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Given the historic nature of yesterday’s speech, intoned by the President of the United States, The Honorable Mr. Donald J. Trump, in Warsaw Poland, today I will provide my take on its significance and the wider CONTEXT.

One clear and dominant theme running through yesterday’s speech was the civilizational aspect of the current situation in the lands occupied by what constitutes Western Civilization. I will not go through the speech, since you dear reader can go and watch it for yourselves. (watch here)

What I will do below is provide some insights into the SETTING, and the resulting OPTICS, in which it was given.

We begin with Breitbart News which observes that the POTUS was seated in front of a portrait of the Polish King, Jan III Sobieski. (see here) Naturally, King Sobieski is one of the heroes of Western Civilization who led the Catholic forces at the Gates of Vienna against the Ottoman invasion in 1683, so a signalling effect is definitely present.

Hats off to Breitbart for the good catch.

Further, Breitbert asks the right question, namely:  Coincidence? Polish Government Seats Trump Beside Painting of Polish King Famed For Routing Islam from Europe.”

So today we try to answer this question and drill even deeper…

The eagle eye of your humble blogger has picked up another, and an even more significant OPTICLLY symbolic image. This one cuts through the contemporary disinformation and propaganda and gets to the ESSENCE of the ROOT CAUSE of the current existential crisis that threatens the lands of Western Civilization.

The image that I am referring to is the one at the top of this post.

The painting which the two Presidents are viewing was painted by Jan Matejko. It is titled Rejtan’s Protest and depicts the first partition of Poland that took place in 1772, or 89 years after Sobieski’s victory.

What is of critical importance to understand is what the historian would call the provenance of the scene. The scene in the painting depicts the moments before the abdication of the then Polish King, one Stanisław August Poniatowski.

The abdication was brought about at the behest of a number of Polish magnates, i.e. wealthy aristocrats. This is what passed for the ELITES of that time. These magnates and their families wielded vast power in Poland due to their land holdings. The key aspect to understand about these magnates is that they maintained large standing armies, larger than the army of the Polish Crown. In fact, the magnates were so powerful that they imported “kings”, so as not to give any one family a dominant say in the internal affairs of the Polish state. It was the Polish equivalent of a system of checks and balances.

The equivalent class of ELITES who fit this description in modern-day America would be the Globalist Oligarchs from say Wall Street and from Silicone Valley. These modern-day magnates might not possess standing armies, but they maintain standing infrastructure through which they control lesser mortals and the affairs of states. What they have in fact done is that they have socialized their costs (the state via taxpayers now pay for the armies) while privatizing the profits that they earn from being able to operate globally.

But back to 18th Century Poland…

The situation that arose in Poland’s First Republic after the ascension of August Poniatowski was that he actually tried to implement a series of limited political and land reforms that benefited the smaller landed gentry, and would have given more power to the lesser aristocratic classes.

How prophetic?

King Poniatowski is standing in the middle of the painting looking at the watch held in his left hand. That the individuals around him can be considered the Polish DEEP STATE of the day. But I digress…

And naturally, when we are speaking about POWER, we are dealing with a zero-sum game. So if the lesser aristocrats would have attained more POWER, it would have come at the expense of the magnetic families, i.e. the ELITES.

So naturally, the magnates who had found themselves with this  rather delicate predicament, created by a King that they could not control, decided upon a rather novel, not well thought out, and dare I say risqué solution.

What they did was that they approached Queen Katherine II of Russia, and asked a foreign power to intervene in their internal squabble, guaranteeing them their rights and prerogatives.

Needless to say, not a good idea.

The analogous contemporary situation would be if a US President, say Barrack Hussein Obama would start seceding US sovereignty to an exterior power, say the UNITED NATIONS in order to create a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. The underlying rationale would be that the US cannot be trusted to rule themselves, so an external force is needed to maintain order among the natives.

Far fetched?


But anyways…

Naturally, as you dear reader will no doubt imagine, the Polish magnate’s plan did not go that well. What ended up happening was that after the invitation of the Russian Imperial forces, it was decided that the deplorables Poles were so “unruly” that the country could not… should not be allowed to trouble the arc of history existing power structures. So it was partitioned into three pieces, and the lands were distributed amongst the Russians, the Prussians and the Austrians.

I don’t think I need to elaborate too much further on this point…

NB: What is important to note though, is what is known as the effect of the LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. The US-based ELITES, just like the 18th Century Polish ELITES, can transfer the SOVEREIGNTY of the UNITES STATES to international organizations, like the UNITED NATIONS, but what they can’t do is that they can’t guarantee an OUTCOME.

Aside, some might even be catching on. A modern-day Rejtan in the making?


Looking ahead dear reader, please consider how a new emerging power, think homogenous Middle Kingdom with a society based on a stable Confucian social construct, could easily pick up the pieces of a disintegrating ancien regime, stuck in a Hobbesian war of special interest groups fighting amongst themselves to the death?

Could be a threat…

And it is this MESSAGE, whether it was delivered subconsciously or subconsciously, is the most significant MESSAGE that should be derived from yesterday’s speech and visit of President Trump to the Republic of Poland.

But there’s more and it gets better…

To reinforce this above MESSAGE, once again whether it was delivered subconsciously or subconsciously, the venue of the speech must also be noted. The speech was delivered on the Plac Krasinskich, in front of the Warsaw Uprising Monument.

The said Monument depicts the sacrifices that the population of Warsaw made in August, September and October of 1944, as the German front was retreating and the Russian Front was advancing through Warsaw. The Uprising resulted in anywhere between 150,000 and 200,000 Warsaw civilian casualties and razed a staggering 85% of city of Warsaw. Here is a picture of the center of Warsaw in April of 1945.

What makes the venue significant on a metaphysical level is that the death and destruction caused by this historical event, was brought about by the ELITES representing two irrational, nihilistic ideologies, both premised on the concept that they would remake man in their own image.

Yes, this is the result of the struggle between the Übermensch and the Homo-Sovieticus.

And we can see from the picture of how that worked out…

Concluding, the OPTICS are important. They are important because behind the OPTICS stand historical events. These historical events are set in motion by the decisions of the ruling ELITES. It is those decisions and actions of the ELITES that then carry consequences for the populations over which those ELITES have POWER.

And your humble blogger does not have the least bit of doubt, that during the course of yesterdays EVENTS, both rhetorical and symbolic, the Presidents of the United States and Poland tried to SIGNAL to the ELITES in Berlin and Brussels, that their actions will have consequences.

And the consequences of treachery by those ELITES, can have dire results.