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Bulldogs fighing

Today we begin concluding our series of posts dealing the essay which appeared on the Rorate Caeli blog written by a “very wise, knowledgeable, and highly influential cleric, writing under the pen name of don Pio Pace”. (see here) The amount of information was too large to put in one post, so I will break it up into two.

FYI, the title of the post derives from an old Polish expression relating to infighting, which is kept out of the public view but deadly none the less.

In today’s post we will combine themes. On one hand, we have your typical RESTRORATION theme – a Restoration Round-up, identifying the recent development with respect to the “restoring all things to Christ” space. On the other hand, we have a sub-theme along the lines of the MARGINAL ANALYSIS post (see here), which attempts to interpret information (DATA POINTS) that have come to the attention of your humble blogger.

To be more precise, while analyzing the said Padre Pio Pace essay, I wanted to find support for the inferences (HYPOTHESIS) which I was extracting from the essay text through my analytical model (see here). One manner in which I perform “quick checks” of my HYPOTHESES is by looking at posts over a defined “control period” so to speak, that appear on my “favorite blogs” list, and see if I can find DATA POINTS which either confirm or at least support my contention. Just to be certain that I am on the right track.

When performing my “quick check” for this post, what I noticed was an unusually large amount of posts pertaining to the RESTORATION theme over the span of the preceding 40 days (CONTROL PERIOD). A statistically significant increase, I will add. Which suggests that my model is on the right track and that I am extracting OBJECTIVELY CORRECT INFERENCES from the DATA POINTS

Therefore, what I will do is go through the “quick check” to demonstrate how the “lay of the land” of the RESTORATION is shaping up. I will identify the individual posts, with links, and try to place them in various categories which hopefully will allow you dear reader to gain a better picture of the present “lay of the land” if you will.

So here goes.

In our last post, we concluded with the following observation (INFERENCE):

If I am reading Padre Pio correctly, and I think I am, what appears to be the current state of mind within the OLD GUARD camp is what can be termed as a “reset mentality”. What I think is the case is that the grown-ups within the Catholic hierarchy and especially those within the Sacred Vatican Walls have come to the realization that the Second Vatican Council was “not all that it was cracked up to be”. Actually, what they seem to be saying is that the post Pius XII era within the Catholic Church needs to be “reformed”. And the point of departure of the “reform of Vatican II” appears to be the pontificate of Pius XII.

The INFERENCE here is that the “conservative” members of the CURIA are beginning to UNDERSTAND that any proper reform of the Catholic Church needs to start at the end of the pontificate of PIUS XII.

In a comment on the Mundabor blog (see comment section here) I explained to my blogging friend, the significance of certain DATA POINTS which I have observed recently. I also provided the following INTERPRETAION:

What the good Padre is saying is that Pope Pacelli is still present in the minds of the conservatives, and is starting to become their “point of reference”, meaning that any future “reform” will start pre “St” JXXIII. This is revolutionary in my humble opinion since it indicates that the “spirit of VII” is seen as the problem.

In other words, the conservative members of the CURIA see the RESTORATION as the answer to the current problems. Given the above, the question becomes, how to support this HYPOTHESIS.

One way would be through the “quick check” methodology which I explained above. When looking through the internet posts from the blogs which I follow, the following information appears that could serve to confirm the HYPOTHESIS.

  • Future Establishment of Institutes of Consecrated Right Will Require Confirmation by Rome” (see here and here) So much for new collegiality! (see here)
  • Francis makes it easier to remove Catholic bishops because Some More Equal Than Others (see here)? Motu Proprio “As a Loving Mother” on the removal of Bishops for negligence in cases of sexual abuse? (see here)

For those who follow this blog, you will recall that Francis and his henchmen are literally obsessed with crushing the RESTORATION. Think Franciscans of the Immaculate. Furthermore, Francis has a history of removing Catholic bishops through spurious charges of “negligence” with respect to sexual impropriety cases (Bishops Liviera +, Finn, Oliveri, etc.) while surrounding himself with deviants and enablers (Card. Danneels, Msgr. Ricca, Bishop Barros etc.) Therefore, any “easing” of the formal process under which bishops can be removed MUST to be seen in this light.

Further confirmation can be gained from another independent and very telling source. Here I am referring to the Vatican’s English language press spokesman Father Thomas Rosica. It has been observed that Fr. Rosica is back to disparaging “bloggers” after a short hiatus. In a speech given on the 11th of May of this year, Fr. Tom is back at it. Here is what he had to say (see here):

Thomas Rosica, C.S.B., founding chief executive officer of Canada’s Salt and Light Media Foundation, delivered the keynote address during the Brooklyn Diocese’s observance of World Communications Day on May 11. He pulled no punches in condemning this unfortunate phenomenon and the broader problem of a Catholic web of anger and accusation. “The character assassination on the Internet by those claiming to be Catholic and Christian has turned it into a graveyard of corpses strewn all around,” he said. Father Rosica deplored “the obsessed, scrupulous, self-appointed, nostalgia-hankering virtual guardians of faith” who “resort to the Internet and become trolling pontiffs and holy executioners.”

Looking at the word count of this post, I see that I am running long and I still haven’t gotten to the list of post which I have compiled to support my HYPOTHESIS. What I will do is leave off here and pick up in my next post.

But before I do, a quick summary. What we see is that the “revolutionary forces of the post conciliar HIPPIE church” have decided to begin attacking. Their situation can be best discerned through that old saying that is credited to Mahatma Gandhi which he in fact never said. The adage goes as follows:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Given the accuracy of the above, it would appear that Francis and his “revolutionary soviet” holed up at the Domus Sanctae Marthae are in the “Fighting” phase.

One explanation of why they are going on the offensive is that they are seeing the same thing that I am seeing. Fr. Rosica and others from Team Francis are no doubt monitoring the Catholic blogs. In his monitoring activities, he will have noticed the “explosion” of RESTORATION activities that are spreading throughout the UNIVERSAL Catholic Church.

Just to give you dear reader a foretaste of our next post. Over the last 40 days (CONTROL PERIOD), I have identified over 80 individual posts from among just 5 blogs which I follow. That’s 2 per day on average. I limited the CONTROL GROUP of blogs to 5, plus the SSPX website, since the amount of information became quite large.

I will end here for today and pick up tomorrow….