Drawing A Distinction Between FrancisChurch And The Catholic Church Is Becoming Urgent…


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Today we continue our ‘Quo Vadis Fratres?’ theme.

For a quick reminder, the modified MISSION of the Deus ex Machine blog calls for providing information obtained through sensory data and empirical EVIDENCE which relates directly or indirectly to what is colloquially known as the Francis “magisterium”.

The reason for this need is that Francis has adopted a number of leftist policy initiatives, both theological and secular and has conflated them to his “teaching magisterium”. In a couple of recent posts, your humble blogger has pointed out the problems with just two of Francis’ pet “teachings”.

In the post titled Quo Vadis Patres – Vatican Catering Services Inc. Perhaps?, we pointed out that Catholic clerics are beginning to realize the “policy changes” that Francis is introducing. The specific change is what can be called the “protestantization” of the post-conciliar church. Francis and his team are denying the ONTOLOGICAL reality of the Holy Sacraments, while trying to replace their apex ordering in Catholic theology with minor at best, principles of general ethics (attenuating factors, the relationship between universal norm and subjective situation, non-imputability, etc.)

The empirical EVIDENCE for the disastrous outcome that will result from these changes will be exactly like those of the protestant sects. These disastrous results can best be seen in the below Markus Günther article from the December 29, 2014 that appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: (see here)

But why are the seekers no longer finding guidance? Why are the supply and demand no longer jibing? The most popular answer to this question is: because the Church is no longer relevant to the times. She must conform more closely to the realities of the lives of modern people. Initially, that sounds plausible, but under closer scrutiny reveals itself to be idiocy. For the Evangelical church in Germany has done nearly everything which is being demanded from the Catholic Church in order to become more relevant to the times: women priests, the elimination of celibacy, liberality in moral theology, the complete acceptance of homosexuals and the divorced. If these were the real reasons for the malaise of Christendom, the Protestants should be far better off than the Catholics. But that simply isn’t the case. A second error in thinking is introduced by the popular buzzword “relevant to the times” [German: zeitgemäß, which can mean “modern,” “suitable,” or even “appropriate,” and often carries all of these shades when applied to the Church]: Wherever the Church does not base herself upon timeless, incontrovertible truth, she reveals herself to be purely man-made. Political programs should be “relevant to the times,” entertainment programming, too; but a religion must take command of absolute truths – or it is no religion at all. 

In a second post titled Francis, The Depopulation Huckster Of Rome Whiffs Again…, we presented EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE that another of Francis’ “policy” bugaboos is also not OBJECTIVELY CORRECT. This specific change has to do with the FrancisDoctrine of “GLOBAL OVERPOPULATION“. For those who might have already forgotten, Francis and his team have held conferences on this FrancisDoctrine, inviting such luminaries to speak as Paul Ehrlich and Jeffery Sachs.

However, the EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE appears to debunk this Francis”policy”, which we presented in the republication of a post that appeared on the Zero Hedge website titled The Global Economy Is Running Out Of Its Most Valuable Resource. The resource in question is: PEOPLE. Here is that passage:

All productive nations whether in East Asia or the West, have reached the peak of their 250-year-long development. Even the most devastating wars could not prevent their populations from growing in the long run. It is only now, during the many decades of peace and affluence, that the numbers of the inhabitants of the developed countries have been decreasing and the trend continues. The phenomenon has not been brought about by any famine or natural disaster but by the sheer fact that people do not want to have children.

And to add fuel to this madness, the FrancisChurch is now launching a new assault on  the anti-contracption Papal Encyclical Humanae Vitae. (see here)

So given Francis’ horrendous track record with leftist policy issues, is it any wonder that Francis is striking out again, this time with GLOBAL COOLING/WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE. As you dear reader will most likely recall, Francis even wrote a FrancisDocument called Laudato Si.

Most recently, we get this passage via the Zero Hedge website: (see here)

As Francis has continued to sound more like an activist and less like God’s highest authority on Earth, he is set to hold a three-week synod, or conference of bishops, specifically to address the ecological crisis in the Amazon. Francis has said that deforestation threatens to destroy the “lung” of the Earth, as well as the indigenous tribes who live in the rainforest.

So in the above, we see Francis’ new “magisterial policy” pertaining to GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE, while the OBJECTIVE REALITY is somewhat different.

Below is a short post with some tables and graphs that shows what is the REALITY and what it looks like.

Concluding, what we see is another liberal cause that Francis has appropriated for his “magisterial teaching” which turns out to be FAKE. The PATTERN of FAKE CAUSES that Francis has associated himself and FrancisChurch with are quite numerous not to notice.

Which also brings to mind another issue, and that issue has to do with the caricature that the Catholic Church is “anti-science”. From the EVIDENCE presented here and in the other mentioned post, there appears to be some credence to this charge.

With the caveat that this charge is legitimate when speaking about FRANCISCHURCH.

Which just makes the drawing of a distinction between FrancisChurch and the Holy Roman Catholic Church all the more urgent.

But more on this in a follow-up post.

In the mean time though, I hope the upper and middle management behind the Sacred Vatican Walls are taking note.

Quo Vadis Patres?


CO2 Emissions Hit 67-Year Low In Trump’s America, As Rest-Of-World Rises

We suspect you won’t hear too much about this from the liberal mainstream media, or the environmental movement, or even Al Gore – but, according to the  latest energy report from The Energy Information Administration (EIA), under President Trump, per-capita carbon dioxide emissions are now the lowest they’ve been in nearly seven decades.

Even more interesting is the fact that US carbon emissions dropped while emissions from energy consumption for the rest of the world increased by 1.6%, after little or no growth for the three years from 2014 to 2016.

The U.S. emitted 15.6 metric tons of CO2 per person in 1950. After rising for decades, it’s declined in recent years to 15.8 metric tons per person in 2017, the lowest measured levels in 67 years.

And as The Daily Caller reports, in the last year, U.S. emissions fell more than 0.5% while European emissions rose 2.5% (and Chinese emissions rose 1.6% along with Hong Kong’s 7.0% surge), according to BP world energy data – an ironic turn of events given Europe’s shaming of Trump for leaving the Paris climate accord.


Predator Bishops, Predator Bishops Everywhere…


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By the way, whatever did happen to that dossier?

Today your humble blogger introduces his faithful and loyal readers to the term “PREDATOR BISHOP”. In the Deus ex Machina parlance, a PREDATOR BISHOP is nothing more than a FrancisBishop. Yet to be more precise, the term PREDATOR BISHOP as it is presently being used in the Catholic legacy media, appears to be a specific sub-set of FrancisBishops who ‘have acted to sexually abuse anyone under their care or who cover-up for clerics who sexually abuse anyone in their care’.

But there’s more…

The advent of the identification and designation of those who fall into the category of PREDATOR BISHOPS also comes with a call to take concrete actions at the individual level.

A letter addressed to PREDATOR BISHOPS  and those who promote and protect them was written by Beverly Stevens of Regina magazine. In her call to arms, Mrs. Stevens suggests that individual Faithful “shut their wallets” and not fund these actively aberro-sexual clergy and bishops. Below is the Life Site News post. (see original here)

Which brings us to a theme that has appeared on this blog for many years (yes, years) now and is codified in our LEX ARMATICUS’ Principle no. 2 and Principle no. 6:

2nd Principle:

Even Neo-modernists need to eat.


6th Principle:

Stop giving these leftists money!

Concluding, from what this humble blogger has been observing, the money issues are the proper means through which the US and the Western Church will be reformed. If  we, the 5%, as per Mrs. Stevens’ letter, shut our wallets to the PREDATOR BISHOPS and their co-conspirators, we can do more good than with any other mechanism, outside of praying and fasting of course.

And on a personal note, I would include the Society of St. Pius X to the list of acceptable organizations that good Catholics should support with their hard earned money.

