauthentic. It just means that we often have a subconscious desire to signal our virtue, which when not checked, can spiral out of control and cause us to denigrate or be mean to others in order to satisfy that desire. When the need for status predominates, we may even lose touch with what we truly believe, or even what is actually the truth.

To be sure, the human drive for social status can be a great driver of growth and goodness in the world. It really depends on whether one has a healthy regulation of this fundamental human need. Interestingly enough, Grubbs and his colleagues found that moral grandstanding motivations are reminiscent of the two different routes to social status found in the psychological literature: dominance and prestige. The dominance pathway to status is paved with hubris, deceit, and aggression, whereas the prestigious pathway to status is paved with pride for one’s authentic accomplishments, and the desire for personal growth and connection with others.

Likewise, moral grandstanding can be fueled by either:

    • The need to seek social status by dominating others (“When I share my moral/political beliefs, I do so to show people who disagree with me that I am better than them”) 
    • The need to seek status through being a knowledgeable and virtuous example (“I want to be on the right side of history about moral/political issues”, “If I don’t share my views, others will be less likely to learn the truth about moral/political matters”, “I often share my moral/political beliefs in the hope of inspiring people to be more passionate about their beliefs.”)

The researchers found that the dominance path to social status was much more strongly linked to antagonistic behaviors and conflict in everyday life compared to the more authentic/prestigious route to social status. Maybe so much of the strife seen on social media could be prevented if before hitting “Tweet”, we asked ourselves: “Do I truly believe in the importance of this cause/idea/belief or am I mainly just saying this to gain status from my peers and take down those who disagree?”

Of course, gaining social status from saying what one truly believes is a rewarding outcome, but when advancing your brand becomes the sole motivating force behind all of your political and moral pronouncements, that might not be the best route to getting at the real truth about what will actually help advance an important cause, not to mention your own well-being and happiness.

Hopefully more research along these lines will help advance our understanding of this important individual differences variable and how this factor is currently playing out in this divided moral and political landscape.

“For A Species That Has Been On A Trajectory Toward Self-destruction, Patterns Dissolving Can Only Be A Good Thing.”


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Patterns, they are dissolving…

Which means…

We’re winning folks (see here and here)…

… and here:

And for confirmation of the above:


The Imperial Propaganda Machine: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,

It’s important to avoid fake news, Russian media or conspiracy theorists. We must only trust those reputable news outlets who tell us that neoliberalism is working fine, that US foreign policy is perfectly sane, and that protests are only happening in Hong Kong and nowhere else.

The difference between state media and western media is that in state media the government controls what information the public is given about what’s going on in the world in order to prevent political dissent, whereas in western media this is instead done by billionaires.

Any attempt to understand the world which fails to take into account the fact that extremely powerful people are pouring massive amounts of money and resources into manipulating your understanding of the world will necessarily result in a distorted worldview.

Whenever news media reports unsubstantiated assertions from anonymous sources in government agencies, just mentally insert “Here is something the government told us to tell you:” into the beginning of the report, because that’s all they’re doing.

Russia and China haven’t become any more of a threat to you than they were three years ago, yet you think about them many times more often than you did back then. That’s propaganda at work, FYI.

All the establishment loyalists you argue with are ever really saying is, “No! The TV would NEVER lie to me!”

Sometimes all I can do is stare in awe at the power and efficiency of the imperial propaganda machine. When I first started this gig in 2016 Assange had way more support, from Berners, Greens, Trumpers, all across the spectrum. Now a large amount of that support has been eroded. For Trumpers Assange is being extradited for his own good to bring down the Deep State. For liberals he’s a Russian asset. For leftists he’s a rapist and fascist enabler. There’s a narrative for everyone, no matter where you are on the political spectrum. It’s really impressive.

I love alternative media, but we’re fucking idiots sometimes. You never see MSM doing our job for us, but we do their job for them all the time by attacking other alternative media figures, circulating CIA/CNN narratives about targeted nations and targeted individuals, etc. The only reason to ever do mainstream media’s work for them is if you’re looking for a job in MSM. If you actually want to participate in alternative media it’s your job to make things harder for establishment narrative managers, not easier. They get paid enough to do their own work.

