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Readers sometimes ask your humble blogger: chronicling the “register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind” the post conciliar church as you do, why are you so gosh-darned optimistic?

The reason my friends and dear readers is that I honestly believe that what the Catholic Church teaches, is the OBJECTIVE TRUTH. And using our intellect, or as our Faith notes the “light of reason”, we know that the OBJECTIVE TRUTH exists in the UNIVERSE and that we as humans have the God given ability to not only observe, identify and define it, but likewise to use it to advance the state of our existence.

Furthermore, the OBJECTIVE TRUTH that the Catholic Church teaches is nothing like anything else that any other “sect” teaches. What I mean by this is that if an alien landed on earth today, he would be catholic. He would be catholic since by him landing on earth (inter-planetary space travel), his civilization would have had to identify the same LAWS and PROCESSES that ours has. To be more precise, his civilization would have had to uncover a larger part of the et Invisibilium (see here) than our civilization has uncovered. The inference being that the alien’s civilization would have had to uncover a larger part of the et Invisibilium than ours, since our civilization still hasn’t advance to the point of putting a human on his planet, whereas theirs has.

So how does this relate to our present civilization, an specifically to the current FrancisBishop of Rome?

Simple. If you take a person who has had no contact with Catholicism, or who has had contact but has not obtained an understanding of what Catholicism entails, (cough, cough, FrancisBishop of Rome), this individual could become “catholic” just through the use of his intellect.

Furthermore, even the correctness of the supernatural part of the Catholic Faith can be discerned with nothing more than an open mind and a small measure of good will. Don’t believe me, please check out these two videos HERE and HERE which I have linked to in the right hand margin.

So whenever I come across another example of the OBJECTIVE CORRECTNESS of Catholicism, I make a note of it.

One thing that I try to do on this blog is to convey this to my readers, so that they can see for themselves, that there is solid, material evidence behind the notion that that which we call “human progress” is nothing more than the degree to which we have gotten to “know God”.  In other words, the “degree of human progress” is nothing more than the “degree to which we as a civilization have gotten to know the et Invisibilium, i.e. the degree to which we become Catholic.

So today, I bring you more evidence that that which I have written above is CORRECT. What we see in the below story is an individual who has a problem with an IDEOLOGY. He realizes that the IDEOLOGY is FALSE, yet he has no tools to combat it. He searches and stumbles upon… Catholicism.

And the rest you can read below…

I am reposting this from the Life Site News website (original see here – emphasis added) and …


Prof who refuses to use gender pronouns points to Catholicism as bulwark against extremism

TORONTO, November 17, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Embattled Canadian free speech advocate and self-avowed political correctness opponent Jordan Peterson describes the Catholic Church as one of Western culture’s primary bulwarks against ideological extremism.

A well-known University of Toronto psychology professor, Peterson has challenged human rights laws and regulations as well as his university’s policies requiring the use of new pronouns  demanded by people claiming to belong to one or many of the 50-plus new genders promoted by gender theory.

Peterson has refused to comply based on three grounds: there is no scientific evidence that any genders exist outside of male and female; there are too many new genders and pronouns like “zer” and “xe” to remember; and the requirement to use them is a huge imposition on freedom of thought and speech.

In a wide-ranging exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Peterson said religion in general and Catholicism in particular stand as a perpetual bulwark against ideologies of the political left or right, which is why the Catholic Church is under now attack by those ideologies — along with Dr. Peterson himself.

“The Catholic Church warns us against the danger posed by the un-moored rational mind,” said Peterson, who would not reveal his own religious beliefs. He added that religions in general provide a “balanced” and complete understanding of reality, while ideologies such as Fascism or Marxism (which he says lies at the root of gender theory) present a very narrow understanding.

Peterson said 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche intended his statement, “God is dead,” as a warning against the atheism and nihilism of the Western intelligentsia. “When they lost faith in God died Marxism and then Nazism moved in to fill the void,” he told LifeSite.

The target of Peterson’s controversial YouTube videos — the mandatory acceptance of gender theory and polygender names and pronouns — is just the latest product of nihilism, he said.

Peterson has been accused of hate speech and asked to stop talking about gender by his university. He also has been shouted down at a free speech rally. But he has vowed to continue his campaign against mandatory polygenderism even if it leads to jail.

If he is called before the Ontario Human Rights Commission, he told LifeSiteNews that he would refuse to appear.

Peterson, an expert on the psychology of religion, is not a reductionist who believes his field says everything there is to know about it. That is an ideologue’s approach. Ideologies only describe part of reality but claim to tell it all, he says.

For Nazism, race is all that matters about a person. For Marxism, it is one’s relation to the “factors of production.” For gender and feminists, “It is about power.” One of today’s prevailing ideologies is environmentalism. “It depicts man as a corrupter and destroyer of nature and Western culture as pathological,” Peterson said. Political correctness is an expression of Marxism, depicting people as either victims or predators.

“Christianity tells a complete, balanced story. It describes humans as neither good nor bad, but capable of good and evil,” he said. “Nature brings pain and suffering but is the source of life.”

While ideology is the product of human thought — “un-moored reason,” Peterson believes  religion evolved as human beings developed self-consciousness. Indeed, he believes the Biblical description of Adam and Eve acquiring the knowledge of good and evil is about how humans came to realize their own morality and vulnerability — and quickly put this knowledge to use manipulating and terrorizing others. “Animals do not torture each other,” he noted.

“One way to look at ideology is as an assault on the Logos,” he said, noting that Christians identify the Logos with Christ. “The Logos is the principle that brings order out of the chaos.” It also means absolute truth, but ideologies such as Nazism or Marxism do not believe there is even such as thing as truth. They will claim to be true whatever serves the cause of their ideology. “The Soviet Union was built on lies,” Peterson said.

Peterson bristles at the suggestion that religion is an ideology. “Anyone who says that doesn’t know anything about religion or ideology. “