Further, I think it’s safe to say that the “irregular” situation of the SSPX is nothing more than a FAKE CANONICAL SCAM being used by the neo-Modernists and post-Modernists to create divisions within the INDEFECTIBLE CHURCH.

And on that note…

Update: I have created a link to the below post in the left hand margin on the blog. I suggest everyone who comes across this blog and has a blog of their own, also put up a link. And spread the love!


No more funding ‘predator’ bishops: list of ‘safe spaces for Catholic money’

PORTLAND, Oregon, July 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — She’s as mad as heck, and she isn’t funding bad bishops anymore.

Following revelations that not only had Cardinal McCormick abused seminarians and young priests, but other bishops had known about it, Beverly Stevens of Regina magazine, wrote an open letter to actively homosexual bishops and priests saying that she was officially shutting her wallet.  Now, in response to a deluge of requests for suggestions as to where to send their money, Stevens has begun to compile as list of “safe spaces for Catholic money.”

Stevens did not mince her words when she announced her financial revolt against the “Lavender Mafia.”

“I know I speak for hundreds of millions of Catholics, not just in America, but around the world, when I say the following to the Lavender Mafia in the Catholic hierarchy,” she wrote.

  • “Do you really think we are stupid?
  • “You are parasites on the Body of Christ.
  • “You have overseen the disastrous destruction of the Church in the West, and have worked overtime to spin the story so that you appear to be the helpless victims or even the fearless champions of mindless ‘change’.
  • “Meanwhile, you do not believe in the Faith, easy to see because you don’t espouse it.
  • “As a result, the Church is in a tailspin, hemorrhaging Catholics across the West – souls lost to cults, sects and atheistic despair.
  • “Vocations are down AGAIN, after a brief uptick during Benedict’s pontificate.
  • “Meanwhile, the churches that represent the blood, sweat and tears of generations of Catholics are being sold on the real estate market to fuel fatuous pseudo-corporate ‘empowerment’ programs to ‘revitalize’ or ‘empower’ (I forget which nauseating buzzword) ‘vibrant’ parishes.
  • “This is not to mention your drug-fueled orgies where you assault our sons, or pay pennies for the services of other people’s sons in poor countries. (Google: ‘Sex abuse Saginaw Diocese’)”

The ten-part series will list “safe” Catholic seminaries and such other Catholic foundations and groups as houses of women religious, elementary schools, high schools, universities, churches in need of preservation, cultural groups, health care, social welfare groups, and media and publishers.

“No, these are not infallible,” Stevens admits. “Obviously we cannot provide bullet-proof picks, but we can tell you that we have spoken with, or visited, or known good people associated with each of these worthy institutions.”

Stevens’ first list encourages Catholic donors to support seminaries that she knows and judges to be are excellent. She indicates which ones train priests to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass and which are being prepared to say the Novus Ordo.

They include:

  1. Saint Gregory the Great Seminary, Lincoln, Nebraska
  2. Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, Denton, Nebraska
  3. Institute of Christ the King, Gricigliano, Italy
  4. The Community of Saint Martin, Evron, France
  5. Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, Wigratzbad, Germany
  6. Heiligenkreuze (Holy Cross) Abbey, Wienerwald, Austria
  7. Klosterneuberg Abbey, Vienna, Austria

Stevens, who is married with two adult children, told LifeSiteNews that she has been researching Catholic institutions for over five years.

“We have been publishing REGINA since Feb 2013 and in that time have covered some amazing Catholic Orders, communities, apostolates, and institutions which are authentically living and transmitting the Faith,” she said. “Many are little known, but because we learned so much about their work over the last 5+ years, we can recommend them.”

Stevens says that it is “loyalty to the magisterium” that makes a seminary worth supporting.

“In our travels we have found that many organizations are ‘Catholic in Name Only’ and hardly differ from their secular counterparts in what they teach, do, or provide,” she explained.  

Stevens and her husband lived in Europe for seven years, returning to the USA in 2016. Stevens taught Finance in the MBA programs offered on NATO bases.

“I discovered incredible Catholic history — which I then learned that most Europeans have no idea about,” she said. “I also discovered little-known gems–authentic Catholic orders and communities thriving where the institutional Church was faltering.”  

Steven says that nobody can guarantee anyone that they won’t encounter problems with any given Catholic institution or group.

“All we are doing is telling people that we know or have heard only good reports about the recommendations we are making,” she explained.

She believes that laity need to do more to help the Church, and that includes being more careful with their money.

“Laity can no longer be passive,” she stated. “We need to learn who to support, not just automatically give to a parish or school because they are ‘Catholic’. Unfortunately there are predators in the system, some quite high up as we have seen with Theodore McCarrick and that Scottish cardinal [Keith O’Brien] … .”

“We must not enable these people with our donations,” she concluded.

Quo Vadis Patres – Vatican Catering Services Inc. Perhaps?


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In total agreement with Ann Barnhardt’s observation here.

Today your humble blogger sets out into the post-conciliar wilderness with a newly redefined and laser focused MISSION STATEMENT. The focus of the newly refined Deus ex Machina MISSION has been turned to the post-Francis post-conciliar church. And the focus is directly on the Vatican’s upper and middle management.

Today’s food for thought for the Vatican upper and middle management is as follows: What does post-Francis FrancisChurch do with all the property that it possess after it has been transformed into a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)?

To answer the above question, one can say that there have been some CONCEPT TESTS performed by the FrancisChurch over the last 5 years. Here are some listed below:

FrancisVatican Conference Centers Inc., perhaps?

Or maybe this:

The FrancisVatican Concert Halls Plc ?


The FrancisVatican Auto Dealers and Showrooms LLC?

And then there is the Argentina specific concept:

The FrancisVatican (Argentina Branch) Ballrooms Ltd?

And the worst case scenario, this:

These are just five ideas that rolled off the top to this humble blogger’s head.

And when FrancisChurch announces it’s revised business model at a Vatican presser, they can also introduce the new Chief Executive Officer, with many years of experience in hostel operations and banking oversight, a “competent” individual who can take the FrancisOrganizationInc. and their new business model forward.

Yes indeed. The new CEO of FrancisOrg Inc. is standing right behind Francis, the Corporate Re-organizer of Rome.

The above brainstorming concepts are neither frivolous nor mean spirited. They are driven by an OBSERVABLE change in the underlying business model of FrancisChurch. Your humble blogger has outlined this quite startling series of OBSERVATIONS in posts dealing with the UNITED NATIONS and the NEW WORLD ORDER over the life of this blog.

Now we are beginning to see this same OBSERVABLE PATTERN being recognized in the writings of the clergy of the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium.

The latest SIGHTING comes via the Sandro Magister blog Seventh Heaven. In a post titled A Monk and Theologian Breaks the Silence on the Church’s Metamorphosis, Magister references the ‘Benedictine abbey of La Madonna della Scala in Noci, is a professor at the Theological Faculty of Puglia and at the Pontifical Atheneum of St. Anselm in Rome’, one Fr. Giulio Meiattini OSB.

Here is how Fr. Meiattini OSB sees the transformation of the post-conciliar church by FrancisChurch: (with emphasis and added emphasis)


Among the ethical demands and the sacramental foundation of Christian existence, the center is undoubtedly the sacrament, which is the communication to the believer of the grace that saves, and, in that it is welcomed by and transforms man, is also an act of glorification, doxology. […] Ethics is neither the first word not the last.

In “Amoris Laetitia,” however, the opposite logic is followed: the starting points are categories taken from the natural law and principles of general ethics (attenuating factors, the relationship between universal norm and subjective situation, non-imputability, etc.), and from these major premises are drawn the consequences for the pastoral practice of the sacraments.

