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Quick post today, but one that should start you dear reader thinking. I decided to do this post today since it puts some CONTEXT into much of the information that has been appearing in various, seemingly unrelated areas of the Visibilium Omnium.

But as we know, nothing is “unrelated”. This is the general principle behind the LEX AMRATICUS.

Getting down to the specifics, over the last few posts, your humble blogger has been trying to put across a rather interesting PROPOSITION.

That PROPOSITION is the following: by examining the sources and structure of the funding of FrancisChurch, one can better understand the strength of the forces of the evil one, forces that are lined up against not only the Faith, but against Western Civilization in general.

Below is a representation of the forces funding EVIL as your humble blogger sees them, starting from the most important and all the way down to the PAID useful idiots.

(1) At the top of this “dominance hierarchy” are the German Foundations. (see here) It is these foundations that have funded and continue to fund such social movements as the Frankfurt School and their Critical Theory (Cultural Marxism). It is these Foundations, specifically Media Foundations that also fund the German “Theological” School and support the globalist wing of the German Bishops’ Conference. Since the German State is effectively a totalitarian state, the domestic order is maintained at a very low cost. This allows for large soft power expenditures overseas. It is through these quasi-governmental agencies that the German State spreads its soft power internationally.

Note bene: The above explains the freak-out of the AfD party winning 13% of the recent general election in Germany. By having a real alternative to the German UNI-Party, the cost of controlling the electorate just increased. (see here)

(2) These German Foundations, as part of the German soft power apparatus are also supporters of the US Foundations. These US foundations draw most of their funds from global corporate interests such as Wall Street banks and Silicone Valley, et al. These latter foundations work locally to destabilize the societal structures in the US. (see here) Aside, what I have come to realize is that the US is the ground zero of the global destabilization effort. It is by far the largest drag on the resources of this “dark pool” of globalist funding. It is critical for the globalists to control the US and its military and nuclear arsenal, hence the freak-out over the Trump Presidency. What is also the case is that the exorbitant amount of US Foreign Aid allows these globalist Cultural Warriors to focus the Foundation resources on the US domestic population while the US State Department spreads and maintains the globalist fiefdom overseas.

(3)The German and US foundations in turn have shanghaied the United Nations global infrastructure. This is a money saving endeavor in order to limit the resources that they are spending on the subjugation of individual countries on the planet. (see here) The manner in which they are trying to put in place the NEW WORLD ORDER is through the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. The means buy which they want to sell this to the local populations is through the buzz word “sustainable development”. And if that doesn’t work, the US Military is ready to “bring democracy” to the offending party.

(4) The operational elements of the UN are the NGO’s. These are quasi-private organizations that are attached to the UN to give them global access. They act as the intelligence networks in individual countries. The funding of these NGO primarily primarily rests with the Northern European governments who use them as their soft power projection into the global economic and legal space. 

Note bene: The above is the reason why the NWO is freaking out about Hungary and Poland. These countries are shutting down the government funding of these “internationalist”, in reality subversive organizations. This is also the reason behind the freak out over President Trumps slashing of the State Department budget and the Environmental Department budgets.

(5) The invisible, and outright subversive arms (operational) of this NEW WORLD ORDER are in fact the Geoge Soros’ of the world.  They pose as “private” ventures, but are in fact a network of state and UN funded crony “capitalists” promoting FAKE “global initiatives’. These globalists buy off local politicians. A good case in point is the European Union politicians, especially those from the small EU states who have what can be called national “inferiority complexes”. These politicians tend to be inept, incompetent and corrupt. They can’t balance a governmental budget, which makes them quite keen on taking backhanders and various other sorts of transfers in kind. What more do the Geoge Soros’ of the world need?

Note bene: For those not sure about the above structure, please watch carefully this film here. It is a documentary about what is now known as the ERM II crisis in the UK. This is the infamous Black Wednesday where George Soros “broke the Bank of England”. What is important to note is that according to the documentary, the Germans tipped off Soros that they would not intervene to support either the Pound Sterling or the Italian Lira. This signal allowed Soros to keep increasing his positions which eventually led to the Bank of England abandoning the currency peg. And the rest is history.  So the next time you hear that George Soros is a genius, well folks, he “has help”.

(5) And underneath George Soros are the smaller private Foundations and other sponsored organizations. These are what in the military are called the line units. The names are well know: Acorn, Open Society, Tides, Think Progress and the list goes on. They are partially funded by Soros and his Foundational backers. But a large part of the funding is drawn from direct governmental aid and support.

