And Stupidity Is Exactly What It Is…


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Short post today.

Above is a video via the Dr. Steven Turley youtube channel. The video contains the victory speech of Thierry Baudet, the leader of the Dutch FvD party.

For those of my dear and loyal readers who do not follow the ins and outs of the Dutch election process, on Wednesday, the 20th of this month, the Dutch held what could be called their mid-term election. Up for grabs were seats to their Senate chamber.

And as it happened, the largest vote went to a political party that has only been in existence for 2 years. This party is one of the new parties in Europe that I would place in what can be called the secular “Scholastic Rationalist” camp.

Don’t believe me?

Just listen (read the transcripts) in the video above!

More good news came from Poland this week too. The leader of the new “Scholastic Rationalist” party that has arisen in Spain recently, i.e. the Vox Party, one Santiago Abascal paid a visit to the “Scholastic Rationalist” party in Poland, the Law and Justice Party. (see here)

A snap election in Spain is being held in a couple of weeks time and it is expected that the Vox party, along with two other right centrist parties will be taking over the reins of power post the upcoming Spanish government election.

Now the significance of what is happening in Spain is that the “rationalist” parties will be going into the elections with a “Catholic-esque” platform. In other words, the radical Marxist, post General Francisco Franco era is about to come to an end. All things General Franco are no longer VERBOTEN.

Which means, Catholicism in Spain is once again experiencing what can metaphorically be called “green shoots”. Actually, it’s so good that even Catholic vocations are increasing, increasing in an Episcopal environment that is.. shall we say… inhospitable to Catholicism. (see here)

So ending today’s post and re-reading the transcripts in the above video, one has to be simply amazed that we have reached a point in time where political parties are winning elections with solid classical “Catholic” platforms.

And on an aside, calling STUPIDITY out for what it is…

Or as Dr. Peterson would say, INCOMPETENCE.

Given the above, it is becoming very clear that whether we are dealing with the halls of academia, the corridors of political power or even behind of facades of Modernist Rome, we are dealing in essence with cabals of INCOMPETENT individuals who have captured the positions of power, and are running their respective institutions into the ground.

And it’s not because that is their INTENT.

It is simply because they are INCOMPETENT.

And what we are  now witnessing is that COMPETENT individuals are now rising from the ruins of Western Civilizations, in their respective sub-sets of the Visibilium Omnium and calling INCOMPENCE, i.e. STUPIDITY out by name.

FrancisChurch’s days are numbered, folks…



Going Forward… w/Update


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Today a quick post.

Above is a video containing a discussion between Dr. Taylor Marshall and Michael Matt. The subject matter contains a very prudent appraisal of the current situation and suggests an optimal manner in which to “position oneself” in these turbulent times.

So please watch the video when time permits.

UPDATE 12:45 21 March 2019

Must watch!

Pay specific attention to the last 3 minutes of this video about how the Christian demographics are transforming the social/political landscape in the lands of Western Civilization.

And just as the demographics are beginning to shift, laity within the Holy Roman Catholic Church are beginning to drill down to the ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM.

And it ain’t “clericalism”, folks!

Or at least not the standard kind of clericalism…

Michael Voris is really doing God’s work!

And then there is this…


Where’s A Functioning Bishop Of Rome When You Need One…


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As my dear and loyal readers know, this humble blogger has been watching the unfolding situation in Great Britain with respect to the upcoming British exit, or BREXIT from the European Union political and economic structures.

This exit is very important on many different levels.

The level that interests us in particular, is the notion of creating multinational, quasi-federated governmental structures completely separated from any cultural or religious foundational moorings. These are artificial constructs, whose primary raison d’etat is purportedly to make economic conditions better for its subjected populations. Or at least make the reality of being ruled by “appointed apparatchiks” palatable to the indigenous inhabitants. And as long as the economic conditions are “acceptable”, the system can survive.

Once these economic conditions worsen, movements like the Gilet Jaunes appear.

What should also strike fear into the hearts of every citizen of a Western country is the fact that this quasi-national federation is being constructed less than three decades after another artificially constructed quasi-national federation collapsed, creating economic and societal damage to its indigenous populations. This humble blogger naturally is referring to the Soviet Union.

But here we are, 30 years later and history is appearing to be repeating…

And why is history repeating itself, you might ask dear and loyal reader?

Well, it would appear as if another cabal of anthropocentric types, this time very wealthy people and their surrogates, have decided that they know what’s best for humanity. And what’s best for “humanity” is a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

In other words, another lesson not learned.

And that “not learned” lesson appears to be explained in the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.

So for your edification, and given that Francis, the GLOBALIST of Rome is unavailable ( ahem…) since he is on his Lenten retreat, your humble blogger will provide a meditation (of sorts) on this subject matter, from our “go to” guy on all things biblical, i.e. Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

And as you can infer from the above information, the present cabal of GLOBALISTS will “engineer” a result much like the last cabal of GLOBALISTS, i.e. a human disaster. And just a friendly reminder, the last time it ended with 160 million dead and the Catholic Church infested with crypto-communists.