Dominant power structures are corrupt beyond the possibility of salvation and humanity is driving itself toward miriad cataclysmic disasters all at once, yet many are more worried about those who share their basic ideology but have slightly different opinions. This is stupid.

There’s no separation between the personal struggle to free yourself from untruth and the collective struggle to free the world from untruth, in the same way there’s no separation between an antibody attacking an individual pathogen and the entire body recovering from a sickness.

Anyone who wants Silicon Valley oligarchs to censor the flow of information in any way is a drooling idiot.

MSM’s official position appears to be that there is no ideological difference whatsoever between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, other than the fact that you have permission to elect Warren but not Sanders. Apart from that, though, they’re exactly the same.

There’s a difference between Democrats and Republicans, in the sense that there’s a difference between the jab and the cross in boxing. The jab is often used to set up the more damaging cross, but they’re both wielded by the same boxer, and they’re both punching you in the face.

The “feud” between mainstream Republican pundits and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fits perfectly within the Overton window of establishment-approved debate, and can therefore be safely ignored.

Remember when voters in 2016 were like “can we please have even one major candidate who doesn’t have something seriously wrong with them?”, and the entire US political system was all “LOL nope,” and then nobody burned that system to the ground and flushed it down the toilet? Good times.

War is the worst thing in the world. It’s worse than economic injustice. It’s worse than the war on drugs. It’s worse than racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism. Those things are bad. War is worse. The priorities of leftists and progressives should reflect this, as should the priorities of anyone who claims to care about their fellow humans.

Trump: I am ending wars!

Neocons/liberal hawks: Oh no it sure is bad and horrible that this isolationist president is ending all the wars!

Wars: [continue completely unabated]

Imagine someone coming up to you with a money jar saying “Excuse me, we’re raising funds to build another military base in Somalia, would you care to make a donation?” No one would ever knowingly put money toward such an endeavor. Yet taxpayers do this unwittingly all the time.

Nobody comes out of the womb demanding to go to war. Left unmolested it would never occur to a normal human brain that strangers on the other side of the planet need to have explosives dropped on them by overpriced airplanes. The problem isn’t democracy, it’s propaganda.

Back when the wealthy had less wealth and ordinary citizens could support a family on a single income, the rich had a concept called “noblesse oblige” meaning their status came with obligations to society. Now the wealth gap is much greater, and the rich feel no obligation to anyone.

Less contempt for imaginary “Putin apologists”, more contempt for actual billionaire apologists.

The narrative that Gabbard is preparing a third party run is revealing, in that there’s zero evidence for it whatsoever yet they keep bringing it up. It’s literally just something pundits started saying in an authoritative tone of voice, and it was magically transformed into accepted orthodoxy. It’s a great illustration of how effective the establishment narrative managers are; they can create the illusion of a fact out of thin air just by saying something over and over again in an assertive tone.

Here’s a crazy thought: If “the troops” are constantly feeling the need to commit suicide after doing what they’ve been ordered to do while deployed, maybe what they’re doing over there isn’t so great and noble after all.

It sure is cute how we’ve known for years that the US and its allies armed actual, literal terrorists in Syria with the goal of effecting regime change, yet the only Syria controversy we’re ever allowed to acknowledge is whether there are an adequate number of US troops there.

I’m still tripping on how we’ve been fed all these wildly different narratives about why the US needs a military presence in Syria, from humanitarianism to Kurds to ISIS to Iran to Russia to chemical weapons to oil, yet this isn’t immediately extremely suspicious to everyone. I mean, if some guy was constantly calling me up and giving me a whole range of wildly different reasons why he needs my bank account number, I’d immediately assume that what he actually wants is my bank account number, you know?

So many of spiritual-type people’s highest values would work fine in a world without sociopaths. Forgiveness, humility, trust, seeing people’s basic innocence, etc, they work fine until you run into a manipulator with no empathy. In this world they require much more nuanced use.

Things are getting stranger and stranger. Things getting stranger and stranger is what it looks like when long-fixed patterns begin to dissolve. For a species that has been on a trajectory toward self-destruction, patterns dissolving can only be a good thing. We’ll win this.