(6) And finally, we have what can be called the “boots on the ground”. These are the people whose economic livelihood depends on the above funding structure. Here is a good representative photo of what one such organization looks like:

What we see above is what can be called an operational workers soviet. It is the heart of one such commandeered organization, i.e. the US Catholic Church. These modern day revolutionaries represent the “brain trust” of this worker’s soviet. They represent an command structure- FrancisCardinal Farrel (Vatican), the Vatican political officer – “Fr. 2+2=5” Spadaro, the US first secretary – FrancisCardinal Cupich, the line units – Society of Jesuits and the media cover – National Schismatic Reporter. And lest we forget, the agitation and propaganda arm comprised of the workers intelligentsia that produces the little red books and the “2+2=5” logic Tweets are behind the front row.

I will end off here, but before I sign off, I will republish the Fr. Z post that provides insights into this above pictured gathering.

What is of critical importance to understand is that this entire revolutionary soviet plenary session was comprised of just 40 individuals. What is also critical to understand is that these 40 revolutionaries are all paid staff. Just like ALL the revolutionaries in the other subverted organizations that are working to subjugate the world population under the one world order. 

And if you don’t believe me, here and here is supporting evidence.

So closing, what is of utmost importance to understand is that the funding operations are in essence like the “new math”. What I mean by that is if the government support is pulled from under these revolutionary soviets, the entire construction collapses.

And the reason is, that just like in the real world, 2+2 must equal 4 Always, Everywhere and to Everyone.

Even in the governmental sector.

I would also like to mention a comment I received in the comment box. Here it is for your reading pleasure:

The article above about the “new” math reminds me of a college professor I had. He didn’t give partial credit for the work you did in order to get the answer. If the final answer was wrong, you got the whole problem wrong. His explanation was this: If you are an engineer and you design a bridge and get 99% of the calculations right, with only 1% error, the people that fall 1000 feet to the bottom of the canyon when the bridge collapses aren’t 99% dead, they are 100% dead!

They sure are.

And now, the Fr. Z post for more CONTEXT:

The recent Jesuit-run Boston College conference on ‘Amoris Laetitia’

The recent Jesuit-run Boston College conference on the reception of Amoris Laetitia in these USA seems to have been intended as a closed workshop on how to “struggle” (in the Cultural Revolution sense) against the Four Olds (in this case, Familiaris Consortio, Veritatis splendor, Humanae vitae, and the Principle of Non-Contradiction).  As a confirmation of same, I noted at LifeSite‘s article about it:

The dissident news service National Catholic Reporter (NCR) [aka Fishwrap aka National Schismatic Reporter] appears to have been given the exclusive privilege of covering the conference. Links about the event on Boston College’s website refer to articles on NCR’s website. On its website, NCR states that a “handful of press outlets have been invited to report on the proceedings, including NCR.”

Look at the line up of cadres and commissars who spoke.  Look at the Jesuit-run location.  Look at the planned and controlled coverage.  What could go wrong?

Now we see the lib catholic equivalent of Big Letter Posters from Fishwrap.  They have received their caps and booklets. It’ll be a constant harangue now of “Down with the Cow Demons!  Down with the Snake Spirits!  Down with Dubia Askers!”  Soon we will see their version of the Four Pests Campaign rev up against, “Converts who Have Opinions, Lovers of Tradition, Signers of Filial Letters, Upholders of Law”.

Let us go Down To The Countryside of “Lived Experience”.

We must now force the legalist Cow Demons to learn the wisdom of El Pueblo and their “lived experience” which overcomes the Four Olds.

Criticize!  RECTIFY!

Then again, how many people attended this workshop?

Here is a photo from Fishwrap of “participants”. (see above)

Tens of people!

Perhaps that was just the speakers and organizers.

Wait…. that was the attendance.  According to Fishwrap: “These panel presentations were stimulating and prompted an extraordinary amount of discourse among all 40 participants”.

I suppose some will question my choice of imagery.

Get back to me after the Struggle Sessions begin.

PS Just to remind you dear reader about another soviet homo-lobby workers meeting, this one in Rome before the start of the Bi-Sex Synods. That post was titled Optics: When realities collide! (see here)

PPS And just a friendly reminder of the 6th Principle of the Lex Armaticus:

6th Principle:

Stop giving these leftists money!