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Shame Of The Post-Conciliar FrancisPervChurch!

Same sect as the one represented below…

Via Zero Hedge…

Prof Goes After Covington Kid And “Smiling Face Of Whiteness”

Authored by Celine Ryan via Campus Reform,

An Ivy League professor bashed “the smiling face of Whiteness” in response to the recent controversy involving an interaction between a Native American man and a Catholic teenage supporter of President Donald Trump.

“Whiteness endlessly forgives its own transgressions,” University of Pennsylvania associate professor Ebony Elizabeth Thomaswrote on Sunday about the confrontation between Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann and Native American Nathan Phillips.

“It rarely, if ever, gives those of us it harms and maims and kills time to process our motions [sic].”

Thomas teaches in UPenn’s Graduate School of Education.

“‘You forgive us, right? You have to forgive us! Understanding will make it better! Reconciliation! Diversity! Inclusion!’” she continued, conveying what she suggests to be the attitude of most white people.

According to Thomas, the “smiling face of Whiteness” is one that “always hides a knife behind its back.”

“That knife says this: ‘You must forgive us. You must educate us. Or else.’”

“Usually, that ‘or else’ happens anyway,” the professor adds. “But it will assuredly happen unless you kiss Whiteness’ ring.”

Thomas goes on to claim that she knows “all about Whiteness’ outrageous demands.” She reiterates that “whiteness endlessly forgives its own transgressions.”

“Time’s up for instant forgiveness, for demanding free labor of the walking wounded, and for demanding that those you’ve offended ‘make it right’ so you can feel better before they have time to mourn, grieve…and breathe,” Thomas claims.

“The focus shouldn’t be on how these people can learn from BIPOC [Black & Indigenous People of Color],” she said. “This isn’t a Hollywood movie, and we’re flesh and blood, not magical creatures you get to use and abuse on your journey toward enlightenment.”

“The focus should be on how White folks can do better *among yourselves.*”

Thomas then explains her reasoning for not sharing the highly circulated video of the confrontation between the Native and the Covington schoolboy, noting that “out of respect and solidarity,” she does not wish to reinforce such “visual trauma.”

The tweets came on the same weekend that much of the mainstream media jumped to negative conclusions of the Covington students after seeing a two-minute video clip circulating on social media. What many reporters missed, however, was the key context that was offered in two hours of additional footage. The added video shows Phillips approaching the boys, not the other way around, just before the moment that went viral.  A number of reporters later apologized for jumping to conclusions. At the time of publication, Thomas had yet to do the same. 

Campus Reform reached out to Thomas for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.


Major Development: Michael Voris And Church Militant’s Observable “Lefebvrist Drift”…


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A lot of our prayers are being answered…

Aside, one of the side effects of Francis’ recent move on the Ecclesia Dei communities and the talk of “regularization” of the SSPX, is that obstinate Catholics who for reasons “only known to them” have criticized the SSPX in the past, can now see the errors of their former ways and start acting in accordance with OBJECTIVE REALITY.

One more thing since we are on the subject:

The SSPX was never in SCHISM and Archbishop Lefebvre was CORRECT!

Nuff said!

Now The Deus Ex Machina Posts Are Beginning To Produce Themselves…


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Quick post today and another must WATCH video. This time a video of a live stream from Dr. Steve Turley. The subject is CS Lewis.

What is the most interesting from this 1 hour and 2 minutes of viewing pleasure is the discussion about the “specialists”. That is all that I will say at this time, therefore, you must watch!

It is, that it is!

On an aside…

When I first started writing this blog, this humble blogger thought to himself: “self, if only there was a good philosopher who could explain the metaphysical phenomena that are coming across the Deus ex Machina filters?.

And then Stefan Molyneux and Dr. Duke Pesta appeared.

And they have been a steady source of information and analysis ever since.

And after Stefan Molyneux and Dr. Duke Pesta appeared, this humble blogger asked himself: “self, if only there was a good psychologist that could explain the conscious and psycho-physical aspects of the of that which is coming across the Deus ex Machina filters?.

And then Dr. Jordan Peterson appeared.

