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The 14th Apostle?

Today brings news from behind enemy lines. Elizabeth Yore writing at The Remnant is doing very impressive yeoman’s work exposing what can be termed George Soros’ “kitchen cabinet” and the Vatican connection.

Another seemingly independent and unrelated OCCURANCE was observed on the 12th of September 2016, written up on the website of Vatican Radio. The story entailed Francis viciously “rebuking” the “destroyers”. As it turned out, the who, as in who Francis was “rebuking” was the “destroyers” of “Christian unity”. (see here) NB: Appropriate response from the Catholic Blogosphere here.

The connection between Francis’ “rebuking” and the Vatican’s Soros connection as it turns out was provided by one of the better Vaticanists writing today, Mr. Andrea Gagliarducci.

Starting over at the Remnant.

In today’s revelation we find out more from the DC Leaks and the cooperation between the Soros front group Open Society Foundation and the FrancisVatican or as we like to call in on this blog, the revolutionary soviet that is holed up on the 4th floor (?) of the Domus Sactae Marthae. To find the latest revelations coming out of WikiLeaks as per The Remnant, please see here.

My dear readers can find more on this subject matter and commentary at two of my favorite blogs here and here so I will not repost below.

Now over to Mr. Gagliarducci and his MondayVatican Blog.

I would like to draw your attention now to another blog that provides CONTEXT to The Remnant post. For those who are not familiar with Mr. Gagliarducci’s blog, he happens to be a vaticanist with very good and abundant sources inside the “Sacred Vatican Walls”. His blog is written in a manner where one really has to “read between the lines”. This no doubt, is due to his sources needing to be protected. Therefore, Mr.. Gagliarducci “signals” a subject (provides DATA POINTS) that is most likely the “focus of discussion” in the Vatican itself, and then bloggers like yours truly try to find corroboration in the Catholic, “c”atholic or secular press.

For a good discussion on the “signaling effect” please review the post titled Francis And The Signaling Effect (see here). But I digress…

So today we will be focusing on a post that appeared at the MondayVatican blog titled  Pope Francis and the Issues of Ideological Colonization (see here). The first passage reads as follows: (emphasis added)

Is there really a wish to water down the Church’s core issues behind slogans like social justice, care for poor, and welcome for migrants – topics that are nevertheless a very important part of the social teaching of the Church? Is there really a strategy to praise the social-pragmatic side of the Church’s teaching (love for the poor and for one’s neighbor) in order to let the Church’s teaching on the dignity of human life pass unobserved?

These questions are food for thought as international events provide further details. A series of leaks – the so called DC Leaks – revealed that the businessman, George Soros, contributed significant amounts of money from his “Open Society Foundation” in order to “switch the American Catholic Church’s priorities” from life and family issues to social justice issues.

According to DC Leaks, in April, 2015, Open Society transferred the amount of $650,000 to PICO and Faith in Public Life, two progressive organizations. The money was donated with the aim of organizing publicity campaigns to support economic and social justice, in order to create a critical mass of US bishops aligned with the Pope. The documents also reveal that the two organizations were chosen since they were involved in long-term projects aiming to change “the priorities of the US Catholic Church.”

How much they succeeded is yet to be seen. The reports show that the Catholic Church is considered by Soros just as one among other secular institutions, in step with his strategy to exploit religions – a strategy that poses as one of the biggest adversaries of faith.

When “reading between the lines” in the above text, what is important to observe that the problem is identified. That problem is MONEY.

Furthermore, “questions” are being asked as to whether Francis intends to “water down the Church’s core issues behind slogans like social justice, care for poor, and welcome for migrants”. 

The implication being that if Francis gets to “water down the Church’s core issues”, more MONEY will be forthcoming from the secular institutions.

Let’s call this our HYPOTHESIS

What Mr. Gagliarducci does further down in his post is provides the connection (EVIDENCE) between the identified problem (MONEY) and the observation of the “watering down of the Church’s core issues”.

Reading further here is what is of interest:

In the end, Europe is experiencing a fight between its Catholic and Protestant worlds. The Protestant ethic in the end is the Church’s sworn enemy, and it was the Protestant ethic that created the kind of ideological colonization about which Pope Francis is always issuing warnings.