As to the dead figures, that’s not counting the infanticide that has been ongoing to this day.

The other bad news is that this time around, we don’t have a functioning bishop of Rome to guide us through this oncoming holocaust. And if recent information coming out of “Catholic” sources are to be believed, it doesn’t look like we will have one anytime soon.

But at least we have Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.


Blackmail, Balderdash, & The Brexit That Wasn’t

Authored by Tom Luongo,

After a lot of drama, British Prime Minister Theresa May came back from Brussels with a breakthrough on Brexit.

Only it wasn’t.

While the changes to the protocol that governs the implementation of the Irish Backstop are an improvement they are far fro enough to allay the rightful fears of Brexiteers and the Northern Irish.

From the beginning of this process, the EU has been in blackmail mode. They’ve made it clear that they would not negotiate in good faith or even at all. That much has been clear.

The biggest question has been whether May herself was working in the British people’s best interest or was she simply a stalking horse for further EU integration of the entire continent of Europe.

Never forget that the EU has imperial ambitions. Those that have been its architects saw it as regaining the mantle of the center of the world as the U.S. bankrupts itself maintaining an empire around the world, fighting against the rise of Russia and China.

It sits in the weeds, making byzantine bureaucratic law and building both a fiscal and political union through these under-handed back doors.

And the people of Europe have woken up to it. The Brits voted to leave the EU because of this. Euroskeptic parties are rising across Europe. The latest rebuke of the EU came in Austria’s Salzburg, a traditional center-left stronghold just voted for a Lega-style nationalist/populist majority.

Now people like Theresa May, who never supported Brexit, are using this negotiating period to hand to the EU everything it wants in the Withdrawal Agreement to blackmail the British people to accept an even worse arrangement than had they not voted to leave in the first place.

This point cannot be understated.

Because it is the model for how the EU will fight the rising opposition to its rule.

The withdrawal agreement was crafted by Germany and not negotiated by Jean-Claude Juncker and Michael Barnier to punish the U.K. for standing up to the inevitability of the EU.

It is a message and a warning to Italy, Hungary and Poland.

It was designed to cause irreparable damage to the U.K. with the long-term effects of destroying the majority political parties and fanning separatist instincts in Wales and Scotland.

And no one is more to blame for this mess than the members of Parliament who continue to virtue signal about the horrors of a no-deal which the British people have become less and less scared of every day. Poll after poll shows overwhelming rejection of May’s Merkel’s deal as well as growing support for a No-Deal Brexit.

And if the members of parliament who continue to go through the pantomime of an existential crisis would leave it aside and simply say that’s it, no deal it is, that would end the uncertainty and the worry that is now the dominant narrative in the press.

Businesses are relocating, shipments are stopping, etc. All because of Brexit, they argue. No, all because of MP’s who refuse to embrace the situation as it stands and face the reality that sovereignty is more important than a quarter or two of tightened belts and some annoying paperwork.

Moreover, the biggest fear now is the one which is that Britain ends up better off if they not only threw off the shackles of the EU but also its own corrupt and, frankly, traitorous leadership.

Theresa May’s performance in parliament before the latest vote was almost convincing. But, as always, when someone is giving you an ultimatum, my way or the highway, it’s masking an alternative choice.

The Dublin Unionist Party and the European Research Group within the Tories understand this. I suspect in his heart of hearts Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

And the reason for this is May was always on their side. It’s not a negotiation when there’s only one side represented. This is why Juncker refused to negotiate in any meaningful way.

They didn’t have to.

And that is simply blackmail.

What is obvious watching British parliamentarians at this late stage is that a majority of them are unwilling to face reality that the EU is not in their best interest. Because any organization that would blackmail rather than negotiate is not an organization anyone decent person would want to be a member of.

Fears over a No-Deal Brexit are overblown. If these same MP’s that are so worried about the uncertainty created by the Brexit process would simply end that uncertainty by backing No-Deal then certainty would return.

It might not be the certainty that is the easiest to swallow for both sides but it will be certainty.

Mr. Juncker made it clear there is nothing better forthcoming. That’s an insult and it should be treated as such by Parliament.

But it won’t be as MP’s roll over, show Juncker their bellies and hand-wring about how unfair it all is again later this week.

They cannot see the bigger picture that it is the EU that has the weak hand, not them. They are too blinded by ideology and fear to see that.

Et Introibo Ad Altare Dei: Ad Deum Qui Laetificat Juventutem Meam.


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Starting the week off on the right foot, with a HUGE development.

Today, a repost from one of the favorite sites of this even more humble blogger, the Les Femmes – The Truth blog.

The real Francis Effect, folks.


