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Today we do linguistics and I bring you good news!

On my Twitter timeline, I noticed this tweet from Frank Walker of the Canon212 news aggregating website, with the following comment:

The text in this post would be an example of what Francis would call an “ontologically reductionist” message. Ontological reductionism is “the belief that the whole of reality consists of a minimal number of parts”. And without getting into the wider phenomenological debate, what can be said of the above is that it is OBJECTIVELY a correct observation. At least it is locally, or in this case.

Given the CONTEXT of the above post, the question arises: Is there a word, a “right word” that can “deflate” the FrancisNFLChurch?

So it got me a think’n…

And given that I have been writing about one interesting word, that has in ESSENCE a strong CONCEPT behind it, and a theological one at that, I figured that this word would be my CANDIDATE WORD.

And that word is M E A N I N G.

So why MEANING, you ask?

Well, because…

From what I have been able to gather, it would appear that this word has some intrinsic power behind it. To be more specific, it has a great deal of intrinsic force when it is used in the CONTEXT of Meaning of life. And just to prove my point, I bring you this tweet that appeared on the Dr. Jordan Peterson timeline:

What makes this a good story is that it is one that has been repeating itself, and quite frequently of late. One example that your humble blogger has posted recently is the video produced by one Robyn at the “Red Pilling” And The Road To Damascus… 


So what we have is a situation where a proper, in this sense an “effective understanding” of the term MEANING, can have a transformative EFFECT on the individual that comes into contact with this message.

What’s more, it would appear that the proper understanding of the term MEANING can also have a proselytizing evangelizing EFFECT. In a post at the tipolitics.com website, we get this titled post: Bread Pilled: Jordan Peterson turning young, Western men into Christians Again, the following is written:

What makes Peterson so uniquely special and what so endears him to his fans is that he is more concerned with turning boys into successful, highly functional men than he is in scoring political points or going viral. He’s a psychiatrist by trade and so many of his YouTube videos are of him giving life advice to young men on how to “sort themselves out” and find meaning. He’s a sort of father-figure for hundreds of thousands in this regard. All you need to do is read the comments on his videos: he has made a profound impact on the lives of so many young men.


But more than simply illuminating the path forward for young men and explaining the world for them, Peterson also places a heavy emphasis on Christianity and his faith in God. Yet, for a generation of young men who are largely secular and agnostic due to having grown up in a largely secular culture, the thought of turning to God was either outright rejected or at least viewed as one of those things that will happen “down the road.” Some believe they’ll have an epiphany one day, while others insist they’ll make more concerted efforts to become practicing Christians — just not anytime soon.

And the craziest thing of all is that Peterson is actually turning young Western men into believing Christians.

Crazy, isn’t it?

But, but, but, isn’t the job of “turning young Western men into believing Christians” the job of Francis the oracle bishop of Rome, the FrancisChurch and the wider post-conciliar church?

Well, it appears not. Here is what the Francis said: (see here)

The Church does not engage in proselytism. Instead, she grows by “attraction“—just as Christ “draws all to himself” by the power of his love, culminating in the sacrifice of the Cross, so the Church fulfills her mission to the extent that, in union with Christ, she accomplishes every one of her works in spiritual and practical imitation of the love of her Lord.

Interesting approach, yet not very effective. A recent piece of EVIDENCE is here:

What appears to be effective though, is not so much by the Bergoglian formula “Christ “drawing all to himself” by the power of his love”, but rather by providing the young man with a sense of MEANING TO HIS LIFE.

And how does one gain MEANING in his life?

Through taking on RESPONSIBILITY.

Here is that lecture: (Note the beginning sentence)

Concluding, the proper starting point is LIFE IS SUFFERING. Once the proper starting point is defined, then the proper course of action can be “discerned”.

Given then that the starting point is LIFE IS SUFFERING, the natural next step is to try to reduce the SUFFERING. The manner in which you reduce the SUFFERING is to take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.

So by taking RESPONSIBILITY, one reduces his own SUFFERING, but also the SUFFERING of the persons with who he interacts. And it is this positive feedback loop that reduces the collective suffering of the immediate group and makes life more bearable.

And how do we get to the Christianity?

Well, it is Christianity that is the foundation for the understanding of what constitutes MEANING IN LIFE. Here is that passage:

Again, it’s partly because of his credibility as a brilliant man who has read all the great philosophers and thinkers of the past that he can get through to young men. But it’s also because he clearly understands how young men these days think and feel that his in-depth discussions of Christianity and religion don’t turn them off; they instead are open and even eager to hear him talk about religion.

A better explanation would be that through a Christian message that is explained through a “scientific methodology” derived from classical literature, Jordan Peterson connects the dots between the here and now ,i.e. the NATURAL and the SUPERNATURAL, or what Peterson calls the “META-NARRATIVE”. 

And to us, the complete (ultimate) “META-NARRATIVE” is nothing more than the ONE TRUE FAITH, that is the most comprehensive explanation of the totality of man’s existence in this vale of tears.

Here is an great post that sums up just this PROCESS:

Yes indeed!

It’s all about losing your NIHILISM.

So at the end of the day, the post-conciliar church can take a lesson from the secularist clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, and start to rebuild His Church. Or they can careen down the NIHILIST road and destroy the Institutional Church further.

From Francis’ actions, it is pretty apparent that nothing will change his actions. The reason being is that Francis derives the “MEANING FOR HIS LIFE” from destroying the post-conciliar church. (see here)

The problem for the rest of us, and especially the clergy, and double especially for the middle and upper management behind those Sacred Vatican Walls, is that he might not be gone soon. But when he is gone, those that come after him might find in the not too distant future, that they might not have a “rack and two squares” as they say in the Corps.

So they can allow Francis to continue his NIHILISTIC work of destruction, or try to mitigate the damage. The ONLY way to MITIGATE the damage is by trying to get those faithful back into the pews. And the only way that those faithful will get back into those pews is through returning to the ONE TRUE FAITH.

The photo at the top of this page shows this PHENOMENON much better than any words can describe it.

And if the younger hierarchs decide to abandon the post-conciliar “spirit of the new springtime of Vatican II” and return to the ONE TRUE FAITH, they can make their case on work being done, with excellent results by Dr. Jordan Peterson.

And those excellent results will be derived through the understanding of one very significant word in its proper CONTEXT: MEANING!

It is ONLY by providing ones life with MEANING, derived through taking personal RESPONSIBILITY by individual Catholics, that can and will save the Institutional Church. Not to mention work out one’s salvation in fear and trembling.

Oh and one more thing: Order of Preachers, your time has come!

Jordan Peterson is showing you the way!

UPDATE 07:00 31 October 2017

Here is a video from the Rorate Caeli website (see here)

Notice all the old Leftists. Children of the revolution…