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Returning to our Predictions 2018 thread and our analysis of the Francis bishopric of Rome, a very significant post appeared on the Non Veni Pacem blog. (MUST READ HERE) The post is titled: Pope Benedict adds more evidence that he doesn’t consider himself retired, nor does he think it possible.

In the opinion of this humble blogger, it is this blog that is presently doing the most important critical analysis of the period in Catholic history leading up to, encompassing and post the “abdication” of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

To be more precise, what the Non Veni Pacem blog is trying to establish is nothing short of the OBJECTIVE REALITY of the current situation in which there are two individuals, dressed in white, both residing behind the Sacred Vatican Walls. Objectively speaking, we know that this situation is not real in that there cannot be “two popes”. As even the neo-con George Weigel observes (OBJECTIVELY TRUE STATEMENT), there is no such thing as an EMERITUS POPE. (see hereSo by simply making an  assumption such as: Pope Benedict knows what George Weigel knows, one is required to obtain a thorough understanding and explanation of the “mindset” of Pope Benedict XVI, for the period leading up, encompassing and post his “abdication”. Bah, it becomes of the utmost importance.

The importance of these events are not limited to the Catholic Church either. There are  reports of “perplexed secularists” appearing of late. (see here) The reason behind the significance of this information relates directly to the “deconstruction” of Western Civilization by the post-Modernists. It goes without saying that these “perplexed secularists” see the Catholic Church as the foundational element of Western Civilization and of Her demise as nothing short of a “return to barbarism”. (see here

In the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, one reason illuminating the importance of Non Veni Pace’s work, i.e. pinning down our understanding of what can be called Catholic Objective Reality (COR), can be seen in the following post titled: Canon212 Update: Happy New Year From Five Bishops to Francis! In Canon212 Update, Frank Walker informs his viewers that 5 bishops have already contradicted the FrancisDoc “Joy of Sex”, i.e. corrected Francis this year. In the Letter from the Kazakhstani Bishops, we can read that the FrancisDoc is ‘alien to the Church’s entire faith and Tradition’.

Bringing into this conversation the material presented in the Deus ex Machina post from the 5th of August, 2016 titled, Ockham’s Razor Finds: Benedict Still Pope, Francis Is False Pope, Universal Church in State of Necessity since 24 April, 2005, along with the Non Veni Pacem post now, we now have more EVIDENCE of a very consistent factualhistorical and analytical framework emerging that justifies the conclusion of that post, which incidentally serves as its title.

Concluding, what all Faithful Catholics need to understand is that the Church as founded by Our Lord must be recognizable. It must be recognizable EVERYWHERE, ALWAYS and BY ALL. Here is how the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia states this requirement: (see here)

The marks of the Church are certain unmistakeable signs, or distinctive characteristics which render the Church easily recognizable to all, and clearly distinguish it from every other religious society, especially from those which claim to be Christian in doctrine and origin.

That such external signs are necessary to the true Church is plain from the aim and the purpose which Christ had in view when He made His revelation and founded a Church. The purpose of the redemption was the salvation of men. Hence, Christ made known the truths which men must heed and obey.

He established a Church to which He committed the care and the exposition of these truths, and, consequently He made it obligatory on all men that they should know and hear it (Matthew 18:17). It is obvious that this Church, which takes the place of Christ, and is to carry on His work by gathering men into its fold and saving their souls, must be evidently discernible to all. There must be no doubt as to which is the true Church of Christ, the one which has received, and has preserved intact the Revelation which He gave it for man’s salvation.

Were it otherwise the purpose of the Redemption would be frustrated, the blood of the Saviour shed in vain, and man’s eternal destination at the mercy of chance.

Without doubt, therefore, Christ, the all-wise legislator, impressed upon His Church some distinctive external marks by which, with the use of ordinary diligence, all can distinguish the real Church from the false, the society of truth from the ranks of error.

These marks flow from the very essence of the Church; they are properties inseparable from its nature and manifestive of its character, and, in their Christian and proper sense, can be found in no other institution. In the Formula of the Council of Constantinople (A.D. 381), four marks of the Church are mentioned — unity, sanctity, Catholicity, Apostolicity — which are believed by most theologians to be exclusively the marks of the True Church.

I would just add, “by all Catholic theologians” in the place of “most”.

Given the above, what is becoming clear for all observers of this bishopric of Rome, both secular and clergy is that it lacks some if not all the marks of the Catholic Church.

And it is in FACT this “conundrum” that the Non Ven Pacem and the Deus ex Machina blogs are trying to reconcile.

IF the conclusions of the Deus ex Machina blog, as supported by the Non Veni Pacem blog is correct, i.e. as outlined in point 3) of the conclusion, i.e.

The Universal Catholic Church has been put under a State of Necessity by Benedict XVI at the time of his ascension to the Throne of St. Peter, i.e.  April 24, 2005. The State of Necessity was “formalized” by Benedict’s “resignation that wasn’t”. The current state is that the Catholic Church is under Benedict’s “pontificate of exception”…

THEN the reconciliation between this period in Catholic history known as the Francis bishopric of Rome and the Catholic Church as instituted by Our Lord (and as defined by the Universal Magisterium) will be quite easy for the future Council of Econe.

All that that Council will need to do is declare the Francis bishopric of Rome as exierunt autem numquam. (Never having existed)

And this must be done by the future Council of Econe even if “fiat justitia ruat caelum!.