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So today more on the Bologna School.

The background for this post is provided by a non-Catholic (formally). His name is Jordan Peterson and Dr. Peterson’s video will be used to define the proper CONTEXT for what it means to be Catholic… in the secular sense of that term.

Nota bene: And provides even more anecdotal evidence that there can only be one RELIGION and Catholicism is it!

Aside, very important discussion on the OLD PROSELYTIZATION at the 10:00 minute mark. But I digress…

The reason your humble blogger has raised this subject matter is because nobody else is doing this. Yet this is the fundamental philosophical IDEOLOGICAL school of “thought” driving TeamFrancis and Francis’ downstream decisions. To understand this, is to understand what the OBJECTIVE REALITY is within the Sacred Vatican Walls.

The reason that the Bologna School is presently being hidden under the living room rug at the Domus Sanctae Marthae homo-hostel is that it contradicts the operationally expedient  Benedict=Francis NARRATIVE(B=FN)

The B=FN in turn is needed, among others to disguise the FrancisChurch in its foray into Identity Politics. Now you might say dear reader, this is a patently transparent and superficially logically fallacy, i.e. APPEAL TO IMPROPER AUTHORITY. Well folks, it doesn’t take much these days…

And the silence in this case, is proof of just this.

Another short digression. A more practical reason Francis’ identity politics need to be disguised is that,… well,… most of the money flowing into the “contributions made pursuant to Canon 1271 of the Code of Canon Law” comes from one particular identity group. (see here and here)

To understand the funding element of what can be called “post-conciliar church USA”, that in turn funds in large part the FrancisChurch, I bring you dear reader two pieces of information.

The first is the Deus ex Machina post titled USCCB Sends MASSIVE Signal To “DavosPope” That Pro-Life Movement More Important Than FrancisChurch… In that post we posited the following:

So the Catholic Bishops in these here United States have come to the realization that they are in a catch 22 situation. They are trying to hold onto the human trafficking funding, quietly appease the homosexualists, while at the same time trying to stop the atrophying of their conservative and neo-conservative funding source.

And it is this latter source of funding that is represented by the Catholic Pro-Life Movement.

The second piece of information comes via a more recent post about… wait for it… the US Catholic Bishops and their silence about the very positive decisions made by the President of the United States with respect to saving human lives. And here we are talking about the heinous infanticide that is taking place in the US and globally, but funded to a large degree by the US governments international aid payments. And coincidentally, the funding mechanism that President Trump is taking the budget cutting ax to.

In a post titled US Bishops Silent on Trump’s Many Pro-life Measures, we learn the following:

The U.S. bishops continue to attack their president on social justice issues like immigration, health care, gun control, climate change and tax reform while turning a blind eye to his many pro-life accomplishments.

So why am I bringing this to your attention?

The reason is that what we are witnessing is a “fine” balancing of interests. On the one hand, the US Catholic Bishops are frantically trying to hold on to the massive US government subsidies that they obtain from their human trafficking activities. On the other hand, they don’t want to alienate the Pro-Life (Anti-Infanticide) movement.

And here, we see this balancing act on full display.

So given the above, we go over to FrancisChurch behind the Sacred Vatican Walls.

Back to Identity Politics. One very important reason for Francis’ foray into identity politics is that this is where the money is now.

Proof of just this comes via two other pieces of information. One pertains to the massive haul that the KIRCHENSTEUER brought in to the German “church” in 2017 for the German Bishops’ Conference. (see here) While the second piece of information is the gloveling… or maybe not, since IDEOLOGY is downstream of personal interest, that the German Bishops’ Conference Vice-President is making to the homo-lobby.

So what we are seeing is a rising German economy providing a large KIRCHENSTEUER payout  to the German Bishops’ Conference on a continuously shrinking payer base. The only unknown at present is the number of payers that the KIRCHENSTEUER funded German “c”atholic church lost in 2017. Below are the running totals up to 2016:

Year Renunciations
2010               180,000
2011               127,000
2012               116,000
2013               179,000
2014               218,000
2015               182,000
2016               162,000

(see here and here)

And the risk is obvious. Once the German economy reverts to the sick man of Europe, i.e. once the Euro currency is no more, the entire funding mechanism of not only German “c”atholic church but the entire German Bishops’ Conference’s soft power funding of revolutionary post-Modernists (cultural Marxist) movements collapses.

And in the meantime, we are watching our favorite proxy, i.e. the stock price of Deutsche Bank. (Last: 15.324, High: 18.756, Low: 9.416 – in Euros)


So now that the back-story is in place, we move onto the Bologna School.

The Bologna School is a historical school of ecclesiastical history, specializing in the history of the Second Vatican Council, and largely supportive of the so-called hermeneutic of rupture, creating a pre-Conciliar and post-Conciliar period. The leading minds of this historical school have been Alberto Melloni and Giuseppe Alberigo. (see here)

If we look at the “practical aspects” of operating under a Bologna School IDEOLOGY, one is that it allows the post-conciliar church to capture the funding from sources that would not exist if the post-conciliar church maintained continuity with the Universal Catholic Magisterium.

Therefore, if we are working from a CORRECT premise, one can then infer that the separation of the Catholic Church from the FrancisChurch is the LEAST WORST solution for FrancisChurch maintaining CONTROL over their current structure of funding.

And obviously, this control also extend to their bank accounts and the tangible assets of the INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH.

And who is creating the major problem standing in the way for this transition and  “smooth sailing” of FrancisChurch going forward?

Well, returning to our objective source, i.e. Wikipedia, why it’s these people:

Among the critics of the School have been Vatican chief historian Walter Brandmüller, Italian historian Roberto de Mattei, and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI). In contrast, they assert that the Second Vatican Council was a hermeneutic of continuity with the past.

Which crushes the B=FN.

Going forward, and given that the proper CONTEXT is provided above, who is the most prominent figure of the Bologna School movement, and the designated candidate to take over for Francis once he passes on to his JUST and Merciful “reward”?

To answer that question, we turn to Sandro Magister. Here is that information:

15 November, 2011 A Bologna School Cardinal?

From Chiesa:

The school of Bologna is getting the purple

One of its prominent representatives, Luis Antonio Tagle, will soon be made a cardinal. He was the one who wrote the key chapter in the world’s most widely read history of Vatican Council II, interpreted as a rupture and “new beginning.” But in the curia this has been kept quiet.

And here is our observation from a few weeks ago here.

See folks, the posts write themselves…

So what does this all mean?

Well, if we put the information from Dr. Peterson’s video and the FrancisChurch foray into Identity Politics, combined with an OBJECTIVE understanding of what is in fact the hermeneutic of rupture, one base assumption that can be made becomes very apparent.

And that assumption is this:

It Can No Longer Simply Be Said That The Post-conciliar church Is Catholic!

UPDATE 07:45 11 January, 2018

Oh my!

Like I said earlier, the posts write themselves:

… with this kept in mind…