Nota bene: What we are witnessing is the Nietzschean PROCESS of “TRANSVALUATION” at work. In a post titled “Ressentiment” – Reading “Francis” Through Nietzsche…, we identified just this mechanism in the lecture given by Dr. Stephan Hicks. Hick’s passage reads as follows:

Post-Modernism is populated by large numbers of people who like the idea of deconstructing other people’s work. The opposite of constructing something of your own. Consider parallel examples from the world of visual art. I think the visual art world was a little ahead of the post-Modernists this century. Asked to submit something for the display at the Art Institute of Chicago, Marcel DuChamp sends a urinal, which is then displayed. This makes a statement about art. Art is something you piss on. Or there’s the painters De Kooning’s version of the Mona Lisa, a reproduction he makes of Leonardo’s masterpiece with a cartoonish mustache added. That too makes a statement. ‘Here’s an achievement I can’t hope to equal and so I’ll turn it into a joke.’ In fact, destroy it. So you become a bully and a thug, not because it destroys something bad, but just because it feels good to wreck something. So words are your weapons now, you want to destroy the achievements of Western Civilization, especially the Enlightenment, how do you do it?

Moving on to the rest of the Meiattini passage, we read as follows:

In this way, the dimension of the symbolic and the sacramental, which should anchor, embrace, and transcend the moral sphere, loses its significance and becomes a mere appendix to ethics. […] The demonstration is given by the fact that in concrete terms the sin of adultery loses its public significance linked to the testimonial aspect of the sacrament, and can be remitted in the “internal forum” without any need to explain before the community why a spouse who publicly contradicts the sacramental sign of fidelity should publicly receive the Eucharist.

In short, the result of the decisions of “Amoris Laetitia” is the reduction of the sacramental to the moral, meaning of faith to ethics, which to me does not seem to be a mere question of pastoral practice. What is at stake here is something essential to the nature of Christianity (Ed. note: Catholicism to be precise).

So what we see in the above is EVIDENCE for the “RE-ORDERING” of the VALUE (BELIEF) SYSTEM of Catholicism by FrancisChurch. 

And the most likely reason behind the TRANSVALUATION is just as Dr. Hicks observed:

‘Here’s an achievement I can’t hope to equal and so I’ll turn it into a joke.’ In fact, destroy it. So you become a bully and a thug, not because it destroys something bad, but just because it feels good to wreck something.

Summa summarum: FrancisChurch is nothing short of Nietzschean!

Which should lead one to ask: will this Nietzschean TRANSVALUATION work?

And we have some sensory data of how well this TRANSFORMATION of the post-conciliar church by the FrancisChurch is proceeding here:

This is how the attendance at FrancisMass on Low Sunday of 2018 in St. Peter’s Square looked.

As for the heretical sects, it is even worse for them as can be seen here. And the diagnosis by the author of the CAUSE sounds eerily familiar!

Concluding and given that the sensory and empirical data is become overwhelming in support of the CLAIM that FrancisChurch is turning the post-conciliar church into a secular NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION, it might be a good time to start asking the upper and middle management behind the Sacred Vatican Walls if this is in fact the road down which they would like to accompany the Bride of Christ?

Quo vadis Patres?

UPDATE: 06:30 10 July 2018

More sensory data:

The Way Forward – What Is, That It Is…


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I hope all my dear and loyal readers are enjoying the summer season. It is simply spectacular here where this humble blogger produces this humble effort aimed at chronicling the “Restoration of all things in Christ”.

When this humble effort was launched, on that fateful day in November of 2014, the motivation behind the Deus ex Machina blog was a series of observations that were transpiring at the time, observations that supported a RECOGNIZABLE  PHENOMENON that the Catholic Church was moving in the direction of a full RESTORATION of all things in Christ.

At that time, this RESTORATION PHENOMENON was not visible to the untrained eye, yet your humble blogger not only noticed it, he identified it and put this information out into the public domain.

For these initial efforts, scorn can your humble blogger’s way, yet the persistence paid off. If one is to go back to those early posts and compare them to the current state of the knowledge that the mainstream Catholic blogging holds, the difference is quite large.

And if the distance traveled by the Catholic bloggers is large, the parallel distance traveled by the mainstream Catholic press is astronomical. Think Phil Lawler, Ed Pentin, Ed Peters, not to mention the guests and host appearing on the entire EWTN television network.

And naturally, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, the prelates such as Cards. Burke, Sarah, Muller and Brandmuller, bishops such as Schneider, Fellay and the entire Polish and Kazakhstan Episcopates, and numerous clergy such as Frs. Z and Blake, need a shout out here as well.

Regardless of one’s subjective and at time OBJECTIVE “point of view” about what these religious and laymen “should be doing”, it can be said that they are trying to navigate the perilous seas of the Francis bishopric of Rome, defending the Barque from crashing onto the rocks of apostasy and even material and formal heresy, while not allowing it to disintegrate into a collection of shipwrecked driftwood.

So given that which is written above, your humble blogger, after much reflection and meditation has decided to leave the day to day chronicling the RESTORATION to the current group of bloggers and writers and will “leap forward” to begin the task of chronicling the potential road forward, that lays ahead for the post-Francis post-conciliar church, which subsists in and on the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

As this humble blogger sees it, a return to the Traditional Catholic Faith presently lies through that part of our Faith that is known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made”. 

The EVIDENCE for this assertion is overwhelming and has been touched upon in our post titled The Power Of ONE WORD!The offending piece of EVIDENCE is here:

Since the above blog post was published in October of 2017, a couple of new PHENOMENA have arisen. One is what is now being called the PHENOMENON OF THE CHRISTIAN ATHEIST and the other is being termed as the INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB.

For those readers who have been following this humble effort for a while now, you will recall that this humble blogger identified the INTRINSIC CATHOLICISM of Dr. Jordan Peterson about 18 months ago and began referencing his work in my posts quite regularly.

Nota bene: I have embedded a quite long video to bring my readers up to date about the latest developments from within the Peterson PHENOMENON. The first 10 to 15 minutes are a must, if you dear reader are time constrained. But I digress…

In a post titled To “Magic Think”, Or Not To “Magic Think” – Cardinal Burke Finally Identifies The PROBLEM!, a video was presented where the both Dr. Peterson and his guest claim that a sizable group of former atheists are listening to there broadcast is because these former atheists, while not sure about Christianity, realize that without Christianity, all that is left is NIHILISM. So these new crypto-Christians are tuning in, turning on dropping back into the churches and other places of worship.

This above mentioned PHENOMENON is also spreading, and it is spreading quite rapidly. From what appears to be the case, the modern age Tele-Atheists, individuals which I will not name, are feeling the pressure on there listener-ship and viewership (decreasing), so they are engaging the Christian side of what has become known as the INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB. A few weeks ago, one of these debates, was held in Vancouver Canada and drew a sold out auditorium of 2500 people on two consecutive nights. This and every other sold out venue in which Dr. Peterson has lectured over these past 6 months, is a testament for the hunger for not only MEANING on the part of vast swaths of Western society, but also for the extension to the TRANSCENDENTAL.

Folks, this is YUGE!

So back to this humble blogger…

What this blogger has decided to do is to focus on that part of the these discussion that are taking place in the secular… bah, NATURAL realm and tie it back to the SUPERNATURAL. 

A good indication of the Deus ex Machina blog going forward will look much like the last two post, namely:

There’s The Poor, And Then There’s The FrancisPoor…


Francis, The Depopulation Huckster Of Rome Whiffs Again…

If there is one major thread that ties these two posts together, it is that the advancement of science and the scientific method (Thomistic -by lineage) in particular, has debunked the long-held Marxist notions of the post-Modernist JUNK SCIENCE and the underlying tenets for what is know as the Francis “magisterium”.