Sunday Meditation: Reverence and the Traditional Latin Mass

Today, for the first time since about 1965, I attended a high Tridentine Mass. The church echoed with the “birdsong” of babies. Everywhere I looked little girls and teenagers knelt with bowed heads like modest little brides. Yes, many white-haired geriatrics like yours truly knelt among them, but we represented the minority. What a scenario. It brought tears to my eyes and a leap to my heart…not to mention a longing. How I wish I could occupy a little cell next door and make this my parish home. Instead, I will return to my Novus Ordo parish tomorrow where Sunday Mass will end with a social hall throng of laughing, chatting parishioners oblivious of the presence of the Lord of the Universe.

During the homily I thought of my parish. The priest spoke about the temptations of Christ described in the Gospel and related them to our own “voluntary” and “involuntary” temptations. The “voluntary temptations” are those we choose and God, he said, will not help us with those. How foolish to deliberately place oneself in an occasion of sin. It set me thinking about what situations I choose that cause me temptations to sin. How ironic when what came to mind was Sunday Mass at my parish. Last week I had to put my fingers in my ears after Communion when the childrens’ choir sang a song accompanied by the guitar.


Must we go back to the liturgical horrors of the guitar Mass? I left the church agitated and angry, not only over the guitar, but the scandal to the children. Do we really want to train our children up in the worst of liturgical music that sounds either like a cabaret club or a hootenanny?

At any rate, I decided that at least next Sunday I’m going to the TLM at St. John the Baptist in Front Royal where I can hear the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in peace and without agitation. It’s a sacrifice because we usually host a Sunday family brunch and the Mass timing won’t work. But Lent is all about sacrifice, so I’ll be praying for a creative alternative that allows us to celebrate family, but God first! I’m sure the Lord will provide one since he never fails when we put Him first.

I hope this first Sunday of Lent filled your heart with as much peace and joy as mine did.

A Lenten Medatation On The City Of God From The Apostle To The Secular Humanists…


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Lent is upon us.

This year, your humble blogger will present, for your information what could be seen as a Lenten “meditation”… of sorts. Now this meditation is a bit unusual in that it does not come from an individual in the clerical state and is contained in an interview format.

Furthermore, this post in all likelihood will be a controversial post, but this humble blogger is taking this risk to make a point.

So first, the point that is being made comes via an exchange that your humble blogger had on Twitter. Here is the thread:

So the question then becomes, is Dr. Jordan B. Peterson a “naturalist”?

Now here is how we Catholics define “naturalism”: (see here)

Naturalism is not so much a special system as a point of view or tendency common to a number of philosophical and religious systems; not so much a well-defined set of positive and negative doctrines as an attitude or spirit pervading and influencing many doctrines. As the name implies, this tendency consists essentially in looking upon nature as the one original and fundamental source of all that exists, and in attempting to explain everything in terms of nature. Either the limits of nature are also the limits of existing reality, or at least the first cause, if its existence is found necessary, has nothing to do with the working of natural agencies. All events, therefore, find their adequate explanation within nature itself. But, as the terms nature and natural are themselves used in more than one sense, the term naturalism is also far from having one fixed meaning.

If the above is a true definition of what consititutes a “naturalistic tendency”, then the premise that “Dr. Peterson is a naturalist”, appears to be incorrect.

Now, this humble blogger could be wrong, so I will let you, dear and loyal reader decide.

Below is the latest video (meditation) that appears on Dr. Peterson’s website. The reason that I am bringing this video to your attention is that it appears to be the “most Catholic” video that Dr. Peterson has produced to date.

Now, this humble blogger could be wrong, so I will let you, dear and loyal reader decide.

Below is the latest video (meditation) that appears on Dr. Peterson’s website. The reason that I am bringing this video to your attention is that it appears to be the “most Catholic” video that Dr. Peterson has produced to date.

Now, the video is quite long, all of 1 hour and 33 minutes. The really Catholic part starts at about 1:10:00 minute mark.

What I would like you, dear and loyal reader to do is watch at least the last 20 minutes and drop a comment in the box below about whether you think that Dr. Peterson is a “naturalist”.

And one concluding thought.

For those who have been watching Dr. Peterson’s videos as they appear, and this humble blogger has been watching them for at least two years running now, you will notice a pattern. The earlier videos could be described as having “traces of Catholicism” built into them. With time, the Catholic tendency started to become more pronounced. At present, the Catholicism is starting to take over Dr. Peterson’s “messaging”, for the lack of a better word. It appears now, as if Dr. Peterson makes a positive reference to Catholic doctrine/theology/ecclesiology in almost all of his talks or interviews that run longer than 30 minutes. Case in point, Dr. Peterson’s reference to St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal.

Now this is a very important development when taking into account that Dr. Peterson  is an academic who functions in a strictly secular environment. Moreover, Dr. Peterson has a global audience, an audience that consider him to be a legitimate authority. And it gets better. This global audience is comprised to a large degree of people who see Dr. Peterson’s “message” as having a pronounced effect on their current existential situation.