With his brilliant observation that even if one doesn’t believe in the existence of God, it is in one’s best interest to act as if He does exist, he competely disarmed the evangelical atheists and the agnostics for that matter.

And if God does exist, Dr. Peterson hints that He is a Traditional Catholic God. This disarms the protestant sects as well as all the other so-called mainline “religions”.

The Petersonian argument for Catholicism being the ONE TRUE FAITH can be stated as follows: if a religion by definition has to be a complete and comprehensive explanation of man’s relationship to God, and if “Catholic confession” is a mechanism through which an individual can obtain objectively real assistance with not only his spiritual well-being but his physical and psychological well-being also (as per PTSD cases), and if the Catholic Church solely possesses the Sacrament of Confession, then the Catholic Church by inferrence from this objective evidence, is a more complete explanation of man’s relationship to God than any other “faith system”. (see more here and here) More on this in a later post, but the video below is a MUST WATCH.

Back to the subject matter at hand…

And Dr. Peterson has been a steady source of information and analysis for this blogger ever since.

And after Dr. Jordan Peterson appeared, this humble blogger asked himself: “self, if only there was a good classicist that could explain the context and provenance of the observable information (reality), and provide a prognosis of what we can expect going forward from the information that is coming across the Deus ex Machina filters?.

And then Dr. Steven Turley appeared.

And he has been a steady source of information and analysis ever since.

But the entire time that this humble blogger has been writing about this Restoration of ALL things in Christ, the one glaring need has been for a Catholic theologian to come along and tie in the NATURAL, SUPERNATURAL and the CONCIOUS elements of ONTOLOGICAL REALITY into one big comprehensive whole.

And this humble blogger is still patiently waiting…

Now, there have been candidates that this humble blogger has come across and analyzed, but no one that has attained the level of analysis that can earn the Deus Ex Machina official Seal of Approval.


If there was only a Dominican out there who could rise to this level…

The search continues…

In the mean time, please watch the above video and if you can, please subscribe to Dr. Turley’s youtube channel. The subscription figures of his followers are beginning to grow exponentially.


Must Watch – Michael Voris Inteviews Milo…


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Please keep Milo in your prayers.

He needs all the help he can get…

Revolt Of The Tax Mules…


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Today we stay focused on the Gilet Jaunes Movement in France and ramifications for the wider European Union. As this humble blogger has mentioned earlier, Manu Macron is the last of the G7 die-hard GLOBALISTS who is holding onto power. The entire hope of the GLOBALISTS (cultural Marxists) rests on his shoulders.

What is also important to understand is that the mechanism which brought about the Gilet Jaunes Movement, which is explained below by Charles Hugh Smith, what he calls the neocolonial-financialization model, is operational in the entire global financial system.

We presently see a variation of this same mechanism, although at an advanced state in the FrancisRepublic of Venezuela. In that FrancisDictatorship, the lenders, i.e. the Chinese are beginning to call in their loans. If the Venezuelans can not come up with the cash, the Chinese will be taking over one or more of Venezuela’s oil industry assets. (see here)

Now for countries in the developed world, the mechanism works differently. No physical assets are taken over, but if they are, they are monetized as is happening in Greece, and the cash flows go to pay off the indebtedness. So this variation of the neocolonial-financialization model, in essence leaves the assets in the hands of the nominal “owner” while siphoning off the cash flows and repatriating them back to the lenders home country.

However, the downstream effects of “foreign owners” is that the profits are repatriated back to the home country of the owners, or more likely to jurisdictions where the marginal tax rates are low. This in essence starves the hosting country of tax revenues. Therefore, these lost tax revenues must be made up, and they are made up by milking the local populations.

Or as they are presently refered to: TAX MULES.

Think Detroit or currently Illinois.

So the TAX MULES are tapped out in Francis and are revolting…

The end result of this version of the flawed system is: FRANCE.

And here are some of the latest pic:

So it’s all on the line for the GLOBALISTS, and that includes Francis, the GLOBALIST of Rome. If the Gilet Jaunes can topple Manu Macron and bring about a government that starts to serve the interests of the local population rather than multi-national GLOBALIST interests, it could be the beginning of the great unwind of the New World Order.

