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I hope all my readers had a great weekend.

First, a new header photo has been put up. Your humble blogger is returning to an older header theme, since this theme has been the subject of another FrancisScalfariInterviewMusing, or what the dissenters would call the “Francismagisterium”. Contrasting this PopeJesusII FrancisMusing, the above image depicts the manner in which Our Lord laid out this same subject matter to His Church and the manner in which His teaching has been faithfully passed down through the generations.

Note bene: Hat tip to Radical Catholic for finding this image.

One way in which the above header theme can be understood is through what it conveys about another theme that we have mentioned in our last post, namely: MEANING.

This later theme has been coming up a lot lately, in all sorts of material that your humble blogger has been slavishly pouring over. Furthermore, this theme is not restricted to the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium, but rather dispersed far and wide.

So naturally, since it is the purpose of this humble blog to seek out and in turn convey to you, dear readers the ESSENCES, UNIVERSALS and ABSOLUTES contained in that information, information that has been appearing in the wide public domain, below is a chronicling of just three instances.

First we begin with our post titled Good New Is That Francis Is NOT A Modernist. But That Is The Only Good News… In that post, we made the following observation:

The basis upon which Francis rejects Modenism is through his post-Modernist IDEOLOGY. 

What Francis is saying in fact is that there are no TRANSCENDENTAL OBJECTIVE “meaningful”, read GOOD aspects of life. 

Let that sink in….

And by using the term “meaningful”, we are speaking of the GOODTRUE aspects of life that our Catholic Faith defines.

Hold that thought, and let’s move on.

Over on one of Dr. Jordan Peterson’s videos (a 4 minute excerpt from a longer lecture), he makes the following observations:

Of note is the part after the 1:00 minute mark, where Dr. Peterson has this to say about MEANING: (emphasis added)

You know, we’ve been fed this unending diet of rights and freedoms and something about that… especially… there’s something about that that’s so pathologically wrong and people are starving for the antidote, and the antidote is Truth and responsibility.

And it isn’t because that’s what you should do, in some “I know better, or someone knows better for you… what you should do” sense. It’s that that is the secret to a meaningful life. And without the meaningful life, all you have is the suffering. And nihilism (Ed note: Oh my! There’s that word again) and despair and self-contempt and that’s not good. So the men, it’s necessary for men to stand up and take responsibility. And they all know that and are starving for that message. 

And the message is more, it that it’s also a good thing to stand up and take responsibility because you’re cursed so much now, from when your young with this notion that your active engagement with the world is what is destroying and undermining the planet and adding to the tyranny of the social system. How about not so much of that, aye! 

Because it’s too soul deadening, it’s too anti-human right to the core. And my sense instead is that… if you are able to reveal the best of yourself to the world, you would be an overwhelming force for good. And that whatever errors might be made along the way, would wash out in the works. 

And that’s the other thing you see in the Abrahamic stories. Because Abraham is not a perfect person, by any stretch of the imagination.  He’s a real person. And he makes mistakes. But it doesn’t matter, the overarching narrative is “maintain your covenant with God”. And despite your inadequacies, then not only will you prevail, but your descendants will prevail. 

Great, that’s really good news. 

So according to Dr. Peterson, the meaningfulness of life is brought about by conforming to the Truth.

Furthermore and according to Dr. Peterson, by conforming to the Truth, despite your inadequacies, you will prevail, and your descendants will prevail.

And why is this so?

Because by seeking out the Truth, you will be conforming to the “overarching narrative”, i.e. “maintaining your covenant with God”.

Now, how does this message coming from the halls of academia conform to that message coming out from behind the Sacred Vatican Walls at present?

Well, you be the judge of that, dear reader.

Now to the third sighting of the term MEANING. Over at the Zero Hedge website, in a post titled Depravity, Frivolity, And Dissent: Are We Watching The End Of An Empire?, the author, one Daisy Luther makes the observation that the reason why our society is crumbling, is that people have lost a sense of meaning in their lives.

She goes on to cite Sir John Glubb and his essay, The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival. In that essay, Sir Glubb writes:

Cheap pleasures fail to compensate for the absence of meaning in so many people’s lives. A hankering for something greater remains…growing numbers are denied access to work; they can find no meaningful involvement in their community, so their potential goes unfulfilled. When people are prevented from fulfilling their potential, they often self-destruct. (source)

To this observation, we get this in the linked post:

As Camila Batmangeilidgh says, “Human beings are fundamentally organized around the need for meaning. Having meaning for why you live your life, and having a sense that your life has a destination or a purpose, is an important organizer of individuals’ lives and also communities’ lives.”

Concluding, what we see in the above three examples is one recurring UNIVERSAL theme, namely: meaning is what makes life worth living.

But it’s not any kind of “meaning” that these separate examples highlight.

It’s not the kind of meaning that is promoted by, say the current bishop of Rome. His form of “meaning” is what Dr. Peterson describes as  “too soul deadening, it’s too anti-human right to the core.” 

Therefore, the FrancisMeaning, while being meaningful to Francis or his post-Modernist clerical thugs, lacks the UNIVERSAL attribute to make it meaningful to everyone.

So what attribute is this FrancisMeaning lacking?

What FrancisMeaning is lacking is the attribute of Truth. Objective Truth. The Truth that applies equally to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE and in all TIMES. 

Kind of like the “2+2=4” thing!

Or to put it another way, the kind of meaning that is applicable to the homosexualist cleric AND the “Specialist of the Logos”, “Self absorbed” “Pelagian neo-Promethean”.

If this FrancisMeaning doesn’t apply to both, equally, it is not UNIVERSAL. And if it is not UNIVERSAL, then it is devoid of capital “T” Truth.

And where can we find this capital “T” Truth based UNIVERSAL meaning?

Once again,  Dr. Peterson, our favorite clinical psychologist shares some insights as to the source of this Capital “T” Truth based MEANING:

And that’s the other thing you see in the Abrahamic stories. Because Abraham is not a perfect person, by any stretch of the imagination.  He’s a real person. And he makes mistakes. But it doesn’t matter, the overarching narrative is “maintain your covenant with God”. And despite your inadequacies, then not only will you prevail, but your descendants will prevail. 

What more needs to be said?