So going forward, the effect that is hoped for, is that the Faithful clerics and laymen will catch on to what is happening in the secular sub-sets of the Visibilium Omnium of the LEX ARMATICUS, and begin the long march to reorienting the post-conciliar church’s “theology” back to being based on a solid philosophy, a philosophy in which that which is REAL is defined as: what is, that it is.

Francis, The Depopulation Huckster Of Rome Whiffs Again…


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So today we continue with a theme, which is in essence a UNIVERSALIST theme. By definition, something that is UNIVERSAL is:

(1) : including or covering all or a whole collectively or distributively without limit or exception; especially : available equitably to all members of a society – universal health coverage

(2) a : present or occurring everywhere

b : existent or operative everywhere or under all conditions – universal cultural patterns

(3) a : embracing a major part or the greatest portion (as of humankind) – a universal state – universal practices

b : comprehensively broad and versatile – a universal genius

(4) a : affirming or denying something of all members of a class or of all values of a variable

b : denoting every member of a class – a universal term

(5) : adapted or adjustable to meet varied requirements (as of use, shape, or size) – a universal gear cutter – a universal remote control

And the operative definitions for our purposes are (2) and (4).

When looking at Catholic doctrine, especially that codified in the UNIVERSAL MAGISTERIUM, is by definition UNIVERSAL, i.e. TRUE everywhere, always and for everyone.

In the last post, your humble blogger pointed out the issue of POVERTY and the manner in which the Church of Francis has completely lost the plot on this issue. Specifically, the Catholic Church, and especially the next Roman Pontiff, will need to reassess the post-conciliar church’s “public policy” to this temporal issue.

The reason why the post-conciliar church will need to re-think its approach to POVERTY, is that it contains ERROR. In other words, the post-conciliar church’s approach lack UNIVERSALITY.

Therefore, it is not sustainable.

Our present body of knowledge, already has disproved the PRESUPPOSITIONS (Marxist in nature) upon which FrancisChurch functions with respect to this issue. And FrancisChurch will need to change its “teaching” on capitalism in the process, as demonstrated in the Dr. Jordan Peterson video.

Below is another “hot button” issue on which FrancisChurch has lost the plot. This issue is what used to be known as “OVER-POPULATION”.

The FrancisChurch position on the “OVER-POPULATION” has a more onerous and self-contradictory element to it, than it has with the POVERTY issue. With respect to the POVERTY issue, the teaching of Our Lord tells us that the POOR will always be with us. So the Universal Church’s historical teaching, in its infinite wisdom, has had ERROR free teaching on this subject since its founding.

With respect to OVER-POPULATION, the FrancisChurch position is in essence an antithetical position to Catholic Church teaching, as codified in HUMANAE VITAE.

Last year, FrancisChurch even invited Paul Ehrlich, the author of The Population Bomb and titular head proponent of global depopulation, to its Pontifical Academy of Science (PAS) and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (PASS) hosted international conference on the environment. (see here)

And more recently, we find out that the Catholic teaching on the sanctity of human life is about to be “revised” as well. (see here)

And just as it did with adopting a functional Marxist approach to the problem of POVERTY, FrancisChurch is also struck out with its policy on GLOBAL DEPOPULATION.

Below is what everybody in the “public policy” world that deals with the problem of DEPOPULATION is talking about, but none dare speaks its name. The 800 lb gorilla in the roome is that global population has reached its peak and will be starting its decline in the foreseeable future.

And this is raising a whole host of problems, which the post below goes into with greater detail.

Concluding, what this humble blogger would like to NOTE is that if the post-conciliar church wants to maintain its relevance, it must return to explaining the place of man in His creation with a sense of REALITY.

The REALITY is that DEPOPULATION will create a global crisis in the not too distant future. Hosting international conferences on the environment at the Vatican, with guests who are in essence debunked pseudo-scientific hucksters like Paul Ehrlich is… well… counter-productive. 

So figuratively speaking, Francis whiffs again…

Credible it’s not.

So as Francis, the DEPOPULATION HUCKSTER of Rome “progresses” his FrancisFlock back to a 1960’s VIRTUAL REALITY, it might be a good idea for the upper and middle management of the VATICAN to begin taking on board the OBJECTIVE REALITY of the “magisterium” that Francis is peddling and start planning for the post-Francis post-conciliar church.

One final though. If the middle and upper management would want to become RELEVANT, not to mention SUSTAINABLE in the shortest possible time frame, it would be wise to abrogate the post-conciliar “religion of the new spring time of VII” and return to Catholicism.

Just a thought!

The Global Economy Is Running Out Of Its Most Valuable Resource


The current state of the financial markets and the global economy depends on one single resource that nobody, even such renowned economists as Paul Krugman or Robert J. Shiller and dissenters like Max Keiser and Jim Rickards, dares to talk about. In private discussions central bank managers told us that they were aware that none of the existing economic theories and models fit this new situation. 

Yet, they do not broach it in their public speeches and lectures, preferring to deal with such topics as balance sheets and business cycles. All of which reminds one of a family visiting a terminally sick relative: everybody knows that he will never recover, and nobody whispers as much as a word about it.

All productive nations whether in East Asia or the West, have reached the peak of their 250-year-long development. Even the most devastating wars could not prevent their populations from growing in the long run. It is only now, during the many decades of peace and affluence, that the numbers of the inhabitants of the developed countries have been decreasing and the trend continues. The phenomenon has not been brought about by any famine or natural disaster but by the sheer fact that people do not want to have children.

Japan is an economic bellwether. The country refrained from mass migration and during the 2006-2016 period its population shrank by 0.5%, oil consumption dropped by 22%, car sales by 7% and GDP by 4%.

Japan is the first country to cope with the new reality and investors need to change their mindset to understand what this new reality stands for. In the past, every business cycle, recession or recovery, ended with a higher GDP and larger economy than before. In the future we will see the opposite: every business cycle will conclude with a lower GDP and a smaller economy than the previous one.

A shrinking population entails economic consequences. Oil consumption will decline, car sales will go down, and national GDP will be lower and lower. The paradox of it all is that the total economy may be shrinking, and yet people in the US, Europe and Japan will be doing better than before. Why? Because a less crowded country means less dependence on (foreign) oil, lower pollution and CO2 emissions, fewer traffic jams, more space and food abundance.

It is the financial sector that will be afflicted by the new reality, not the people. Without the support of central banks the Western financial industry will not survive a continued depopulation, a situation in which people save and spend less and less money. A buoyant economy invests in win-win deals, a stable economy is a zero-sum game, and in a depressed economy all investors lose. That is why central bankers are considering the imposition of negative interest rates. These are flashing warning signals.

Confronted with this reality, the American and European leaderships have opted for re-population. If the pace of this process remains the same, before this century is over, 50% of the Western states will be replaced with people from the Third World.

The Washington establishment began with the acceptance of unprecedented numbers of migrants from Latin America while the enlargement of the European Union made up for the lack of people, at least for the time being. As under the banner of the free movement of labour, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands got a fair share of migrants from Central Europe, this part of the continent has been deprived of its youth. For example the Polish generation in the age bracket 15-20 is 30% smaller. Now it is Ukraine’s turn to hand over its youth to Western Europe. After the 2014 revolt in Kiev the European Union was in a desperate hurry to grant Ukrainian “patriots” the right of visa-free travel, so that they could leave their allegedly beloved home country.

Demographics is quite precise, and those in power saw the coming “disaster” in advance. Peter Sutherland, a former Goldman Sachs banker, became an advocate of mass migration. In 2008 he said: “Rich countries should not try to restrict migration from poor countries, even during the economic slowdown.” Alas, migration is not about helping the poor – there are just too many of them – migration is about re-populating Europe. Migration is also about economics and finance.

All theories, all models that we know about the economy, finance and markets were developed when the European populations grew. The global economy is dependent on the industrialized world. Without Europe, the Sheikhs of Dubai would relapse into the life in tents, Africa’s population would be about 90 million instead of 1.2 billion, and today’s US would be a sparsely populated country with very few nomad tribes.

