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A lot is happening and a consolidation post is in order. So today’s post will chronicle the INDEPENDENT yet RELATED OCCURRENCES that we are observing presently in the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium

If there is one theme running through what we are observing it is the visible breakdown of order within the Sacred Vatican Walls.

The first independent occurrence can be seen here:

Now this comes on the back of the “misunderstanding” about the FrancisDocument Magnum Principium and liturgical translations as explained here:

Cardinal Sarah had insisted that Liturgiam authenticam remain the basis for new translations proposed by Bishops conferences. Pope Francis has now publicly rebuked him for this approach.

Furthermore, Francis instructed the Catholic Cardinal Sarah to:

Lastly, your Eminence, I reiterate my fraternal gratitude for your efforts and noticing that the “Commentaire” note was published on several websites, and wrongly attributed to your person, I ask you kindly to see to disseminating this, my response, on the same sites, and to sending it to all Episcopal Conferences, and to the Members and Consultors of this Dicastery.

Needless to say, since October 2017, the good Cardinal is in the process drafting the “response, on the same sites, and to sending it to all Episcopal…”… you get the drift.

Now this above mentioned incident comes on the back to the famous request by Cardinal Sarah to “turn East”. Here is that “FrancisMisunderstanding” immortalized by the official Deus ex Machina’s favorite, and preeminent Catholic musical composer and lyricist producing devotional music for the contemporary FrancisChurch:


Tu es Petrus?

The next example of the breakdown of order comes from what can be called the Vatican Deep State. For those following this blog, you will know that Francis has two centers of support within the Sacred Vatican Walls.

One center of support, let’s call it the “operational support” is the homo-lobby. These are the Ricca people who make sure that Francis is “informed” about what is being “said in the Vatican grapevine”.

The second center of support, let’s call this the “protective element” is the diplomatic service. As you dear reader will recall, it was the diplomats and their head, the Dean of the College of Cardinals, one Cardinal Sodano who was instrumental in giving Bergoglio, Team Bergoglio at the 2013 Conclave and the wider St. Gallen “Mafia” their support base in the run up to the 2013 conclave. It is this “special interest group” that is presently calling in its chips. Here is a good example of said “chip calling in operation”:

Three years later, the secretariat of state has not only maintained its overarching grip on the other dicasteries; it has also seemingly increased its dominance still further. Parolin, the archetypal curial insider, seems more and more to be setting the agenda in Rome. 

Nota bene: In any organizational structure, there are “informal structures of influence”. The “currency” of these structures can be described as twofold: money and favors. In the case of the Vatican Diplomatic Corp, they have both.

Yet not all is well between the Diplomats and the Intrinsically Disordered. This power play can be viewed in the following development:

And naturally, when we speak of “Francis not wanting to punish Becciu who is an uncritical partisan”, we can rest assured as to the source for the motivation behind the “uncritical partisanship”. The above screen grab can be interpreted in a formulaic representation: powers behind Becciu must be equal to or greater then the powers of the Diplomatic Corps and it’s protector, the Dean of the College of Cardinals. This power dynamic must hold simply by definition since Card. Parolin is of higher rank.

Next development that is instrumental in understanding the above Diplomats v. Homo power struggle is the situation with the capitulation to Communist China. The superficial reading of this abandoning of the Faithful Chinese Church to the ruthless atheist Communist regime is that Francis is a closet Communist. This is true, but there is more to the story.

The second part of the story is that Francis is allowing Parolin and the Diplomats to take “credit’ for this abandonment. In a post from the Catholic Herald, the head diplomat is quoted as saying: (see here)

The cardinal said that if someone is ‘asked to make a sacrifice’, it is for the greater good.

This Operation Abandonment is not seen as being good by the internal Vatican power players and there are voices who claim that Cardinal Parolin has “ruined his chances to become pope” because of this.

You sent me to Chile, so I give you China…

All one can say is: Well played Francis!

BTW, who’s idea was it for Francis to travel to Chile?

Speaking of Chile and moving on and closer to home, another OCCURRENCE of FrancisDisloyalty has been observed over the last few weeks coming from the most darnedest of places. The Catholic Herald asks the following question here:

Why did the Archbishop of Boston publicly confront the Pope over the case of a Chilean bishop?

The answer is provided toward the middle of the post where the author writes:

Commentators have suggested that, in the conclave’s (2013) later stages, O’Malley persuaded other American cardinals to back Cardinal Bergoglio.

Yes, protecting and enabling pedophiles was one step too far for Cardinal Sean.

Especially since “the goods that a fellow cardinal sold to his brother American Cardinals” at the 2013 conclave “were not those that were promised”.

But the American story doesn’t stop there. A couple of days ago, we found out, through a “strategic leak”, that Francis needs money for, most likely, bailing out a corrupt hospital in Rome. This request for an unusually large contribution, i.e. $25 million dollars was lodged guess with whom?

a) The German Bishops’ Conference that is swimming in KIRCHENSTEUER funds. Record year in 2017.

b) The “Sovereign” Order of Malta that was taken over by Card. Parolin’s guys and has cash in bank of over $1 billion.

c) None of the above.

