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Quick post today.

When I first launched this blog, I defined its mission as chronicling the Restoration of all things in Christ. Little did I know that the Restoration would be a much wider phenomenon than just that which I noticed taking shape in that part of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium (VOeI) that is its’ ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set.

When writing on my blog, I also set out to add a “quantitative” aspect to the information that I would be presenting. I set up various “news feeds” that I would filter for KEY WORDS that would, I hoped provide a “more full” picture of what in fact was taking place.

What I never imagined was that my filters would be picking up DATA POINTS that lay outside the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the VOeI, and in significant numbers. Two sub-sets of DATA POINTS that kept appearing in close proximity were those from what I labeled secular “leftist initiatives” and ecclesiastical “leftist initiatives”. In this category,  what appeared to be the case was that leftist initiative instituted by the new Francis administration and those instituted by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), especially those that work under the auspices of the United Nations “overlapped” to a significant degree.

One specific area where these overlapping “leftist initiatives” appeared was in the area of economics. I thought this was strange and did not assign to these DATA POINTS any great deal of significance. The reason being is that I could not connect the dots since I could not trace the lineage.

That is up until now.

Enter Elizabeth Yore and the video above. Actually, one name mentioned in the video above connected most of the DATA POINTS. And that name is Joseph Stiglitz. For my long time readers, you will remember that name. Likewise, you will not be surprised that your humble blogger is revisiting this below subject matter and this “personality”.

Specifically, the subject matter is Greece.

To be more specific, what Mrs. Yore did in the above video is to connect the dots (DATA POINTS). Those dots were connected through Joseph Stiglitz, who turns out to be a long standing member of the Pontifical Science Academy (headed by the Argentinian FrancisBishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo – of Tea Party fame), an advisor to the former Argentinian government (Bergoglio backed Fernandez regime), and a George Soros surrogate.

Who would have thunk?

And it turns out that it was during the reign of JPII “the great” that he was appointed!

Excuse the digression…

The reason that I mention this matter now is just to remind my dear readers that I have featured the good Dr. in a number of videos. The reason that I mentioned Stiglitz then was to warn my readers as to this buffoon and his “track record”.

If you dear readers recall, in 2010, Stiglitz appeared, along with Hugh Hendry on the BBC. Here is how that conversation went… (And HERE is the conversation Mr. Hendry had with another Soros surrogate and FrancisEconomist, one Jeffry Sachs.)

As you recall, at that time, the first Greek crisis was raging. Stiglitz, who was an official advisor to the Greek government was explaining about what Europe and Greece needed to do in order to exit the Greek crisis. His gibberish was called out by Hugh Hendry. And the rest is as they say… HISTORY.

Note bene: At that time, Hugh Hendry mentioned that Greek long term interest rates (10 year government bonds) were at 7%. Today, Greece long term interest rates are… wait for it… 7%. The level of these rates was unsustainable then, so one can just imagine how much “unsustainable-er” this rate is 7 years later!

So anyways, how does the situation in Greece look like after all these years of being advised by “Dr.” Stiglitz, the long standing member of the Pontifical Academy of Science, and… fill in the blank…??????

For the current state of the Greek economy and society in general, after all this “highly expensive advise” provided to the various Greek governments by the Pontifical Academy of Science’s Joseph Stiglitz, I turn you over to the Zero Hedge website (see here and here).

And before I end, I would just like to remind all my loyal readers about the LEX ARMATICUS and its founding principle, namely that:

Those individuals and institutions that comply to the et Invisibilium, will remain a part of the Visibisium Omnium. Those that do not, will be consigned to the trash heap of history.

Where the following definitions hold:

Visibisium Omnium – all the material “things” that we can identify with our senses (touch, sight, feel, smell, taste)

et Invisibilium – all the non-material laws and processes that regulate the visibilium omnium (e.g. the laws of physics – classical mechanics and quantum mechanics, laws of mathematics, rules of logic, etc.)

As to the effectiveness and the OBJECTIVE results of  the Pontifical Academy of Science long standing member’s Stiglitz’s advise, I will leave you dear reader to decide for yourself…


“The Powers-That-Be Have Looted Everything” – Greek Farmers Fight Riot Police With Shepherd Crooks

The economic and social disintegration of Greece used to be big news.

However it’s largely been overshadowed by the migrant crisis, and the American media hardly reports on Greece anymore. If you’ve been out of the loop, allow me to get you caught up on the financial situation in that country, by giving two answers to the questions you’re probably thinking. Yes, the Greek government still sucks. And yes, the people of Greece are still really pissed off.

Believe it or not, riots are still a common occurrence in that country. In fact there was an incident last week in Athens, after the government tried to increase taxes and social security contributions. In response, over a thousand farmers from Crete, who used to be immune from these taxes, took a ferry to Athens and proceeded to riot outside of the agriculture ministry building.

This however wasn’t an ordinary riot, not even by Greek standards. The farmers fought the riot police with shepherd crooks.

Taxes are being hiked to satisfy inspectors who represent the international creditors who Greece’s debt. If the government can’t pay 7 billion euros by July, then the country will once again face the possibility of default. However, the farmers are determined to change their Leftist government’s mind about the tax hikes. One of the protesting farmers who spoke to The Guardian stated that “We want to have them take back everything they have encumbered us with. To us, it seems like the powers that be have looted everything.”

UPDATE 07:20 16 March 2017

A quick word (approximately 10:00) from Dr. Jordan Peterson about how to get out of the post-Modernist funk…

In the above video, he really captures the essence of the Bergoglio mindset…