Summa summorum, so what we have is an intellectual who is seen as the most prominent thinker of our times. On his speaking tour in the last year, over 250,000 people have come to his sold out events. His message resonates so strongly, that he gets letters from people who claim to have been helped (turned their life around) by taking Dr. Peterson’s advice. And the crowning fact is this, Dr. Peterson’s message that is causing all these people to come to his events, to buy his books, to use his “personal authoring” applications to “straighten out their lives” is at its ROOT CATHOLIC!.

Like in pre-conciliar, Thomist CATHOLIC.

Which leads this humble blogger to observe that:

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is nothing short of a present day “Apostle to the secular humanists”.


Post scriptum: As we are witnessing Dr. Peterson’s work, which can be seen as reconciling the secular with the sacred, on the other end of the spectrum we are simultaneously witnessing the reconciliation from the sacred side with the secular over on the Church Militant website. See below:




A Few Words On A Recent Survey Of Catholics And The FrancisEffect…


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Among statisticians there is a saying that a hierarchy exists in their field, namely there are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics.

The reason I bring this issue to your attention is due to a very good post that appeared at the LMS Chairman blog and written by Dr. Joseph Shaw. This post captures an aspect of the statistical/polling business that is very rarely discussed, yet presently dominates the polling industry, especially in the political sub-set of the et Invisibilium, namely the GOAL SEEKING of results.

The definition of goal seeking is: “… goal seeking is the ability to calculate backward to obtain an input that would result in a given output.”  

In the Shaw post, we get a great example of this PHENOMENON from the Catholic perspective. Here is the pertinent passage: (emphasis added)

I hope the poor study is expanded. I would like to see information about those answering the questions – age, sex, marital status, and whether they are converts or cradle Catholics. And I would like to see a comparison with Catholics attending the Ordinary Form, as opposed to people saying they are Catholics and not attending anything. Another interesting comparison might be Catholics who are members of the ‘New Movements’ (Neo-Catechumenate, Focolare, Communion and Liberation, and so on).

Yes, this is the key metric, i.e. the comparison with Catholics attending the Ordinary Form, as opposed to people saying they are Catholics and not attending anything. 

The reason why this metric is key, is that it appears as if it is being used interchangeably. And it would appear that the use of this metric is not arbitrary.

Moving on, the reason this humble blogger makes this observation is due to a trend that is happening in society in general, especially in Western society and which is called “RE-TRADITIONALIZATION”. At the top of this post, I have embedded a recent video from Dr. Steven Turley.

As we can see from this video, there is a major trend that is observable in the general population. This trend can be quickly summarized as follows: there is a rise in the level of religiosity among the general population, which is primarily due to religious women having more children than their non-religous counterparts, with large cultural and security elements thrown in. 

Yet this trend is hard to find in any of the statistical data coming out from the usual Catholic sources. Or at least, this humble blogger’s filters have not been able to detect it.

So the question then becomes, are Catholic institutions who monitor such areas of religious life intentionally “goal seeking” their results.

And then the follow-up question would be why? (Hint here)

The hypothesis could be that these institutions have hidden agendas which “discourage” them from providing a “statistically objective” representation of what is in fact happening in the individual dioceses of the Catholic Church as well as in the Church at large.

This misrepresentation would then, by default support the view that the 1960’s-esque happy clappy church of “the new springtime of the spirit” is a more accurate representation of reality, thereby providing justification for the local ordinaries to do “more of the same”.

Which would then lead to the conclusion that while the Catholic statisticians are “asleep at the wheel”, to be charitable, the conservative protestant sects are noticing this trend also and acting upon it. The obvious difference is that these sects are addressing this need that is present in the general population and luring these hapless souls into ERROR, and what that entails.

In the mean time, FrancisChurch is covering up for their GROOMING GANGS of Rome with the expected FrancisEffect.


Survey of US Traditional Catholics

I have a piece in LifeSiteNews on this widely-reported survey, which says exactly what one would expect: Catholics attached to the Traditional Mass overwhelmingly believe the teachings of the Church and fulfill their obligations to attend Mass and go to confession.

I think the survey is a good effort, but I’d like to put its contrast with data from other surveys on the beliefs and practices of Catholics as a whole into some context, beyond what I wrote for LifeSite.

Conservative Catholics reading the period results of mainstream Catholic opinion and practice may get the feeling that the findings exceed their most pessimistic estimate of their co-religionists. Amazingly few Catholics appear to know, let alone confess, the teaching of the Church on the Real Presence; scarcely any actually follow the Church’s teaching on contraception

One reason for this is poor methodology in the surveys themselves. Notoriously, one survey which claimed that almost no Catholics accepted the Church’s ban on contraception arrived at this conclusion by excluding from consideration various categories of women; with other flaws, this made the survey pretty worthless

Even the respected research institute attached to Georgetown University, CARA, tends to survey ‘self-identified’ Catholics instead of Church-going Catholics. But what does it mean to ‘identify’ as a Catholic while rejecting all her teachings and never going to Church? The results of surveys including this category will reflect how many such people there are; how many there are in turn depends not only on the rate of lapsation and poor formation, but in the strength of the idea that one can be a ‘Catholic’ in some tribal sense completely unconnected with belief and practice.

