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In today’s post we transition back to the ECCLESIATICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium. Transitioning back, your humble blogger has decided to pivot on the theme of  the “concept of YUUUUUGE”.

In the post republished below, we go over to Virginia, and some older news. On the 4th of November, Anno Domini 2016, the Priestly Society of St. Pius X blessed its new seminary in Dillywn, Virginia. Below is the re-publication that appeared on the SSPX’s US District website. 

Deo gratias and please keep these seminarians and clerics in your prayers.

We owe them so, so much.

Next, Bishop Bernard Fellay gave an interview to the Rorate Caeli blog, the YUUUUGE Catholic blog. This interview can be found here. Please go and read at your leisure.

And lastly, the SSPX is in the process of purchasing a beautiful church in the City of Utrecht, in The Netherlands. St. Willibrord’s Church is one of the most beautiful and YUUUUGEST neo-Gothic churches in the Netherlands. (see here) Today, the 11th of November 2016, the SSPX will know if their offer has been accepted.

Please storm heaven with prayers for a successful outcome for this transaction.

Here is the screen grab from the FB account of Dome Nico, and the YT video contained in the FB post, is at the top of this page:


As you can see dear reader, on this blog we simply luv YUUUUUGE, and we luv YUUUUGE “BIGLY”.



Report from New Seminary Blessing in VA

A short report from the new St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary blessing in Dillwyn, Virginia, presided over by His Excellency Bishop Fellay.

More than one thousand faithful gathered at the new home of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary on Friday, November 4th, to celebrate the blessing of the recently built house of formation. With the Superior General, Bishop Fellay, several district superiors, and dozens of priests, this joyous day for Tradition in America began, as is fitting, with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

View a Photo Gallery of the Blessing

In the sermon, His Excellency explained how a building this noble and grand helps the formation of the future priests. By reflecting the attributes of the eternal and majestic God, the architecture leads to an interior silence and reminds souls that their vocation is not a normal one!

After a catered lunch, Fr. Yves le Roux, the Rector, thanked those who made such a work possible: the benefactors, the workers, the volunteers, and all those who have prayed and sacrificed to make this work possible.

However, not all the news from Virginia was happy this weekend, as the Superior General, Bishop Fellay, injured his foot quite badly. We ask for your prayers that he recovers well, and completely.

More than anything else, the new seminary stands as a tribute to the founder of the Society. Without Archbishop Lefebvre’s vision to defend the Catholic priesthood, none of this would be possible. Continue to pray that the Society may form priests of God and that Our Lady protects them all in this increasingly chaotic world!