And without a NEW WORLD ORDER, there is no need for a ONE WORLD RELIGION.

And if the GLOBALISTS are cut off from their income sources, so is the FrancisPervChurch and the post-conciliar sect that subsists in and has hijacked the leadership of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

So we will stay on top of this story and pray, do penance…

You get the drift.



The Decline And Fall Of The European Union

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

This exhaustion of the neocolonial-neofeudal model was inevitable, and as a result, so too is the decline and fall of the European integration/exploitation project.

That a single currency, the euro, would fracture rather than unite Europe was understood long before the euro’s introduction as legal tender on January 1, 2002. The euro, the currency of 19 of the 28 member states of the European Union, is only one of the various institutions tying the member nations of the European union together, but it is the linchpin of the financial integration touted as one of the primary benefits of EU membership.

Skepticism of the benefits of EU membership is rising, as citizens of the member nations are questioning the surrender of national sovereignty with renewed intensity.

The technocrat elite that holds power in the EU is attempting to marginalize critics as populists, nationalists or fascists, overlooking the untidy reality that the actual source of tyranny is arguably the unelected bureaucrats of the EU who have taken on extraordinary powers to strip the citizenry of member states of civil liberties (i.e. the right to dissent) and of meaningful political enfranchisement.

As I have patiently explained since 2012, the underlying structure of the EU is neocolonialism, specifically, neocolonial-financialization. Stripped of artifice, the financial institutions of the EU core have colonized the EU periphery via the euro and the EU and imposed a modernized system of extractive serfdom on the citizenry of the core and periphery alike.

To understand the neocolonial-financialization model, we must revisit the classic model of colonialism. In the old model of Colonialism, the colonizing power conquered or co-opted the Power Elites of the region, and proceeded to exploit the new colony’s resources and labor to enrich the core or center, i.e. the Imperial nation and its ruling elites.

This traditional model of colonialism was forcibly dismantled in the 1940s-1960s. Former colonies established their political independence, a process that diminished the wealth and control of former colonial powers.

In response, global financial powers sought financial control rather than political control. This is the key dynamic of the Neocolonial-Financialization Model(May 24, 2012), which substitutes the economic power of financialization (debt, leverage and speculation) for the raw power of conquest and political control.

The main strategy of financialization is: extend cheap credit to those with limited access to capital. Those with limited access to capital will swallow the bait and willingly agree to onerous conditions.

Then, when the credit expansion reaches levels that cannot be supported, the lenders demand collateral and/or favorable trade and financial concessions.

These tactics have been well-documented in books such as The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

But the economic pillaging of former colonies has limits, and as a consequence the global financial powers developed the Neocolonial Model, which turns these same techniques on one’s home region.

Thus Greece and other capital-poor European nations were recognized as the periphery that could be exploited by the core, and the euro was the ideal tool to exploit the economies of nations which could never have generated credit/housing bubbles without the wide-open spigots of cheap credit flooding their economies.

In Neocolonialism, the forces of financialization are used to indenture the local Elites and populace to the financial core: the peripheral “colonials” borrow money to buy the finished goods manufactured in the core economies, enriching the Imperial Elites with A) the profits made selling goods to the debtors B) interest on credit extended to the peripheral colonies to buy the core economies’ goods and “live large”, and C) the transactional skim of financializing peripheral assets such as real estate and State debt.

In essence, the French and German banks colonized Europe’s periphery nations via the financializing euro, which enabled a massive expansion of debt and consumption in the periphery. The banks and exporters of the core extracted enormous profits from the periphery via this expansion of debt and consumption.

The assets and income of the periphery are flowing to the core as interest on the private and sovereign debts that are owed to the core’s money-center private banks.

Note how little of the Greek “bailout” actually went to the citizenry of Greece and how much was interest paid to the financial powers. The core has stripped Greece of collateral and political independence, just as the colonial powers of the 19th century stripped the African and Indo-Asian regions of income, assets and political independence.

This is not just the perfection of neocolonialism but of neofeudalism as well.The peripheral nations of the EU are effectively neocolonial debtors of the core, and the taxpayers of the core nations are now feudal serfs whose labor is devoted to making good on any financialization schemes that go bad.