Prestigious consultancy firms have told their corporate clients that all societies are in essence the same and well on the way to becoming like Western economies. The Africans only need to change the law, and they will be as productive, diligent and efficient as people in Europe. Those pundits believe that if car sales stall in Europe, China will be the next market; if the Chinese market is flooded, we have still India, and then – probably around 2040 – the Africans will be the new customers.

We believe that the world’s economy is concentrated in East Asia and in the West, with all other economies being but satellites, and it is not going to change, at least in the foreseeable future. If the West together with Eastern Asia collapse, the rest of the world will follow suit. If the West and Eastern Asia stop being interested in African resources, the Black Continent will crumble. We remind the reader that all African countries are dependent on food imports which they finance with the exports of commodities. Africa cannot sustain its current population let alone the doubling of it within 25 years. 50% of the African youth is younger than 25.

The consultancies of Ernst and Young call these youngsters “demographic dividend”, a treasure trove for the global companies to reap. If they cannot capitalize on them in Africa, they have to bring them to Europe, as we see happening now. The current migration process which goes by the name of crisis is engineered and promoted by an influential lobby.

There’s The Poor, And Then There’s The FrancisPoor…


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Today we continue with our Nick Taleb theme originally set out in our post titled It’s Happening Folks – Trump Revolution Spreading To Italy…, with a specific focus on MONO-CULTURES and one of Francis’ favorite bugaboos (an object of fear or alarm), namely POVERTY.

Now as we all know, POVERTY is a serious matter. Yet, over the last 50 or so years, especially since the advent of Western countries whose economic order became more free market based, the ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE levels of POVERTY has been decreasing dramatically.

Happy days! (As the English might say.)

Well, not really…

One problem that arises has to do with “situations” where the reason for a “given entity’s”… such as FrancisChurch or the UNITED NATIONS, or even an entire IDEOLOGY’S existence (with associated very lucrative business models and university chairs) are based on the existence of POVERTY.

So what’s a Marxist or a liberation theologian to do?

Well, you “adjust” the statistics.

Below, we have a re-posting of a Mises Institute post via the Zero Hedge website (see here) pertaining to… you guessed it: POVERTY. I have emboldened the relevant text.

The CONTEXT in which your humble blogger would like to draw your attention to, is the MONOCULTURE aspect of this presented information that exists in GLOBALIST organizations like the UN and FrancisChurch.

A “monoculture” by definition is simply a culture that is the same in many different places. What makes a “monoculture” in areas outside biology in essence a contradiction, is that culture by definition is a geographical and spacial phenomenon. A simple definition of “culture” is the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time.

So what we are seeing in the Talebian linguistic construction is the usage of a biological term in a sociological setting, that is inherently contradictory. And as we know from our numerous discussions of HIDDEN AGENDAS, when we run into a literary construction that appears to violate the Law of (Non-)Contradiction, we know that there is something that isn’t being told to us.

So moving on to Nick Taleb’s explanation, he lays out how to identify one of these FAKE MONOCULTURES and it is as follows:

A MONOCULTURE’S narrative is fallacious when: 

1) it is logically incompatible with other narratives also held true by the same agents,

2) if it leads to the statistical clustering of causes that should be random, or, to the least, uncorrelated

In the case of Francis, we see a violation of both these conditions with respect to his “teaching” on POVERTY.

In the first case, we observe from the information presented in the post below, that the levels of POVERTY, both ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE are decreasing, as per Dr. Peterson’s video (17:00 minute mark). Yet Francis, the Social Worker of Rome would like you to think that this is not the case, and POVERTY is still a life and death issue.

Actually, Francis would like you to think that POVERTY is such a major issue, that he can be justified for reordering the mission of the post-conciliar church to the eradication of poverty, from the Catholic Church’s Salvation of Souls.

With respect to the second condition, we see a statistical clustering of causes that should be random, such as POVERTY, the promotion of INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED sexual behavior and giving HOLY COMMUNION to serial adulterers and heretics, heathens and everyone else, yet all are woven into one seamless garment inside the pathological Francis “magisterium”.

So concluding, we see that Francis and his WAR on POVERTY is nothing more than a SCAM explained by Nick Taleb and easily subsists in his definition of what he calls  an Inconsistency within a IDEOLOGICAL Monoculture.

And that MONOCULTURE also goes by other names: ECONOMIC and/or CULTURAL MARXISM.

Have a nice weekend and please take the time to watch and savor the above embedded video as you are reading the below….

The UN’s Absurd Measure Of US Poverty

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

The United Nations is at it again with yet another report on how bad poverty is in the United States – and how things would improve greatly if the US raised taxes. This time, the UN denunciation of the US has raised the ire of US ambassador Nikki Haley who has called the report “patently ridiculous.”

Specifically, Haley was responding to a June 18 report by UN bureaucrat Philip Alston. Alston concluded that poverty rates in the US are among the worst in North America or Europe.

How did Alston come to this conclusion?

Well, first of all, it’s important to note that he didn’t collect any new information.

The report comes at the end of a two-week visit to the United States conducted back in December of 2017. At the time, Alston released a similar preliminary report.

The new report to the UN Human Rights Council is just an update of the old report.

Moreover, Alston could have easily authored the report had he just stayed home. The report is based simply on existing data already collected and published by agencies such as the US Census Bureau and the OECD. Amy undergraduate could have written a similar report using data he found online.

One example of this method is found in Alston’s reporting on poverty.

According to the report:

About 20 per cent of children live in relative income poverty [in the United States], compared to the OECD average of 13 per cent.

Here, Alston has essentially cut and pasted text from an existing OECD report. There’s nothing wrong with this, per se, except for the fact that Alston has implied he has recently completed a thorough survey of poverty in the United States — even though he clearly hasn’t.

This November 2017 report from the OECD reads:

[C]hild relative income poverty rates are very high – around 20% of children in the U.S. live in relative income poverty, compared to just over 13%, on average across OECD countries.

The report also includes this graph:

But there’s a problem here with Alston’s use of the data. The OECD report refers to “relative income poverty,” which isn’t what most people think it is. Most people would think a poverty rate should measure incomes against the cost of maintaining a certain basic living standard. But this “relative” poverty measure isn’t that sort of measure. It’s just a measure of how many people in a country make 50% or more of that country’s median income level.

So, if you have country with a very low median income, and a very low standard of living, it’s possible to have very low poverty rates — so long as most people make more than fifty percent of that country’s lousy median income level.

This allows the OECD to claim — as it does in the graph — that the US has higher poverty rates than Mexico.

In order to understand this more fully, let’s look at the OECD’s own measure of disposable median income for each of its member countries (2015 data) in Graph A:

These numbers include both ordinary wage income and also cash assistance from welfare programs. It is also adjusted for local purchasing power and rendered in international dollars.

Now, note in the footnote of the OECD graph above that you’re poor — regardless of where you are — if you make 50 percent of the local median income. So, 50 percent of the median income in Greece (with a median income of $13,000) or 50 percent of the median income in Norway (with a median income of $39,000) are both simply “poverty.”

But let’s look at just how huge these differences can be.  If we look at incomes at the 50 percent level for each country, we get in Graph B:

If you’re going to be poor by this measure, you’ll have a higher income in the US than in many other places. For example, the poor in the US at the median poverty level have incomes 34 percent higher than the median poor in Italy. When comparing the US and Spain, the US comes in at 40 percent higher.

Put yet another way, if you make $15,000 in the US, you’re poor. But if you make $15,000 in France, Germany, the UK, or Italy, you’re not poor. Why? Because the overall median incomes in those non-US countries are lower.

