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Today a couple of words about “THE PLAN”.

As my loyal and long time reader know, your humble blogger does not “take positions”. What your humble blogger does is OBSERVE.

So here is what your humble blogger has been OBSERVING lately.

First, how does one approach this recent Filial Correction?

Many words are being written and spoken lately. On the one hand, we have what I will call the MUNDABOR position. (see here) This position can be summarized as follows:

I find it, therefore, not credible to theorise that this is a sort of 3D chess exercise, in which the same people (Ed. note: Cardinals and Bishops) who were cowardly silent for one year and a half would concoct an elaborate strategy based on them not doing their job, the laity doing their job for them and they finally intervening when even my cat has understood what useless tool they are.

Yet, over at the Rorate Caeli blog, we get this counter-point:

RORATE Note: There will many Catholics, even traditionalists, whose first defeatist reaction will be to belittle this effort. But the wise, the learned in history, will understand that this is just the first part, the first piece of the puzzle, with next steps still to come in a long and extended process.

So we have two very credible sources, and two very credible positions, albeit contradictory.

So which one is the correct position?

Given that we know from yesterday’s post that there can only be ONE CORRECT ANSWER.

And the answer of your must humble blogger is: I DON’T KNOW.

So what do we do?

Well, first we identify the Known Knows:

  1. According to Edward Pentin, there is “a plan”. Here is one such example from the 16th of March of this year supporting the Rorate Caeli position:  
  2. There is a wide spread atmosphere of “FEAR” behind the Sacred Vatican Walls. Here is Fr. Hunwicke with this confirmation, which incidentally supports the MUNDABOR position:

“There is another territory to be heard; the diocesan clergy, and I can testify to the fear out there. I feel it myself; … I entered the diocesan priesthood from Lutheranism … my decision to sign may come with danger  … Unfortunately, we live in times of great venality and danger for those who just express simple orthodoxy. Going this next step is necessary but fraught with peril. Cosmas and Damian, Cyprian and Justina, pray for our courage.”

Aside, scared, frightened, effeminate men don’t do plans.

3. According to Michael Matt though, there in fact is “a Plan”.

Which brings me to another INDEPENDENT, yet possibly RELATED piece of new information in the above video. In this video, Michael Matt cites Antonio Socci and puts out into the public domain that Francis, the bishop of Rome is thinking about “neutralizing” or eliminating the College of Cardinals altogether. This is being thought through in order to allow Francis, the bishop of Rome to appoint his successor. (see here)

Aside, guess who the most likely Dauphin of Rome is?

Here are some hints taken from my Twitter timeline that popped up within the last 30 or so minutes:

… and

… and

… and

… and

… and finally, this one which almost made me cry.

OK, so the Catholic News Service beat me to the crying part. Never mind.


Before I go on, I would just like to draw your attention to these posts here and here which will provide some background and CONTEXT to the above pictures.

Next INDEPENDENT, yet possibly related piece of information is this one here. According to ZeroHedge, the reason why voters in Sunday’s German general election voted the way they did is as follows:

The main headline from the German election yesterday is not Angela Merkel getting a fourth term in charge, but rather her party’s weakened position – caused chiefly by a surge in support for the right wing nationalist party ‘Alternative für Deutschland’ (AfD).

The AfD is a controversial party – one which not only ran on a program of anti-immigration and anti-Muslim policies, but one which is at least in part represented by people who have expressed racist and xenophobic views.

Nevertheless, provisional results indicate that the party has received 12.6 percent of the total vote, making it the third strongest in the country.

Why then did this happen? As Statista’s Martin Armstrong shows in the infographic below, AfD voters were primarily motivated by fears of terrorism, fears of crime and dissatisfaction with the influx of asylum seekers into Germany since the 2015 crisis.

You will find more statistics at Statista

Perhaps key to understanding the lurch to the right is the indication that the majority of AfD voters say they made their decision not based on belief in the party, but rather as a reaction to their disappointment in the other parties.

Yet Francis’ next great populist idea is, you guessed it: (see here)

And guess who Francis put in charge of this “brilliant” initiative?

Yep, non other then our “disposable” Cardinal Tagle.

So how does all the above tie in together?

Well, quite possibly through what we call the Soap Bubble Papacy. For the new readers, see here.

As to the current state of the Soap Bubble Papacy, here is the relevant tweet:

What appears to be the case is that the final “shine off the FrancisBloom” moment, as it relates to the Fake News Media, could have come with the protecting of the alleged pedophile cleric, that the FrancisHomoMafia spirited away from the Vatican’s US Nunciature and back to the safe house friendly confines of the Vatican. (possibly here)

Here is a screenshot that I just couldn’t pass up posting: (see here)

Which in turn could explain this passage here that I posted from the LMSChairman’s blog:

I agreed to be spokesman or media contact for the Correctio Filialis I didn’t realise quite was I was letting myself in for. I’ve now lost count of the number of telephone and email mini-interviews I’ve done, and I don’t have time to keep track on the number of reports online which have resulted from these.

This could have been a nightmare, but it’s not at all. The journalists have been polite and professional. (Associated Press was a teeny bit naughty breaking the media embargo, but it was only by an hour or two.) And all things considered, we are getting amazingly favourable coverage in Catholic and non-Catholic sources.


That’s odd.

But that’s not all. Take a look at this:

So now we have a story from CNN which is really very balanced, even favourable to us.

Concluding, what we most likely have is what is known in the public relation business as a “branding problem”.

For all the FrancisNovelty that was introduced to get on the right side of Fake News Media and their paymasters over at the Internationalist Left, i.e. the Globalists, FrancisChurch has now destroyed the FrancisBrand.

The way in which FrancisChurch destroyed the brand is through the recurring stories appearing in the headlines across the global news agencies about “pedophile priests”. The story that could have put the proverbial icing on the cake was no doubt the story at the US Nunciature. What most likely has happened is that the Fake News Media are distancing themselves from TeamFrancis.

Furthermore, seeing the tide turning on the acceptance of the human trafficking and warehousing industry by the local populations in various countries, the Fake News Media is beginning to shy away from actively promoting these sorts of initiatives. And by extension, the folks behind them.

Aside, it has gotten so bad that the Euroland politicians have stopped mandatory allocations to member states just yesterday. (see here) Talk about being on the wrong side of that curve!

Given the above, what could have happened is that mainstay of FrancisChurch, or what we call the Fake News Media inflated Soap Bubble Papacy™ , has become deflated since the Fake News Media has stopped actively promoting it.

This in turn has tipped the playing field back to being more level (or less skewed depending on how one looks at it), which in turn has allowed the Filial Correction to be widely disseminated in a less hostile environment.

And in a less hostile manner.

It has also opened up the door for the Cardinals and Bishops to execute their Plan, provided that they have one. And if there is a plan, will stand a better chance of succeeding that we all suspect.

And they might not have a better time than now… (see here)

Which could be the reason behind Jesus II Francis and TeamFrancis rummaging through the Canon Law of the Catholic Church to find a way to disband the College of Cardinals and the Curia so as to not so much secure a FrancisSuccessor, but to keep themselves in power. (see here)

They have a station in life and a level of comfort that they have grown accustomed to, you know?