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So many metaphors, and so little time to deploy them!

And so many subjects, and also so little time.

We start with an “I told you so” moment:

And now on to the subject at hand…

So today your humble blogger turns to our SIGNALLING EFFECT theme, because that’s “where the actions at”.

First we start with this less then innocuous post here:

A couple of interesting themes appear from the pen of Max Beans Faggioli in his post above. First, the “sustainable business model” theme.

For those who follow this blog, you will recognize this theme. It refers to the post-conciliar “clergy” dismantling the Catholic Church due to either their IDEOLOGY or INCOMPETENCE or a combination of the two.

Nota bene: Post-modernist IDEOLOGY at its core is a war against COMPETENCE. 

Here we see a spin operation being executed wherein Max tries to juxtapose “FrancisMercy” against “competent management”, in order to claim that “money don’t matter”. Yet at the same time, FrancisChurch is “flooding the zone” that is the US NUChurch, in order to try and gain control over its management structures and what comes with it, their tangible assets and cash in bank.

Nota bene: The US Church and the German Church are the two major sources of funding for the Vatican.

As to this latter HYPOTHESIS, we saw just this FrancisChurch FAIL when the FrancisCardinal Cupich lost to a lowly Archbishop in the election for the strategically important (to FrancisChurch) position of head of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities. We chronicled this EVENT in our post titled: USCCB Sends MASSIVE Signal To “DavosPope” That Pro-Life Movement More Important Than FrancisChurch…

Next the TM-ing of Our Lord’s Name. As best I can tell, we are witnessing another alter ego of Bergoglio emerging. I guess the “god of surprises” just doesn’t pack the same punch any longer. These novelties do have very short shelf lives…

As for the “flooding the zone”, this will be chronicled below.

The next piece of EVIDENCE comes also from Mr. Beans. It is here:

From the information provided above, we note that a “pacification effort” to silence the Faithful Catholics has been ongoing for at least a couple of years. These pacification efforts are disguised as “efforts to end polarization” in the US Church. Two years ago, one of these “conferences” was held at Notre Dame University, while presently one of these “conferences” is scheduled to be held at Georgetown University.

From what one can gather by a simple examination of the EVIDENCE, these “conferences” are being held in order for FrancisChurch to “negotiate” a “ceasefire” if not an outright ARMISTICE (cessation of hostilities) with Faithful Catholics. And the use of military optics and terminology is not arbitrary, but has been forced onto FrancisCurch. This situation in and of itself signals that FrancisChurch is under siege and is using emotive language in order to rally its forces.

And just so no one is confused that the REVOLUTION is at hand and the gains must be defended, FrancisChurch is SIGNALLING to their supporters in a style that these FrancisChurchPersons have become accustomed to over the last 50 years:

The operation orders (talking points) have gone out and all hands are on deck, even the Nuns on the Bus, as they make their way slowly to the nearest FrancisEuthanasiaCenter:

Not only are the Nuns on the Bus involved, but most of the “Francis war room” is also in the US to rally the troops and make that damned “ceasefire” happen.

And if not, to at least “stop the bleeding”. How’s this for a who’s who of FrancisChurch:

And why did this “motley crew” meet at Villanova University, you may ask dear reader?

One reason could be that this is where the highest level of RESISTANCE is located. Villanova University is in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia where Archbishop Chaput is the ordinary. Now, Archbishop Chaput has been resisting the “communion to adulterers” New FrancisParadigm, and has committed the ultimate FrancisSin of inviting the Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke to give a lecture on Marriage and the Family.

Here is another one of the FrancisPropagandists to help explain, and the rebuttle:

So while on the one hand FrancisChurch is calling for a “CEASEFIRE” if not an “ARMISTICE”, Francis in the mean time is marching through the post-conciliar church like “Sherman marched through Georgia”.

In a post that appeared at the Eponymous Flower blog, we get this headline and story: Vatican Closes Ancient Cloister of the Briggitines in Munich, while from Belgium we get this below:

And in the same time that Francis is dismantling any part of the Catholic Church that is still viable and sustainable, his homosexualist snipers are … well snipping:

Concluding, what we are observing is FrancisChurch entering into a state of PANIC.

They first ignored Tradition, then they ridiculed Tradition, now they are at the fighting stage with Tradition.

And from the EVIDENCE gathered above, it would appear as if they are getting routed!

And the more they fight, the larger the part of the Catholic Faithful who catch on to what it is they are doing. And here is just one more example of what appears to be the latest “conversion” to Tradition:

So the FrancisGamePlan appears to be to try and create the illusion of “dialogue” on the one hand, while destroy what remains of the viable and sustainable Catholic Church Institutions as quickly as possible.

The overriding IDEA can be summed up as follows:

Yes indeed!

It will be TRADITION that will JUDGE these incompetent nincompoops!