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This below post appeared on the Polish language site PCh24.pl (Polonia Christiana). (see original here) I have quickly translated it and reproduce it below.

The reason I bring it to your attention is that recently, a post appeared at the OnePeterFive blog titled Is the Priest Shortage in Germany Intentional? (see here) In this blog post, EVIDENCE was presented about the critical state of vocations in Germany and that this critical state that the priesthood finds itself in is self inflicted by the German Episcopate itself.

In the below Polonia Christiana post, we see the EFFECT of the above “intentional priest/vocation” shortage playing itself out. A “lay” organization which is controlled by the German Episcopate, The Central Committee of German Catholics is goading politicians to get involved in internal Church matters.

For CONTEXT purposes, the critical issue to understand here is that the German Catholic Church is not only dependent upon the German State to collect the notorious Kirchensteuer, but also happens to be the second largest employer in Germany after Daimler Benz. The German Catholic Church employs 700,000 workers directly and it is estimated that the number doubles when taking into account its subsidiaries. (see here and here)

In turn, the sheer size of the German Catholic Church and the impact it would have on the German unemployment rate if it were to fall, makes it a political issue.

Furthermore, please recall that it is the German economy that is keeping the entire  NEO-MODERNISTS EXPERIMENT™ that is Euroland afloat. (case in point – see here) If the German economy sinks, not only does it directly impact the Kirchensteuer, but Euroland goes over the edge, and with it the German international presence which it has cultivated with its soft power funding. As Henry Henry Kissinger observed: Germany is too big for Europe but too small for the world. (see here) So Euroland, which gives Germany its big international footprint, will not be given up without a fight. Millions and millions of Deutsche Mark and then Euro funding over the entire post WWII period have been invested.

So in this sense, the German Catholic Church, just like Deutsche Bank really is TOO BIG TO FAIL.

Hence, the political interest.

Below, is the translated post…



German politicians brutally attacking freedom of the Church. The parties speak about ….. celibacy.

German politicians openly support the debate on the liberalization of the rules of celibacy. Mathias von Gersdorff considers it scandalous attack on the freedom of the Church. Writes columnist, politicians do not have the slightest right to interfere in intra debate and Catholics must oppose their behavior.

The Central Committee of German Catholics, the largest lay organization in Germany controlled directly by the episcopate, called a few days ago to liberalize celibacy. This would be a response to the dramatic crisis of vocations in Germany. The request was supported by the representatives of German political parties, both Christian Democrats (CDU / CSU) and the Socialists (SPD).

Christian Democrat spokesman. Church said that it should be “open debate” on the bezżeństwa priests; in turn, the SPD politician took the view that since the Church demands from Islamic observance of the law, that he should adapt to modern times.

According to Mathias von Gersdorff involvement of politicians in the discussion of celibacy is completely unauthorized. “Regardless of what the Catholic thinking about celibacy, statements SPD and CDU / CSU represent an attack on the freedom of the Church” – writes columnist.

He added that both the Socialists and the Christian Democrats “in an unacceptable way,” mingle in the affairs of the Church. “Any Catholic must not tolerate such an attack” – read the blog von Gersdorff.

“Regardless of the fact that the politicians should stay away from wewnątrzkościelnych debates, because otherwise violate the freedom of the Church, that they do not have yet any qualifications to properly prosecute the same case […]. In terms of electoral law because it is the sacrament, and therefore an act which performs the same God through the Church. Already because of the supernatural nature of the priesthood about this defies secular order. Only the Church should be any judgment on the case “- writes von Gersdorff.

“All Catholics are therefore called upon to defend the freedom of the Church and political parties say a clear NO. Stay out of this! Any action in this respect will be rated as aggressive behavior against the Church “- concludes the author.

Source: mathias-von-gersdorff.blogpost.de