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Today we talk about money, and the Papal States in passing.

The Catholic world has been noticing a heightening of Francis’ and the FrancisDissident’s  rhetoric and bellicosity of late, and your humble blogger has been chronicling it as it appears. Among the belligerent actions which have been chronicled on this blog are:

  1. “Married” priests…
  2. “Wymyn” deacons…
  3. Bishop’s Conferences can write their own doctrine…
  4. Firing’s and public humiliation of post-conciliar clerics faithful to previous pontiffs from the Ionian/Pauline line…
  5. “Black” Francismasses for “worship” with sects…

… just to highlight those we brought to your attention in our last post here.

What is equally important to understand is that all this is happening while the question of Communion for the serial adulterers is still up in the air, with our favorite “theological structurer” Cardinal Muller throwing some more curve-balls, not to mention sand into the FrancisGears (see here). In the mean time, the Polish Episcopal Conference is waiting with the promulgation of its own Dubia. The FrancisNuncio is pleading with the leadership not to do it…

And yesterday, we noticed the FrancisThugs taking control of the Roman streets, in what surely is a throwback to the time of the Papal States… (see picture at top of this post and story here)

Aside, wonder what the new mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, from the anti-establishment Five Star Movement thinks about this development? Remember the separation of church/state thingi????? Wonder if anyone has asked her? Questions, questions…

Folks, the FrancisNovelties are coming fast and furious. At the rate at which these FrancisNovelities are being generated and spread, wonder what TeamFrancis will do for an encore if the Francis bishopric of Rome lasts for another year? Appoint a horse as Cardinal? Not much left… But I digress…

Today we add to our FrancisNovelties catalog of OCCURRENCES. Remember folks, OCCURRENCES lead to PATTERNS which lead to PROCESSES which then result in INDICTMENTS.

Note bene: With respect to INDICTMENTS, we notice that that word appeared in the Louie Verrecchio blog describing a recent Cardinal Burke lecture (see here). Aside, please also read and familiarize yourselves with this post here, dear readers.  Furthermore, in the video in the AKA Catholic post linked to above, we see Edward Pentin organizing a part of his lecture in the form of what could be considered an INDICTMENT. See what I mean…

And if the above isn’t enough, we have the FrancisPeriti losing their composure as well. In a story reported by the Life Site News website, the FrancisPeriti Jeffry Sachs tried to shout down a reporter at one of the new FrancisJuckScience conference organized by the post-Modernist “FrancisAcadamy”. (see here) Looking at the picture, not very happy these campers…

But back to the subject at hand. This noticeable quickening pace of bellicosity on the part of FrancisChurch must have an underlying cause. And you guessed it, your humble blogger suspects it’s:


So what information is coming out on the money front you ask, dear reader?

Well, there is a lot happening in Saudi Arabia these days. One can read about it here and here and here.

So what’s the connection you might ask, dear reader?

Well, your humble blogger is not certain, but he suspects this development below could be very telling. (see story here)

If one recalls, President Trump made an observation about this pictured individual here.

And how this ties into Francis, can be OBSERVED here:

The Global Tolerance Initiative, the funding arm of these pro-Francis postings was the brainchild of another Leftist funder, this one from Dubai. Here is the relevant story. So what we see is a PATTERN of Middle Eastern money being used to fund purported “Catholic” causes. In addition, we are seeing atheist money funding purported “Catholic” causes. (see here) And we are seeing the Clinton Foundation management instigating “FAKE” “Catholic Spring” campaigns, in part with money raised from the Middle East. (see here) And to tie all this in, we go back to the Gateway Pundit for this here:

And to bring this thread to a fitting conclusion, we get this here:

Concluding, there is an old saying that he who pays the piper, calls the tune.

It would appear odd, to say the least that a foreign (to the Institutional Church) entity would be actively promoting a bishopric of Rome. Especially a foreign entity from a hostile “religion”, such as Islam. Just for the record, Islam came into existence to overthrown the Christian World Order and has been doing just that for the last 1400 years. HERE and HERE is the atheist Stefan Molyneux to explain just this.

It would appear equally odd that a foreign entity, such as the atheist George Soros would be sponsoring “theological” conferences in Rome. Actually, it would be odd to observe a whole host of joint “Atheist-Neo-Marxist/post-conciliar church” initiatives. (see here, and here and here, for just three)

So we see a pattern where the funding is provided to the FrancisVatican from an assorted menagerie of special interest groups, with historic hostility to the Catholic Church, in order for the post-conciliar church to promote their pet projects.

This funding is derived partially from private sources, and partially from government funding.

These interests actively seek to subvert the “teaching office”, i.e. Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Their subversive activities are overt and at times even covert.

These special interests appear to have finally gotten a “receptive partner” who is the current bishop of Rome. So they are circling the wagons to try and protect their “man in the Vatican”.

On the other side, it would appear that the Presidential election of 2016 has created a problem for these interests. With the election of Donald Trump, the new administration is going after and cutting off the funding of these organizations. Part of this funding goes to the post-conciliar FrancisChurch, and it is this funding that is coming under pressure.

And this could be the reason behind the overtly aggressive, combative and downright uncharitable behavior emanating from Team Francis.

These special interests have thrown all their assets and resources into the Francis bishopric of Rome, and thought that they had reached their “if not now, when” moment. Only to have it slipping away due to the heroic indomitability and fortitude of a handful of Catholic clerics and Catholic writers and journalists, who are resisting them on the one hand. And on the other hand, they are being cut off now from their resources by the current administration.

No matter how difficult it is getting for the special interests, for their FrancisFolks partners, the situation is much, much worse. By their cavalier, dare I say triumphalist demonstrations of pride, demonstrations that their “time has come”, they took down their true masks for all to see. And what the rest of us are seeing, don’t look pretty.

To emphasis how “not pretty” it is, no better image can capture this tectonic shift in the Catholic world than a reporter for the EWTN addressing a conference sponsored by the Remnant. And this was after his attendance at the Roman Forum this year!

Wonder if anybody caught this significance?

(h/t Hilary White, who first pointed it out)

And this comes on the back of a report by Mr. Pentin that up to 70 Cardinals are now against Francis. It makes the rumors that TeamFrancis is thinking about disbanding the College of Cardinals that much more credible.

And finally, below is a translation of an article from the Polish website PoloniaChristiana24.pl (see here) about the state of the post-conciliar church in France.

And this all is happening while Francis is trying to take back the streets of Rome!

Great news all around, folks! (emphasis added) And on that happy note, I post the music video Hotel Sanctae Martae for your viewing pleasure!



In France, the number of priestly vocations is decreasing

In France there is a growing crisis of vocation. As many as 30 percent have declined since the beginning of the century. It currently stands at just 662.

The details of the candidates for the priesthood were announced during the autumn session of the Episcopate. The formation of the clergy is one of the main topics of the meeting.

Presenting the situation in the seminaries of Fr. Jean-Luc Garin, secretary of the National Council of Major Seminary Clergy, drew attention to two tendencies. First of all, there are a growing number of foreigners among the clergy: they are already 25 percent of future priests in France. In addition, with the general decline in the number of vocations, more and more members are accepted by the Holy See in the Community of St. Martin. Now every sixth (seminarian) on the path of vocation chooses this community.

According to Father Garin, there is a need to combine seminars. Currently there are 36, with more than half of the students studying in five seminars.

UPDATE 13:45 7 November 2017

And it just keeps on getting better. Here is the latest… (see here)

…and the reason why this is so IMPORTANT is because of this here.

And what would a FrancisFunding post be without a Soros post here.

And one more, just for CONTEXT HERE.