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Every now and then REALITY breaks through, even in the most IDEOLOGICALLY self contained environments. And the #fakenarrative crashes and burns. Here is one just such case and HERE is the back-story:

Yes indeed!

“… and there’s no way around that, that is the REALITY here.”

Given that our discussion has centered around OBJECTIVE REALITY, it might be a good time to check into a SUBJECT MATTER that we last raised in the post titled More Fog Lifting – FrancisPlan Becoming Clearer And Clearer… The reason for today’s thread is that new information has appeared in the public domain that are relevant to this issue.

Just as a reminder, the above mentioned post raised the issue of whether Francis, the bishop of Rome is intentionally trying to create a split in the Catholic Church in order to finally gain control over the Institutions tangible assets and cash in the bank accounts.

Here is how this issue was summarized in that post:

Quickly summarizing what is most likely the lay of the land on this 11th day of July Anno Domini 2017, is that we have Francis, the bishop of Rome trying to engineer a schism in the Catholic Church.

Actually, he is trying to formalize the already existing schism.

He is creating a situation within the post-conciliar church that no Faithful Catholic or cleric can accept.

This is intended to drive the Catholics out of the post-conciliar church, thereby leaving all the physical assets and cash for the FrancisChurch and at the FrancisChurch’s disposal.

As for the future funding needs, FrancisChurch will now rely on donations from international foundations and the Non Governmental Organizations. Lot of money to be had, and you don’t have to bother with the pesky “Catholic fanatics”.

And finally, this is how Jorge Bergoglio, the bishop of Rome intends on having his changes make “a deep impact”. Just like his ghostwriter, one Victor “heel me with you lips” Fernandez explained a couple of years ago. (see here)

Since this post appeared, we have the following information that appeared in a J.Royale tweet:

So as we see from the above, Francis needs for his bishopric of Rome to last until 2019 so that he can have a College of Cardinals where a majority will be appointed by him.

But there obviously is a problem. And that problem is that Francis, no matter how strong his mind reading capabilities might be, can’t foresee how to Cardinals will vote at the next conclave.

And just to remind you dear reader, Francis intends for his “changes” to be permanent.

So it would appear that Francis and his Team are ramping up the campaign to FORCE the Ordinaries in the Universal Church to serial adulterers. This appears to be a litmus test in order to separate the Catholics from the heretics. To be more precise, it is a litmus test to show who actually believes in the REAL PRESENCE.

Yet, Francis doesn’t have the ability to gauge “get into the minds” of the Cardinals to see if they believe in the REAL PRESENCE. It would appear that most of the smarter ones are ignoring the issue hoping that it will soon go away.

Those forced to make a decision, appear to either be for REAL PRESENCE, i.e. Archbishop Chaput or are trying to get around the issue, like Cardinal Wuerl.

What’s more important is that there are Cardinals who could be paying lip service to giving Holy Communion to serial adulterers, but at a Conclave would be ready to return to the REAL PRESENCE Holy Communion.

Heck, we see that it could be that the entire Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Plenaria might be ready to ditch Vatican II altogether and return to Tradition. (see here)

The crowds in St. Peter’s Square are dreadful.

Now we also have reports of converts to Catholicism coming to the ONE TRUE FAITH because they realized that the Catholic Church is the only Church in which they have access to the REAL PRESENCE.

Converts that FrancisChurch is not happy with!

And now we see the REAL PRESENCE issue playing itself out in the “Holy Communion in the hand” controversy around Cardinal Sarah. This comes on the back of the Ad Orientem “suggestion”. And it would appear that the Cardinal Sarah positions are winning out:

Now, please keep in mind that Cardinal Sarah has won the debate just because he has brought it up!

Furthermore, if Cardinal Sarah can get the Ordinaries to scale back, if not outright eliminate Holy Communion in the hand, then what chance does Francis and the German Hegelian Relativists impersonating “Catholic Bishops” have of making Holy Communion for serial adulterers permanent?

ZERO, would be my answer.

Yet, if one was to think that the real issue is the REAL PRESENCE, one might be incorrectly reading the OBJECTIVE REALITY behind the Sacred Vatican Walls.

Enter the FrancisCardinal Cupich…

Here is that piece of information:

So what the FrancisCardinal is explicitly saying is for Francis to expunge the Faithful Catholics from the Church.

So much for “Christian Unity”, ECUMENISM, etc, aye?

And the reason why the masks are dropping is because of stories like this here:

On the other side of the barricade, we have Cardinals rebelling against the Francis Theology of Death™:

Concluding, what we are seeing is a pure and simple post-Modernist Marxist power-play on the part of the FrancisChurch, trying to solidify the control that they have captured over the Vatican assets because of the Francis election to the bishopric of Rome.

We are witness to weekly revelations about purely temporal scandals involving deviant sexual behavior, narcotics use among the Vatican clergy, theft and fraud among the people in Francis’ immediate circle, reports of multi-million dollar investment scams by these same people, just to mention a few. And these revelations are originating from inside the Vatican.

The #fakenews media is reporting on what now appears to be a regular basis, therefore the SoapBubblePapacy™ appears to be being intentionally deflated.

Therefore a case can be made that one of the political power centers within the post-conciliar Vatican’s Sacred Walls is trying to get rid of Francis.

And Francis is trying to fight back by eliminating the competition, as per FrancisCardinal Cupich’s suggestion.

And even though the visible issue might appear to be the REAL PRESENCE, looking a bit deeper, it is clear that this has nothing to do with religion, the supernatural, theology or anything having to do with the Faith.

What in fact is happening is that the post-conciliar church is trying to wrest control of the Vatican away from FrancisChurch and TeamFrancis.

Folks, we are in a guerrilla war over physical resources.