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And the experiment of the “spirit of the new springtime” of the Second Vatican Council is dying a very horrible death.

Being consigned to the trash heap of history!

I am not sure how it could have ended differently!

Just as the LEX ARMATICUS has predicted.

What also appears to be the case now, is that the SOLUTIONS proposed to rectify the situation, align at the various levels of objective reality. In other words, the solutions align at the legal level, the historical level, the psychological level, the philosophical level and the theological level.

At the legal and law enforcement level, what is different this time is that mainstream Catholics in the US are calling for the secular authorities to step in and finally investigate the seamier aspects of the “spirit of the new springtime”.

The call for secular authorities to intervene, as opposes to the usual internal investigation a la Dallas Charter protocols, has been brought about by media reports of extreme INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED behavior within the Episcopacy. It has become so extreme in fact, that the 4th Principle of the Lex Armaticus appears to have stopped functioning. Just a reminder, this Principle states that dishonesty is the ONLY neo-Modernist policy.

This turn of events comes after the Catholic mainstream has called for not only a boycott of donations to the various US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ initiatives, but also to withhold contributions to the Sunday collections. And the Vatican is reportedly  panicking! This is in line with the 6th Principle of the Lex Armaticus, i.e. stop giving these leftists money!

Moreover, even the Catholic hierarchy is beginning to focus on the patrimony of the Catholic Church and how the money is being spent. Listen to Cardinal Burke in his recent appearance on ETWN here. This is in line with the 2nd Principle of the Lex Armaticus, i.e. even neo-Modernists need to eat.

Another way to view this phenomenon on a philosophical level, is that the abnormality of the Episcopal hierarchy has become so extreme, that members of the Catholic hierarchy are beginning to speak out!. This is nothing short of a case where the “natural order of things” is forcing the situation to revert back to the mean. This is in accord with the 3rd Principle of the Lex Armaticusi.e. that every abnormal situation inherently tends toward normalization.

What is also different this time, is that Catholic media is beginning to understand that it is the “lineage” of the Episcopal hierarchy that is the SOURCE of the problem, as per Michael Voris video embedded above.

In order to definitively resolve the intrinsically disordered problem created by the “spirit of the new springtime, the Catholics within the post-conciliar hierarchy need to put in place a PROCESS that addresses this aspect of the crisis in a historical context. Hence, a methodology is needed that addresses the problems with individuals elevated to the Episcopal state back to Cardinal Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro. Another major shift of the Overton Window and in line with the 7th Principle of the Lex Armaticus.

And finally, on the theological level, a parallel process is taking place. It is becoming a commonly accepted view, held by respectable people in polite post-conciliar society that a return to the proper Catholic liturgy is not only mandatory, but inevitable. Here is just the latest example of just how far the Overton Window has in fact shifted:

Concluding, what we are a witness to is the end of the irrational and imbecilic changes brought about by the Second Vatican Council.

Regardless of how large an effort is made to ground the current crisis in the pre-conciliar Church, it is not happening. From the commentary that is appearing in the Catholic mainstream, the crisis is firmly attributed to the post-conciliar era, specifically the 1970’s.

What is also critical to understand is that the behavior of the intrinsically disordered within the hierarchy and a large part of the clergy, especially of the behavior in the seminaries, has become so extreme, that the eventual solution which will be defined, will need to be effective.

The reason why we Catholics should be very hopeful at present, is that this eventual solution appears to be in line with the various domains which exist in objective reality. As we know from the lectures of Dr. Jordan Peterson, if a solution is designed that aligns on the different physical and metaphysical levels, it will not only be effective, but it will address the problem for which it was designed.

In the mean time, we watch the events as they are unfolding and the post-conciliar church of the “spirit of the new springtime”, as it is crashing and burning…

UPDATE: A geographical level has just been added: