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In today’s post I bring you good news from the margins. Or as our pagan bishop of Rome would say, the peripheries. Your humble blogger will be tying in current events unfolding in two separate and distinct sub-sets of human activities of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibilium, yet sharing one common denominator Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

So let’s get cracking!

But first, as usual, an update of what the polls look like in the US Presidential Election. From The Gateway Pundit, we get an actuarial assessment of the raw polling data, which is then “adjusted”, in order to provide the required results. In the financial markets, this is known as a “goal seeking” methodology. But I digress…

Back to The Gateway Pundit and the post titled  ACTUARIAL REVIEW: Analysis of Recent Polls Shows Trump Win and Possible Landslide (see here), we get this lede:


Exactly this is what your humble blogger has highlighted in the post titled  Weaponized Despondency And The “Polls”. (see here) In addition to the afore mentioned, we now have MATERIAL EVIDENCE that the Leftist’s not only create fraudulent polls to try and rig elections, but their nefarious activities go a lot further (see here). In the second installment of the Project Veritas expose, we are provided with the following information: (see here)

The second video in James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas investigation of the 2016 election reveals what O’Keefe describes as “Democratic Party operatives tell[ing] us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale.”

You can watch the video here:

Which brings me to the next source of “problems” that the International Leftist New World Order is encountering, namely WikiLeaks. As most of you know, WikiLeaks and it’s proprietor, one Julian Assage is a “leftist” activist who just so happens stumbled on other Leftists who are engaging in corrupt, not to mention ILLEGAL activities. Up until now, Mr. Assage has been aided and abetted by the LEFTIST government of Ecuador, who has given Mr. Assage refuge (a nice FrancisWord, aye?) in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom. That is up to now. Presently though, the Leftist US administration is putting pressure on the LEFTIST Ecuadorian government to hand over Mr. Assage. Latest information has it that the LEFTIST Ecuadorian government has cut off Mr. Assage’s internet access, but is still holding firm on releasing Mr. Assage to the “Swedish” authorities.  Latest is here.

Now, Mr Assage’s activities have created problems for a whole host of seemingly unrelated parties. First, they have created problems for the Director of the FBI who is trying his hardest to cover up for Sick Hillary’s ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. It has gotten to the point where there appears to be a revolt among the present and former rank and file of the FBI against Mr. Comey’s leadership. (see here and here and here-from leftist source)

The next party for who the Assage activities are becoming a problem is for the country that is hosting him. It would appear as if the President of Ecuador is a staunch Sick Hillary supporter. Here is how he describes his dilemma:

The government of leftist President Rafael Correa has long backed Assange’s right to free speech, though the Wikileaks saga has caused some strain in relations with the United States, including the expulsion of diplomats in 2011.

Correa, whose term will end next year, has said he is behind Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who he says he knows personally, in the U.S. presidential election.

“For the good of the United States and the world … I would like Hillary to win,” Correa told broadcaster Russia Today last month.

And finally, Mr. Assage became a problem for the purported “conservative” United Kingdom government, where the Ecuadorian Embassy is that has given Mr. Assage refuge. What is of interest in this case, is the the UK government has added a twist to the Assage saga in that one of their reactions was to freeze the bank accounts of the Russian news agency Russia Today. Which leaves the following question to be asked: What has Russia to do with Mr. Assage?

Well as it turns out, the US Secretary of State, and by de fault the entire US Administration is acting as if Mr. Putin has a “dog in this fight”. Here is this information: (see here)

In what is looking more and more like a season finale of the HBO series “House of Cards” with each passing day, the Obama administration is now literally threatening a cyber war with Russia over allegations it was behind the hacking of Clinton’s emails.  According to an exclusive NBC report, the Obama administration “is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action” (though it’s unclear how exactly it’s covert if Biden is announcing it to the world via an interview with Chuck Todd)  against Russia, in “retaliation for alleged” interference in the American presidential election, and has asked the CIA to draft plans for a “wide-ranging “clandestine” cyber operation designed to harass and “embarrass” the Kremlin leadership.”

So it appears that the US Administration, in an effort to deflect criticism of the Establishment/DemocraticParty candidate is picking a fight with Vladimir Putin, and has pressured the UK government to freeze the UK bank accounts of Russia Today. (see here)

But Vladimir Vladimirovich is a problem for not only the Leftists of the POLITICAL sub-set of the Visibilium Omnium, et Invisibiliu. It would appear that another LEFTIST feels threatened by the Russian President. And this information comes via the Eponymous Flower blog. In a post titled Hit List Against “Anti-Bergoglians”? — Misericordina for Pope Critics (see here), we read the following:

Both jointly published yesterday, in the style of communist and neo-Marxist newspapers of the 70s, in two whole newspaper pages,  a list of Catholic publications, organizations and initiatives, which are “dangerous to the unity of the Church and the Pope’s health.” The headline read: “The anti-Francis-Catholics who are attracted to Putin’s power.”  “Their aversion to Francis keeps them together,” say the authors in the first sentence.

Now the “Both” happens to be Messer’s Giacomo Galeazzi and Andrea Tornielli, a couple of Francis hacks along the lines of Mr. Thrush at POLITICO (see here) According to these two “vaticanistas”, Mr. Putin is responsible for all the bad things that are happening to Francis, including but not limited to: (emphasis added)

The “unity of the Church” and the “health of the Pope” have been threatened by the “Anti-Francis-Catholics”. These are called “Anti-Bergoglio-Catholics” and “Para-Sedevacantists” referring to the characteristics of which they are a part, who “worship” Russia’s President Putin and sympathize with the “Islamic and anti-European”, “populist” Lega Nord.

On an aside, notice how Francis is trying to “define” what constitutes “anti-European”. In other words, letting in the contemporary Mohammedan invaders into Europe is “pro-European”. One has to wonder what Francis thinks of the average intelligence of his target audience? But I digress…

What is the most important SIGNAL that Team Francis is sending out is that they understand that the LEGITIMACY of the FrancisPontificate is at stake. Here is the passage:

Galeazzi and Tornielli wrote:

“The galaxy of dissidence against Bergoglio, ranging from Lefebvrians who have decided to wait for a traditional Pope ‘to return to the union with Rome, to the Lega-Catholics put Francis in contrast to his predecessor Ratzinger and have launched a campaign: ‘My Pope Benedict.'”

Let that sink in for a second or two…

Aside, notice the info about the “Lefebvrians”. This could be new information about the “recognition” talks.

Back to the Leftist Obama. He is also worried about the LEGITAMACY of his ObamaPresidency and his heir apparent. In what can be described as a panicking voice, Obama started stuttering when broaching the topic of “rigged elections”. Here is that video: see here.

Concluding, it would appear that Leftists (“L” eftists – cynical, power hungry kind) like Hillary and Obama and LEFTISTS (IDEOLOGUES) like Bergoglio are having problems with leftists (“l” ideological kind) like Assage. The leftists are undermining the credibility and legitimacy of the Leftist’s and LEFTIST’S positions of authority. Now, these Leftists and LEFTISTS have been striking out at “conservatives” and “deplorables”, but to no avail. So what they have decided to do is to “go Saul Alinisky”, i.e. personify the object of their hatred.

And the cause of their concerns is that: Legitimacy Has Become A Major Issue…

So to divert the attention of their target audiences, the Leftists and LEFTISTS are trying to personify the “former and still nominal” Leftist Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin as the source of their FAILURES and the source of their LEGITIMACY ISSUES.

And Putin is just sitting back and enjoying the show.

PS Today another shoe drops on Sick, Crooked, Unelectable Hillary. The National Enquirer, a US tabloid that was the only one to expose the John Edwards affair (see here), has a 9 page expose of a former “Hillary hitman”. Here is the promo:


So grab the popcorn, just like President Putin and enjoy the show!

PPS I will update this post for today’s LA Times USC poll when it comes up.

UPDATE 07:42 19 October 2016

As promised:


UPDATE 12:15 19 October 2016

Don’t look now, but… (see here)