Neocolonialism benefits both the core’s financial Aristocracy and the periphery’s oligarchies. This is ably demonstrated in the essay Misrule of the Few: How the Oligarchs Ruined Greece.

The EU has finally reached the endgame of the Neocolonial-Financialization Model. There are no more markets to exploit with financialization, no more assets to strip, and the serfs (a.k.a. yellow vests) of the core are tiring of being stripmined in service of the EU kleptocracy.

At this point, the financial Aristocracy has an unsolvable dilemma: writing off defaulted debt also writes off assets and income streams, for every debt is the core’s asset and income stream. When all those phantom assets are recognized as worthless, the system implodes.

This exhaustion of the neocolonial-neofeudal model was inevitable and as a result, so too is the decline and fall of the European integration/exploitation project.

Dispatch From The Post-Modernist Front…


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Busy day, so two videos.

Please watch and allow that warm fuzzy feeling inside to warm you in the middle of this cold January Anno Domini 2019.

The one above comes from a new find for this humble blogger. The youtube channel is called The Distributist. In this one, Dr. Turley discusses “the trend”. As in Restorationist…

In the one below, we get Dr. Peterson and his three new acquaintances. What’s interesting about this video is the three guests originally came from the “new atheist” sect. Please find a quite place to listen to this discussion. It’s hard slogging at times, but being a loyal reader of this blog, your knowledge of classical philosophy should be satisfactory to understand the finer points discussed. Enjoy…

When listening to the above, think Francis, the post-Modernist of Rome when the speakers diagnos the assorted problems with post-Modernism. They could just as well be speaking about him and the FrancisPervChurch.

And have a great day…

PS And here is a good introduction to The Distributionist for your information:

Soros Can Run, But He Can’t Hide In A New RE-TRADITIONALIZED Europe…


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Today the focus again will be on the Gilets Jaunes Rebellion in France.

As you dear and Faithful readers know, from reading this blog, the most important developments taking place today, the 11th of January, Anno Domini 2019 with respect to what is being called RE-TRADITIONALIZATION, or what we here refer to on Deus ex Machina blog as the Restoration of ALL things in Christ, are going to happen on the streets of France tomorrow.

So today, this humble blogger will do a 30,000 feet above sea level post to provide you with a clearer understanding of what exactly is at stake.

What is at stake is the entire post-Soviet NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO). This NWO was created by the sole remaining super power in order to make “the world safe for democracy”. Now, this humble blogger does not deny that there were some altruistic elements behind this NWO, however, given that human nature is what it is, this “altruistic” project was hijacked by what can be called SPECIAL INTERESTS.

Now these special interests are not fixed, aside from the fact that they want to RULE. So as we know from Dr. Jordan Peterson, the motivation for the attainment and maintenance of POWER, regardless of the reason for why one wants that POWER, is Marxist at its very core.

So what this means is that the “interests” behind the RULING SPECIAL INTERESTS (RSI) are fluid. If one can identify the BANKING interests as those that dominated the RSI post fall of (economic) Communism, they were co-opted by the new and even bigger money of Silicone Valley and the TECH SECTOR. Now the problem with the BIG TECH is that the money is controlled by young men who have created their own VIRTUAL REALITIES about what “the world should look like” and are using that money to influence their respective government policies in such areas as the climate hoax, gender fluidity, uncontrolled migration, etc.

Yet these RSI are rotten stinking capitalists at heart and don’t really believe in wasting their own hard earned money, with the exception of political elections. Instant gratification appears to be their Achilles heals. So what has happened is that this new BIG TECH money is being used to subsidize the operations of the old RSI’s, i.e. the BIG BANKING and are in fact driving the agenda.

Now, these new RSI’s would not be having such an impact if it was not for an existing structure through which they were able to exact these changes. This GLOBAL STRUCTURE this blog identified in a post titled: FrancisChurch Living On Borrowed Euro Time…

And now to the important part: THE FUNDING!

So who in fact funds this NWO?