Interestingly, in Britain a recent academic study showed that Anglicans are very happy to keep calling themselves Anglicans when they have lapsed, while Baptists stop calling themselves Baptists if they aren’t fully committed. The attitude of Catholics falls between these extremes. A less complete study would have suggested that Baptists are far more committed than Anglicans, but also more likely to lapse, which would have been misleading: in effect it compared committed Baptists and uncommitted Anglicans.

What this survey of church-going Catholics, attached to the ancient Latin liturgy, shows is that, within the undifferentiated mass of ‘Catholics’ who have a confusingly wide range of views and religious practices, there is at least one sub-group which is genuinely faithful to the Church, her teachings and requirements, and who average a reasonable number of children to whom this Faith can be passed on.

I hope the poor study is expanded. I would like to see information about those answering the questions – age, sex, marital status, and whether they are converts or cradle Catholics. And I would like to see a comparison with Catholics attending the Ordinary Form, as opposed to people saying they are Catholics and not attending anything. Another interesting comparison might be Catholics who are members of the ‘New Movements’ (Neo-Catechumenate, Focolare, Communion and Liberation, and so on).

In the meantime, we should be grateful that serious statistical study of Latin Mass-going Catholics has finally begun. 

SoapBubblePapcy™ – “Grooming Gangs Of Rome” Summit™ Ends…


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The Uncle Ted McCarrick lineage…

… and nothing about the GROOMING GANGS.

But then again, nobody ever expected the REAL AGENDA to be discussed anyway.

Yet, much of the coverage of this Bergoglian FARCE is positive… in the Traditional Catholic sense of that term.

In fact, Michael Matt was giddy in his last report. See below:

Si? (see here)

And Michael Voris was also upbeat in his final report from Rome. See below:

What the important take away from the above two video is, is that now, groups with varied interests are beginning to align against the FrancisMcCarrickPervChurch.

Aside, when you’ve lost CNN and AP, not to mention Crux (see here) you know it’s only a matter of time until the #fakenews media SoapBubblePapcy™ is deflated.

And this weekend, DEFLATION is the operative word.

Think about it this way dear and loyal reader, how much scandal, read reputation risk, not including cold hard cash, is George Soros and the #fakenews media willing to bear in order to prop up Francis, the perv enabler of Rome?

And just to provide a wider context, we have the other aspects of the NEW WORLD ORDER, of which Francis was to deliver the ONE WORLD RELIGION, also getting DEFLATED.

Over in France, we get this report from Dr. Steve Turley here:

And if that’s not all, the BIGGEST surprise of this past few weeks has to  be what is happening in Spain.

Folks, it’s nothing short of a miracle. Spain, within a matter of a few months, has created a nationalist, traditionalist majority in its body politic. The situation has forced the leftist government to fall and early elections are going to be held on the 28th of April of this year. These elections are expected to sweep a nationalist, rationalist, traditionalist government into power for the first time since death of the Francisco Franco.

This situation in Spain has come straight out of the blue…

You got to wonder what else is brewing under the surface of Euroland and is just waiting to spring up…

Concluding, and moving back to the specific…

What this humble blogger sees as the key to the situation in Rome is this contained in the below:

If it is true, and most certainly it is, that a “good number of Papal Nuncios” met in Rome this past Friday night, and that they compared notes on cover-ups orchestrated by the GROOMING GANGS of Rome, and given that Archbishop Vigano is also a former Papal Nuncio, then this group holds the key to physically ending the Francis Bishopric of Rome.

It is not by chance that Jorge Bergoglio is about to be investigated for le affair Zanchetta. (see here) It is highly likely that the information that has come to the attention of the Argentine authorities, has come via  Vatican diplomatic circles. (see here) They would be the ones to hold this information since they would be the only ones that could be trusted in Argentina under the Bergoglio dictatatorship.

So it is this OCCURENCE that you dear and loyal readers should focus on, since it is most likely the key to finally putting an end to the “new springtime of the spirit of Vatican II” and its genealogical offspring, the FrancisPervChurch and its GROOMING GANGS OF ROME.

Sure Feels Like The Walls Are Closing In…


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Today we transition to a subject matter that can be viewed as the “GROUND ZERO” of the current crisis in Western Civilization. This is the upcoming European Union parliamentary elections.

The crisis within Western Civilization is being generated (through cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, post-Modernism, etc.) and then used by the GLOBALISTS in an attempt to abolish national boundaries in order to facilitate the creation of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

This ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT in turn will have “positive” aspects we are told. Among these are the transfer of goods and services at more competitive prices, passpost-free travel, unitary WORLD JUSTICE SYSTEM, etc., etc., etc. Or so the explanations goes.

