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castro-execution-iBusy day yesterday, so I am catching up.

In today’s post, your humble blogger will synthesize a number themes that we have recently touched upon in recent posts. The aim here is to provide you dear reader with an accurate depiction of what is OBJECTIVE REALITY. And here again, the reason that OBJECTIVE REALITY interests us is that if you and I are better informed, we will then be in a better position when making decisions that effect our corporal and spiritual interests.

The initial theme with which your humble bloggers begins today’s post is the FAKE NEWS theme. Please consider this post a continuation of the thread that we started in the Battle Of “Fake News” – The Neo-Modernists Have Already Lost… (see here).

In today’s post, we will re-publish a FAKE APOLOGIA provided in Francis’ defense of not responding to the Dubia, from an old FrancisCardinal. On the blog The Bones You Crushed blog, this FAKE APOLOGIA appeared, with corresponding comments. The FAKE APOLOGIA is given by the notorious Cláudio Hummes OFM. The blog author’s commentary is in the brackets. 

Our guest author explains very succinctly his take on why this APOLOGIA is FAKE.

‘The pope could be wounded [were he not a living Saint] by the motives [referring hearers not to the questions but to the motives themselves, which he hereby casts as suspect’] which led these four persons to go so far [they are extreme/extremists] as to want to [they are not doing this out of duty but out of disobedient self-will] correct him [how dare they!!!?]. But, he is very calm, relaxed, and moves forward [our leader is strong and fearless in the face of this outrage]. He knows which is the right path [he is so wise he is beyond questioning by a competent authority] that one has to [he and we are obliged to] follow. And the College of Cardinals is with him, without any larger problems [he has overwhelming, total support among the Cardinals]. The whole College of Cardinals is with him [he has overwhelming, total support among the Cardinals. It is necessary to repeat this because that’s the message he wants to get through, even though he can provide no evidence for this].’

To drill down into the FAKENESS of this APOLOGIA, the EVIDENCE comes in the last comment, namely: “It is necessary to repeat this (“total support among the Cardinals”) because that’s the message he wants to get through, even though he can provide no evidence for this].’

So if the FAKE APOLOGIA does not have MATERIAL EVIDENCE supporting its PROPOSITION (A statement or assertion that expresses a judgement or opinion.), the question then becomes: on what basis is it SUPPORTED?

And here we can easily identify a whole host of LOGICAL FALLACIES that jump out at the reader in every sentence. So let’s see how many LOGICAL FALLACIES we can find in this APOLOGIA.

First of all, in the very first sentence, the FrancisCardinal refers to “motives”. In classical LOGIC, an APPEAL TO MOTIVE is a special case of the AD HOMINEM CIRCUMSTANTIAL (INFORMAL) FALLACY. A common feature of this FALLACY is “that only the possibility of a motive (however small) is shown, without showing the motive actually existed or, if the motive did exist, that the motive played a role in forming the argument and its conclusion. Indeed, it is often assumed that the mere possibility of motive is evidence enough”.


Next, the APPEAL TO MOTIVE FALLACY can be subdivided into various FORMAL FALLACIES, depending on how the perpetrator of this FALLACY structures his argument. In our case, the following FORMAL LOGICAL FALLACIES contained in the APOLOGIA are as follows:

1) APPEAL TO AUTHORITY, – “He knows which is the right path…”

2) APPEAL TO PITY, – “The pope could be wounded…”

3) APPEAL TO POPULARITY – “The whole College of Cardinals is with him…”

4) APPEAL TO PREJUDICIAL LANGUAGE. – “…by the motives which led these four persons to go so far as to want to correct him.”

Please go to this link HERE and see how many other LOGICAL FALLACIES you can identify in this 62 word statement.

And to sum up the above, it is the FALLACIOUS LOGIC of this APOLOGIA that makes it FAKE (anything made to appear otherwise than it actually is; counterfeit).

And one OBSERVATION here, Catholics, let alone Catholic prelates do not argue like this.

The next theme we have written about, and that is blatantly obvious here is the SIGNALLING EFFECT. We have explained this PRINCIPLE of the et Invisibilium in our post titled Francis And The Signaling Effect (see here). In that post, we explained that when providing information, in that information are contained SIGNALS that the astute recipient will be able to pick up.

In the above FAKE APOLOGIA, the notorious FrancisCardinal repeated the theme, (which the blog author noticed), that “the College of Cardinals are with Francis”. Obviously, the SIGNALLING EFFECT when taken with the numerous LOGICAL FALLACIES that underlie the FAKE APOLOGIA, would suggest just the opposite.

To be more precise, the statement “The whole College of Cardinals is with him” is an OBJECTIVELY FALSE statement.

