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Today your humble blogger brings more good news on the Restoration front.

As my dear and loyal readers know, this blog tends to be written with an optimistic leitmotif. This element was picked up by a reader (Johnny Midnyte) who posted a very kind comment to this effect.

This optimistic recurrent theme can be grounded in the fact that it was Our Lord who promised that the gates of hell will not prevail, therefore all we have to do is remain faithful and carry on.

An alternative theory for this optimistic tone could also be grounded in a phenomenological basis. After 50 years of living through the disastrous “spirit of the new springtime of VII” hurricane and all the mayhem and destruction that it brought in its wake, this humble blogger is simply amazed by how the Restoration is progressing. Just as with Hurricane Florence, the aftermath is being cleaned up and the infrastructure along with the superstructures are being rebuilt. (see here)

Another alternative theory for the optimistic tone could be due to the fact that God designed His creation in a very rational, logical and ordered manner. Just as the laws of math and physics apply to inanimate objects, and are objectively real and provable, so are other laws that deal with the behavior and interaction of His creatures and human beings.

Concluding this thought, and in the opinion of this blogger, it is the last of the above theories that I think is mostly responsible for the optimistic tone of this blog.

At the base of this theory is the fact that God created such a thing as Natural Law. And the Natural Law that He created is rational, logical and ordered. Therefore by observing those things that are know through “natural light of human reason, your humble blogger tries to point them out to you, dear and loyal reader.

Which brings us to today’s material. Over at gloria.TV, (see here) we get this gem which is republished below. The post is written by Fr Philip Bruno Penguine and contains one element which is very SIGNIFICANT. The significant aspect is this post can be stated as follows:

a priest in good standing in the post-conciliar church is identifying the causal relationship between #Homoclericalism and the “spirit of the new spirngtime of VII”.

The significance of the above rests in the fact that in a typical “problem resolution” process, a SUCCESSFUL PROCESS begins with an initial identification and definition of the cause of the problem.

Coming on the back of the Fr. Rutler observation about the 500 year cyclical nature of serious crises in the Catholic Church, without naming the cause of the current one, here in this below post we see a co-coreligionist naming the CAUSE BY NAME.

I will leave off here for today…


The Ultimate Culprit is the Fake «Reforms» of Second Vatican Council – by Fr Philip Bruno Penguine

No one yet seems to bother to do a forensic investigation within the Church to identify the reasons for the homosexual abuses.

It all goes back to the influence of Vatican II. This council was called by John XXIII as a “pastoral” Council, with the indication that there would be no NEW doctrine or proclamation of “dogma” as in previous Ecumenical Councils but would bring the Church up-to-date (aggiornamento) with the “modern” world.

As a consequence “ecumenism” took on a new meaning. There was enthusiastic proclaiming of a “NEW PENTECOST” (so called Catholic Pentecostalism); there was introduction of a NEW LITURGY (Novus Ordo); a NEW understanding of the Church itself etc etc.

What was the result of so many novelties? A revival of the OLD sin.

The only thing to be retained was the absolute authority and the requirement of obedience.

I was privileged to grow up before Vatican II. I entered the seminary in the late 60s, yet the changes were only beginning in those first years. In fact everything remained in Latin for the first two years.

I then commenced Theology. In the second year the Jesuits were replaced by secular priests, mainly unqualified or at least not the high standard of the Jesuit Professors.

Then by the final year everything was chaotic. Which brings to mind the fact that the ethos of the seminary changed from being a spiritual formation, creating an intimate and knowledgeable relationship with Christ through prayer and self discipline, to a free, easy and politicised pursuit of «theological» enquiry.

Some of my peers battled and resisted the pressures of conformity to the NEWness, many gave up and left.

Most importantly at this period, positions of responsibility within the dioceses were only filled by people who embraced and promoted, sometimes fanatically, this NEW-ness.

Parishioners, students and older priests who resisted, were marginalised. Terms of office were limited. Many quite capable parish priests were forced to retire at 75, the others were changed every twelve years. Committees for every conceivable thing were instituted. Parish councils – a Protestant tradition – were instituted. Laity were given roles for which they had no knowledge or experience.

The most influential area of this NEWness was the destruction of the Catholic School system.

Top of the list was the “reform” of Catechesis. Catechisms were abolished. Guidelines were introduced. These were fuzzy attempts at creating a touchy-feely kind of religion where every one would be happy and those horrid pre Vatican II times where everyone lived in fear would be abolished.

One would not teach the TEN COMMANDMENTS. These were deemed to be negative for children. Instead Ten IDEALS would be taught – although teaching itself was politically incorrect. Children would be allowed to experience what in fact were merely aspirations. Teachers would be «facilitators», indeed reduced in many cases to being child minders.

Is it any wonder that the schools no longer produced informed Catholics? When God’s Commandments are jettisoned, so is the sense of sin, and the absolute horror of falling into sin.

Don’t forget that, at the same time, there was the phenomenon of Woodstock and the sexual revolution. This was hailed as the freeing up of society. This immorality spread like wild fire.

The Church was opening its windows to the firestorm of sexual liberation and now we can see the result.

The crisis of faith and morals was inevitable and it will continue until the root cause is identified and addressed.

Picture: Second Vaticanum, Wikicommons, CC-BY-SA