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On the back of yesterday’s post, your humble blogger has decided to revisit a theme that was identified and explained during the time period leading up to the last presidential election. If you dear readers recall, a strange phenomenon was observed whereby commenters on numerous pro-Trump blogs would put up comments that ran along a similar theme, i.e. “I like Trump but he can’t win and if I vote for him, I will be wasting my vote”. The basis for this view was on account of the FAKE POLLS that were being produced at the time. This phenomenon was labeled as WEAPONIZED DESPONDENCY.

In a post titled DESPONDENCY – The ZombieBishop’s Weapon Of Choice, we illustrated how this FrancisWeapon was being deployed by one of the FrancisCardinals, in his battle with Catholics in his dioceses. In this case, FrancisCardinal Cupich was presenting a very bleak forecast of the number of priests that the Archdiocese was projected to lose, in order to make decisions about church closings and Catholic elementary school consolidations.

Today we see more EVIDENCE of FrancisChurch WEAPONIZING DESPONDENCY in order to… well… here is how his ghost writer, one Archbishop “Tucho” Fernandez explains it: (see here) (emphasis added)

The pope goes slow because he wants to be sure that the changes have a deep impact. The slow pace is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the changes. He knows there are those hoping that the next pope will be turn everything back around. If you go slowly it’s more difficult to turn things back. He makes this clear when he says ‘time is greater than space.’”

But it doesn’t appear that Francis is going slow any longer. Why would that be?

Here is that Archbishop Tucho once again:

If one day he should intuit that he’s running out of time and he doesn’t have enough time to do what the Spirit is asking him, you can be sure he will speed up.”

So the frantic pace at which Francis is instituting “FrancisChange” would imply, based on the information obtained from one of the, if not THE closest Francis ally, that Francis fears that his time is coming to an end. This also corresponds with the conclusion presented in our most recent post here.

Now, all indications are that Francis’ mission in life is to stop the Restoration “of all things in Christ” in the Catholic Church. Or as Francis would say, to make “changes that have a deep impact”.

The manner in which Francis and his henchmen are trying to stop the Restoration and destroy those religious organizations that promote it, is nothing short of “Stalin-esque” “Mao-esque”. Like this here:

The anecdotal evidence of Francis trying to erase Tradition from the post-conciliar Church can be see in a few recent examples.

The first comes from Norcia. As most of my readers know, the earthquakes in Italy in early 2017 destroyed the Basilica of St. Benedict. The Basilica was also a Benedictine monastery that used the Traditional Rite. After the earthquake, the local ordinary made some quite startling announcement about the Basilica in Norcia going forward. Not only will the Benedictines not be allowed to rebuild the Basilica, but they will not be allowed to return. They will be relocated permanently to an old monastic grange a couple of miles away. To add insult to injury, the Basilica will be rebuilt in a “modernists” style. (see here)

The next example of use of WEAPONIZED DESPONDENCY comes from Mariawald, a Trappist abby in Germany. The Trappists at Mariawald, in an attempt to save their monastery took advantage of the provision present in Article 3 of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum that allowed for the whole conversion of such a house to the exclusive use of the Traditional Rite.  The then abbot, Dom Josef Vooberg returned to all the traditions of the Trappist order before the “reforms” following the council. For his actions, the abbot was forced out in 2016, and now the entire abby is being closed down and completely dismantled. (see here)

And finally, we move over to Florence and the Dominicans. As my long time readers know, the Dominicans are the largest of the Catholic orders where the “Lefebvrist drift” can be readily observed. These young Dominican’s, especially in the US are not only returning to the traditions of the Order of Preachers from before the “reforms” following the council, but also provide the intellectual and philosophical underpinnings that support other Restorationist movements within the Catholic Church.

So naturally, they have become targets for the Francis, as has been predicted on this blog. The latest reports of using WEAPONIZED DESPONDENCY against the Faithful Catholics comes via Sandro Magister’s blog. In a post titled San Marco Must Not Die, we can read the following:

San Marco in Florence is the most famous Dominican convent in the world, frescoed by Fra Angelico and for centuries a beacon of holiness, of art, of culture, down to our day.

And yet now it is on the verge of being suppressed, at the behest of none other than the order of Saint Dominic.