Second OBSERVATION: The last thing that Francis is, is very calm, relaxed. If he was, he would not have chickened out of the consistory meeting with the Cardinals. (see here)

Next, this passage bears a striking similarity to other APOLOGIAS, given in a different time, and “defending” another absolute dictator, one Joseph Stalin. If you recall, “the whole of the Soviet people were with him” too. And “the whole of the Cuban people were with him”, i.e. Castro, too!

The commentary of the blog author very nicely captures this LOGICAL FALLACY, namely APPEAL TO MOTIVES in PLACE of SUPPORT, made in the FrancisCardinal’s APOLOGIA.

On a more general note, this APOLOGETICS style is very reminiscent of the MODUS OPERANDI under which “thought crimes”, that were attributed to “suspects” in the former Soviet Union and its satellite states, were prosecuted. (see here)

One can easily go as far as to say that this APOLOGIA of the FrancisCardinal and other FrancisCardinals* and other proxies speaking on behalf of Francis, are an EXTENSION of the TRUE NATURE of the FrancisBishop of Rome’s thoughts and intentions.

And while we are on this subject, with the passing of the notorious mass murderer, who turned his country into an island penal colony, Fidel Castro, a few days ago, it would appear to be more than just coincidence that the two “revolutionaries”, albeit in different areas of the Visibilium Omnium, got along so well when they finally met. Please keep in mind that it was Francis who asked to meet El Loco “Comandante”. And it is also more than just coincidence that Francis issued the staement that he did after the death of this brutal tyrant. These incidents are really quite telling and explains to a large degree the TRUE nature of the affinity, if not outright “chemistry”  between these two kindred spirits. (see here)

Don’t believe me?

Well, take a look:


Kind of like a schoolgirl meeting Justin Bieber, was my first thought when I saw this photo. But I digress…

Concluding, what is of significant importance is to understand the dynamic of Francis’s actions and the actions of his proxies. What we have been observing over the last three years is a pontificate that coddles up to, if not outright attempts to legitimize brutal leftist regimes that are responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions of not only Faithful Catholics but of people who just so happen to be unlucky enough to get caught up in the madness of these tyrants.

Of further significant importance is to understand that the MODUS OPERANDI of dealing with dissenting voices opposing these tyrants is very similar. The MODUS OPERANDI consists of  DENUNCIATIONS based on LOGICAL FALLACIES, and specifically, LOGICAL FALLACIES that APPEAL TO EMOTIONS.

Or as we Catholics say, the PASSIONS. 

What is absent from these DENUNCIATIONS is any attempt at making ARGUMENTS supported by LOGIC or RATIONAL THOUGHT. Not to mention OBJECTIVE MATERIAL EVIDENCE. And the most likely reason for this is that there are no LOGICAL or RATIONAL precepts upon which these TRANSRATIONAL TYRANTS can find support for their harebrained ideas. And the causal results between these TYRANT’S harebrained ideas and the EPIC FAILURERS that they are leaving in their wake, is there for all to see.

Which brings me to an interesting OBSERVATION that I have had, and was recently confirmed by none other than Roberto de Mattei. In an Op-Ed, de Mattei CORRECTLY observed that what Francis is really after (TRUE AGENDA), is to become the new LEADER OF THE INTERNATIONAL LEFT. (see here)

For his part, after Clinton’s defeat, Francesco now remains the only point of reference for the international left, [now] lacking a leader. On November 5th at the conclusion of the Third World Meeting of the so-called “Popular Movements” in the Vatican, in the presence of revolutionary agitators from the five continents, Pope Francis turned to them saying: “I make your cry mine”. But the cry of protest, that is raised by the movements gathered in Paul VI’s audience hall, is, unfortunately, characterized by ideological fanaticism and incitement to violence.

So the lingering suspicion, if not CONSPIRACY THEORY that is quickly becoming CONSPIRACY FACT is  the following:

It just might be the case that the reason Francis was so “friendly” with Castro, and specifically, the reason that he asked for an audience, with photographers present, was to DEMONSTRATE (DECLARE) to the INTERNATIONAL LEFT that while he might be the successor of St. Peter and the Church founded by the Son of God, yet in reality, what interests Francis is to become the SUCCESSOR to El Loco Comandante.

Or to put it another way, Francis wanted to see Castro in order TO BE MADE!

And with the passing of CASTRO, what we are seeing is the final passing of the REVOLUTIONARY TORCH to the last South American revolutionary of that generation.

And by all accounts, Francis appears to be a ” worthy” SUCCESSOR OF FIDEL CASTRO!

That is, until the tide of human history consigns both of these LUNATICS to the trash-heap of history.