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Now that all you dear readers are intimately familiar with the Correctio filialis de haeresibus propagatis, i.e. the Filial Correction to you and me…

Your not?

Well go an read it HERE.

PS I will re-publish it shortly so as to have it FOR THE RECORD.

One more point of order.

Up in the right hand corner, I reproduce the results of a poll done at the St. Louis Catholic blog. It would appear that a total of 674 respondents participated, which is a rather good sample size for a poll, as those who followed the Deus Ex Machina Presidential Election of 2016 coverage can confirm. It also needs to be mentioned that there would be what is known as confirmation bias since the respondents who visit this website would not be randomly selected (I know, the political polls aren’t either – but hypothetically they should be…) tend to be proper, catechized, well formed Catholics.

That being said, the poll results are SHOCKING none the less.

And with this in mind, we move to the next point of order, the Filial Correction.

Reading through this document, (see HERE) I was struck… actually, I was floored by the 5th paragraph. Still being in a state of SHOCK, I re-post it below in its entirety: (emphasis added)

Those Catholics, however, who do not clearly grasp the limits of papal infallibility are liable to be led by the words and actions of Your Holiness into one of two disastrous errors: either they will come to embrace the heresies which are now being propagated, or, aware that these doctrines are contrary to the word of God, they will doubt or deny the prerogatives of the popes. Others again of the faithful are led to put in doubt the validity of the renunciation of the papacy by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Thus, the Petrine office, bestowed upon the Church by our Lord Jesus Christ for the sake of unity and faith, is so used that a way is opened for heresy and for schism. Further, noting that practices now encouraged by Your Holiness’s words and actions are contrary not only to the perennial faith and discipline of the Church but also to the magisterial statements of Your predecessors, the faithful reflect that Your Holiness’s own statements can enjoy no greater authority than that of former popes; and thus the authentic papal magisterium suffers a wound of which it may not soon be healed.

“Wow”, after coming out of my initial state of SHOCK, was my first thought.

Actually, I said something far more expletive, and not suitable for publication on this blog.


The reason that I was struck by this sentence is naturally by its CONTEXT.

What I mean by this is that papal positivism (whatever the pope, or bishop of Rome in this case – remember, he hates to be called a “pope”, says must be correct) was always a crypto-heresy existent among the Faithful, especially in countries where the Faithful had to fight each and every day to keep their Faith. Which in fact was most of them after the spread of Islam and the orthodox and protestant schisms.

On the other side of the papal positivist coin was always a straw man argument lurking. It went something like this: If you don’t obey the pope, you are a (fill in the blank): schismatic, protestant, sedevacantist, “rigid” and generally an all around bad person.

The MAINSTREAM Catholic position was very sparsely populated post Vatican II. This position can be described as one where the Faithful use FAITH AND REASON, not to mention frequent visits to the pocket Denzinger, to UNDERSTAND their Catholic Faith. Up until the advent of the Francis bishopric of Rome, the people that populated this ECCLESIASTICAL SPACE were the SSPX and the folks associated with The Remnant. 

Aside, our unkind detractors called us “Magisterium sifters“. But I digress…

But with the rise of the Internet and the blogosphere and the a fore mentioned FrancisBishopricOfRome, this Catholic MAINSTREAM began being populated by such individuals as the folks at Rorate Caeli, Mundabor, Louie Verrecchio, Ann Barnhardt, Vox Cantoris, and most recently the Non Veni Pace blog and naturally yours truly.

So that was the lay of the land up until recently.

Over the last two or so years, actually since the “FrancisBi-Synods of Sex and Depravity”, it appeared that a part of the papal positivist crowd began to move slowly toward the MAINSTREAM.

This move became much more evident after the FrancisDocument “Joy of Adultery” was released. It was this ERROR of JUDGEMENT on the part of Francis and FrancisChurch that created the split in the post-conciliar Papal Positivist camp and, and, and…

And immediately there fell from his eyes as it were scales, and he received his sight; and rising up, he was baptized. (Acts 9:18).

Which brings me the passage from the Filial Correction. What we see before us is the next milestone being achieved. Allow me to reproduce the CRITICAL passage once again:

Others again of the faithful are led to put in doubt the validity of the renunciation of the papacy by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Let this sink in for a minute or two…

The significance of this passage can be analyzed from several points of view.

What I would like to draw your attention to is the CONTEXT, but from the post-modernist point of view. To your local FrancisPagan, who is by definition a fractional post-modernist with a subconscious Marxist under-girding, the effect of is passage is tantamount to a spike going through the vampire’s heart.

Or something like this:

Why you ask, dear reader?

Reason being that post-modernists live in their own individually constructed social reality. This reality is a VIRTUAL REALITY that exists in their minds and in the social “echo-chamber” that they populate. In this echo-chamber, just the pronouncement of an improper word will cause what is known as a “triggering effect”. Here is how this triggering effect looks in the real, or rather not-so-real world that these post-modernists populate:

Concluding, what has in fact happened, and the SIGNIFICANCE of what has happened can be summarized as follows, from a post-modernist’s point of view:

The individuals behind the Filial Correction have “normalized” the position that Benedict XVI is still Pope, Francis is False Pope.

Furthermore, and what is much, much worse is that the individuals behind the Filial Correction have “platformed” this position that Benedict XVI is still Pope, Francis is False Pope.

And to put the CatholicSpike through the heart of FrancisChurch, they have done it in a DOCUMENT, the likes that has not been seen in the history of the Catholic Church since 1333.

Folks, this is historic.

The position that your humble blogger espoused in the post titled Ockham’s Razor Finds: Benedict Still Pope, Francis Is False Pope, Universal Church in State of Necessity since 24 April, 2005, for the most part has become recognized by the post-conciliar church.

Or at least the FrancisPost-Modernists must perceive it that way…

What’s more, this document cannot be ignored. Naturally, it can be ignored by Francis, TeamFrancis and FrancisChurch. But it cannot be ignored by history and especially Catholic History. Not to mention Catholic Doctrine and Catholic Moral Teaching.

And it is less important who puts his name on it.

What’s important is that what is, that it is.

It has become an OBJECTIVE REALITY, and no amount of wishful thinking or willful ignorance from the FrancisSnowflakes can change this REALITY…

Any more than the FrancisDriver who just rams his car head-on into a tree, driving at 100 MPH can wish that tree away as if it doesn’t exist…

It, exactly like the tree, will have to be DEALT WITH!

At the future Council of Econe, perhaps…

And no wails of doom can change that…

Alea iacta est!