Well, actually the PRIVATE FUNDING is only a small, small part of the overall FUNDING. The vast majority of the money actually comes from you and me, i.e. the TAXPAYER. 

What is in fact the case is that organizations which can be labeled as “clearing operations” which organize and coordinate these various NWO “assets” have access to GOVERNMENT FUNDING through their networks of domestic “Charitable” organizations and through their network of INTERNATIONAL Non-Governmental Organization.

We can see this mechanism with the US Catholic Church and their reliance on US Government funding which accounts for half their yearly income. See here.

So back to 30,000 feet.

The NWO, i.e. the GLOBALISTS have suffered some serious blows since the Hungarian  election of the Orban government in 2010. Then came the Law and Justice victory in Poland in the Presidential (President Duda) and Parliamentary (Prime Minister Morawiecki) elections in 2015. Then came BREXIT, which shook the GLOBALIST’S “European project” (more on this later) since it deprived this PROJECT of its second biggest contributor after Germany. And then the coup de grace came with the election of President Trump. The US government under Obama increased the US government debt from $8 trillion to $20 trillion, where a lot of this “printed money” went to support the global CULTURAL MARXIST agenda, via the “pass through” vehicles such as Soros’ Open Society Foundation. And after some small victories along the way, Austria for example, the Italian Parliamentary victory of Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio from the 5 Star Movement occurred in 2017. Now the significance of Matteo Salvini is that he is in fact the force behind the current government. It will be only a matter of time before his League is the largest party in Italy and he is the Prime Minister. He presently is enjoying approval ratings in the 60% level.

Which brings us to the meat of the matter and the European Parliamentary elections that will take place in May of this year.

Now, the EU Parliament is powerless. It can pass laws but it can’t enact them. The real POWER is in the European Commission, a present day “Soviet” POLITBURO that makes the decisions that are in fact approved in the German Chancellery in Berlin.  The EU Commission is made up of individual appointed by the various EU governments. Each government gets two seat on the Commission.

Needless to say, the present Commission which was seated 5 years ago, is made up of government appointees of the GLOBALIST forces that ruled Euroland in 2014. Since then, the following transpired:

  1. Angela Merkel became a lame duck due to underperforming in a series of elections and needing the keep the official opposition party (SPD) in her coalition in order to maintain POWER. This has been bad for the SPD since they are seen as co-contributing to the general societal disaster that is plaguing Germany at present,
  2. Franscious Hollande was so despised that he did not seek a second term as President of France, instead found the empty suite Manu Macron to replace him. In fact, Hollande needed to create a new political party, En Marche since his leftist Socialist Party would have been unable to get a presidential candidate into the second round runoff.
  3. Now Manu Macron’s incompetence and hubris has caught up with him and is being driven from POWER. If he is forced to RESIGN, (which the Deus ex Machina blog has predicted will happen this year), there will not be a head of state in any of the G& that publicly supports the GLOBALIST AGENDA.
  4. In Italy, the “young, fresh, soul of Europe” Matteo Renzi lost two disastrously elections. First a referendum and then a general election in 2017. It is this election loss that has created an untenable situation for the GLOBALISTS.

And here is why.

In the upcoming EU Parliamentary elections, if the election was held on the 8th of January of this year, the following would be the case:

What this means is that of the 5 largest parties in the European Parliament, 4 of them (League in Italy, Law&Justice -PiS in Poland, 5Star in Italy and National Front in France) would be ANTI-GLOBALIST parties.

What’s worse, the German CDU/CSU, after their disastrous election results in regional elections in 2017, and with a new party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (a nominal “c”atholic), are rumored to be trying to engineer a move toward a more Christian values (as opposed to cultural Marxist “values”) orientation, i.e. a shift to a political platform more in line with NATURAL LAW with Christian underpinnings.

