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My, now quickly two years flew by… (see here)

And tomorrow it’s time to vote again.

UPDATE: Election day.

The pattern is repeating itself.

In the generic ballot, the Republicans are now in the lead. 

In other words, the #fakenews polls are “RECONCILING WITH REALITY”.


The red bars are REPUBLICANS!

And this!

Historical, is all that this humble blogger will say.

And speaking of historical, this:

The SoapBubblePresidency™

All Obama and Francis have in reality is the #fakenews media…

And once the #fakenews media and their corporate sugar daddies are gone, OBJECTIVE REALITY will reassert itself with a vengeance…



Being the dispassionate, objective, independent and impartial analyst, your humble blogger begins with a re-posting from the greatest of Catholic blogs, namely the one and only MUNDABOR: (see original here)

I received this comment from reader Kate R.

I found it so beautiful that I think it deserves a blog post all of itself.

Kate R. is writing about Donald John Trump.

He is a force of nature, and we thank God for him daily. His daily itinerary is on our news feed, and how he does all that he does, well it can only be God Who sustains him. It is a constant schedule of demanding activities. I wouldn’t last one week and I’m significantly younger than he.
We knew God gave him to us. He was an answer to prayer and exactly what we needed. We wouldn’t change a thing about him. That he is a conservative is unbelievable. That he is complete man of the people, he CARES, is incredible. That he loves our nation and people is undeniable. He wants to do good. And he can, he has unparalleled tenacity, the ability to just shrug off, at least publicly, hateful people who want to thwart him. We are concerned about civil war in these United States. We’ve never seen the venom and threats we do now, even from insignificant Hollywood worms. How dare they. President Trump was validly elected. Sixty three million Americans voted for him, and he is still filling stadiums with 20,000 needing to be turned away!
God bless him and keep him, may He continue to protect and guide him. Amen. And may Americans still be smart enough to realize real danger is now coming in the form of the Democrat party, which should better be called the Communist Party.

It occurs to me that I do not pray enough for the health and success of this great man.

And it seems to me that the world is only now beginning to discover that this man truly is a legend in the making.

Indeed: God bless him and jeep him, may He continue to protect and guide him.


Now for some EVIDENCE that could indicate if the RED TSUNAMI is in fact objectively real, or not…

First up: The Gateway Pundit with what I think is the biggest TELL as to what REALITY will look like on Wednesday morning in these UNITED STATES of AMERICA. (see here)

This is YUGE since early voting is when all the dead, un-dead and illegals vote for the DemocRATS, in order to run up the totals before election day. These “irregular” votes are needed so as to make up for the real people who vote REPUBLICAN on election day.

Therefore, this FACT bodes well for the ONTOLOGICAL REALITY of the RED TSUNAMI.

Next up: The CAUSE of the above EFFECT is mostly due to voter ENTHUSIASM. And our Very Stable Genius President Donald J. Trump is really inspiring the American voter base: (see here)

Yes, they really do need bigger venues…

And on the other side:

Next: On the other side of the ENTHUSIASM factor, is the factor known as FEAR. For my regular readers, you will no doubt have noticed that FEAR, of the irrational kind is the only EMOTION driving the anti-Trump forces. On the pro-Trump side, the American electorate is motivated also by FEAR, but FEAR of the rational, amygdala driven kind. Aside, the amygdala is the part of the human brain that assesses risk and is vital for the survivability of the human species.

Nota bene: The pro-Trump forces are not only on the right side of history, but also on the right side of science. Reason being, that the fundamental condition needed for “diversity” to exist is none other than… wait for it… BORDERS.

So here is the rational fear motivating force of the American voters: (see here)

And all the above pieces of evidence come from one website.

But there are others – First up, Larry Schweikart and some statistical analysis:

Next: Robert Barnes and same old, same old…

Next (and last for now): If this below becomes REALITY Wednesday morning, it will be HISTORICAL!

To be continued…

Next: This… and something not in the forefront of the current election cycle:

As the old adage goes: It’s the ECONOMY stupid!

… v. this:

And this early voting summaries in other key States:

And more MEME-TIC Gold!

A majority of the voters going into the election both will have this MEME in their sub-conscious…

… whether they know it or not.

And one more…

No need for cordons, curtains and green screens here: