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Today we return to our theme of the Soap Bubble Papacy™. The important information today comes via a recent post to which your humble blogger will reference, namely Must Watch – Michael Voris Inteviews Milo…

The above mentioned post contains a video clip which in turn contains a brilliant observation on the parts of both Milo Yannopoulis and Michael Voris. It begins at the 26:00 minute mark. Before I provide the transcripts of this section, a few words are in order about this exchange.

What makes this exchange and the information contained therein key to our understanding of the Francis bishopric of Rome, is its relevance to an OBSERVATION that has been made on this humble blog right from the very onset. This observation has become one of the main themes analyzed on this humble blog and has been termed as the The SoapBubblePapacy.

This term has been used to convey the REALITY that the post-conciliar FrancisPervDeathChurch is presently nothing more than a social construction of the #fakenews media.

The SoapBubblePapacy™ contains in essence the inference, that if not for the corporatist globalist #fakenews media, the Francis bishopric of Rome would have been terminated more or less after the second half of the disastrous bi-Synod on Intrinsically Disordered Sex in late 2015.

Moreover, the key to keeping The SoapBubblePapacy “inflated” has been attributed by the Deus ex Machina analysis to the post-conciliar “homo-mafia” and Francis’ reliance on this subculture within the post-conciliar church to manage FrancisPervChurch’s day to day operations.

In other words, if not for the Intrinsically Disordered, the Vatican upper and middle management would have forced a “management shake-up” in late 2015. This could have been simply done by not complying with the directives emanating from the “leadership”. Moreover, there were rumors to that effect during this time period.

An Italian strike, one could say would have done the trick.

Yet this is not what has happened, regardless of daily dose of heresy emanating from Bergoglio’s lips.

What we have in fact seen is the post-conciliar homo-mafia becoming more intrenched within the Sacred Vatican Walls and beyond. The analysis of this particular situation has indicated that it is the globalist corporatist #fakenews media which has thrown a blanket of protection over the Francis bishopric of Rome and has allowed it to survive for this long.

Which then raises the question, what’s the connection?

And it is the answer to this conundrum that the exchange between Milo and Michael clearly lay out in the video interview referenced earlier.

Specifically, a “fuller” picture of the power behind the throne is emerging. With the information that Milo and Michael “threw out there”, we can see that it is the Intrinsically Disordered that are not only the operational “ground troops” of the FrancisPervChurch, but are also responsible for providing it with “protection” from the Faithful Catholics.

And this protection consists of the corporatist globalist #fakenews media who in turn have been taken over by a small clique of Intrinsically Disordered, just like that small Intrinsically Disordered clique behind the Sacred Vatican Walls.

So without further delay, here is the relevant part of the video HERE transcribed by yours truly:

(Starts at the 26:43 minute mark)

Michael V: Are you surprised that the largest association in the journalistic world, the TV news media specifically is the (…) gay and lesbian journalist association? That’s the largest group, there’s black reporters, there’s Hispanic reporters, but that is the single largest membership group in the entire television news world.

Milo Y: Specifically it’s lesbians. And nobody will tell you this. Not many people know this, nor care enough to spend time enough to think about this but my next book, that I am writing at the moment has a chapter on this. The chapter is called “How lesbians ruined everything”. They even ruined the gay stuff. Now if you look at gay charities like Stonewall (?) and gay aids charities like the Terrence Higgins Trust which was supposed to be about stopping gay people from getting aids, they’re all now run by lesbians. And they’re all preoccupied by transgender pronouns and slighting rightwing whatever in defiance of  their charitable obligations blah, blah, blah, and they’re all concurrent with being taken over, with their management, with their administration being taken over by gay women.

Gay women have done the same thing in the Academy. Starting gender studies courses. You know, whether they’re bitter divorcees, people that call themselves divorcees, or they’re spinsters, people who think they’re lesbians… Having read for almost a decade about the background for all this stuff, because I’ve been looking into it, for myself, for personal reasons, I’ve come to the conclusion that female homosexuality is fundamentally different to male homosexuality.

MV: Sure

MY: And lesbianism among women is much more of a conscious political choice. And very often, these women retreat into the arms of other women after bad relationships with men. Men very rarely do that. You know, a man has a very bad relationship with a woman, he doesn’t go and get with a guy. He goes and plays sports or goes plays video games, gets fat. He doesn’t go off and… That’s not how male sexuality works. By the time you’re in a rut and wired in, it’s pretty much all you can do, whichever direction your pointed in for the rest of your life. But women have much more malleable sexuality and it’s more of a conscious political choice for them. And for many of these women, I think their sexuality is part of a package of political opinions and part of that consumerist package of identity that they have put together.  And the same thing is happening with Wicca, witchcraft you know. These women that have lost God, they’re empty, they don’t have a husband, they don’t have children so they have this vast gulf, this void in the middle of their souls. And they don’t know how to fill it or what to fill it with. So they’re finding things like witchcraft. I think the choice to identify as lesbian comes from somewhere similar.

MV: Yea, that’s very interesting. It certainly is my experience in TV news, there are obviously a lot of gay guys, you know producers and reporters and all that sort of thing, but there was always behind the schenes that kind of controlling lesbian atmosphere.

MY: That’s exactly what it is. Only half the gay men in these industries are going to show up for these clubs, these unions, the societies. The other half are too busy having a life. (…) And then you got the other half that are just sort of the limp wristed wet blankets who are happy to be bossed around by lesbians. And that’s what the gay charitable world is like. We’re weak minded bottoms if you like. (…) And the bossy lesbians who rule over them, and very often in these societies like the journalistic societies, they are dominated by domineering women who’ve decided to foreswear male company. And I don’t really believe in lesbianism per se. But I think definitely that they’ve swore off men and certainly they probably have some  unsatisfying, unfulfilling momentary encounters with women. But basically they’re alone. They’re just spinsters. They call themselves lesbians because of the horror, the full realization of the horror of admitting that you’re just going to be alone forever, is too much. So they’ve decided to be a lesbian instead.

MV: Sure. One of the reasons why it’s important to sort of lay that out is because it is the news media. And the entertainment media, but specifically the news media because it sets so much of the agenda in the cultural, political, which all spills into the theological debate. That’s just the reality that is. So, it’s  interesting we were all sitting around the newsroom one time, 15, 20 years ago and saying ‘this is amazing, there are probably less than 1000 people… that was the debate… is it 500 or is it 1000 people in the United States who determine on a daily basis what 300,000,000 other people are fed.’ And that’s what it comes down to.

MY: It’s somewhere between that number for sure. It’s always remarkable to me that number of batty conservative things from the past that repeat on us, and reveal themselves to be true.