Which is where the important stuff is happening…

The governments that will appoint their new commissioners for the new European Council that will be seated after the May 2017 election will be:

  1. A Germany that is being force to ditch cultural Marxism.
  2. A France that might have a new government (If Macron is forced to RESIGN, new elections will certainly take place)
  3. An Italy governed by Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio and strongly anti-cultural Marxist.
  4. Poland ruled by the anti-cultural Marxist Law & Justice Party
  5. Austria ruled by a center right purportedly anti Leftist coalition. (Don’t trust Kurz – appears to be controlled opposition so European Commission appointment is questionable)
  6. Spain with a minority leftist government that will try to hold on until the EU elections. Strong growth in Catholic VOX party which unexpectedly gained 11% of the vote in local elections -Andalucía and will be first national election in which they take part.
  7. Hungary with a strong anti-cultural Marxist government.
  8. Czech Republic with a conservative government. Definitely anti-Globalist
  9. Croatia with center-right government but very good relations with Poland, Hungary and the US, especially Donald Trump.
  10. Romania has a leftist (opportunist) ruling government at present but it is very unstable. Hard to say what will appear there.
  11. And the rest of the countries are mostly conservative governments with the exception of Malta, Portugal and Greece.

Summa summarum, what we see is a new European Union emerging politically. Whether this new RATIONAL Europe will be able to appoint a majority European Commission is to be seen. What will be in fact the case is that the Commission could be very close to a Conservative RE-TRADITIONALIZING majority.

In addition, it would appear that the European Parliament will be dominated by either economic conservatives or by outright RE-TRADITIONALIZING conservatives. Like it was mentioned earlier, the EU Parliament is a fig leaf, but the appearance of CONSERVATISM will definitely set the tone for the next 5 years.

And that tone, if not outright RE-TRADITIONALIZING movement will look something like this:

Yes, the German-French axis (how fitting) will be replaced by a new POWER STRUCTURE, i.e. one along the Warsaw-Rome axis.

And the smaller countries are getting on board:

Which leads us to the significance of these developments:

Once these countries obtain control of the POWER structures in the EU, the FUNDING channels of the GLOBALIST NWO will come into their sites. Mr. Orban has already driven Soros’ front operations from Hungary. Soros had to shift them to Austria, hence reservation about Herr Kurz.

And once the government funding to the NWO is stopped, we will see a cessation of these anti NATURAL activities from this patholigical sector.

So Soros can run, but he can’t hide.

And finally, these events are leading to a new situation on the Old Continent and should lead to more scenes like this one below appearing on European streets in the not too distant future…

… and this.

So please, please pray for the Yellow Vests!

And please pray fo the President of the United States, the leaders of Christian Europe and most of all, for your families and their salvation!

It’s On – Globalists Declare War On France!


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Gilets Jaunes a la Macron!

It’s on folks.

The GLOBALISTS have declared war on the French!

It must be bad for the Soros crowd if they need to try and completely suppress the Gilets Jaunes protests.

100,000 police on the streets of Paris this coming Saturday!

Below, the story from Zero Hedge!


France Moves To Ban All Protests As PM Announces Major Crackdown On Yellow Vests

France is signaling it’s making preparations for a massive new crackdown on the gilets jaunes or “yellow vests” anti-government protests that have gripped the country for seven weeks. A new law under consideration could make any demonstration illegal to begin with if not previously approved by authorities, in an initiative already being compared to the pre-Maiden so-called “dictatorship law” in Ukraine.

In the name of reigning in the violence that has recently included torching structures along the prestigious Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, and smashing through the gates of government ministry buildings, the French government appears set to enact something close to a martial law scenario prohibiting almost any protest and curtailing freedom of speech.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented the new initiative to curtail the violence and unrest while targeting “troublemakers” and banning anonymity through wearing masks on French TV channel TF1 on Monday. He said the law would give police authority crack down on “unauthorized demonstrations” at a moment when police are already arresting citizens for merely wearing a yellow vest, even if they are not directly engaged in protests in some cases. 

PM Philippe said the government would support a “new law punishing those who do not respect the requirement to declare [protests], those who take part in unauthorized demonstrations and those who arrive at demonstrations wearing face masks”.

Philippe’s tone during the statements was one of the proverbial “the gloves are off” as he described the onus would be on “the troublemakers, and not taxpayers, to pay for the damage caused” to businesses and property. 

“Those who question our institutions will not have the last word,” he added. 