Many of the discussions within the wealthy German Church are apparently informed by the idea that the faithful must be given their freedom so that they remain attached to the Church, and that the final aim of Church policy is apparently that of not losing the very taxpayers who endow the Church’s structures with enormous wealth. Thanks to these taxes, the German Church can undertake her charitable works. But the German Church can also exert a strong influence on the bishops’ conferences of developing countries, which depend completely on outside funding, most frequently from the German bishops.

Individual freedoms are thus imposed in the name of a faithless economic force. (…) 

The issue of gender ideology is etched at the base of the Church’s fight to stay Catholic and not to concede anything to Protestantization, while also aware of the fact that a Protestant would simply accept gender ideology in the name of everyone’s individual freedom to be whatever he wants. This freedom must be paid for: in the name of incomes, some people are willing to put their belief to one side; because of poverty, other people are obliged to do so. This is also the reason why the Church (and the Holy See) must have financial independence: so as not to depend on donations from those who use donations to ask for a change of identity.

So what Mr. Gagliarducci is doing in these four paragraphs is connecting the dots and identifying the ROOT CAUSE of the problem, namely:

  1. The “players” behind the Sacred Vatican Walls have identified that “protestantism” is being used as a proxy (substitute) issue to ram through GENDER IDEOLOGY, a construct of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory. (Hold that thought.)
  2. The real issue is the Kirchensteuer, or the money that flows from the German government’s collection of this Church Tax to the German Bishops’ Conference. Therefore, the real issue is identified as: Individual freedoms are thus imposed in the name of a faithless economic force.
  3. A FALSE PREMISE is being “developed” that rests on the FALSE claim that: More Protestantism (individual “freedoms”) equals More Kirchensteuer Revenue.
  4. The “players” know this to be a FALSE PREMISE, therefore do not want to concede anything to “Protestantism” a.k.a the Frankfurt School in reality.
  5. What is key is to gain “financial independence” for all parties concerned.
  6. “Protestantism” has nothing to do with obtaining “financial independence” or more precisely: financial sustainability and viability.

Notice point 5 is in essence the 2nd Principle of the LEX ARMATICUS, i.e. Even neo-Modernists need to eat.

And how do we know that the scenario defined above (Point 1) is correct?

Over at the Sandro Magister’s Blog, in a post titled A Pope Like None Before. Somewhat Protestant (see here), this post begins with the following passage:

ROME, July 22, 2016 – In the alarmed letter that thirteen cardinals from five continents were preparing to deliver to Pope Francis at the beginning of the last synod, they were warning him against leading the Catholic Church as well to “the collapse of liberal Protestant churches in the modern era, accelerated by their abandonment of key elements of Christian belief and practice in the name of pastoral adaptation:”

Therefore, the above confirms Point 1, i.e. that the Prelates behind the Sacred Vatican Walls understand that “protestantization” of the Catholic Church does not translate into the bottom line, like they say.

Francis most likely also knows this, which is why he is so “friendly” with the “monied” interests the likes of Soros, the German government via the Kirchensteuer and the United Nations with their assorted funding mechanisms, that are presently funding and could flow in the future to FrancisChurch.

Concluding, the information (DATA POINTS) that Mr. Gagliarducci is presenting to the Catholic world is that:

  • TeamFrancis is under increasing financial pressure,
  • TeamFrancis is reaching out to the secular institutions for funding,
  • TeamFrancis can’t do this directly, i.e. go to the secular institutions, since these two forces have diametrically opposite ends, i.e. the secularists represent “a strategy that poses as one of the biggest adversaries of faith“,
  • Therefore, TeamFrancis is in effect trying to “protestantize” the Catholic Church enough as to circumvent the theological “obstacles”,
  • The “players” in the Curia and Vatican are cognizant of the FALSE PREMISE that Francis is floating and see through TeamFrancis’s strategy,
  • They are providing this information to the Vaticanists to get it out into the Public Domain.

Given the above, we can see what the REAL motivation was behind Francis’ vicious “destroyer” homily on the 12th of September 2016.

And it had nothing to do with Christian unity, whatever that happens to be.