One of the NEGATIVE aspects, and one that the GLOBALISTS don’t like to talk about, is that this ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT doesn’t work with what you dear and loyal reader would call a democratic form of government based on the concept of ONE MAN ONE VOTE.

Specifically, if you have Germany with 80 million people and Hungary with 10 million people, the Germans will out vote the Hungarians every time.

So what’s in it for the Hungarians?

Rhetorical question…

In order to find a solution to this above described “DEMOCRACY” dilemma, the GLOBALISTS have hi-jacked the EUROPEAN PROJECT and implemented what appears to be a trial run TO A future introduction of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT of the ONE WORLD ORDER.

The EUROPEAN PROJECT, which started out as a free-trade zone in the post-WWII Western European countries post hi-jacking, has morphed into a FEDERAL UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.

The big advantage that this EUROPEAN PROJECT holds for the future ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is that the cabal that runs the European Union, i.e. the European Commission has never been elected. It is appointed by the governments of the European member states. And it is appointed for the reasons explained above in the German/Hungarian example.

ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. A government that holds real power (armed forces, police, civil administration, court system, etc…) but is not accountable to any of the subjects, except to the ruling elites who appointed them.

So far, so good…

Yet now, a problem has arisen. It turns out that the populations of the European member states don’t like the manner in which their affairs are fun by these appointed administrators and are rebelling against this EUROPEAN PROJECT itself. Or rather, they are rebelling against that part of the EUROPEAN PROJECT that is morphing into an unaccountable FERDERAL state, run by appointed bureaucrats.

And needless to say, this is problematic for the ONE WORLD ORDER types…

Which is why the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections are so important for both sides.

And just to finish the story, the European Parliament in reality is a fig leaf. It has no real power. It passes laws, but only the European Council (appointed governing board can enact them into law). So in essence, the European Parliament is an illusionary legislative branch.

Yet one problem of having an illusory legislative branch and an appointed executive branch that has the real power, is that the executive branch is constrained from doing what it wants to do if the illusory parliament keeps on voting against the executive branches wishes.

It shows the EU for being the sham democratic system that it really is.

So the above is CONTEXT, while the below is the current situation. It would appear, as the polls indicate, that the parties that represent the European parties that want a European Union of individual, sovereign nations are beginning to surpass those parties that want the authoritarian FEDERAL EU state.

Now this is problematic for two reasons. First, if the proponents of a EU of sovereign nations gain control over the legislative branch, they can pass laws that directly contradict the edicts of the executive branch, i.e. the European Commission.

Next, since those same parties appear to be gaining the upper hand in the national elections, those appointed COMMISSIONERS that populate the executive branch, will be replaced with like minded COMMISSIONERS when the new European Commission is seated after the current term expires.

So all in all, the next few weeks will be interesting to watch on the European level. The results though, will have dramatic consequences much, much further. The consequences will be felt in the most powerful places on this planet such as Washington D.C., where the ONE WORLD ORDER is trying to overthrow the duly elected US President, all the way down to the tiny Vatican City State where a pedophile, ephebophile, homosexualist pervert is holding on to power due to being funded by these same interests.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

This could be the beginning of the beginning of the end…

Sure feels like the WALLS ARE CLOSING IN

So stay tuned sports fans…



Anti-EU Salvini Set To Emerge As Biggest Winner In EU Parliament Elections

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini’s efforts to undermine the EU status quo by rallying a broad coalition of eurosceptic groups during spring elections for the European Parliament are set to pay off big time, according to the first forecast of the expected results released by the chamber on Tuesday.

According to the polling, which was cited by the FT, Salvini’s League Party is expected to make some of the most striking gains in the May vote, possibly becoming the second-largest party in the assembly after Germany’s center right Christian Democratic Union.

Mr Salvini’s League is on course to dominate in Italy by winning 32 per cent of the vote and 27 seats, according to the poll. If so, it would be the second-biggest party in the chamber after Germany’s center-right Christian Democratic Union, which is forecast to hold 29 seats, down from 34 in the last election in 2014. The CDU is a mainstay of the European People’s party, the parliament’s main centre-right group. The EPP is predicted to slip from 217 seats to 183 seats, while the centre-left Social Democrat grouping is projected to lose almost one-third of its seats — from 186 to 135.

In total, Eurosceptic parties are expected to win 153 seats in the chamber. Though they control the same number now, their share of the votes will climb as the total number of seats in the chamber falls to 705 from 751 to account for the UK’s departure. In addition to Salvini’s League, the Eurosceptic faction in the EUP includes Poland’s Law and Justice party, Italy’s Five Star Movement and France’s Rassemblement National. Law and Justice and France’s RN have pledged to join forces in the coming parliament. Other Eurosceptic parties including Spain’s far-right Vox and the Dutch Forum for Democracy are expected to win seats in the chamber for the first time.

