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Today we do a funding post.

And a short one since it is the middle of vacation season!

One of our last posts on this FUNDING ISSUE  was published on the 20th of September 2017, or roughly one year age, titled So Just How OBJECTIVELY CORRECT Was Steve Bannon?

In that post we focused on how much government funds the US Church collects from its HUMAN TRAFFICKING OPERATIONS. To provide context,  we did a back of the envelope calculation to estimate the revenue obtained from pew sitters  who hypothetically contribute on average $1, $5 and $10 per week and how that equates in terms of the funds raised from the said human trafficking operations.

Here is that table for fiscal year 2016:

One way to read the above table is as an estimates of how many pew sitters are needed to make up the revenue shortfall if the US Church would be cut off from their human trafficking operations. We made the above calculation on an inference that if 15.5 million pew sitters attend the “celebration” of the mass of Paul VI on any given Sunday.

If each pew sitter only threw in $1.00 into the collection plate each Sunday, that total revenue would only equal 11.82% of that revenue that the US Church takes in from the government funding it receives for their human trafficking operations.

Let that sink in, dear and loyal reader!

Moving on, a brilliant post appeared at the Restore DC Catholicism blog, titled McCarrick Is Gone, But This Is NOT Over By A Longshot. In that post, a video appeared from Church Militant TV. In that video, the below table appeared which presents the yearly revenue figures for the Catholic Relief Services.

This table contains some interesting information which allows us to make some inferences about the state of the US Catholic Church and about what could be the case going forward.

Here is that table for the Catholic Relief Services (CRS):

Wow, that’s a lot of dosh (as the English would say)!

Which got this humble blogger thinking… SOURCE OF FUNDS perhaps?

Couple of observations about what the above table indicates:

  1. For fiscal year 2016, the Catholic Relief Services had National Collections of $11,767,000. If we assume that the above attendance figures from our 2016 post are accurate(average of 15.5 m weekly attendance), it would imply that each PEW SITTER contributed an average of $0.76 … that’s cents, per year.

In other words, funds which the pew sitters contribute to these Bishop’s appeals  for the CRS is insignificant to the total revenue of the operations of the Catholic Relief Services. For 2016 revenue from pew sitters is equal to 1.35% of total revenue.

2. For fiscal year 2016, the revenue taken in from government funding equaled 77.87% of total revenue ($714.65 m/ $917.76 m) of the OCR. Therefore, the government funding IS significant!

And there’s a lot of IT!

3. On an aside, it would appear that there was a big jump in Catholic Relief Services revenue obtained from government sources between fiscal year 2015 in 2016. This time period coincides with the US Presidential Election. Could this 50% increase ($236.71 m) in government funding be behind the reason why the US Conference of Catholic Bishops doesn’t like our Very Stable Genius President Donald J. Trump?

Moreover, $236.71 m increase for fiscal year 2016 and another $259.74 m in 2017 ($496.45m in total) for the OCR is a huge jump in funding. Wonder if they have been able to spend it already?

Mean while, the Bishop of Montana is only looking for $20 million, or less then 10% of this marginal total of either year? It would appear that the USCCB can fund this amount from their pocket change!

I will leave this thought hanging out there for the time being…

So what we are seeing from the figures above, is that the Catholic Relief Services uses government funding as a stop-gap measure to make up for the lack of pew sitters and their donations. Please keep in mind, the CRS used to be mostly funded through Sunday collections. And it has to be considered “stop-gap” since governments come and go, while the Church of Our Lord will be with us til the end of time.

Furthermore, there could be some good news in the above figures. Aside from the fact that there is a YUGE big fat pot of mullah sitting in the USCCB bank accounts from all this government “largess”. That good news is, that since the majority of these funds don’t originate from the weekly collections, and as a rule do not “trickle” down to the local diocese in the United States, especially to the local parishes in the US, it could be inferred that on average, the parishes on the whole are self-sustaining.

Or to put it another way, what this means is that even at these low levels of church attendance, on average the US parishes appear to be… in financial terms, viable ongoing concerns.

And finally, it would appear that the OCR funds can be easily redirected to pay off any of the “sins” of the intrinsically disordered that have arisen in the past, and will no doubt arise post Uncle Ted crisis.

These funds also appear to be large enough to cover any of present or future liabilities, so no need to reach into either the funding of the parishes or dioceses, not to mention the real victim class of the US Church, i.e. the Faithful.

One more thing. At the end of the “reform” process of the US Catholic Church that must take place now, and after all the outstanding lawsuits are settled, and the liabilities extinguished, what should happen is that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops should be EXTINGUISHED.

I will leave off here for today and let you consider the above!

PS In the video above, Michael Voris and his panel present several loose suggestions about how to deal with this mess. At first glance, they appear to be a good start to trying to define a way forward in which the local Faithful can secure their churches, schools and parishes from the consequences of the actions of these rogue pastors, wolves in sheep’s clothing who have created this unfolding intrinsically disordered scandal.

Please watch the video…