And why is it being suppressed, you ask dear reader?

It may in fact escape one who does not know the recent history of the Florentine and Italian Church that San Marco appeared to become the focus, in the second half of the twentieth century, of a resistance of high intellectual and spiritual quality, as of an incisive polemical and critical “vis,” against the direction taken by the Catholic Church after the council, markedly in Florence but everywhere else as well.

And how is the suppression being interpreted by those in the know?

The shutdown, first deliberated in September of 2013 and then postponed, now also stipulates:

– the loss of the identity and functions of the “Levasti” Library, unique in Florence for its library collection in religious studies and its network of intellectual relations;
– the downsizing to online distribution only of the “Rivista di Ascetica e Mistica,” created in 1929;
– an uncertain fate for the historic Pharmacy;
– in short, practically an obliteration that has the strange flavor of a “damnatio memoriae” that has fallen upon the last Dominican generations of San Marco.

Yes, the attempt to wipe out the Dominicans of San Marco from the history of the Catholic Church. Once again:

This is vile, folks.

And finally, the method being used is one that is well known. Here is how the Magister blog explains the “contradictoriness” of the actions:

There appears in this decision on San Marco and on other convents a twofold argument, that of the state of necessity and that of new and more dynamic aims, with which organizations in general justify reductions and cuts in their own structures. Besides, all of us often take on the attitude known as “sour grapes,” like that of the fox in Aesop. But there is a risk. In the case of San Marco, the strategy of sour grapes – that which says, “At bottom it’s better this way, we’ll do more important things” – prevents an adequate evaluation of the many consequences and harms, including “pastoral,” of abandoning the convent.

To restate the mechanism, the post-Modernists are liquidating assets so that they can apply the proceeds for “new and improved” “dynamic aims” that they would like to undertake at a point in time in the future.

To draw an analogy, it’s like asking your grandmother to allow you to sell her house and give you the proceeds, on the basis of a promise that you will build her something better in the future. And you operate a construction company that you got handed to you by your father and you managed to bankrupt it in a relatively short period of time.

At the end of the exercise, the naive, swindled grandmother has no house and no dosh.

And the Magister post also explains the reason why this rationale is deployed. It is because this rationale…

“…prevents an adequate evaluation of the many consequences and harms, including “pastoral,” of abandoning the convent.”

Yes folks, it’s about avoiding accountability.

And why does this FrancisStrategy sound familiar?

Why it’s the same FrancisStartegy being used by the FrancisCardinal Cupich in Chicago. Here is how this was presented in the above linked The ZombieBishop’s Weapon Of Choice post:

It would also appear that the Archbishop is acting as if this rate of attrition is a foregone conclusion. Yet we also know that there are diocese who are experiencing increases in vocations. (see here) And this increase in vocation PHENOMENON is also starting to appear in large Archdiocese and for two years running (see 2015 here and 2016 here). But no hint of this fact in referenced article, what so ever.

One could fall into a state of DESPONDENCY reading this Chicago Tribune article, no?

Yes, one could fall into a state of DESPONDENCY, indeed.

Concluding, what we see is a recurring scenario whereby an incompetent ordinary, superior, or bishop of Rome needs to pay the bills make changes. He is incompetent and whatever actions he takes will have a disastrous impact on the assets and patrimony souls in his care. He most likely has a history of disastrous management pastoral decisions, since he no doubt became an ordinary after a long period as an auxiliary bishop. He can’t admit that he is a disaster, since that would get him removed, i.e. he would lose the station in life that he has become accustomed to.

He can’t return to a more rational Catholicism since he has “skin in the game” to keep “the spirit of Vatican II” alive. Or at least his immediate superiors does.

It has become an ideology with these shepards, since it allows one to promise utopia heaven on earth tomorrow, in order to disregard the hell that they and their “spirit of VII” sect have created for the souls in their care today. 

So what is an incompetent ordinary to do when faced with a situation like this?

Well, the easiest response would be to use the J. Wellington Wimpy strategy.

And that strategy goes something along the lines of this: I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

Yes, you promise the souls under your control everything tomorrow, so that they will allow you to monetize the assets under your care today! 

And the way you prep the sheep is by WEAPONIZING DESPONDENCY.