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In our last post titled What Francis Want’s, Francis Gets? And He’s Not A Heretic…we republished a transcript from a dialogue that Francis had with members of the Society of Jesus, i.e. “the  Company” while he was in Chile. Many Catholic bloggers commented on this information, yet one question and answer that was missed was the following: (emphasis and added emphasis)

What do you say (in the Company) to those who are getting older and see less people behind them?

Considering the decrease of youth and strength, one could enter into institutional desolation. No, you can not afford it. Desolation pulls you down, it’s a soggy blanket that pulls at you to see how you handle it, and takes you to bitterness, to disillusionment. I wonder if Xavier, in the face of the failure to see China without being able to enter it, was desolate. No, I imagine that he turned to the Lord, saying, “You do not want it, so bye, that’s okay.” He chose to follow the path proposed to him, and in that case it was death! … But that’s okay! Like Saverio at the gates of China, always look ahead … You know God! “

This was by far the most self reveling insight into “the mind of Francis” that Francis has given to date!

The reason that the Catholic blogo-sphere might not have picked this up is that the translation isn’t the best. This could have lead to the subject matter and ESSENCE of the answer to this question being lost on the readers.

Yet this Q and A is by far the most important of the interview and it should send shudders down the spines of any religious or Faithful, especially the young Jesuits and those Jesuits not on there last legs. You know, like those “40 to 50 year old priests that lost their amorous sentiments”…

The reason for the significance of this FrancisResponce and the reason it should send shudders down the spines of the Catholics is that Francis is telling his religious order that the post-conciliar church and the FrancisChurch that subsists in the post-conciliar church is nothing short of a…


Here’s the wider FrancisChurch CONTEXT.

A better way to restate this question as follows:

How do you see the situation of the Society of Jesus (the Company) going forward, given that the average age of its members is rather advanced and there are very few younger members (vocations) coming into the Order to take their place?

To which, Francis answers… again paraphrasing:

The situation is dire, but I’m in charge and I’m doing it my way. So trust me. If doing it my way is an abject disaster, so be it. The Society of Jesus will die. And I’m ok with that because the “god of surprises” (a.k.a. Bergoglio’s alter ego) wants it that way. So what this means for you and “the Company, just like Xavier, you will chose the path of death.

But not to leave you dear brothers with a sour taste in your mouth, since suicide might not sit well with you, please re-frame your thinking along the lines of the Japanese on Saipan at the end of World War II jumping off the cliffs to their deaths rather than being captured by the Americans “Saverio”, who “chose to follow the path proposed to him, and in that case it was death!”

Now, this Francis Death Cult is a PHENOMENON that your humble blogger has been chronicling since the inception of this humble effort. For the long time readers of this blog, this information will not come as a surprise.

For for the newer readers, a short back-story is in order.

Back in April of 2015 we did a post titled Final Rendezvous With Destiny and With Death. In that post, we examined the similarities of FrancisChurch and a lemming colony. Specifically, what interested us in that post was the phenomenon that exists in the Natural Order which guides a colony of lemmings to reduce their population to the point of extinction, similar to that PHENOMENON that we have been observing in the post-conciliar church for 50 years now, only to be reborn to the previous levels in a regular re-population cycle. Three years for the lemming colony is the rule of thumb.

Once this Natural phenomenon was explained, we overlayed it with FrancisChurch PHENOMENON observed to date, in order to see if there are any parallels.

One parallel that was identified is the irrational fixation of “going forward” even if the road in front ends at the precipice of a cliff or the open sea. Aside, the average lemming can swim for a distance of approximately 200 yards. But I digress… This PHENOMENON that was visually represented in the video in that post for the lemming colony, we represented textually for FrancisChurch.

The example we used for FrancisChurch in that post was from the first ever “formation directors” conference that had just been held behind the Sacred Vatican Walls. That conference was hosted by the Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life and a couple of our favorites post-Modernists were featured speakers.

Here is how we represented the mechanism underlying the suicidal tendencies of FrancisChurch in that post:

Brazilian Cardinal João Braz de Aviz, speaking to a first-of-its-kind congress of many of the world’s religious formation directors, also warned the religious against trying to abandon the changes in the church brought about by the Second Vatican Council.

Here is the good Cardinal’s recipe for keeping the FrancisLemmings headed straight for the cliff and their rendezvous with destiny:

The contexts have changed,” he said. “We are disoriented. In our identity, we are a bit insecure. We need a new deepening, a new pausing, a new listening.”

Sound familiar?

He went on:

In fact, those that are distancing themselves from the council to make another path are killing themselves — sooner or later, they will die, Braz de Aviz said. “They will not have sense. They will be outside the church. We need to build, using the Gospel and the council as a departure point.”

Notice the inconsistency?

Damned if one ditches the “pastoral council” (‘you will die’ – Card. Braz circa 2015) and damned if one don’t (‘you will die’ – Francis, bishop of Rome circa 2018).

In reality, what we demonstrated in that post, using EVIDENCE, FACTS and LOGIC was that those who distanced themselves from “the council”, were the ones who were experiencing exponential growth in vocations. In other words, those religious communities that returned to Catholicism were the one who eliminated the problem described by Francis in Chile, i.e. “the Company” “getting older and see less people behind them.”

Nota bene and off topic: The SSPX just blessed the new library at their new Virginia seminary, the large seminary built in the US in over 100 years. Thought you might want to know and excuse the digression…

And in the subsequent three years that have lapsed since the writing of that post, those returning to the ONE TRUE FAITH have prospered while those stuck in the 1970’s time warp of “German Hegelian relativism”, well… their situation has deteriorated rapidly.

Concluding, what needs to be mentioned from the above, and this needs to be PROMULGATED far and wide.. bah… shouted from every church bell-tower and from every pulpit is that Francis and his FrancisChurch is a SELF ADMITTED DEATH CULT.

What’s worse, FRANCIS is a MAD MAN who is consciencely and with PREMEDITATION trying to destroy the Catholic Church as Christ founded it.

Furthermore, he will not listen to reason nor will he change his path from the one he is on.

And if anyone needs any further PROOF, here it is in Francis’ own words:

I wonder if Xavier, in the face of the failure to see China without being able to enter it, was desolate. (…) He chose to follow the path proposed to him, and in that case it was death!

Can’t get any clearer than that!

And one final point, it’s high time the Cardinals did something about this LUNATIC!