However, if anything the protests have grown fiercer in response to any police crackdown or violence against demonstrators. Should all protests be banned under the new law, it could be the start of more violent riots gaining steam, as what began Nov. 17 as anger over fuel tax hikes has now turned into rage at President Emmanuel Macron and policies that seem to favor the urban elite. 

Other yellow vest inspired protests previously broke out across Europe, and in perhaps a sign of things to come a video from The Netherlands of a woman pushing her baby in a stroller being arrested by police apparently for merely wearing a yellow vest is going viral. 

In the video, police confront the woman in what appears a quiet neighborhood far away from any visible protest. Police were photographed alongside the baby on the street as the mother was dragged away

With the French prime minister now announcing coming draconian measures banning all protest, this is precisely the horrific scene that could begin to be repeated across France and the EU.

In total at least six people have died and over 1,400 people injured during the French protests, with thousands arrested weekly, according to international reports. Over the weekend some 50,000 protesters continued demonstrating in multiple cities, leading to significant clashes in Paris, Bordeaux and Rouen. A number of commentators have noted that though there appear fewer demonstrators compared to December, there appears a serious uptick in violent acts on the part of both demonstrators and police response.

“Re-Traditionalization” Is All The Rage In 2019…


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So this above video of the opening monologue which Tucker Carlson gave on his first show of Anno Domini 2018 2019 (thks JTLiuzza) has gotten the New Year off with a BANG!

On a personal note, when this humble blogger launched the Deus ex Machina blog on that fateful day in 2014, never in his wildest imagination did he think that in 5 short years time, he would be witnessing the “Restoration of ALL thing in Christ”. And the word ALL would encompass ALL of the lands occupied by Western Civilization. Excuse the digression…

Speaking of the Restoration, the theme of this Carlson monologue could be restated as “The Re-Traditionalization of American social, cultural and economic life”. The video in fact contains a mild case for the quaint Aristotelian notion of bringing the mind into conformity with reality (‘adaequatio rei et intellectus’). Very mild in fact!

Yet as you can well imagine, after this segment aired mayhem ensued!

The left freaked out!

The Globalist Left is now going after Mr. Carlson’s sponsors in order to get him pull from the Fox News Channel.

But that “SUPPRESS REALITY” train has already left that station…

Below your humble blogger will provide some anecdotal evidence of what in fact is a movement to RE-TRADITIONALIZE the “living space” of those lands occupied by Western Civilization.

The RE-TRADITIONALIZATION EVENTS are appearing in diverse sectors of public domain, mostly independent of each other. There might be one underlying force to all these sightings and that force could be the work of Dr. Jordan Peterson since he is being cited by several of these RE-TRADITIONALIZATION sources. But more on this in a later post…

So let’s go to the anecdotal evidence.

One video that appears to be going VIRAL at present is a Paul Joseph Watson tweet that references an interview given by His Eminence Cardinal Robert Sarah. Here is that tweet:

So one way of looking at the above is as an example of a “reintegration” of two subset of the Visibilium Omnium, i.e. the ECCLESIASTICAL and the COMMUNICATION (NEW MEDIA), just as the Lex Armaticus predicts.

Next up, the #nevertrumper Tom Luongo, and a post that appeared on the Zero Hedge website. Incidentally, Zero Hedge is becoming a sort of clearing site for all things RESTORATION these days. The title of the post is “I’ve Got My Yellow Vest, Do You?”In this post, Tom ties the Carlson video to the Yellow Vest protests and makes the following prescient observation:

I have to hand out sincere kudos to Tucker Carlson. His opening salvo for 2019 was one for the ages. It was a broad-ranging, fifteen-minute rhetorical tour de force.

Tying together Mitt Romney’s vulture capitalism, unchecked immigration, political corruption and the destruction of the middle class family, Carlson laid out a story that if everyone took off their ideological blinders for a few minutes (myself included) would see as simply a horror show.

Carlson’s thesis is that the American family is disintegrating. He’s right. But it’s not just America. It’s everywhere globalism has been the watchword of public policy, ie. Europe as well.

The Yellow Vests in France began protesting over a rise in diesel fuel tax to support climate change initiatives and has morphed into a full-blown revolt against globalism, neoliberalism and French government institutions.