As Salvini’s star rises, the pro-EU center-left and center-right forces that have traditionally dominated the chamber are struggling against a turning tide of public opinion. Turnout for the vote has been slowly declining, and fell to 42.6% in 2014. This has given anti-establishment leaders including Salvini and Hungary’s Viktor Orban an opening to win more of the vote at a time when popular sentiment has decidedly turned against internationalist pro-EU politicians like France’s Emmanuel Macron.

The sliding fortunes of the parliament’s largest groups mean that the socialists and conservatives could fail to command 50 per cent of seats for the first time since the first European elections in 1979. However, with support from liberal and the Green groups they could still form a broad pro-EU alliance.

The figures are based on a compilation of national polls that will be updated regularly until the election.

Why Is Francis So Afraid Of The Roman Rite?


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Quick post today. Over at Gloria.TV this here below…

Over at Rorate Caeli, also a post about the Restoration of the Latin Mass here.

And the Restoration of the Latin Mass is also featured in this post at the Pertinacious Papist site here.

And one more thing. This humble blogger has a very important day today. Any prayers coming his way would be greatly appreciated.


Why Is Francis So Afraid of the Roman Rite?

a February 14 audience for the participants in the plenary of the Liturgy Congregation, Pope Francis read a text about the liturgical development of the past fifty years which sounded like a parody compared to what really happened.

Francis claimed that in the 1960s the Church’s “praying tradition” needed “renewed expressions, without losing anything of its millennial wealth.” However, as a result of the changes, the “millennial wealth” was lost, and the “renewed expressions” turned out to be a flop.

As if he wanted to make fun about the disaster, Francis called to continue this journey “with wise constancy”.

Using a shaky 19th century Lebensphilosophie, he went on claiming that the liturgy is “life that forms”, not an “idea to be learned”, or that “reality is more important than the idea”. But life forms through ideas, and behind the liturgy are God’s life, ideas and reality, not ours.

Francis called the liturgy “the epiphany of ecclesial communion”. Something like that may be true for a party meeting but Catholic liturgy is the epiphany of God, not of men.

His strongest fears are toward the millennial Roman Liturgy against which he launched a furious attack:

“When we look back to nostalgic past tendencies or wish to impose them again, there is the risk of placing the part before the whole, the ‘I’ before the People of God, the abstract before the concrete, ideology before communion and, fundamentally, the worldly before the spiritual.”

It is a fact that the future belongs to the Old Rite families, that nostalgia is a phenomenon among those who – like Francis – idealize a failed reform, and that the Novus Ordo is “imposed” on the faithful while the Roman Rite is chosen freely.

Thus, Francis puts a partial, narrow-minded “reform” in an egocentric way before the good of the Church, his abstract liturgical ideas before the faithful, liberal ideology before truth, and fashions before the eternity of the Spirit.

Thomism, Just What The Doctor Ordered…


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So today we will speak about structures.

As we wrote a couple of days back (see here), STRUCTURES are very important. Below is a fragment from a discussion between Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Stanley McChrystal, a former US Army general.

To place this fragment into CONTEXT is to note that the retired General has “leftist leanings” which were exhibited in the Rolling Stones article that was the root cause of the earlier alluded to dismissal. Now we find out that he most likely obtained his “political leanings” from his mother who was a leftist. So having a “left leaning” individual, like General McChrystal speaking about the NECCESITY of STRUCTURES definitely is NEWS in and of itself.

Given the above CONTEXT, here is the Dr. Peterson part of the exchange.

Ok, so that’s… that’s real interesting to me because one of the things I learned when I was reading Friedrich Nietzsche in particular, he was a great critic of Christianity but also a great admirer of the Catholic Church.

And one of the things he said about Catholicism was that over the centuries of its unfolding, that it required all of its practitioners to adopt a particular disciplined ethos and to explain the world within the confines of a single coherent system, and then also to act that out.

And so Nietzsche was also interested in the development of, let’s call it “full individuality”. But he also knew that the pathway to individuality was through the rigors of a disciplinary structure.

Therefore, from the above passage, what is of importance to understand is that the Catholic Church had in place “over the centuries of its unfolding” a STRUCTURE in place which was based on “a particular disciplined ethos”, which allowed to “explain the world within the confines of a single coherent system” and then mandated that those practitioners “act that out”.

Now for those new to this blog, that “disciplined” and “coherent” STRUCTURE which these distinguished gentlemen were referring to is what is known as THOMISM.

And just to remind all the new readers, THOMISM (see here) has been out of favor with the Modernists since… at least the times of Pope St. Pius X. In a seminal essay by Dr. John Lamont, the short explanation of the post-conciliar church’s problem with THOMISM is laid out as follows:

Another article of the postconciliar creed has to do with the character of the Thomism that was promoted by popes from Leo XIII to Pius XII. The substantive accusations made against this Thomism are that it unjustifiably limited theology to a particular philosophical system, that theology was forced to conform to it, and that it was not the true thought of St. Thomas. These claims play a subordinate role in the criticism of preconciliar Thomism, whose main thrust lies in accusations that Thomism was ‘abstract’, ‘rationalist’, ‘ahistorical’, ‘arid’, ‘frozen’, ‘immobile’, ‘obsessed’, ‘encouraging pure secularity’, ‘sclerotically hardened and furred theologically, spiritually and ecclesially’, ‘causing a rupture between theology and life’, a ‘wax mask’, a ‘straightjacket’ that ‘reduced theological speculation to sterility’. The essence of this villainous form of Thomism is supposed to be given by the 24 Thomistic theses developed by leading scholars and endorsed by the Sacred Congregation of Studies in 1914, as containing the principles and main pronouncements of St. Thomas’s philosophy.3

But in reality, the OBJECTIVE kind, this was in fact the case:

The substantive accusations against Thomism are easily dismissed. The allegation that Thomism was imposed on preconciliar theology is without foundation, as can easily be seen by looking at the official texts that deal with it. All these texts are concerned with the teaching of philosophy and theology in educational institutions. Leo XIII and subsequent popes had decided that it was essential that the clergy be given a sound philosophical formation, and that the best philosophy for them to be formed in was Thomism. In order to achieve that end, they ruled that philosophical formation in seminaries and Catholic universities should be Thomistic in nature. This made it necessary to give some definition of what Thomism consisted in, and the 24 Thomistic theses were promulgated to meet this need.

Without belaboring this point, but to finish Lamont’s summary, here is how the suppression of THOMISM worked out for the post-conciliar church:

The key to the neomodernist capture of power is however also the reason for their failure to sustain a religious culture. Neomodernism is not like Protestantism, which contains ideas with a positive content as well as being a rejection of Catholicism. These ideas – justification by faith, and the like – are not correct, but they say something substantial, and have an appeal that can give rise to an important movement. Neomodernism, however, on a religious level is a purely negative thesis. As a result it has no attractive force of its own, and ecclesiastical structures that fall into its grip eventually die away – a process now visible all over the world.

And here is why post-Modernism is disintegrating and why it is only a question of time until it die away:

This is one thing that on the natural level permitted the survival of Thomism, despite the drastic measures taken to uproot it from the Church; unlike neomodernism, it has something positive and substantial to say. Moreover, what it has to say is actually true. This is in no way a guarantee of broad success, but it ensures the continued existence of Thomism in the small constituency of good scholars who are concerned with the truth and in a position to discover it. Whether it will expand much beyond this constituency in the future is unknown, but there is no doubt that its future shows more promise than that of neomodernism.

So where does this above information leave us?

Well, it would appear that in fact, “NATURAL PHILOSOPHICAL STRUCTURES”, like Thomism are making a big comeback. In the video above, Dr. Steven Turley identifies just this aspect as the basis for the OBSERVATION that young Polish voters are voting for conservative parties.

Dr. Turley also notices that this same PHENOMENON is the basis behind the return of the Traditional Latin Mass among young Catholics.

And just to finish off this post, here is a passage from the Wikipedia entry as to the future prospects of Natural Philosophy:

Especially since the mid-20th-century European crisis, some thinkers argued the importance of looking at nature from a broad philosophical perspective, rather than what they considered a narrowly positivist approach relying implicitly on a hidden, unexamined philosophy. One line of thought grows from the Aristotelian tradition, especially as developed by Thomas Aquinas.

Concluding, what we Faithful Catholics are witnessing is nothing short of a Restoration of Catholicism that is not just liturgical in nature, but theological in nature as well. This Restoration is also not just limited to the ecclesiastical sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium. 

One can say that what we are in fact witnessing is the disintegration of the “Enlightenment fallacy” that that which is not proved by the scientific method, does not exist.

What we as a civilization are beginning to understand at present is that the scientific method is only a tool to understand the greater REALITY. This REALITY in turn is OBJECTIVE in nature, therefore can be studied with OBJECTIVE tools, one of which is the scientific method.

Yet the scientific method does not constitute an end in itself. It can only be considered to be a means to an end. And a limited means at that. What the scientific method CANNOT do is provide VALUES nor MEANING nor even a comprehensive STRUCUTRE to understand the greater OBJECTIVE REALITY of human existence.

For that, philosophy is needed. And the reason philosophy is needed is that it provides STRUCTURES in which individual’s live and in which they function. These STRUCTURES are needed above all in the theological domain, if what we believe is to be COHERENT, i.e. taken seriously. And it is a return to STRUCTURES that Western Civilization and above all, the post-conciliar church desperately need in order to stop the disintegration that we are observing at the moment.

What one can in fact conclude from the above material is that for the post-conciliar church and Western Civilization in which it subsists, Thomism with its embedded STRUCTURES, is just what the doctor ordered.