Basically, by this measure, poverty has little to do with what resources you have at your disposal. It’s more or a measure of how much you’re making compared to how much other people are making. It’s a measure of income inequality, not poverty. 

The problem with making comparisons this ways can also be illustrated by looking at the US poverty-level income compared to the median income from other countries. For example, the US poverty-level income is so high it’s at 70 percent of the median income in Spain and 67 percent of the median income in Italy in Graph C:

If you have a median poverty-level income in the United States, your income is 95 percent the size of the median income of all households in Portugal. Stated broadly, we might say that poor households in the US have pretty much the same income as the overall population in Portugal. Or, one might say the median poverty income level in the US is nearly two-thirds as high as the overall median income of everybody in the United Kingdom.

Clearly, if a poor household in the US has an income 40 percent higher than a poor household in Spain — then these two types of “poverty” are not the same.

Measuring Poverty by Actual Standards of Living

A more honest way to measure poverty would be to look at actual indicators of the standard of living. This would include household amenities, living space, labor-saving appliances, entertainment, and so on.

For example, living space in the US, even among the poor, is measurably more plentiful than elsewhere. As noted by Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation:

Housing space can also be measured by the number of square feet per person. The Residential Energy Consumption survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy shows that Americans have an average of 721 square feet of living space per person. Poor Americans have 439 square feet. Reasonably comparable international square-footage data are provided by the Housing Indicator Program of the United Nations Center for Human Settlements, which surveyed Housing conditions in major cities in 54 different nations. This survey showed the United States to have, by far, the most spacious Housing units, with 50 percent to 100 percent more square footage per capita than city dwellers in other industrialized nations.

America’s poor compare favorably with the general population of other nations in square footage of living space. The average poor American has more square footage of living space than does the average person living in London, Paris, Vienna, and Munich. Poor Americans have nearly three times the living space of average urban citizens in middle-income countries such as Mexico and Turkey. Poor American households have seven times more Housing space per person than the general urban population of very-low-income countries such as India and China.

As Rector notes, “There is a vast gap between poverty as understood by the American public and poverty as currently measured by the government.” This is due to a wide variety of reasons. One reason is that income surveys don’t count non-cash poverty relief programs. This means programs like Medicaid and food stamps aren’t included in the incomes of low-income households in America. That makes those incomes looked significantly lower than they are. 

Poverty measures also can’t take into account heads of household who have low incomes, but also don’t have a mortgage because they’re paid off their houses already. This is not an insignificant factor in measuring poverty among the elderly. 

All of this is important because in Alston’s report to the UN, he relies on US government data using the traditional poverty-rate measures. He then combines these with the OECD’s “relative” poverty measures to conclude that poverty is “shockingly” widespread in the United States. 

A closer look at the data, though, suggests things are more complicated. 

None of this is to say that poverty doesn’t exist anywhere. Of course is exists, and issues like homelessness and true poverty are real for some people. Sweeping claims like those by Alston tell us very little, however, about the real state of poverty in the US. 

Francis, The Illuminated Tyrant of Rome?


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Today we stay with a secular grounded theme. Your humble blogger understands that this blog is dedicated to “the Restoration of all things in Christ”, yet most of the action is in the POLITICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, therefore the focus.

So today we do a “conspiracy theory rapidly moving quickly to a conspiracy FACT” category theme.

As my long time readers know, there is a movement afoot, centered in the United Nations and its satellite organizations that is trying to bring about a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. 

In turn, this ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT needs to “convert” the masses to this concept. In order to gain some sort of a “moral legitimacy” demonstrating this “conversion”, it needs a moral authority to “nudge” those low information voters to the CAUSE.

Hence, the notion that a ONE WORLD RELIGION is needed. (see here and here)

And voilàFrancis, the illuminated tyrant of Rome!

So what are our future rulers planning for us these days, you might ask dear reader?

One global “policy” initiative is… wait for it… gun confiscation.

Gun confiscation?

Oh yea, remember this guy above?

Moving forward…

And just to remind the readers, the Talebian rhetorical mechanism being used to pull the wool over the eyes of the gullible proletariat is:  Partializing

Now why is it “partializing”?

I will allow Scott Peterson to explain:

Notice the logical inconsistencies?

Now onto the Zero Hedge post below (see original here)…

World Domination: UN Continues Fight To Disarm All Americans

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

The United Nations is gearing up for round two in the fight to disarm the American public. Last month, the United Nations’ International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) held a week-long conference geared towards making gun control an international priority.

Wanting world domination, the global elites are seeking to prevent Americans from being able to escape the slavery they have planned for everyone by enacting “global gun control.” According to Townhall‘s Beth Baumann, during RevCon3, the conference on the program of action on small arms and light weapons, the UN’s Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres had a message delivered on his behalf.  It reads, in part:

Every year, over half a million people are killed violently around the world, mostly through small arms fire.

Those pulling the trigger may be soldiers, border guards or police, using their weapons as a last resort, in accordance with the principles of necessity, proportionality and restraint. Some are private security guards or civilians, using a registered firearm for protection or in self-defence.

But the huge majority of those who kill with small arms do not fit this description. They may be members of armed groups who are terrorizing people of a country or a whole region with killings and sexual abuse. They could be members of national security forces who are abusing their power. They might be terrorists aiming to destroy lives and sow fear; criminals holding up a grocery store; or gang members killing those who get in the way of a drug deal.

Tragically, many of them are men using an illegally-acquired weapon against the women who are their partners. In some countries, more than 60 percent of killings of women are committed with firearms.

Illicit small arms are also used against United Nations peacekeeping forces. In 2017, 56 peacekeepers died in violent attacks – the highest number in over two decades.

Controlling and regulating small arms therefore requires action that goes well beyond national security institutions. It includes providing alternative livelihoods for former combatants, engaging with municipal governments and police, working with civil society, including grass-roots organizations and community violence reduction programmes, as well as local businesses.

Small arms control is a prerequisite for stability and conflict prevention, which is critical to achieve the mutually reinforcing goals of sustaining peace and sustainable development.

Only through sustainable development will we be able to build just, peaceful and inclusive societies and to achieve lasting peace.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is our agreed roadmap for building peaceful, resilient and prosperous societies on a healthy planet. Among the 17 Goals, there is a specific target to reduce arms flows, based on improving the tracing of weapons.

The Agenda for Disarmament that I launched last month includes a renewed focus on controlling small arms. And it includes my commitment to establish a dedicated facility within the Peacebuilding Fund, to ensure solid financing for coordinated, integrated, sustained small arms control measures.

When the UN says that over a half a million have been killed by guns worldwide, they conveniently leave out the number of people killed in wars and by governments pretending to act on the behalf of people (democide-death by your OWN government). The democide numbers are not even close when compared to private citizens acting on their own. As Baumann wrote: “The reason they have to use “grassroots organizations” they’re meaning gun control groups, like Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. They’re utilizing Americans to fulfill their desire to push gun control. Their reason? It looks better if Americans are demanding we abolish the Second Amendment instead of other countries trying to pressure us.”

But just how many people were killed by their own governments (democide)?  Well, it’s hard to say because according to Glenn Floyd, the stats are deliberately concealed by State Coroners. The leading cause of non-natural death around the globe today, other than natural causes, is democide. It far outpaces private murderers and suicides.

Governments always offer excuses for the murder, like overpopulation, political opposition, and economic concerns. But that doesn’t mean they’ve provided adequate justification to the immoral killings.  And now the global elites will seek to prevent those they seek to enslave any ability to fight back.

US Conference of Catholic FrancisBishops Nabothising For Votes…


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As FrancisChurch sheds its last vestiges of being seen as a religious organization, (losing the marks of Catholicism – ) a post confirming just this appeared at the Life Site News portal under the title of Are US bishops plotting to take down Trump in 2020? 

