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UPDATE 2: 12:40 23 September 2017

More clarification with respect to who can rightfully claim the title of coining the “FrancisPrefix”. I have it from a credible source that it was in fact Frank Walker, while he worked as one of the editors at the PewSitter website who started using the FrancisPrefix, putting it out into the public domain.

And then there is this:

Rorate Caele Big News


UPDATE: 01:15 23 September 2017

After posting the below, I received a message from Frank Walker, the proprietor of the Canon212 blog (your first stop daily for Catholic news). Frank informed me that he was the ONLY editor at Pew Sitter website when the first FrancisPrefix was used. Therefore it is most likely the case, (outside of a +/-2% marign of error, of course) that Frank Walker is the source of such terms that have permanently entered into the Catholic lexicon as: FrancisChurch, FrancisMercy, FrancisBishop and PlaneFrancis. The significance of this development is explained below.

PS And then your humble blogger was reminded of this HERE. (from 2nd of March, 2015)


Today your humble blogger will do some connecting the dots with some CONTEXT stuff thrown in and also introduce a new theme, namely OPTICS.

Right off the bat, being the good dye-in-the-wool Thomists that your humble blogger is, we begin with a definition: (see here)


plural in form but singular in construction :the aspects of an action, policy, or decision (as in politics or business) that relate to public perceptions

“… when a broken-down bailout recipient like Citigroup tries to pay its top executives gigantic bonuses or to acquire a new private jet, it has failed to reconsider the optics.” —Nick Paumgarten

Skilling said Baxter “was concerned about the optics of the conflict, but not about the ethics or propriety of the transactions,” according to interview memos. —Peter Behr and April Witt

Aside, hmmm… sounds like something Francis would say. But I digress…

Now that we are clear about the CONTEXT of the term OPTICS that we will be working with below, I would like to introduce you dear readers to Scott Adams. Scott Adams is a popular internet personality and creator of the Dilbert cartoons. He also does a lecture series on “persuasion techniques”. I like watching his videos because they appear to explain a lot of the OPTICS behind life in 21st Centrury Western Civilization.

Now to the subject at hand.

I have embedded a Scott Adams video in which he explains what is known in modern jargon as a “linguistic kill shot”. The specific example that he uses is the recent PATTERN of President Donald J Trump using the term “rocket man” when referring to the North Korean FrancisPolitician, Kim Jong-un. The reason that I am bringing this to your attention is that the CONTEXT behind using the “rocket man” epiteth when referring to Kim Jong-un is being done for a reason. And one underlying reason for using this epithet is for the OPTICS.

Please watch before you proceed further.

The reason that I have asked you dear readers to do all this preparatory work before proceeding, is to draw your attention now to the analogous situation that is presently playing itself out in the ECCLESIASTICAL sub-set of human activity.

As best I can tell, the Catholic world has been introduced to its very own version of a linguistic kill shot.

How so, you dear reader might ask?


What has happened is that sometime around the first half of the bi-Synod in 2014, various Catholic writers and especially bloggers began attaching “Francis” as a prefix to various novelties that the bishop of Rome appeared to be promoting. These OCCURENCES evolved into PATTERNS and were picked up by editors at the Pew Sitter Catholic news aggregater portal.

This development has gotten so widespread subsequently that these prefixed terms, such as FrancisChurch, FrancisBishops, FrancisPriests, FrancisMercy and FrancisAnnulment just to name a few, have become part of our day to day discourse.

One can say that the editors at the PEW SITTER website WEAPONIZED these prefixed terms. (see here)

The reason why I have begun to think that this is an EVENT of MAJOR SIGNIFICANCE is that I now understand that using the “Francis” prefix identifies a non-Catholic novelty and subjects it to the FrancisCatholic treatment.

To be more precise, this treatment of a FrancisNovelty, as opposed to your run-of-the-mill VIINovelty, is much, much more powerful in that it conforms exactly to Rule # 12 of the Saul Alinsky Rule for Radicals (see here), which states:

12. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.“ Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

And what better way to execute the above than with a “Francis” prefix!

Don’t believe me, let’s do a practical application exercise. Close your eyes and think about the image that comes to your mind’s eye when reading the following:

  1. FrancisBishop, then FrancisCardinalCupich
  2. FrancisBishopMcElroy
  3. FrancisArchbishopPaglia
  4. FrancisAnnulment
  5. FrancisMercy
  6. FrancisTheology

… and the list can go on and on.

See what I mean?

Aside, HERE are some examples from the most excellent Stumbling Rock blog where this technique is being used with surgical precision and to perfection.

I will stop there since you should have a good idea of the PROCESS at work. But please hold that thought.

Which brings me to today’s main event. Over at GloriaTV, we get this post: (see here)

Anonimi della Croce wrote on September 16 that Cardinal Raymond Burke disclosed in a private setting during the recent Congress on Summorum Pontificum in Rome, that a “correction” of the controversial Amoris Laetitia is imminent.

It will not openly confront Francis but will take the form of letter or document signed by Cardinal Burke and other prelates, who in a magisterial way will correct those parts of Amoris Laetitia that contradict the Catholic Faith.

So how do we analyze the above, given the preceding CONTEXT?

What your humble blogger would suggest is first to set out the PREMISE for the analysis. The best way to do this is to identify those Rumsfeldian “Known Knowns”. Here is my list:

  1. Francis wants to make his FrancisNovelties permanent. (see here and here)
  2. Francis knows that he can create a split in the post-conciliar NUChurch. (here)
  3. Francis pushing for split to get rid of remaining Catholics in positions of authority. He needs to keep the tangible assets and cash in the hands of the FrancisHierarchy. (see here)

On the opposite side, the Catholic opposition knows that:

  1. FrancisBishopric will pass. What is important is to be in the decision making positions when that eventuality comes.

So given the Known Knowns identified above, one explanation for the CONTENT of the above GloriaTV post is that the CORRECTION of the FrancisHeresy will correct the FrancisDocument and not TheFrancis.

This is most likely being done to keep open the door to PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY (But you never said anything your “Holiness”…) and not draw the direct wrath of TheFrancis.

Now folks, I am not trying to be soft on our “pussy-cat” prelates, but am just offering an explanation behind their thinking and actions…

Which brings me to the conclusion of this post.

Looking into the futures, what this PussyCatCorrection will mean is that the PussyCatPrelates do not want to confront Francis directly.

Yet, they are leaving the door wide open… actually, they are taking off the door and burning it, to a future correction. Most likely post-mortem.

A Councile of Econe, maybe?

But I digress…

What they are also doing is setting out that which constitutes the Catholic Magisterium. The PussyCatCorrection, along with the 5 Dubia will define what was, is and will always be Catholic. 

Whatever is not in accordance with the PussyCatCorrection, is not Catholic.

But what’s more interesting is that the PussyCatCorrection is also very Alinsky-esque in its construction. What it has done is that it took the “Joy of Adultery” Francismagisterium and : 

“targeted it, froze it, personalized it, and polarized it.”

And if Francis does something stupid, like take revenge against the signatories, … well…

the OPTICS will not be favorable.

But regardless, the Rubicon will have already been crossed…

And with the Catholic writers and bloggers continuously using the term Francis”magisterium”, the shelf life of this FrancisNovelty will not be too long.

Actually, this below video is most likely a good representation of what the next “popemobile” will do to the Francis”magisterium” post the FrancisBishopric

And I think TeamFrancis know this…

… and they are worried.

Damn those bloggers…