In the film clip provided in post, Tom references Dr. Steve Turley’s term “RE-TRADITIONAIZATION” and claims that this is a correct representation of objective reality.

Next up, Guillaume Durocher via The Unz Review. 

In his piece titled  Orbánomics (Or The Return Of National Economics), Guillaume correctly diagnoses the objective reality and provides the ROOT CAUSE of the problem when he writes:

The Frankfurt School has become famous, being attacked by nationalists for spreading Marxism and attacking traditional values in Western universities. Wikipedia claims this is a “conspiracy theory” rather than simply an observation of historical fact, as notably documented by Kevin MacDonald (see Chapter 5 of his classic The Culture of Critique). The Frankfurt School both encouraged and was a reflection of the hard leftward shift of postwar Western culture. These academics were influential. Herbert Marcuse, a member of the School, was the guru of the 1960s student movement in the United States. Habermas, for his part, is practically the official intellectual of the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, with more awards than a Brezhnev-era apparatchik.

Anyway, all this is beginning to fade into the background. The state is still here. The nation is still here. The idea of republic is still here. Orbán represents a return to the reality principle, towards a world based on the realities of states and nations, rather than the fashions of the Davos set.


And fast on the heals of the above post, come this via Brazil:

The real story, however, is Bolsonaro’s apparent commitment to the sort of ideological revolution that is desperately needed for his country to thrive. While history shows we should never trust a politician to deliver on lofty promises of liberty and freedom, the initial days of his presidency have moves deserving of praise. 

To start, his inaugural address, Bolsonaro vowed to follow through on his campaign message of dramatically changing a government plagued by corruption and economic crisis:

I stand humbled by the honor to address you all as President of Brazil, and stand before the whole nation on this day as the day when the people began to liberate themselves from socialism, from the inversion of values, from state gigantism and from political correctness…

Our flag will never be red. It will only be red if we need to bleed over it to keep it green and yellow.

He followed this up with a tweet vowing “to tackle the Marxist garbage in our schools head on.”

And here, Mr. Bolsonaro is referring to the cultural Marxism underlying the Frankfurt School and the ideological foundation of political correctness.

Given that we are on a cultural Marxism theme, this post wouldn’t be worth a salt if it did not relate that which is happening in the home of the post Soviet cultural Marxists, the post-Modernists, i.e. France.

It appears that the Yellow Vests are not giving up and the Macron presidency is all but over. So much for the latest great hope for the Globalist forces!

Here is a great play by play recap by  Guy Milliere via The Gatestone Institute and the money paragraph:

On December 8, the day of the fourth demonstration, Paris was effectively set under siegeArmored vehicles were deployed along the main avenues. Thousands of police officers sealed off access to the neighborhood of the presidential residence, the Élysée Palace. A helicopter waited in the courtyard of the Élysée Palace, in case Macron needed to be evacuated. Looting and destruction began again.

And just to added that little bit of fuel to the fire lit under the French “god Jupiter”, we get this quote from Matteo “the great” Salvini:

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and his coalition partner have announced their support for France’s Yellow Vest movement, accusing French President Emmanuel Macron of being “against his people.”

“I support honest citizens protesting against a president who governs against his people,” Salvini said in a statement – while at the same time “firmly” condemning protesters who have resorted to violence.

Meanwhile on the Old Continent:

To be continued…

Must Watch – Insights Into FakeFrancis and the FakeSpiritOfTheNewSpringtimeOfVaticanII… (w/ Update)


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Quick post.

The above is a must watch.

Now, I don’t agree with Eric Weinstein about the Very Stable Genius President Donald J. Trump. I think President Trump is the best US President EVAH…

I also think that the Trump Presidency is an act of Providence…

Yet, I firmly believe that the best way in which ERROR can be identified and CORRECTED in Anno Domini 2019 is through an exchange in the free market of ideas.

Now that the qualifications are in place, when watching the video, think of Sick, Crooked, Unelectable Hillary and the Democratic Party as a proxy for Francis and the FrancisChurch.

They line up perfectly…

And I will have some more comments in the near future.

UPDATE 13:30 7 January 2019

And then there is this: