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EjikThe below is a translation of a post that appeared on the Vatican Radio’s Polish language site. (see original here) (emphasis added)

During Lent, Catholics in the Netherlands are getting accustomed to the vision of a future without churches. In this year’s Message for Lent, the President of the Episcopate of the Netherlands Willem Cardinal Eijk, announced that he will take on one of the most painful problems of the local Catholic community, i.e. the necessity to close the vast majority of churches in the country, in the near future. As a result of mistakes made by the local Church after the Council and the actual abandonment of evangelization, there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of faithfulin in recent decades.

Card. Eijk stressed, that he never takes an initiative in this regard alone. For the “deconsecration” of a sanctuary, it is the parish council that writes a simple request stating that only a few faithful attend a church and therefore the parish does not have the necessary funds for its maintnance. The Utrecht ordinary stressed that the decision to deconsecrate is always taken with a heavy heart.

Card. Eijk therefore understands the bitterness of the faithful who find that their village or district will no longer have a church. He however cautions that this should not cultivate these sorts of negative feelings, because they can lead to permanent bitterness. It is important, however, to be open to God and to other Catholics, and with them deepen their faith through prayer, the Word of God and catechesis. Although church buildings might disappear, our faith and the will to be the Church does not disappear from our villages and districts – Cardinal Eijk writes in his message for Lent.

A few thoughts on the above. Aside from the stupid “bitterness is not helpful” quote, I think it is to the cardinal’s credit that he lays blame exactly where it should be laid, i.e. on the Second Vatican Council. If you dear reader didn’t catch this, here is the relevant passage:

As a result of mistakes made by the local Church after the Council…

I know that this interpretation can go either way, but what I think is of paramount importance is that the good cardinal LINKS the destruction of the Catholic Church in Holland with the Second Vatican Council.

In other words, the Dutch have been brought to the point where DENIAL is no longer an option.

With 180 days to the beginning of the Synod today, I wonder if anyone will get around to telling Francis about this “new springime of the spirit of Vaticann II” effect?

H/T to Deacon A. 😉