This post presents the agenda of the radical wing of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Conference composed of those who have been either appointed or “inspired” by Francis, the dictator of Rome. Specifically, the topic dominating the discussion was POLITICS, specifically the USCCB official guide to Catholic voters, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.

To help us recognize this vaporizing Catholicism by FrancisChurch, we will use some terms recently codified by Nick Taleb. (see here) In the last post written by your’s truly, a set of terms and concepts was presented to help you dear and Faithful readers, to navigate through these quite interesting time in which we live. And just as a quick review, those terms are listed below: (see here)

  • Pedophrasty – Argument involving children to prop up a rationalization.
  • Bigoteering – Tagging someone (or someone’s opinions) as “racist”, “chauvinist” or somethinglikeit-ist in situations where these are not warranted.
  • Nabothizing – Production of false accusation, just as Jezebel did to dispossess Naboth. (Example here)
  • Partializing – Exploiting the unsavory attributes of one party in a conflict without revealing those of the other party.
  • Inconsistency within Monocultures – A narrative is fallacious 1) if it is logically incompatible with other narratives also held true by the same agents, 2) if it leads to the statistical clustering of causes that should be random, or, to the least, uncorrelated. This heuristic can help us identify monocultures (a culture dominated by a single element), usually artificially propped up by some lobby.

Further, your humble blogger provided you dear readers with a long weekend to become familiar with these terms.

Hope you used your time wisely?

Before we move on, the situation is developing very quickly. Here is the latest dispatch from Euroland:

So today, we do a practical application post. Below is the Life Site News post with emphasis and comments by your’s truly.

Are US bishops plotting to take down Trump in 2020?

June 25, 2018 (Newsmax) – The Catholic bishops met in Fort Lauderdale a few days ago. The dominating topic of discussion was politics, specifically, their official guide to Catholic voters, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.

The Pope Francis faction, led by Cardinal Blase J. Cupich of Chicago, called for a complete rewriting of the document since it no longer represented “the new body of teaching” as taught by the present pontiff, specifically mentioning climate change, poverty, and immigration. (Partializing – not representing the other side of the argument. In fact, treating public policy positions as defined Catholic dogma. Further, notice the statistical clustering of causes that should be random?)

Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego went a step further saying the present document doesn’t represent “Catholic teaching as it is now.” (Inconsistency within Monocultures – new narrative not consistent with Catholicism)

These two are not the only ones who believe that in the space of five years, since Bergoglio’s 2013 election, the moral and social teaching of the Church has been so fundamentally altered Faithful Citizenship no longer speaks with the true voice of the Church. So much for an institution considered slow to change.

Other leading bishops, however, including Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles, opposed writing a new document, arguing what was needed was a more straightforward, significantly redacted version of Faithful Citizenship along with an accompanying video for YouTube, etc.

When the votes were tallied, 77 percent of the bishops voted for the creation of shorter materials — a letter, video, and other “resources” to supplement Faithful Citizenship.

During this discussion there was no mention of Trump being the most pro-life president in our nation’s history. (Partializing) It should not surprise us at that omission since the intent behind the beefing up of Faithful Citizenship is to deny Trump a second term in office.

The bishop’s present silence about the president’s achievement is only another iteration of their attempt during the campaign itself to camouflage Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion stance by arranging with moral indictments Trump about “The Wall.” (Nabothizing – Implicit accusations to cover Trump administration promotion of True Catholic teaching.)

The strategy didn’t work. Faithful Catholics would not be bullied into seeing moral equivalence between killing the unborn and insisting on secure national borders. (Yep!)

Trump/Pence won 52 percent of all Catholic votes and 56 percent of mass-attending Catholics. In the election aftermath, the weeping and wailing at the USCCB must have matched that of Hollywood, the EU, and the mass media.

As it stands, the 2015 version of Faithful Citizenship is a flawed document. A close reading of it offers the Catholic voters several loopholes allowing them to ignore a candidate’s abortion stand if other “morally grave reasons” prevail. It remains to be seen, whether the new supplements will magnify these flaws or keep them buried in theological mumbo-jumbo where they belong.

We can fully expect, however, the redacted version of Faithful Citizenship to put the immigration issue front and center(Implicit Pedophrasty) This placement will create the impression of a de facto moral equivalence with settled life issues such as abortion. The bishops approved language that virtually guaranteed these new shorter materials will “apply the teachings of Pope Francis to our day.”

But just as in 2016 when the bishops pressed the immigration issue, it won’t work in 2020. For one thing, Pope Francis has spent all the capital of good will created by his election and his successful U.S. visit. Pope Francis, as it were, has no ‘coattails.’

If the bishops produce election materials that recast Faithful Citizenship to fit the Pope’s vision, it will only create greater distance between the bishops and their faithful. They will be relegating themselves to becoming just another cadre of grumpy Never-Trumpers.

At the very least, the bishops could have expressed common ground with the Trump administration on his efforts to defuse the nuclear threat posed by North Korea. After all, doesn’t this come under the rubric of “world peace”?

The bishops, instead, focused on the president’s decision to exit the Paris Climate Agreement. (Inconsistency within Monocultures) The USCCB itself has been asked to sign the Paris declaration by its own Catholic Climate Covenant created in 2006. How much money will it cost Catholics if the bishops decide to play in European politics on that issue?

Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, the bishops ignored the opportunity of voicing solidarity with the president’s pro-life agenda and his the quest for peace between North and South Korea. Instead they prepared to sharpen their knives for the 2020 election. Is this what we now call “evangelization”?

It’s Happening Folks – Trump Revolution Spreading To Italy…


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We will interrupt our regular scheduled programming to bring you, dear and faithful readers a very important post from Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

In this post, he presents us with a list of terms that everyone of us Faithful Catholics should become very familiar with and use very liberally.

But before we get to that, another announcement… actually two. Both come via Zero Hedge (see here) with is burning down the proverbial “post-Modernist house”. Today we get two posts, both about Italy.

In the first, we get a passage written by Alessandra Bocchi who writes for the First Things blog (see here).

And the next, which is a crème de la crème post of this year, we find out that a PROCESS is under way, a PROCESS in which Italy is regaining its common sense, not to mention their Sensus Fidelium and rising up against not only Euroland, but also against the unholy “Human Trafficker of Rome” Francis. Here is that good news!

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Pedophrasty, Bigoteering, and Other Modern Scams

Clearing the discourse of abuses and abusers


Definition: Argument involving children to prop up a rationalization and make the opponent look like an asshole, as people are defenseless and suspend all skepticism in front of suffering children: nobody has the heart to question the authenticity or source of the reporting. Often done with the aid of pictures.

Can also describe the exploitation of babies by professional beggars who rent them from their parents and use them as potent appendage in their trade(remember that children tend to grow and need to be replaced).

Pedophrasty is effective as it provides arguments to strike before the evidence is formed. People are moved into “doing something”.

Pedophrasty has its most effects on actors, journalists and similar people deprived of critical judgment and afraid of being classified as violators of some norm of political correctness. For instance, pedophrasty has been commonly used in the Syrian war by such propagandists as Julian Roepke continuously supplying the German public with pictures of dead children. Or the various lobbies hired by Saudi Barbaria (and allies) , such as the Middle East Institute, to promote Sunni Islamist policies under the cover of “think tanks”.


Originates with Tim Ferriss, describes tagging someone (or someone’s opinions) as “racist”, “chauvinist” or somethinglikeit-ist in situations where these are not warranted. This is a shoddy manipulation to exploit the stigmas accompanying such labels and force the opponent to spent time and energy explaining “why he/she is not a bigot”.

Note that it is the true victims of racism that are insulted by virtue-peddling bigoteers.

Example: Both the Kurds who are asking for independence and the Arabs who refuse to grant it accuse one another of “racism”. Likewise, both Arabists and localists (such as those who claim Phoenician or Coptic culture and habits away from Arab imperialism)accuse one another of racism.