No, Francis didn’t approach either a) nor b) who have this kind of cash lying around in the Euro currency and are paying out 0.40% in negative interest (overnight) rates to a European bank. Yes, in Euroland, savers pay a bank to hold their money. But I digress…

What Francis did was that he went to another friend, one Cardinal Wuerl to get the dosh. What also is the case is that the funds came from the “greedy capitalist” Papal Foundation. Now this Foundation gives donation in the usual amount of $100,000. For a really good cause, it would provide $200,000. Here is that story which Life Site New broke:

Leaked docs raise question of Pope’s personal role in new Vatican financial scandal

And the lede goes as follows:

ROME, February 20, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Leaked documents obtained by LifeSiteNews connect the Pope himself to a new Vatican financial scandal and raise serious questions about his global reputation as the “pope for the poor.”

So what’s a bishop of Rome to do when he is having problems and is about to get caught with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar?

He plays the victim card in typical post-Modernist “living tradition”. Like his friend, the Vice Pope Maradiaga (see here)

So if your Francis, well you “appeal to pity”, of course.

Here is that bit:

In the closed-door meeting that he held at the beginning of Lent, on February 15, with the priests of the Rome diocese of which he is bishop, Francis sketched out in an unexpected way the trajectory of his life, describing it as a series of “passages,” some of them bright, others dark.

And here is how Bergoglio portrayed his beleaguered self:

The reason – he said – is that of safeguarding his “mental health,” or in other words his “mental hygiene,” formulas that he hammered away at three times in just one minute of conversation, and that presuppose an apodictic judgment of “insanity” on those who criticize him, without room for a rational engagement:

“For my own good [mental health] I do not read the content of internet sites of this so-called ‘resistance.’ I know who they are, I know the groups, but I do not read them for my own mental health. If there is something very serious, they tell me about it so that I know. You know them… It is displeasing, but you have to go on. Historians tell us that it takes a century for a Council to put down its roots. We are halfway there.

Now a good defense is nothing without a good offence.

But since it would be rather unseemly for His Humbleness to be attacking his opponents outright, he allows his attack dogs to have that “fun”. Here is one clip of the FrancisAttackDog, one Antonio “2+2=5” Spadaro and subsequent “bitch-slapping” commentary:

And here is the FrancisAttackDog response to getting bitch slapped: (see here)

And then the counter response from Fr. Rutler via Fr. Z’s excellent blog: (see here)

Wherein Rutler thrashes @AntonioSpadaro

At Crisis, Fr. George Rutler has posted a potent counterpoint to Jesuit jibber-jabber (I know… that could be taken for a tautology).  He goes after Antonio Spadaro, SJ, who has issued all manner of nonsense with Olympian authority.

Olympian indeed!

But it wasn’t just Antonio of “2+2=5” Meme fame that got trashed by the mainline English speaking media.

Over at One Mad Mom’s blog, she lays out the bad week for Francis in her post titled This Beautiful Week in Review (see here) Here is her lede:

I’ve started about five articles in the past week, but all seemed a bit passé two seconds after the final edit was done. (Sorry to my editor!) There’s been rapid fire goodness and I just couldn’t keep up! In short, it’s been a very good week in the faith. Why? Well, it’s certainly not because everyone is getting it right. It’s because people are correcting what is wrong. Here are some of the great articles of the week. (Sorry if I missed any.)

Yes it has.

Concluding. What we are seeing is a pretty wide revolt in the English speaking world against the FrancisTheology of Death™.

The critical fault line presently lies between the Homo-Lobby and the Diplomatic Corps as explained above. Card. Sodano can pull the plug on the Francis bishopric of Rome if he chooses. He can call a conclave based on information in the public domain which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Francis election at the 2013 Conclave was NULL AND VOID. (see here)

He could do this on the grounds that in the apparent fight to the death with the Homo-Lobby, his protege is getting crushed. Francis is overtly trying to destroy the Diplomats favorite papabile, Card. Parolin’s chances to succeed Francis. (see here)

This fight in turn has also Francis rattled and has reduced him to spouting out unintelligible word salads to try and gain some sympathy for his humble person. He has no moral authority and desperately needs the Homo-Lobby to keep control over the Vatican apparatus. (see here)

His attack dogs like Spadaro, Max Beans and Card. “Soapy” Cupich aren’t having too much luck externally, in turning the FrancisTide around either. (see here)

The Mainline Catholic press is piling on as are the US Cardinals. (per One Mad Mom post)

So all in all, it has been a great week indeed!

Have a pleasant weekend.

And for your weekend viewing pleasure, at the top of this post is a recent hit from The Crushed Bones of Colonna titled Neo-Arian Chapsody.