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Today’s title is a direct quote from which appeared in a post at a One Peter Five blog under the title of Can Doctrinal “Development” Flout the Laws of Logic? 

The reason I am bringing this post to your attention is for its SIGNALLING EFFECT value. And as always, a quick definition. A SIGNALLING EFFECT is any sign, gesture, token, etc., that serves to communicate information.”

Actually, your humble blogger has spotted several SIGNALS in the below post, so below will be a quick rundown.

  1. Notice that the subject matter is one of the fundamental principles of logical though, i.e. the Law of Non-Contradiction (LNC). AGAIN!

To be more precise, the subject matter of the below post can be defined as: Another Francis violation of the LNC.

The significance of this latest in what is now a long list of VIOLATIONS OF THE LNC, reports of which are appearing on a regular basis in both the legacy as well as in the Catholic New Media (a.k.a. the blogo-sphere) is that it originates from a member of the clergy. And by members of the clergy in “good standing”.

2. Notice that the accusations of the numerous violations of the LNC on the part of Francis have been noted in circles close to the said bishop of Rome, circles lodged at the Domus Sanctae Marthae behind the Sacred Vatican Walls. It must have rattled the FrancisCage to the point where these FrancisFolks felt that they had to respond.

How can we be certain as to the correctness of the above OBSERVATION, you might ask dear reader?

Well, because we have simultaneously OBSERVED a TeamFrancis created meme being promulgated by prominent members of TeamFrancis. Here is the original with some commentary:

And this meme has ‘gotten legs’, as the old golf expression goes.

Actually, this “2+2=5” has gained such notoriety that is has made the official Wikipedia “2+2=5” page. Here is that citation:

In 2017, Italian Catholic priest Antonio Spadaro, a close associate of Pope Francis, tweeted “Theology is not #Mathematics. 2 + 2 in #Theology can make 5. Because it has to do with #God and real #life of #people…”[23] This remark was taken by many Traditionalist Catholics to be referring to alleged contradictions between certain interpretation of Amoris laetitia, an apostolic exhortation on how divorced and remarried Catholics can return to the church, and long standing Catholic doctrine on marriage, remarriage, and divorce. Some characterized Spadaro as alleging that one could act counter to the doctrine of the Catholic church if they felt the God allowed them to do so, in spite of any moral of theological contradictions encountered. Others have defended him, claiming that he was merely referring to the Catholic view that God will never be able to be perfectly comprehended by human reason alone. Others compared him humorously to Rex Mottram, a character in Evelyn Waugh’s 1945 novel Brideshead Revisited. In the novel, Mottram, during his catechesis as he disinterestedly prepares to enter the Catholic church to marry another main character, makes no effort to rationally ascertain any aspect of the faith, attributing all contradictions to his ostensible “sinfulness”

What all this above is telling us is that TeamFrancis, through their (mis) handling of the “Joy of Sex” document, have veered the conversation onto the turf of the Scholastics. Or as the New Advent Catholic dictionary labels them: the Scholastic Rationalists 

3. Given that Team Francis and their point man Antonio Spadaro BLT S.J. have strayed from the safe space of Verrecchian pseudo sacral homopoetic prose” of the Phenomenologists, and onto the concrete, dare I say ‘rigid’, ‘linear’ philosophy of the Thomists, they have brought the FrancisDebate into its proper CONTEXT. 

And that FrancisDebate, initiated by the post-Modernists has at its ROOT the 50 year old debate between the neo-Modernists (Modernists) and the Thomists.

Here is that SIGNAL and CONTEXT:

In the post, Fr. Harrison asks the following pertinent question:

With all due respect, this is a jawdropping travesty of logic. The Holy Father doesn’t seem to comprehend the law of non-contradiction, the first principle of all rational thought, and, therefore, an essential foundation of the very possibility of a rationally credible body of revealed truth. In a seemingly calm, routine, business-as-usual discourse to Roman prelates and scholars, Christ’s own Vicar on earth has effectively laid the axe to the root of coherent Christian belief.

Yes indeed!

One can even go on and say that “Francis don’t do coherent Christian belief”.

Concluding, what we are seeing is that the debate within the post-conciliar church has entered a new phase. It is no longer enough to “experience your faith”, a la the phenomenologists. The reason is that Francis, the post-Modernist also “experiences” his. Whatever that may be…

And he’s Spartacus the bishop of Rome!

So the post-conciliar types have been forced to remind themselves that there is such a thing as Natural Law and that there were people such as Scholastics, who corrected these various heresies problems 700 years ago.  The post-conciliar types have been forced to open this toothpaste tube so to speak, and have been forced to remind themselves that the Laws of Thought are universally applicable and only universally applicable theology will stand the test of time. And maybe save the standard of living that they have grown accustomed to…

And these Laws apply to the current bishop of Rome, too!

What they have also in fact figured out, or at least are starting to figure out, is that Modernism and it’s current version, neo-Modernism are no match for the post-Modernists. And phenomenology can’t reconcile the inherent contradictions of Amoris Laetitia any more than it could reconcile the inherent contradictions of Dignitatis humanae. 

But what’s changed now is that they can’t simply ignore the above fact!

The problem now is that the post-conciliar types can’t ignore the inherent contradictions of Dignitatis humanae any longer, since Francis’ position violates the same Laws of Thought. In other words, they can’t critisize Francis from a phenomenological position.

And by refuting AL, they are simultaneously refuting DH.

A quick test would be to simply substitute DH for AL or the Catholic teaching on the death penalty in the below text. The analogies jump off the page.

Or to use the toothpaste analogy, the post-conciliar types found themsleves unable to put the toothpaste back into the tube.

So the ridiculous is the new real.

Actually it has been the new real for the last 50 years.

Thanks neo-cons.

Can Doctrinal “Development” Flout the Laws of Logic?

Speaking in Rome on October 11th, 2017 (55th anniversary of the opening of Vatican Council II), at a conference promoting the ‘New Evangelization’, Pope Francis made known his will for the Catechism of the Catholic Church to be revised so as to condemn capital punishment as absolutely immoral in principle. He declared the death penalty to be “in itself contrary to the Gospel” (“in sé stessa contraria al Vangelo”).

In an effort to reassure Catholics of the orthodoxy of such a dramatic about face from two millennia of biblical, magisterial and approved catechetical teaching, the Pope added:

“Here we are not in the presence of any kind of contradiction with the teaching of the past, because the defense of the dignity of human life from the first moment of conception until natural death has always found its coherent and authoritative voice in the teaching of the Church. The harmonious development of doctrine, however, requires us to cease defending arguments which now appear decisively contrary to the new understanding of Christian truth”.

With all due respect, this is a jawdropping travesty of logic. The Holy Father doesn’t seem to comprehend the law of non-contradiction, the first principle of all rational thought, and, therefore, an essential foundation of the very possibility of a rationally credible body of revealed truth. In a seemingly calm, routine, business-as-usual discourse to Roman prelates and scholars, Christ’s own Vicar on earth has effectively laid the axe to the root of coherent Christian belief.

Please read the rest here.