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Your humble blogger does a “connect the dots’ post today. And a lot of “dot connecting” going on out there.

But first a short introduction. A lot of “2+2=5” type of comments have been appearing lately, and not just in Catholic blogo-sphere. With respect to the mathematical error itself, one way in which the post-modernists are attempting to explain it away is through a Schrödinger’s Cat metaphor. I will not bore you with the story, since I don’t want to extend this post out too far, but you can read the background here:

Nuff said…

It is with a great deal of satisfaction that I open my browser daily and see lots and lots of interesting stuff of this nature being produced. No wonder the FrancisFolks simply hate the bloggers. And not just the Catholic ones.

Today we have a couple of posts to which I would like to draw your attention. The common thread among these post is the outrageous, yet very telling claim made by one “Father 2+2=5” Spadaro that God can make 2+2 equal 5, or whatever he wants it to be. The answer to this question is True, yet if we assume that as a general rule, we fall into the “capricious God” fallacy. And the problem with the “capricious God” fallacy is this: how in the heck are we supposed to “know Him” if He is capricious (irrational)? The simple answer is: We can’t.  Here is a more full explanation.

So anyways, we pick up with a post at Fr. Z’s blog, with some spectacular comments in the  commentary box.

I’m impressed!

In the post titled Boston College Amoris Laetitia Agitprop Workshop and Schrödinger’s Cat, Fr. Z writes this gem of a passage:

I just had a great conversation with a fellow who is a physicist.  We were talking about the work of another physicist who was part of the gravity team which was awarded the Nobel Prize.  He is trying to reunite physics and physika, Aristotelean principles properly understood. In any event, in the course of our chat the classic case of Schrödinger’s Cat came up.  Also, in our chat, in reference to the BC agitprop workshop I observed that, right now, those who are undermining Catholic teaching with ambiguity and chatter about “lived experience” have jettisoned the principle of non-contradiction.

Yes indeed.

An observation that many bloggers have been noticing for quite some time now.

Moreover, what might be the case is that the “2+2=5” tweet might have been employed as a strategic “tool” used to disarm the observations of the violation of the Second Law of Though, i.e. the PNC

Think about it, if 2+2 can equal 5, and on a regular basis, due to the FrancisDiscovery, i.e. the “god of surprises”, how significant can the violation of an arcane and long forgotten philosophical precept, such as the Principle of Non-Contradiction be?

Well, according to “Father 2+2=5” Spadaro and TeamFrancis, hardly any significance can be assigned to the violation of the PNC, is what they would want you to think.

Note bene: please read the comment box on this one. It is very insightful.

But back to the story. Over on another website, this one dedicated to the sub-set of human activity known in academia as “Education”, we get a post titled Mathematics – The New Social Justice! This post appears on a website named: Americas Education Watch.

In this post, the following can be read: (emphasis added)

All of you parents whose children are in the IB Program – are you aware that is a UN/UNESCO curriculum that is Marxist/socialist and in a very subtle way, and costs your schools millions in the long run and the worst of all, it is proprietary and must be accepted for what it teaches – nothing can be changed and textbooks come from them. It does not have to conform to our education curriculum.

One of the first things that really rocked me was in how our children were to learn math and the fact that it didn’t matter if the answers were correct or not, but how they had obtained their answers. So, what I had heard was true, 2+2 = 4 was not the only answer a person could have for this equation; 1+2 could equal 4, 5+4 could equal 4 – it was all ok, just the way you worked the problems and came to your answer was important.


And the author then does some “dot connecting” of her own. Here is that passage:

Many of us who are researching and complaining about how education has been “handled” for the past 10 years (it has been longer but has intensified in the past 10 years through the UN and their wacky “social justice” they apply to whatever as the need arises) understand what is behind this ugly race-baiting.


A recent article by D. Susan Berry “Common Core Rooted in Math Social Indoctrination” states, “While proponents of the Common Core claim that the new standards are focused on “college and career readiness,” more evidence is surfacing that a central purpose of the initiative is social justice and income redistribution indoctrination.

I agree, and as I stated in my 2 previous postings regarding the G20, Link, Link, the UN and all their supporters who believe they will someday rule the world, know their focus must be in indoctrinating our children to not only believe in “sustainable development”, but support it without question.

And what better way then through a post-modernist ideology masquerading as religion? But I digress…

And then the author concludes by naming one such supporter:

Sorry liberals and UN baiters, most Americans got past your race baiting years ago. We have learned to look at the person not the color of his skin. The next thing to come out will be the use of Math and other subjects as the basis for our distrust of Muslims.

For me, I read their Quŕan to understand where they are coming from!

Social Justice is what “they” are using to say capitalism has created the poor and inequality of the world. Those two items have been around since Moses and yet Pope Francis, the very Pope who shakes hands with Rick Warren acknowledging “Chrislam” states “inequality is the root of social evil”.

And I thought it was man’s fallen nature.

But let’s move on…


I for one will not share what I have worked for to survive for so many years with others unless I deem them needy which is called Charity, not social justice. I follow no lead or instructions of a socialist Pope who cannot even keep his own house but is looking away or participating in the indoctrination of our children through phony ideology and perception.

Concluding, and leaving aside the anti-Catholic Church comments, what I see happening is that it is not just the Catholic bloggers who are discerning the OBJECTIVE REALITY in which they find themselves.

And judging!

As we know from our favorite Anti-Forced Migration Support blog, Refugee Resettlement Watch, it is the multinational NGO’s and the big Foundations, working hand in hand with the United Nations who are behind this. Individuals like George Soros are just the front men. And people like Francis, the bishop of Rome are just the tools.

Which brings me to the best news of all. Over in the comment box of Fr. Z., we get this:

OK. I’m on board!

And after reading the above, and on top of the RadTrad Thomist blog coming on line recently, I have been left with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

And this is good because I have a looooong week at work waiting ahead of me.