Second Order Bigoteering: in addition to bigoteering, siding with one party in a conflict based on race or gender without even investigating the source of the problem, as commonly practices by the children book author J.K. Rowling or the podcaster Mike Duncan— such as siding automatically with the professional BS operator Mary Beard in an intellectual conflict with a man, simply because Mary Beard was a woman, without understanding the nature of the dispute, then spinning arguments to explain their support.


Production of false accusation, just as Jezebel did to dispossess Naboth.

In many legal systems, since Hammurabi’s code, calumnies and false accusations are punished as if the accuser committed the infractions himself. In combination with bigoteering: such a false accusation of bigotry, particularly if the accuser knows it is not the case, should cause a penalty to the bigoteer as if he/she were bigots themselves.

Note that “false accuser” was the original meaning of the Greek word sycophant before drifting in the English language.


Exploiting the unsavory attributes of one party in a conflict without revealing those of the other party . Example: “He is a dictator”, giving the illusion that the alternative is the Swedish parliament not some worse faction.

The problem can take absurd proportions: in the Syrian War, it was used by interventionistas describing the “dictator” without mentioning that his opponents are Al-Qaeda head-cutters.

You can detect partializing and dishonest thinking when the same people arguing for the removal of some dictator praise Saudi Barbaria forgetting to use the argument in such cases.

Inconsistency within Monocultures

I have shown a narrative to be fallacious 1) if it is logically incompatible with other narratives also held true by the same agents, 2) if it leads to the statistical clustering of causes that should be random, or, to the least, uncorrelated. This heuristic can help us identify monocultures, usually artificially propped up by some lobby.

For lobbyists and their useful idiots, as we saw in partializing, will be inconsistent somewhere in their narratives: there is a cluster for the advocacy of both GMOs and Glyphosate, when there is no particular logical link between the two positions. Well, there is a link: Monsanto sells both; and GMOs are actually an excuse to sell high doses of glyphosate.

Likewise, on finds some nonrandom clustering of people who decry civilian casualties in Aleppo but forget about it in Mosul.

Welcome To Reality, Soviet Reality!


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So today, your humble blogger will tie together the previous two posts, namely Inspector General’s Report – The Rule Of Law Has Broken Down! and Two-Tiered Justice System Exposed For All To See… and look at the reasons (causal relationships) behind the breakdown.

We begin with one key feature that lies behind the “development” of a “two-tiered justice system” which led to a complete breakdown of the Rule of Law. This key feature can be viewed in the below tweet:

Now for those who have not gotten into the long grass of the various FBI investigation and resulting Congressional investigations, the term FD-302 will not ring a bell. Here is a short explanation: (see here)

“FBI form FD-302 has space to list the name of the agents, the date of the interview, the name of the interviewee, the place of the interview and so forth. Then it allows the agent to draft a memo—in paragraph form—of what the witness said.” 

So what we have is a situation where in this day and age, with voice recording devices and body cameras everywhere, especially in use by police departments who “interact” with the general population, the FBI still uses a PROCESS based on the old fashioned “honor system”.

Honor system!

In other words, a system where those FBI officials who write up these post-interrogation FBI forms are assumed to be free of individual bias and in control of their subjective emotional prejudices. They swear to uphold these precepts when taking their Oath of Office.

In other words, this PROCEDURE (PROCESS) is dependent on a PRESUPPOSITION that those doing the interrogation and subsequently writing up the FD-302 forms, ACT OUT as if they FUNCTION under the understanding of the nature of TRUTH as being an OBJECTIVE, STAND ALONE PHENOMENON existent in NATURE.

Or what we call on this blog: OBJECTIVE TRUTH.

Yet we know from the above Twitter screen grab that:

(FBI agents) “make composite 302s and then delete all of the originals”.

What’s worse:

“Judges let this happen.”

So what we have here is the classical example of a “post-Modernist mindset” where the “truth” is that which any given “actor” who has POWER over defining what is “true”, can define it to be that which he or she claims it to be.

Or as we say here on this blog, Truth is not defined as: bringing the mind into conformity with reality (‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’) but an account of truth as bringing thought into line with life (‘adaequatio realis mentis et vitae’).

And what is the official rationale for using these types of FB-302’s:

In other words, no checks!

So what we see is post-Modernist gobbledygook introduced into a NATURAL LAW based legal system. “Truth” now is bringing thought into line with life (‘adaequatio realis mentis et vitae’).

In this case, the subjective feelings of the FBI officer writing the FB-302.

And LIFE is defined by those who have the most POWER. (See here)

As an example of  the fruits of this new post-Modernist “reality”, we can see an example here:


To paraphrase another early post-Modernists: “What is bias?”

Actually, one can extend the above to ask: “What is TRUTH?”

Here is an example of just this:

So the situation is as follows: we have known for “months and months” that FB-302’s might not conform to TRUTH, i.e. bringing the mind into conformity with reality (‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’). 

And what is worse, it would also appear that there is an individual, namely General Michael Flynn who has pled guilty to “lying to the FBI”, wherein said FBI agents were using EVIDENCE, submitted to a court that was “created” on the basis of FAKE (in an objective, ‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’  sense that is) FB-302’s. (see here)

Yet the prosecutor of General Flynn, one Special Council Robert Mueller, no doubt having access to these FAKE FB-302’s and being cognizant that they are FAKE ((in an objective, ‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’  sense that is) is proceeding with the sentencing.

In days gone by, this would be called: a MISCARRIAGE of JUSTICE.

Today, nobody is quite sure what to call it…

So the standards appear to have changed.

To be more precise, there is a concerted effort underway to eradicate TRUTH as bringing the mind into conformity with reality (‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’). Here is that screen grab:

What we see from the above is a causal relationship between Christianity and Western Civilization. What acts as the common denominator of both these societal structures is the firm understanding of what constitutes TRUTH, namely  bringing the mind into conformity with reality (‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’).

Actually, the above understanding of the nature (and definition) of TRUTH can be traced back to Aristotle who observed something to be TRUE as: what is, that it is. And it is this definition of the nature of TRUTH, or its absence, that is the most striking in the above series of screen grabs.

Concluding, what we are witnessing in Washington D.C. presently, on the philosophical level could be defined as the final battle in the US legal system, as to what will be recognized as TRUTH.

We see this same dynamic playing itself out behind the Sacred Vatican Walls and in the wider Universal Church. We know, as from the observation of Thomas E. Woods that: (see here)

“Western civilization standpoints in debt to the Church for the university system, charitable work, international law, the sciences, and, important legal principles. Western civilization owes far more to the Catholic Church than most societies, Catholic incorporated often realizes. The Church, in fact, constructed Western civilization.” 

We also know that Western Civilization has been founded and maintained on the infrastructure produced by the Catholic Church. Western Civilization has existed for two millennia, which means that there is a transmission mechanism that is responsible for its sustainable nature.

And this “transmission” mechanism that has allowed the Catholic Church and Western Civilization to be transmitted across the generations is its grounded in its definition of what constitutes TRUTH.

The US government was also founded on Western principles, in adherence to Natural Law and OBJECTIVE REALITY. The Rule of Law is one such resulting universal concept and is likewise founded on the Aristotelian definition of TRUTH.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing in the above information is EVIDENCE of the complete breakdown of the Rule of Law, through the suppression of the Aristotelian definition of TRUTH.

In fact, we are seeing legal steps being taken in Canada to suppress the last great defender of Natural Law and its embedded tenet of OBJECTIVE TRUTH in Western Civilization, i.e. the Catholic Church.

This suppression is necessitated in order to break the underpinnings of Western Civilization’s adherence to the Rule of Law.

It isn’t the first time, and will not be the last. Yet what we do know is how this experiment ended the last time…

… think Soviet Union.